Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 17

This Is How We Do It

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2011 on ABC

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  • THAT is Grey's Anatomy

    While we are all dying to see the Musical Episode, here comes this little goodnes. In this episodes we go back to what Grey's Anatomy used to be and we forget all those boring episodes like Golden Hour. I really like the Callie's pregnancy storyline and especially the sieblings fights between Mark and Arizona ( " Bite me Mark " ) even if it's kind of turning into the Green eyed monster for the dimpled doctor, I hope everything is going to be alright.
    I'm so happy that Henry returned to SGMW, the pain meds scene was priceless, Teddy should really accept his proposition !
    The Chief Resident's race and the trials are also making my day :)

    Just a brilliant episode qe've got here !
  • clinical trials, run for chief residency, baby shower and love interests

    so many things happening at the same time in Grey's Anatomy. The clinical trials are interesting and very informative, they've added the diabetes clinical trial. The residents are getting better in their crafts, it's good to see that most of them can do a good job on their own already. Like tonight, Christina Yang proved herself once again when she operated on Henry. I like Henry's flirtation towards Teddy, I think it's about time that Teddy finds a good man haha. On the other hand, the conflict between Mark and Arizona seems to be getting worse and in a way, it's sad for Callie because it seems like she is being forced to pick a side.