Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 5

There's No 'I' In Team

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2008 on ABC

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  • Can't wait for next week!

    I Love Izzy and Alex, now that's passion. Looking forward to what happens next. I'm not diggin' the Erica and Callie pairing they lack chemistry. Meredith is a bit neurotic for my taste and her and Derek seem to do the whole on again off again thing so much it's become boring and they are losing something in the chemistry department. I think Mark should shake things up and get a girl, any girl, except Izzy. I can't wait to see George in an authoritative roll. Bailey's on the top of her game, in true Grey's Anatomy fashion. I Love the Drama of it all.
  • You Go Bailey!

    Today is an exciting day for Bailey because she had set up a Dominoe Surgery, which is technically 12 surgeries at one time; Six people are donating kidneys to six non-related people while their loved ones receive a kidney. If one person backs out then noone gets their kidney, which almost happens. Bailey swipes all the residents for this procedure; each one is responsible for a donor. One guy has been cheating on his wife for three years, which comes out shortly before the surgeries are to occur. She and the wife back out, but after talking to the residents chose to donate their kidneys after all. One young man is being paid by his dad to donate, but Izzy and Kerev choose to ignore it to keep everything good to go. After the surgery, the young woman is upset that her lover didn't choose her, because she gave up a kidney for him. Due to fighting over his published trial, Derek gave Meredith a kidney in a jar, which glows in the dark.
  • Really strong early season five episode.

    After watching this one a 2nd time it really impressed me. Liked another reviewer said it focused on the patients but our characters problems were linked. I can honestly say I liked every bit of this episode. From the funny storyline of the residents deciding which interns to give to George...or Bailey's determination to get the domino procedure right everything flowed.

    I liked how Meredith and Derek have grown as a couple, before this dispute over the clinical trial would have caused a huge rift but instead it was a little fight that was very entertaining. Cool that he gave her the kidney. Which also brings me to her mothers diary, it's interesting to see compare. Loved when Lexie confronted George but honestly he was stupid not to notice what she was doing for him. 'Screw you, Dr. O'Malley' brilliant and well said line.

    Cristina was funny with interns but it was even better to see her mope about not having anyone (sex etc). But in the end she saw Hunt...who will be her long overdue second love interest. Great stuff. Alex was nicer here and I'm glad that Izzie was standing up to him...the end was especially engrossing. She wouldn't give up and just kept repeating 'Care about you' until he finally gave in. At least we know they get together again...

    Am I the only one who likes Hahn? I really like her and Callie, it's nice to see the formers softer side coming out. I like the actress too…shame she leaves so suddenly in an episode or two. Sadly this season takes a strange turn with Denny after the next episode...maybe I'll warm to the supernatural like storyline the second time around? Perhaps but I doubt it. This was Grey's at its best.
  • A domino of surgery's takes place.

    In this episode of Greys Anatomy, the following happens. Meredith's and Derek's clinical trial has been published, but it only features Derek. Callie and Erica have their first proper night together. But Callie doesn't like it ad goes to see Mark about it, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Bailey is doing a domino surgery consisting of 6 kidney transplants from 6 patients. Christina asks the killer question "Do we get to take home a kidney?" when Alex & Izzie learns that one of the donors is being paid $10,000 for a kidney they inform Bailey. But at the last moment they change their mind and tell her that the gift was just money. Meredith, Christina, Alex and Izzie all have to pick one intern to give to George now that he is also a Resident. One of the donors pulls out and so they try to track down another donor. But they can't so they agree to let all of the patient go home. Callie tells Erica that she can't be in a relationship with a woman. They manage to get the other donor back on, and so is the surgery. All 12 of them. During one of the surgeries Meredith drops a kidney. Callie asks Mark to show her how to do the Sloane Method. When Lexi learns that she isn't one of George's interns she is deeply hurt. At the end Derek gives Meredith a kidney in a jar. We see Callie going to see Erica telling her that they are going to try again. Izzie tells Alex that she cares about him. Then they kiss and we see Meredith & Derek in bed together looking at a glowing kidney in a jar. As Christina is leaving Joe she sees the army man who she kissed in a past episode.
  • A great episode. Best since the season finale.

    I loved the episode. I can't believe Mer dropped the kidney. I was dieing of laughter. The chief is getting on my nerves this season. His obsession with the image of the hospital is annoying. Izzie and Alex kiss. As a fan of Izzie and Alex all I have to say is finally. The kidney translplant was very interesting. At the beginning I thought she had a right to be mad about not being mention in the medical journal but as the episdoe went on I was siding with Derek. I thought it was so cute when he brought her the kidney in a jar. The scenes between Callie and Mark make me laugh so hard. I really want the Erica nad Callie thing to work out. Their scenes are really sweet and funny. I think it is great storyline for the show. When Lexie told George how he has hurt her, I was really proud and felt that was a great moment. When they were deciding which intern to get rid of right infront them was cruel but too funny. Finding out that Dr. Army Man is back just mad the episode for me. Amazing episode.
  • Finally!!

    seems like Crisitina finally found another real man. and Derek and Meredith are finally trying instead of running away when the going gets tough. the Erica/Callie thing was not as interesting as last time but Mark was awesome. and finally someone told George like it is. Im really curious how his relationship with Lexie will continue. she seemed to be the first one to call him not only on his good sides but also on all his sh*t. my heart broke for her when she realiezed that he barely saw her when he was rapidly becoming her whole world. and Alex and Izzie. she finally put her head of of her ass and saw his behaviour for what it was - fear of getting hurt. and its good to see her fighting for him, for them. and the case was interesting too. my favorite scene was the cheated on wife meeting the family of the woman she gave her kidney to.
  • Seattle Grace tries to complete six kidney transplants at the same time.

    This is the kind of episode Grey's Anatomy needs if they want critical praise and if they want a shot at winning an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. Keep the relationship drama to a minimum and focus on the actual medical aspect of the program.

    Chyler Leigh and Katherine Heigl gave great performances as usual as Lexie Grey and Izzie Stevens respectively. They have been built up well and you truly empathize with their characters. The strong acting from the two helps you care about them and want them to reach happiness.

    I still am not a fan of the Callie/Erica fiasco. This is just out of character for Erica, a stern surgeon, to now constantly talk about her feelings. It does produce some good comedy from Sloan, but he's pretty much hilarious no matter the circumstance.

    Patrick Dempsey's performance seemed phoned in here as he didn't seem interested at all in the moral quandary plaguing his character. I'm really growing irritated by the blithe ignorance of Alex toward Izzie and despite what happened at the end I'm sure next week he'll continue to insult her.

    Overall this episode was really powerful. The emotional scene where the son rolled in to see his ill father nearly brought a tear to my eye. It had potential to be an unbelievable episode, and it was still great, but there were just snippets that I didn't like which brought my score down a bit.
  • Bailey handles multiple kidney transplant procedure. George kicks off his first day as a resident. Derek gets credited for his research work.

    I must admit, my heart skipped a beat when Meredith dropped the kidney. Racy, exciting, and flawless is how I would characterize this installment. Set against the background of multiple kidney transplants involving 6 donors and 6 recipients, who are completely unrelated to each other,Bailey faces an enormous task of conducting what is called as an domino procedure. The team realizes the criticality of the procedure, and as put in their own words - if even one donor backs out, the whole plan will come tumbling like a pack of cards.

    But as expected, and as luck would have it. Izzy and Alex realize that one acceptor had actually promised his son 10 grand to donate his kidney. This apparently is illegal, and the hospital would lose its status if it conducts the procedure. And another donor had come forward, because she had an illicit affair with acceptor. The wife once aware of this backs out in rage. The chief asks Bailey to drop the domino procedure, fearing losing SG's status as a transplant center. However, Bailey in a very subtle way convinces the wife to go ahead, by saying that her decision would not only save her husband's life but 5 others a well. The surgeries go fine without any major hiccups till Meredith drops a kidney. However, everything's well that ends well. All patient end up stable, except for one complication which surprisingly wasn't elaborated in the medical sense.

    Other subplots, such as Callie seeking sex-advice from Sloan, and Derek receiving credit for the clinical trials were well handled and conveyed some very valuable points. Izzy finally accepts Alex for who he is, and there is a bit of falling apart on the George-Lexie part. Overall a perfect episode, and absolutely flawless and deserves an apt 10.
  • Bailey heads up a "domino transplat procedure". Derek gets sole credit for the brain-tumor study; Lexie insists on getting George to notice her; and Callie gets counseling in the ways of love

    The plot was spotless, every little detail was taken care of and the story developed so smoothly, that when it ended I was left asking for more. Meredith gets no credit for the brain-tumor study which of course makes her mad at Derek, Bailey and the chief organise a Domino transplat procedure to get some attention on the hospital, Lexie is still trying to get George's attention, but poor old O'Malley is busy trying to get respect from his residents. Callie, just like Meredith, gets second thoughts about her relationship and seeks advice on a friend and Izzie and Alex finally work out their differences. A great episode with everything on it, laughs and some tear jerking scenes as well. I love this show!!