Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 17

This Is How We Do It

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Chief tries to get Adele into Derek's Alzheimer's trial, but the trial is completely full. Luckily the Chief gets some funding and all the residents now want on this case. Their Alzheimer's patient this week is Sonia, who brings her son Tareek with her. We later learn that Tareek's mother wants him to reunite with an ex-boyfriend that lives in London.

Avery and Baily have a diabetic patient named Clara. Her husband suddenly has an outburst, freaking out that his wife will not get any better. Eli comes in to calm the husband down. Karev overhears Stark talking about her date with April. He confronts April, saying she is sleeping her way to the top. She denies this accusation and says they're just friends. Teddy deals with a patient with chest pains, who turns out to be Henry. He had collapsed while running.

Avery and Baily convince the Chief to use Clara as his first patient in his trial. He agrees and Bailey goes to tell Clara and Eli interrupts with his objections. He wants Bailey to outline the risks of the surgery. She outlines the risks then has a talk with Eli about his attitude. They get into an argument. Meanwhile, Sloan and Arizona set up for Callie's baby shower.

Back at the hospital, Meredith overhears Tareek on the phone with his ex-boyfriend. It seemed like something was wrong. Meredith reminds Tareek that he has to live in the state while his mom is part of the trial. He promises to do so. April tells Stark that she has too much work to do to make their date so Stark just invites her over to watch a movie afterwards. Karev is convinced they are going to sleep together. The Chief, Teddy, and Cristina prep an MRI for Henry. They discover a growth on his scans. The Chief won't let Teddy operate because of her relationship with him and appoints Cristina to do it.

It is time for the baby shower and Arizona is not terribly excited. Sloan sees Lexie and thanks her for coming. She tells him that she is dating someone new. Avery and Lexie leave the party together, coyly. Everyone concludes that they are dating.

The Chief approaches Derek again about getting Adele into Derek's trial but Derek says he cannot ethically take someone off the waiting list. Luckily for the Chief, Sonia backs out of the trial because she finds out that her son broke up with his boyfriend so he can be with her. She decides to move back to London so her son and his boyfriend can reunite. Derek tells the Chief there's an opening and Adele goes to get some tests run.

Bailey tells the Chief that Clara is in a coma and he needs to operate now. Her surgery is a success and Bailey tells the Chief he might want to delegate his decision of picking a Chief Resident. April tells Stark that she just wants to be friends. Teddy visits Henry in the recovery room and he starts flirting with her. Teddy tells him that her feelings for him aren't real. Karev and Fields finally share a kiss. Owen tells Cristina he's now in charge of picking the Chief Resident. Cristina realizes this puts her out of the running and freaks out. While driving to their Bed & Breakfast, Arizona gets annoyed at Callie when she receives a text from Mark. Callie says that she is just jealous. Arizona surprises Callie by saying she wants to get married. Callie doesn't know how to answer, and the two get into a car accident.
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