Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 8

These Ties That Bind

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • This show is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!


    I love how Alex has changed throughout everything he seems so sweet cannot wait for Owen and Cristina to get together they are my favourite really do not like Sadie shes just annoying I don't know why I just think am so glad Erica left I felt like she was forcing Callie to change , she was definitley not taking it noticed George wasn't really in this episode I only saw him in one scene I and Derek have to get married they're so good together!!!!
  • I can even tell you how much I hate the writers right now

    this was the most hypocritital and disgusting thing I have ever seen on TV. I dont know where they are going with the Izzie storyline and Im not sure I want to know. he is dead but no one can rest in piece because they keep on dragging his dead body out of the grave to annoy and hurt. I thought after the dissaster they came up with in the third season there cant be anything worse but I severely underestimated the writers. they can do worse. so much worse. I dont like Merediths old friend. Im not sure I like the way they are showing McArmy down our throuths. tone it down a little he is an interesting cahracter but it is too much at once. I dont like the idea of Mark & Lexie. basically the only thing I liked about this episode was MerDer and the Mark/Callie friendship. and that was like 3,5 minutes of the show. I even wont start on how they are treating Alex or I would be here all night. I though Greys got their groove back. but now it seems more as though they comletely lost their minds
  • Should have been the show to get things back in order but no the Denny's ghost is still with us!

    Denny is dead and has been for how many series now?
    I thought he was nicely signed off last episode with the guy getting a new heart and then this week with Izzie burning the jumper to get rid of her ghost but no he's back again.
    Please can the next focus group please get rid of Denny whenever Izzie turns around he's there and I am starting to get tired of shouting at my TV! Then there is the interns slicing them self up in the basement I'm betting it'll end when one of them cuts a little too deeply.
  • does anybody know which song was playing during the last scenes? I love this song and would like to know the name of it :-) many thanks in advance!!

    does anybody know which song was playing during the last scenes? I love this song and would like to know the name of it :-)
    many thanks in advance!!

    the episode itself was very lovely, I like the interaction between danny and izzy!
    also the scene of christina + hunt was a bit strange, but also sexy, maybe thy will be a couple in the near future.. the episode itself was very lovely, I like the interaction between danny and izzy!
    also the scene of christina + hunt was a bit strange, but also sexy, maybe thy will be a couple in the near future..
  • OMG! Grey's Anatomy is yet to disappoint. This was yet another great episode; it is exactly why I watch this show! Although I must say I'm not a big fan of Mellissa George.

    The best part of this episode was when Christina found out about the interns little club… Awkward but funny! Especially when they thought that Lexie was a secret cutter. I felt sorry for Christina when Saddie came into the picture, she got let out of the loop a bit, but I'm sure she won't let it go to heart. Erica let which I am so glad about, she was really starting to get on my nerves and also I think if she stayed she might have said something about the Danny scenario. Speaking of that has Izzie totally lot it or what? I'm really scared for her and a bit nerves as to what might unfold in the next episode. She completely thinks that Danny is real they were kissing and everything. And I wonder what Christina is going to do about the kiss or should I say the lack of kissing that I believe her and Owen should be undertaking. Can't wait for the next episode! I'm sure it won't be a disappointment.
  • Seems I'll be apart from the majority here, but for me this episode was the best one during the fifth season.

    Yeah, I know everyone is pissed off with the Denny thing and Izzie going really crazy. I don't like this storyline either. Even though I loved Denny's character and I wish everything had worked some other way around for him an Izzie, still the way it is going on now is a very-very wrong way and I absolutely don't like it. However Izzie and Denny is only one line of this episode and I loved all the others. This episode made me feel like the old Grey's I loved so much is coming back. The inhabitants of the Grey's world are alive again after being asleep for some time and that's great! I enjoyed the most the way people of Grey's expressed their feelings in this episode. Callie mourning over her loss of Hahn, Christina finding out that Her Person has some past that she knows nothing about and even more - this past kicks her out of bed, Owen Hunt trying to stay professional and not to connect with anyone and his loss in this battle with himself. These moments for me make it up for all Denny craziness and, oh, the interns cutting themselves.
  • Izzy: Touched by a "Ghost" -- November sweep move or :gulp: has this show jumped the shark?!

    I loved about 2/3 of this episode, but the Denny plot needs to go!
    I like the guy playing Denny, (he was great in 'Supernatural' and in that PS I Love YOU movie) but he doesn't belong on the Grey's set anymore!
    I mean c'mon... Izzy can touch, talk and even apparently have sex with Denny (next week)... as bizarre as the storylines are on this show, they always stay planted in reality, which is something I really admire. It's easy for shows like Heroes to be great when the writers can make characters do whatever they want, but with a show like this, set in a hospital, they are more restricted and yet keep me coming back. I won't abandon the show, but I may get up and make a refrigerator run when Denny shows up. I'll hold out hope that perhaps Izzy has something wrong -- hence the sightings?!
    Also, I don't miss Hahn AT ALL... never liked her character, I say good riddance!
  • Izzie dying, Hunt going postal and interns cutting each other ... ?

    I have come to terms over time with Grey's going in the supernatural direction every once in a while. However, like many other viewers, I was not too psyched when, against all hope, Denny just would not go away. Don't get me wrong: we all loved Denny, we loved the storyline, but I think that most of us agree it should have been left alone back in season 3. My feeling is that, despite multiple denials of that plot twist, Izzie has been handed a brain tumor to finish off the character (and Denny as her "spiritual guide to the afterlife") by the end of this season so that Katherine Heigl can continue on in her movie career. This will be a real shame for the show to lose one of its pivotal characters.

    In two additionally disappointing happenings, the interns seem to have gone completely off the grid cutting each other up, which should be seriously worrying to the rest of the hospital…especially since they don't seem to be doing too great of a job hiding it. As for Sadie, the character so far is just plain annoying. I don't understand why she's feeling so entitled as Meredith's best friend, when she apparently had even no clue as to Derek's existence. And so, after a fantastic turn on "In Treatment", Melissa George's 2 minutes of screen time are surprisingly unbearable. So after this whole bloody mess of an episode (excluding the Callie storyline, which was both touching and well-acted) I thought I would devote a word or two to Dr. Hunt. Personally, I think that he is a great addition to the show this season. Kevin McKidd delivers some of the strongest acting right off the bat along with the raw intensity of personality that some of the "older" characters had given up either for over-cutesiness or whining (or both). I'm curious to see where the writers will take his character, but there is an incredible amount of potential there and I look forward to his every scene.

    Now, can we please diagnose Izzie with her terminal medical issue so that viewers can stop clawing their eyes out at the 'ghost' storyline?
  • A new doctor comes to Seattle Grace for a heart surgery.

    This was a good episode, but nothing truly stood out or was that memorable. I did not particularly care for Doctor Dixon's serious personality. Grey's Anatomy has been brought in a lot of unnecessary guest stars this year. Dr. Hunt contributes very little and produces the same formulaic fight with Dr. Shepherd and Sloan on a weekly basis. I wish that this whole Denny Duquette saga is over. Katherine Heigl is a strong enough actress to deal with this ghost ridiculousness but Grey's Anatomy is not the show for this. Unfortunately my prediction is that this will end with Izzie being in a coma dreaming about this happening, or possibly being dead. I certainly hope that isn't the case as killing off your best character is never a good idea.
  • Never took an interest in the show until this season. Apparently alot of people dont like it. Welcome to my irony.

    I never thought that this series was worth watching until this season when we got introduced to interesting new characters and character relationships outside of the dull MerDer pairing. This episode was devoted to the other characters instead of another MerDer bed scene. I didnt care for Melissa George's one minute cameo. It was great to see more Cristina-Hunt moments but the end scene where Hunt went psycho on her and then starts to harshly kiss her was a bit weird...maybe forced. Hunt is a wacko though. Izzie didnt seem like an interesting character but she had an interesting storyline tonight compared to the episodes prior.

    I like Dr. Dixon and it's great that these writers actually know how to write a character with AS. So many times I've seen shows write characters with AS as being super intelligent about random things but there's so much more to it than that and Mary McDonnell did an awesome job portraying the character.

    Lexie's underground intern cult thingy was just too freaky. I'm actually liking the Callie-Mark comraderie when it isnt about sex. The funniest part of the episode was when Derek thought that Mark was pursuing Lexie. I must admit that would be an interesting hookup.

    There you have it, I have just told you everything I enjoyed about this episode and it's pretty much everything people hate about this show right now. I just have a different taste in this show I guess.
  • Izzie does backflips while tossing fiery batons over the shark

    ATTENTION WRITERS: If you're reading this, please get rid of Denny. He's dead. This isn't Heroes or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and this show's genre-confused perspective continues to plague the plotlines of the show like an inoperable tumor.

    I held out hope against hope that he would disappear after Alex burned his sweater, but Izzie turns around and *CRAP* he's still there. Then I was treated to a preview for next week where Izzie apparently makes out and has sex with the ghost of Denny. The rest of the episode was quite good. I have nothing bad to say about it; the strong writing has continued throughout the season with the exception of the premiere and the Denny plotline. I gave it a 6.5 b/c about 35% of the episode was devoted to Denny, for which I gave a 0 to. Plots like this can make a show jump the shark single-handedly, and while it won't be enough to drive me away, the longer it goes on, the more irritated I'll become, until I'll just start muting the TV or throwing heavy objects at the screen whenever Denny shows up.
  • I enjoyed last night's episode

    Last night's episode was crazy but good crazy.. you can tell they are setting you up for something amazing... As for Sadie I don't know how I feel about her yet.. Lexie as much as I have started to like Lexie she's just being weird.. Denny & Izzie.. magic as always... you can tell something big is going on. People don't read between the lines .. they are just like why is this dead character here.. Note he keeps saying I came for you. Even though Katherine Heigel is not leaving the show , she can still be sick or the shock of finally dealing with denny has gotten to her .. or something is about to happen to some one she cares about and denny might be there just for emotional support. Maybe this was not an episode for people who don't believe in that their dead loved one watch down on you.. maybe that's where it might be wrong but for someone who believe in the soul never dying and people who have left you watching down on you this episode made sense to me... Cause all it means is soemthing really BIG is about to happen.
  • It keeps getting worse

    You would think that after writing off their worse character & their worse storyline in the last episode, this episode would rock. Add Melissa George and it keeps sounding better.

    However, it's obvious to me now that the writers have lost it... completely. Izzie making out with a ghost (really? you gotta be f'n kidding me)
    A crazy guest star (stupid and unnecessary) An added crazy cast member (poor waste of Melissa)
    Crazy Interns (we are suppose to believe the chief hasn't noticed... or any attendings)

    This show, has officially Jumped the Shark. "Izzie and the Ghost", next week it looks like they have sex. Great writing, awesome compelling stuff.
  • A day of the supernatural at Seattle Grace

    This was a bad episode. However, it had a good medical case because of which this episode had its moments. But still, the writers have delved into the realm of the absurd with their ridiculous ghost haunting plot lines.

    Here we see two new doctors enter the halls of Seattle grace. One is the super hottie Mellisa George who plays Sadie, a new intern. And, we see a replacement for Erica Hahn, who apparently doesn't want to work because of Bailey's sarcastic methods of manipulating her. Callie deals with Erica's departure when she handles a man mangled in a garbage disposer, and the others pitch in along with her to save his life. This was probably the part that I didn't have trouble accepting.

    We also see the ghost of Denny piggybacking Izzy and haunting her. This is portrayed on the background of a spiritual man who also believes he is being haunted by his dead donor. Well, though this plot is still silly enough to acknowledge for a show of GA's cadre, the finishing sequence just reached the limits of tolerance. Seriously, the haunting sequences can at least be attributed to Izzy's delusional self. But, the scene where Izzy kisses Denny was unbearable. An average Grey's fan would look for a good one-hour of medical drama, relationship jazz, and some tearjerking moments. But this one was too way off.

    We need explanations, I just can't imagine what explanation Shonda plans to give in the coming episode, considering the garbage she has put into this installment.
  • Bizarre medical cases come to the hospital, interns are doing some crazy things to learn stitches and other surgical procedures, a new intern/old friend of meredith comes to town and, well, she seems kind of insane, and izzie keeps seeing a certain ghost

    Ok, I must preface this review with the fact that yes, I really did like grey's anatomy. Yes, I may be in the minority but I never liked Hahn and am glad she is no longer on the show, they needed some new people. Now i don't mind gossip and intriguing scandals, but this episode was frankly ridiculous. Yes, the medical mysteries were interesting but mostly served to show how pained Callie and Izzie still are over their respective partner losses. Which is fine. But c'mon, the ghost thing? Really? Not only is it absolutely ridiculous, it seems they're only adding it because they want to give Izzie more "depth"--either that, or they're preparing to make her seem insane to other people and get dropped off the show after her emmy stunt. Honestly, though, it was ok in the last episode but the stupid ghost is just getting ridiculous. You can also tell this is gonna become a multiepisode arc for sweeps, but it really just damages the show in the end....honestly, they need to reign in their writers and tell them to stay in the natural world.
  • Solid crazy medical cases and typical complicated Grey's love lives with a silly "ghost" story line tossed in for bad measure.

    I hope I'm not the only one with this opinion... but seriously, the Denny storyline is getting ridiculous. I wasn't a big fan when he was alive, and I'm less off a fan now that he's "haunting" Izzy. What is this, Ghost Whisperer? And then she makes out/ has sex with Denny the ghost? Unless they have a very good explanation next episode, this is jump the shark bad story writing. However they explain it, I'd rather Denny leave the show for good.

    That said, the rest of the episode wasn't all bad. Nothing special, but solid/typical Grey's. I'm looking forward to next episode still, but with this Denny story line I am also approaching with reservations.
  • The Denny storyline was bareable here...probably for the last time. Plus Sadie was introduced badly and Hahn left too quickly.

    I'm not saying I didn't enjoy this...this is the second time around so it's make me see things differently. The Denny thing actually wasn't bad in this was quite intense. However if you think about's just such a ridiculous storyline. And it gets worse when it starts getting soppy...which is next week I think. Izzie does save the unrealistic and annoying story.

    Alex and George are not seen that much, especially the latter. Though I liked how Callie dealt with Hahn leaving I wish they'd of explained it more...there is no way that Erica would have let because of a relationship bust-up. Callie crying after the death of them man in surgery was quite sad but a bit funny too.

    Watching this again makes me see how whiney Owen Hunt is...I mean his reaction to Cristina was messed up. Glad they kissed though. I also loved Cristina confronting the interns about their 'secret intern society' it is completely stupid but entertaining. I do love Lexie, she's a great character. I liked how Mer told Derek to tell Sloan not to use 'Little Sloan' on Little Grey. Hilarious.

    Sadie just annoyed me...I was glad Cristina treated her like that. She just wandered in and kicked them out...then makes the intern thing much worse. Don't like her.

    Dr. Dixon was funny...well she wasn't but how people reacted to her was funny. I thought she was a little harsh with Bailey at the overall not exactly an episode I'll be remembering for too long...probably the worst of the season so far. But it was still good.
  • Just when I thought fifth season was clearing the mess pilled-up since mid-season three, Grey's took another turn around the corner, namely Danny.

    Good things first. Season 5 is still a shining season once compared to the dissappointing two former seasons as finally Meredith/Derek love is pain-free, character development is in the practical agenda and new characters are in the shade of interesting. However, writers seem to get more and more confused (there is a better word though: sillier) about what to do with one of my fave characters: Izzie. They literally killed her in season four and now, they cannot let her rise from her ashes somehow. I hoped (oh the quixotic me) the whole Denny ghost thing was going to last for one episode but no, hell no, it is getting adhesive. Once being my fave love storyline, Izzie-Denny encounter is now framed in a way that is tiresome to watch and dim to follow. In a time where there are lots of characters to focus and good storylines to dwell on (i.e, Callie's post-Hunt era, Cristina and McArmy), bringing back Denny and densing Izzie into a lunatic,helpless,less-cheerful character is a worrisome move for the future of the show. If we can let this Denny problem slide, another potential black-smoke in the horizon is that the addition of new characters every now and then. We could not even fully comprehend Little Grey but there is yet McArmy, Sadie and this new doctor Dixon we are supposed to mingle with. And this creates more time stolen from our main characters like George (who , in this episode, only opened the door of the secret stitching room and had about a 10-second conversation with Laxie) and Alex (who only read the chart, operated on the patient with mute mode and burned the sweater, classic!). Now the writers should seriously start to think how to carry out the show. Will the rest of the season be a reminiscent of season 3 and 4 or will it actually complete what it set out for in the begining of the season: the shiny new Grey's? Hang in there my friends, hang in there...
  • Denny haunting Izzie, Christina continuing to be all high and mighty and Callie deals with the aftermath of Erica leaving.

    It wasn't my favourite thus far but it was an ok episode. Introduced a new charater into the mix, lets hope she is the one who finally tells Christina off. The Mark and Lexie thing might be a little over the top but you can tell she turns him on. Hunt and Christina would work if Christina didn't have her head up her ass. And now we have a lover triangle between Alex, Izzie and a ghost. Romantic as hell or over the top? Any takers? Did anyone notice that George didn't appear once in the entire episode? Anybody know why?