Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 6

These Arms of Mine

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2010 on ABC

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  • Not good at all. Even morbid (the title choice?), this format didn't convince me at all.

    The second fail of the season, so far. It felt like a filler episode. The new format was incredibly morbid, as I will describe in these lines.

    A) Format. I have to say that it was original and felt real for only a few moments (blurring faces), but could not fill my expectations. We lost the focus of the cases that were being treated. And it had some morbid moments (anouncing that the "arms" case could be having unexpected inconveniencies, and the incredibly morbid "IF SHE DOES NOT GET OXIGEN IN 2 MINUTES SHE WILL DIE" (sorta?) that was too much for me. And the rest was very artificial... Alex singing? Alarms going off and off?

    B) Mary. Her not waking up was unexpected, and it was one of the dark twists that SR throws on us that makes our episodes so great. It was the only story that resembled Grey's Anatomy at all.

    C) Avery. His reaction was unexpected, and it was a good performance, although writers should have taken this chance to make him shine a little bit, since almost every viewer thinks he's only a pretty face. In almost three seasons, all we see is potential, but nothing more than that. And that's a shame.

    D) Lexie. A strong performance. I liked how she reacted to the crisis that was ocurring.

    E) Arizona's new oportunity. Interesting turn of event for the romance. Even if this story had not much time to be treated, it will bring some difficulties to the relationship and will absolutely bring some unseen consequences (7x09+7x12).

    F) Arms transplant. The most morbid case I've ever seen in Grey's Anatomy, and I'm a hardcore fan and incredibly tolerant. But it was not the case itself, but how it was treated. I don't think it was material to be displayed in a documentary format. It was more like a clich, and the tattoo problem/solution was all over the top. And this episode's title made it more morbid.

    G) Alex. His case was also treated morbidly, but he made a solid performance (except for the singing part). Now we see his peds potential being used at it's finest level.

    So all in all, a painful episode to watch, and even morbid. Let's hope this will never be seen again in GA for a while. Probably the weakest episode of the season.
  • Somebody shoot me(no pun intended)

    OK I'm gonna start with the bad and work my way up. My first problem: The Chief. I mean, my god how annoying can you get? I'm surprised someone didn't pull him aside and tell him to shut up. We get it's a great hospital but there's no need to rub it in. You're staff's prowess is evident and we don't need some obsequious loser in the background providing commentary. I just wanted to punch him, trying to put a good front on everything. Reminds me of episode 3 of season 5 with the guy who kept getting injuries in the hospital cos of the flood damage. In short, the chief sucks.

    My second problem: THEY KILLED MARY!?! What the hell? I mean how unnecessary can you get? Is Shonda trying to make Bailey suicidal or something? I loved Mary. I think it was a massive mistake to kill her. Anyone who survived the shooting should be immortal for at least 2 seasons. I think Mary should have been immortal full stop. Her death detracts from the quality and meaning of Bailey's storyline in season 6 finale. A massive faux pas on Shonda's part.

    My Third Problem: The departure (however temporary) of Callie and Arizona. I love them. They're not my favorite characters but I'll miss them so much.

    Anyway onto the good stuff. I loved everyone else. Avery and Christina are so heartbreaking. I feel there's a certain symmetry there. All the curse words were so funny. They were so unexpected. They made it feel so real. They need to put Christina back in the drivers seat again. I miss her. Bailey was stunning as usual. Karev was too. Its so good to see him mellow out. I'm so glad he's gotten over the whole arrogant thing. He was really annoying me in this season's pilot. Not a lot of April this episode. They need to have a big storyline for her. I love her. Lexie was just hilarious again. My fav character by a mile.

    I know I've already mentioned it but I can't help but feel really sorry for Avery. He's George's replacement and getting stuck in that little hall draws an immediate parallel to when George got stuck in the elevator and had to do open heart surgery by himself. Avery's performance was less than stellar by comparison and you can't help but pity him for it.

    This episode had some pain-stakingly bad points but the good points more than made up for them, thank god. I give a 9/10(barely. More of an 8.9 if I'm honest as the chief really annoys me here)
  • It seems that people either hate this episode or love it. For me it was good but one documentary style episode is enough:)

    This episode was something new for Grey's Anatomy. Usually we see doctors interact with each other or with their patients. We know what they think or feel, we see them at their homes. This time we could see only as much as they wanted to show in front of a camera.

    All these "hidden camera" parts were very intense. Cristina still is not able to cope with her post-traumatic stress. Avery (who for me seemed not affected by the shooting so much) looses control of his emotions when trapped with a dying patient and admits he still grieves for his dead friends. Always strong Bailey cries over Mary's death.

    I'm not sure what to think about Lexie's behavior. Didn't she know that activation of the security system can put someone's live at risk? Because of her stupidity Avery was unable to help this dying guy. Shouldn't she be punished for that?

    The big surgery performed by Callie, Mark, Owen and Derek wasn't so exciting. For me Alex stole this whole episode. He was great. Contrary to what he said about not liking children he proved to be very compassionate and dedicated. He even slept in his little patient room and went to her school. Not to mention the singing:)

    The only thing that bothers me is that Arizona and Callie are leaving. I hope they will change this decision.

    All in all good, refreshing episode. But one is enough.
  • episode 7.05

    This episode was amazing and I real like the documentary form. Ok we can say that they are doing like the ER live episode but for me it was different. I think at this point it was a good idea to present that kind of episode because it's what the media a are doing right now: there is a big event and then they shoot a documentary to show the aftermaths. So everyone is telling it's bad that Arizona and Callie are living but in fact the writers haven't had much choice considering that Jessica Capshaw is pregnant. And I think they didn't want for the characters to split up so that's why.
    I really like how Karev is getting involved with kids and even if he wouldn't admit this he likes it. And I think it's good to see him like this because he's completely different from who he was in the pilot. The Christina story was well done and we can see that she is starting to cope but for her it's hard to be 'the hero'. The arm transplant part had nothing special but it fit well in this episode for the spectacular part of the documentary.
    And then we have Dr Bayley and Mary who was the emotional part especially in the end. it was good because at this point we were expecting an "happily ever after" and that everything is gonna be OK but it's not always like this they are stuff we can't predict and that we can't fix. I really think this part brought a lot to this episode because we have two points of view of people who've lived the exact same tragedy together.
    Avery having a break down was not really a surprise I always thought that behind his unflinching image there is something more dramatic.
    The Lexie part was fun but I think that we are over the crazy Lexie.
  • beautiful. sad. raw.

    The documentary crew was out to discover how this hospital that had undergone a major trauma (a mass shooting) was healing. Clearly Cristina isn't and I love that this storyline is continuing for this long instead of being resolved in two episodes like most series would try to do. I loved the dynamic between her and Meredith because they are the main relationship of the show. Meredith is trying to cover for her, steps in for her in traumas, and takes care of her in the interview which leads to Cristina shutting down completely and is only speaks to the cameras again 4 weeks later when she has formulated exactly what she wants to say and nothing more. It was beautiful, sad, and moving. The doctors actually explained medical procedures and they seemed legitimate; something that has been severely lacking as of late. I am loving Alex as the new Peds rockstar and he is adorable interacting with the kids and pretending he doesn't like them. I'm pretty upset that Arizona and Callie are going to Africa and hope we don't have to watch them there (ER couldn't even pull of their Africa storylines). I'm sure this was just done because Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) is clearly pregnant and they needed to give her time off for maternity leave, but don't take Callie too!!
  • doc

    The series premiere of Seattle Medical finally gives Grey's Anatomy viewers its first true reward of the season. The episode was unique, but more importantly it cut out all the stupid relationship drama and just focused on the hard medical story arcs (for the most part) in tonight's show. A few scenes were funny, but it was a great dramatic hour of television that shows that this program can still be innovative even 7 years into its run.

    Good episode and for the first time in awhile I am excited about this series. I kind of wish this show would shift entirely to documentary form.
  • Negative episode spoilers within...

    I will state, right off the top, that I really hate the "documentary-style" episode. The only one that I actually enjoyed was ER's season premier "Ambush" (S4ep1) which was performed and aired live both on the East Coast and the West Coast.

    A film crew goes in to film the survivors of the shooting. That just seems like more of Webber's determination to bring in more and more money to the hospital with cheap stunts and stupid plans that usually make things worse. And speaking of Webber, his character, who I pretty much hate most of the time, just kept hamming it up to the camera crews and making everyone (Arizona and Alex most notably) uncomfortable.

    The arm transplant plot was pretty cool, but in a total non-Grey's thing, there was no jockying of Residents to get in on the surgery, there was no crowding in the gallery. It was groundbreaking surgery and the Residents and Interns (are there even casted Interns this season; Alex mentioned his were there at least an hour before him, but we haven't seen any at all this year) were barely excited, and certainly not up to their usual scalpel-addict ways.

    And then they go and kill Mary, after everything she went through in last year's finale? She survives the mad gunman, gets her surgery six months later, and just doesn't wake up? I mean, I know it happens -- people sometimes just don't wake up after surgery from reactions to drugs or strokes or sometimes for reasons that aren't clear until an autopsy or sometimes not even then -- but still, it was an awkward and clunky plotpoint.

    Also, are Callie and Arizona (Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw) leaving the show? I haven't heard anything about them leaving, and it was sort of an aside at the end of the 'documentary' that Callie was moving to Africa with Arizona.

    All in all, one of my least favourite episodes of Grey's ever.
  • Great episode!

    Omg Mary was so poor thing. I mean shes so positive and everything about the surgery and then she had to die. I was devastated when i saw that happen, especially after her great performance at the last season's finale. Anyways i love this episode. I was skeptical at first because i was worried it would take the basic elements out of the usual Greys. And yes that did happen. Everything were different but it was refreshing at the same time. In fact, many scenes were pretty hilarious actually. The attendings were trying to look cool and fun and competent on the camera and the chief were trying to show how serious the hospital takes every patient and how much they have achieved so far as a teaching school etc.

    Lexi, being the usual Lexi, messy and totally uncool. I couldn't stop laughing whenever I see her stuck at the entrance. Karev's singing were bad but so fun to watch. Such sensitivity.

    I love the way they portray Cristina's struggles this week. I have high hopes that shes gonna be back to her usual self in the next 2 episodes. Go Cristina!

    I totally didnt see the Torres part coming. I love her in grey's Anatomy. Shes great to watch. Shes funny and they made her character so flexible, taunting other characters in 1 episode and emotional at another. Arizona's leaving was alright and not surprising. I always find that they put her there to help move the storyline along, rather than a strong character by herself. So yeah, all in all, its a great episode for me. But hopefully they don't repeat this. Watching documentary-style Grey's once is fun, twice would just show that they are running out of storyline.
  • Great Episode! Spoilers!!!

    Wow.. I!! At first I was little skeptical about watching a "documentary style" episode because many shows have tried this and failed. but it was amazing!! I especially loved the hidden camera parts of the episode where they showed Avery emotionally affected by being locked into the hallway by himself with a dying patient and Christina opting out of actively participating in a trauma and instead laying down in the 'pit'. One of the funniest parts of the episode was when Lexie had trouble getting past the state-of-the-art security system and finally running through the detectors sending the hospital into lockdown.
    Something i definitely didn't see coming was Mary dying. I mean, like Webber said, you survive something like a shooting in a hospital just to come back and have a simple surgery which you never wake up from. The emotion that Chandra Wilson portrays in this episode is phenomenal. One last thing is how much Alex has evolved as a person and as a doctor. I don't know if it's me, but he is definitely becoming one of my favorite characters. All in all, an exceptional episode