Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 6

These Arms of Mine

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

Mandy Moore guest stars on this episode of Grey's Anatomy as Mary Portman. Mary's colostomy reversal surgery was supposed to be performed six months ago, but has been delayed until now due to the shooting. She is Dr. Bailey's patient. Filmmakers arrive at Seattle Grace to create a documentary. Mary undergoes surgery and it seems to be going successfully until after the surgery Mary does not wake up, and it is not likely that she ever will. Her husband has a difficult choice to make, and he chooses to take his wife off life support three days later. Needless to say, Bailey is devastated. Nobody can seem to understand how a woman who survived a crazy gunman died so suddenly from a simple surgery.

Another patient, Zack, lost his arm several months ago. Lexie notices that the arm of the donor had a tattoo of his wife's name on it, which is meaningful to Zak and his wife. Derek, Mark, Owen, and Callie perform the surgery and it is a success, but a clot develops in the second arm. Callie jumps in and saves the arm. All of this was caught on tape. The filmmakers caught Cristina in a vulnerable state. She downplays her "hero" label. Lexie has multiple run-ins with security because she is having problems with her ID scanning. She needs to get in to make it to Zak's surgery so she sets of the hospital alarm and runs through. This is documented by the filmmakers. The alarm caused the hospital to lockdown. Jackson freaks out when he is trapped with a patient who is crashing. Teddy tries to get the guards to open the door, and when they finally do, Jackson has a break down and won't stop giving his patient CPR.

Alex and Arizona's patient is Lily, a girl who has a growth on her windpipe. Arizona successfully performs an experimental surgery on Lily. They take cartilage and cells from her body to make a new trachea. Alex spends most of his time overseeing the trachea. The filmmakers return four weeks after their first visit and things have changed immensely. Zack has arms, and they are healing nicely. Lily is back in school and thriving, and when asked to share the most important part of her hospital experience with her class, she invites Alex--who fought around the clock for her--to come speak to the students. Arizona wins a grant which gives her the opportunity to move to Africa. Callie is upset and they argue about this. They decide to both move to Africa and both resign from Seattle Grace.