Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 6

These Arms of Mine

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2010 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In many television episodes with documentary story lines, most of the episode consists of showing the crew walking around and filming, with little attention paid to the final product. In this episode, however, the camera crew is rarely shown and the whole episode is the final documentary on the show Seattle Medical- Road to Recovery.

    • Goof: During the operation, when Dr. Torres is waiting for the arms to pink up, the tattoo "Nicole" is visible the two times, that would mean that she reconnected twice the same arm. They used the same shot for both arms

  • Quotes

    • Cristina: Well, we went through the scariest thing a person can go through and we survived. So now everyday's just a gift. And now we're all blessed. Blessed to be here, blessed to be doing what we do best, which is saving lives. Every day. One life at a time. We're healed so that we can continue healing others.
      Cameraman: Is there any one thing you'll take away from this?
      Cristina: Being a hero has it's price.

    • Cristina: Do people treat me differenly now, after the shooting? Uh, well, um... I mean, uh yeah, you're here filming me. I mean, people like to say what I did was heroic, but I wasn't. It was just a thing that I had to do. I think people like to have a hero and it makes them feel better to think that they're in the middle of that horror that there's someone special working medical miracles. I don't have super special medical powers. I mean, I did...
      Meredith: Cristina is a hero, especially to me. The truth is most surgeons could not have done what she did that day.

    • Owen: We gave a man arm's today.
      Mark: Think of it more like, I gave a man arm's today, the rest of you just helped.
      Derek: Another round for everybody but my friend here.
      Callie (to Mark): That's a really nice shirt, by the way. Where'd you get that? The special titan's store?
      Mark: You saw the way she saved that arm today, you wanna know somethin' funny? She hooked up my TV and I'm still only getting sound out of one speaker. (they all laugh)

    • Lexie (to security guard): Come on, we go through this every morning. It's me, I swear. I just changed my hair color, that's all. Chief! Chief, would you come tell them that I'm me, please?

    • Lexie (to security guard): You don't understand, I was sent to get coffee for Dr. Sloan because he needs his caffeine right now. To get through the most amazing surgery that is happening, right now in OR 2. So, I'm pretty sure it's not okay to be late for the making of medicial history so you need to let me through, okay? To get to that surgery, to get Dr. Sloan his caffeine, to witness medicial history being made! I... I my ID is valid, I promise! (the security guards look at her ID, she runs through the door, causing the alarm system to go off)

    • Alex: The other thing that's changed for me most since the shooting, now I feel like there's always something we can do. 'Cause I should have died, you know? I was shot point blank. So, uh... there's always something that we can do.

    • Arizona: No, I didn't apply for the grant because of the shooting. There are major gaps in the care of children in developing countries. Global health innitives exist for things like maleria, infectous diseases, immunizations, but not for pedatric surgery. With this grant, I could start to change that. Well, I applied for this thing two years ago. I was a completely different person, you know, I was new here. A surgicial fellow, single, but now I have people here, important people. It complicates things. But... this is bigger than me, this is an opportunity of a lifetime, so yeah, of course I'm accepting the grant. That just means I'm moving to Africa.

    • Callie: Well, it's her decision, obviously. It's an incredible opportunity. You don't just uh... turn down a Carter Madison grant. Nobody turns down a Carter Madison grant. I mean, I... I know that. I understand that. I do. I mean, if the situation were reversed.... Actually no, you know what? No. If the situation were reversed I... would turn the thing down. I wouldn't even consider moving to another continent right now. But I'm not here. So, uh, like I said, it's an incredible opportunity.

    • Alex: I don't even like kids. Pediatric surgery has nothing to do with liking kids. You go into peds because it's elite. The best of the best. Did you know that are only 38 pediatric surgery fellowship spots in the country? The country. I mean, to compare cardiothoracic is 120. Pedatric surgery is the elite of the elite so, yeah, I consider specializing in pedatric surgery, for sure. But not because of the kids, definatley not because of the kids.

    • Mark: You're thinking like a nerve guy.
      Derek: I am a nerve guy.

    • Alex: Lily, I told you already, turn it down or put on your headphones. The rest of us don't have Bieber fever or whatever it is.

    • Zack: You're making me nervous. Is there a problem with the arms?
      Nora: Oh, god, there's a problem with the arms.
      Callie: Well, maybe.
      Mark: There's a tattoo on one of the arms of the name Nicole.
      Zack: I love the name Nicole.
      Nora: Me, too. Love it. Couldn't love it more.
      Zack: I say we rename our dog Nicole.
      Nora: I'm gonna name myself Nicole.
      Zack: If it means that I can still get those arms, Nicole's my new favorite name.

    • Mark: You know, there's only been one successful bilateral arm transplant in the country.
      Owen: In the world.
      Mark: In the world.
      Derek: Yeah, I wouldn't go so far as calling us medicial titans but...
      Owen: We are.
      Mark: Not the first time I've been called a titan.

    • Mark (to cameracrew): Derek and I? We go way back. We grew up together, went to med school together. He's kinda like my better half. Not the better looking half, mind you. So when I heard he got shot... (pauses, looks down) Everyday we give bad news to patients, we tell them their loved ones are hurt or dying, or dead. And for the first time in my life I understood what that felt like.

    • Cristina: Uh, sure going through something like that has brought us closer.
      Meredith: Not that we weren't close before, I mean, ask anyone. We're close. (cut to Derek talking to the cameraman)
      Derek: Dr. Yang and my wife sometimes have sleepovers in my bed, with me in it.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: V mém náruí (In my Arms)
      Finland: Tatuoitu lahja (A Tattooed Present)

    • There are no voiceovers this episode.

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1.All My Life by Calahan
      2.You Know The Way (Acoustic) by Right The Stars

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 28, 2010 on CTV
      Sweden: November 10, 2010 on Kanal 5
      Finland: November 24, 2010 on Nelonen
      United Kingdom: February 9, 2011 on Sky Living
      Australia: March 10, 2011 on channel 7
      Germany: April 27, 2011 on ProSieben
      Norway: August 23, 2011 on TV2
      Czech Republic: January 9, 2012 on Prima LOVE

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