Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 16

This Is Why We Fight

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2013 on ABC



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    • Jackson (walking in seeing Callie & Arizona): What are you guys...
      Richard: Folks! You're right on time. Come on. (they follow him into a room that Owen, Cristina, Mer, Derek & Catherine are in)
      Jackson: Mom, come on. What is happening?
      Catherine: Have a seat. I'm about to tell you.
      Catherine: Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Webber's brought to my attention the fact that all of you have been looking for an investor to partner with you in purchasing Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital. It is my pleasure to tell you that the Harper Avery foundation would like very much to take you up on that offer. We have only one condition. Only one. Since the foundation will be putting up the majority of the funds, we would like a representative of our choosing to sit on the board of directors. (they all murmur in agreement) My dears, we only have a couple of hours to make this bid. You want to do this thing or not? (they all agree)
      Jackson: Wait, you woke up me at the crack of dawn to tell me you're coming to Seattle to be my boss? That doesn't---
      Catherine: Oh, no, no, sweetheart. You misunderstood. The foundation is electing you as our representative. We're the majority shareholder. That means you are in charge.
      Jackson: Wait. What?
      Catherine: Now give your mama a kiss, Jackson. She just bought you a hospital.

    • Richard: They were trying to buy the hospital themselves. They... They just need more money. They couldn't get it in time.
      Catherine: Well, what are you gonna do now?
      Richard: Well, I heard Boston's awfully nice.
      Catherine: That thought has crossed my mind a time or two. I just didn't want to be pushy.
      Richard: That hardly sounds like you. (Catherine laughs) I poured so much of my life into Seattle Grace. Always seemed like a forgone conclusion that I'd end my career there, and I just... I'm not ready to retire yet. I never thought it would be gone before I was.

    • Meredith: Oh, Derek. It's over. You have to stop.
      Derek: Yeah, I know. Ross asked me to write a letter of recommendation. And I'm gonna do them for each of the interns.
      Meredith: Did you do one for Heather Brooks?
      Derek: Who?
      Meredith: Mousy.
      Derek: Oh, no. Not yet.
      Meredith: I will.

    • Owen: Vermouth?
      Cristina: That'll have to do.
      Alex (walks in): Oh, and now you're stealing my freakin' booze.
      Cristina: It's just vermouth.
      Alex: Shut up. You don't get to make stupid little jokes. We had a good thing going, all of us. And now people are losing their jobs, and it's your fault.
      Cristina: We were trying to buy the stupid hospital. We were trying to help, and we screwed up. I'm sorry.
      Alex: Oh, well... (opens up the oven and pulls out a bottle) 40-year-old scotch. A patient gave it to me. Now we're gonna sit down and you're gonna freakin' talk to me. (pours them all scotch)

    • (Arizona is looking at houses in the paper)
      Callie: We're not buying a house.
      Arizona: Hmm. Well, we're not buying a hospital. We could buy a house... or build one.
      Callie: We don't even know where we're gonna be in six months.
      Arizona: So we build it in Chicago or Miami or New York. We have each other, and we have a beautiful baby so... We can go whereever we want.
      Callie: Probably want to sell Mark's place, right?
      Arizona: Prob-- Probably.
      Callie: We don't have to move yet, do we?
      Arizona: No. Not yet.

    • Bailey: Go on home, Brooks. I'll take it from here.
      Heather: If it's all the same, Dr. Bailey, I'd prefer to stay.
      Bailey: Suit yourself. (Heather smiles) What's wrong with your face?
      Heather: You're right. You are the heart of the hospital.
      Bailey: I was, Brooks. Was.

    • Shane: Can I ask you something?
      April: You want to know how something like this can happen? I don't know. (sighs) I guess I-I have to believe that everything happens for a reason. It's all part of some... plan, and you're supposed to learn something. You lose a patient because you forget to check their airway, you don't make that mistake again. You-- You fail your boards 'cause you're too busy sleeping with your best friend, maybe you stop doing that. The hospital you call home shuts down just when you're finally starting to feel (crying) like you've got your life together...
      Shane: Actually, I was going to ask for a letter of recommendation.
      April: Oh. (laughs)
      Shane: But I could probably ask someone else.
      April: That might be best.

    • Owen: I got them to wait. The board is gonna wait for one more day. You can make your pitch. I did it.
      Cristina: We didn't. Crest met with Richard, liked him, liked all of us, then he said no. Said he just wasn't feeling it.
      Owen: So it's over.
      Cristina: It's over.

    • Owen: You can't take this deal.
      Alana: Dr. Hunt, can we step outside?
      Roberta: Dr. Hunt, I'm sorry. It isn't what you want. It isn't what any of us want, but it is the deal we have.
      Owen: No, it isn't. I have another buyer. ... It is a solid capital investor with a team of surgeon consultants led by Richard Webber, Derek Shepherd, Dr. Torres, Robbins...
      Alana: A group of disgruntled employees.
      Owen: ... Grey, Yang, and myself.
      Alana: Well, where are they, then?
      Owen: They can formally present their offer to you tomorrow if you hold off on this sale to Pegasus.
      Alana: No, you can't do that. You can't make Pegasus wait--
      Owen: You all have a choice here. You can either be responsible for consigning this world-class hospital to the scrap heap...
      Alana: There's no choice. It's not a deal.
      Owen: Or... You can partner with the doctors who made this place what it was and see what it can be.
      Alana: The Pegasus deal already went away once. If it goes away again you have nothing-- No severance packages, no paying off creditors. You can't make payroll next week. Nothing.
      Owen: All we need is one day. One day.

    • Alex: Hey. (notices Jo's crying) You okay? You faking? Joke's on you. There aren't gonna be that many more surgeries for you to con out of me. You're gonna be fine. There are other programs.
      Jo: Not like this one. Not with a teacher like you... who shows me cool tumor-in-a-bag surgeries and thinks it's fun to talk to little kids about guts and stuff. You know, I, uh, I barely saw you this week, and it sucked. I'll find another job. Whatever. I, uh, but I don't want to never see you again.

    • Stephanie: Boston then?
      Jackson: No. Not Boston. My mom wouldn't want to win that way anwyay. But it's probably time to start thinking about some place else. What about you? Where you headed?
      Stephanie: I... don't know yet.
      Jackson: You never know. We could end up somewhere near each other. That wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

    • Cristina: So we only walked out to stall the sale to Pegasus. And it's not over. We have an investor. We just need you and Webber to get him on board, now, before the Pegasus deal closes.
      Owen: And you couldn't tell me this? Why couldn't you just tell me this? I could've fought for you. I coudld've fought with you.
      Cristina: I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you. I wanted to. But they said you signed nondisclosures, and if anyone found out you were involved in a competing bid, they could sue you, or if they were pissed enough, jail you. Please trust me. I-I... I was trying to protect you.
      Owen: You don't need to protect me. (gets up)
      Cristina: Wait, wait, wait. Where you going?
      Owen: The board. If they think we can save this place, it could buy you some time.
      Cristina: You can't take that chance.
      Owen: Cristina, you need to trust me, too.

    • Meredith: So we've been looking for an outside investor, trying to get the money together, but we've hit a wall.
      Richard: I'm good for $3 million.
      Meredith: No, Richard. We don't want--
      Richard: No, I just have to move some things around. It'll be everything I have, but I am in.
      Meredith: No, we don't need your money. We need your experience. We need you. I mean, we'll take your money, too, if it comes down to it. But--
      Richard: How much do you need?
      Meredith: $175 million. (Richard & Mer laugh)
      Richard (laughing): That's pretty good. (they stop laughing) It's not really funny, is it?
      Meredith: No.

    • Owen: What are you doing here?
      Cristina: I have to talk to you.
      Owen: Oh, now you wanna talk? You're about a week late. I have to find Cahill.
      Cristina: You have to listen. Owen, is it true they're selling the hospital for scrap? This is the deal you made?
      Owen: This is the deal you made-- You, Shepherd, and all of you-- When you walked out on me, when you lied to me!
      Cristina: We're trying to buy the hospital.

    • Leah: I was able to do some rearranging and get Avery's rhinoplasty back on the board.
      Stephanie: He's on the phone with the Boston chief of plastic surgery.
      Leah: Jo was right. You're that girl.
      Stephanie: I know. We're all about to lose our jobs, and all I can think about is the fact that I'm gonna have to stop sleeping with him. I'm so gross.
      Leah: Come on. The sex can't be that good.
      Stephanie: Look at him. (Leah looks over to Jackson) I'm gonna go talk to him.
      Leah: Every step you take is a giant leap backward for womankind. (Stephanie walks toward Jackson) There goes the right to vote. Roe v. Wade.
      Stephanie (stops and turns to Leah): Cut it out. Besides, you're just as bad. You were hung up on Karev for weeks.
      Leah: Yeah, but you don't wanna be like me. You hate me.
      Stephanie: Thanks. And I don't hate you.
      Leah: Yeah, you do.

    • Owen: Alright, these adhesion barriers we're placing should keep the tissue separate while it heals.
      Shane: You said 'should', but you told Andy that they would for sure.
      Owen: Right, with a guy like Andy, you tell him the best version of the story.
      Shane: So what happens if it doesn't work?
      April (sighs): Ross.
      Owen: Well, if it doesn't work then we come back in six months and we try again.
      Shane: But we won't be here in six months.
      April (sighs): Ross heard a stupid rumor that the hospital is shutting down and now he's apparently having a breakdown.
      Owen: Alright, everyone, I shouldn't be telling you this. It's still in the works, but Pegasus is buying this hospital. And nobody is going anywhere.
      Shane: You're lying.
      April: He wouldn't lie--
      Shane: Yes, he would. He just told us that he would. Only this isn't telling the best version of the story. It's a flat-out lie.
      Owen: What are you talking about?
      Shane: Don't pretend like you don't know. Pegasus is buying the hospital so they can liquidate it. We're all losing our jobs.
      April: Would you just tell him it's not true?
      Owen: It is not. Who said that?
      Shane: Cahill. (Owen is speechless)
      April: It's okay, I got this. (Owen leaves)
      Shane: He lied then he walked away.
      April: He didn't lie, Ross. He didn't know.

    • (the O.R. phone is ringing)
      Bailey: Brooks, if that is your mother on the line, so help me...
      Nurse (answers the phone): Dr. Webber, Dr. Grey is in the waiting area for you. It's urgent.
      Bailey: Meredith Grey?
      Richard: Um, Brooks, come over here and assist Dr. Bailey, please.
      Bailey: Wait. You're not actually going.
      Richard: I'm sorry, Bailey. (Heather takes over, as he leaves)
      Bailey (sighs): What else? What else can Meredith Grey possibly take from me today?
      Heather: She gave us this fix.
      Bailey: What's that?
      Heather: She gave us this fix. She doesn't even work here anymore, and she's still out there trying to help her patients.
      Bailey: Uh, what the hell are you doing sharing patient details with someone who doesn't even work here?
      Heather: She cares.
      Bailey: Oh, she cares? Now don't you tell me about caring. I'm the heart of this damn hospital!

    • Arizona: This is what I've been saying.
      Callie: We have the experience.
      Arizona: Well, he doesn't think so. So we're--
      Callie: Don't. Don't do that. Don't do that, okay? There's still something we can do. What can we do?
      Meredith: He wants experience. Let's get Richard.
      Cristina: What about the guy who's chief now?
      Meredith: Well, we can't tell Owen.
      Cristina: What the hell difference does it make now? We need him.
      Derek: Alright, so if we get Richard and Owen, then what? Do we get another meeting?
      Stan: Crest is leaving for Dubai tonight.
      Arizona: Well, then we do it before he leaves.
      Callie: Uh, okay. Well, we can't all march into the hospital.
      Meredith: Well, I'll go. I'll go get Richard.

    • Derek: Alright, we would comprise the managing board, and with you being the primary shareholder, you could--
      Julian Crest: Whoa, whoa, wait. Stop. Go back. I thought you were looking for an outright buyer. You want to run this?
      Derek: We do.
      Cristina: But we all trained and worked there.
      Callie: Yeah, we know the place beeter than anyone.
      Meredith: We've invested ourselves--
      Julian Crest: Yes. Invested yourselves. I love that. You have totally done that. The Shepherd method of viral glioblastoma treatment-- Dr. Grey, your name was on that, too, right?
      Meredith: It was.
      Julian Crest (to Callie): You wrote the book on, uh, scaffoid-free cartilage fabrication. (to Cristina) First in your class at Smith, Berkeley, and Stanford. (to Arizona) And Tim Kenner at Hopkins won't shut up about you.
      Arizona: Oh. Oh, well, clearly, you've done your homework.
      Julian Crest: Yeah, I did. What I found is that there's not a manager in the bunch. No adminstrative leadership exerperience. You gotta have someone who can keep the lights on.
      Meredith: Dr. Shepherd was the chief of surgery.
      Julian Crest: Yeah, for about ten minutes. Then you stepped down, own volition, no reason given. What my gut tells me is, you didn't like it. Surgeons like surgery. I know when I find something I don't like doing, I don't do it well.
      Secretary (walks in): They're ready for you.
      Julian Crest: Sorry. I have three meeting before I get on a plane. Thank you all so much for coming to me with this. I respect your passion. I share it. But I'm not feeling this. Get someone on your team with some real adminstrative esperience, and we can talk.

    • April: You shouldn't spread that kind of rumor.
      Shane: It's not a rumor. I heard it from Brooks. She heard it from--
      April: That is a textbook rumor! And it's not true. Just ask Hunt. He'll tell you.
      Shane: He'd never confirm something like that to an intern. You ask him.
      April: It's not my rumor.

    • Bailey: You heard.
      Richard: Your intern.
      Bailey: Damn that girl. I... could just grab her by the hair... (sighs)
      Richard: What's that?
      Bailey: Oh, I'm giving a patient an artificial artery so that she can stay on dialysis. Keep her alive long enough to get the kidney she's been waiting for.
      Richard: Sounds like fun.
      Bailey: Want to scrub in? It might be our last chance.
      Richard: One more for the road.
      Bailey: I thought I'd be chief of surgery someday.

    • Jackson: They were just awarded millions of dollars. I'd quit my job, too.
      Richard: No, you wouldn't. And neither would they. They're not that kind of people.
      Alex: Oh, that's bull. They're exactly that kind of people. They're only out for themselves. They're probably pooling their money together for some private practice or something.
      Richard: I don't buy it. You want to start a restaurant, you don't use your own money. And they have no reason to keep that a secret.
      Alex: I shoulda gone to freakin' Hopkins.
      Richard: Yeah, that was a bad move.
      Jackson (about the interns): What do you think is going on over there?
      Heather: You guys, we cannot say anything. News like this, will just make people panic.
      Leah: Yeah, no kidding. I'm panicking.
      Heather: Exactly, so don't say anything.
      Richard: Don't say anything about what?

    • Heather: They are stripping us for parts like a busted ass truck.
      Leah: What, and we're just supposed to believe that 'cause you got a kicky little haircut?
      Heather: And also because it's true.
      Shane: Ugh. I'm gonna be sick. And I have a surgery. I'm gonna be sick in my final surgery. This is not how I wanted to go out. (walks off)
      Stephanie: Jackson might be going to Boston. I mean, I don't know. Maybe I--
      Jo: Stop right there. I know this is really bad, but don't be that girl.
      Stephanie: What girl?
      Jo: That girl who follows her boyfriend across country like a puppy dog.
      Stephanie: I am not that girl.

    • Bailey: That doesn't make any sense.
      Heather: It's true. Cahill said--
      Bailey: Brooks... Okay. Y-you-- you just can't say anything to anyone else. Something like this, it's... people panic. It's too... It's too big.
      Heather: I-I don't understand. This morning you called this place a sinking ship.
      Bailey: No, that's different. I never-- I never thought it would actually sink. You keep your mouth shut, you hear me?

    • Callie: Uh, it's my fault. It's my fault. Everybody's gonna lose their jobs 'cause I had a stupid idae.
      Arizona: Oh, no, no, don't.
      Derek: Nobody's gonna lose their jobs.
      Meredith: Everybody is. Brooks heard it straight from Cahill. The hospital is liquidating. The deal is closing tomorrow morning.
      Cristina: Does Owen know?
      Meredith: She didn't say.
      Derek: Alright, so Crest is our last meeting, and it's our only chance.
      Meredith: In two hours.
      Cristina: Oh, no pressure or anything.
      Arizona: Okay, well, if we only get 15 minutes, then we need to make the most of them, so--
      Callie: Right. Right, right. We can't just sit on our thumbs and let 'em read Stan's boring crap. No, offense.
      Stan: None taken. It's interesting to me.
      Meredith: We need to know all this boring crap, too.
      Derek: Alright, so we need to be able to answer every single question he could ask.
      Cristina: Okay. Well, let's divide it up. Stan, give us all the boring crap you have.

    • Roberta: Alana. I didn't expect it to happen this quickly, but I also didn't expect it to happen this way.
      Alana: I know. The board just needs to review their counteroffer and accept.
      Roberta: I called an emergency meeting in an hour. I would like you to be there when I tell them. Have you told Dr. Hunt yet?
      Alana: That Pegasus is buying his hospital for parts, liquidating its assest, laying off its staff? I just haven't figured out how.
      Roberta: It isn't pretty, but we needed a deal. And it's a deal.

    • Richard: Something I can do for your, Avery?
      Jackson: I don't know. Is there?
      Richard: What?
      Jackson: I think you know something.
      Richard: I know many things.
      Jackson: The kind of things that get a man talking about winds of change and standing firm, even though it feels like the ground is about to crumble out from under me?
      Richard (lowered voice): A week ago, I came across Torres, Yang, Robbins, Shepherd and Grey all having some kind of powwow. When I asked them what they were up to, they slammed the door in my face like I was Diane Keaton at the end of 'The Godfather.' Hour later, they resigned. That sound at all suspicious to you?
      Jackson: Sir, something tells me you used to watch a lot of 'Unsolved Mysteries.'
      Richard: I solved three of 'em.

    • Stephanie: Angry Avery returns.
      Jackson: What?
      Stephanie: Your face. You get all mad and your eyebrows do that thing. It's cute.
      Jackson: It's my mom. She's been on me for years to come back to Boston and take a leadership role in the Harper Avery foundation. And now she's ringing that bell again-- That loud, very loud bell.
      Stephanie: You're leaving?
      Jackson: No. I work here. Did you prep Mrs. Preston for the rhinoplasty?
      Stephanie: That's been pushed. Leah says Dr. Hunt's cancelling all non emergent surgeries. I actually thought that's what angry Avery--
      Jackson: That's the fifth time this week. I never thought I'd say this, but maybe my mom has a point.

    • (On the phone)
      Meredith: Brooks. What's the story?
      Heather: I'm sorry I'm on Bailey's service today and she's not your biggest fan.
      Meredith: Okay.
      Heather: Melissa Keyser's in septic shock. Her last systolic was in the 70s, but Bailey's not ready to throw in the towel yet.
      Meredith: Which is why I've been trying to reach you. So I found this article on surgeons crafting articial arteries... for patients with exhausted vessels.
      Bailey (walks in): Brooks, what are you doing in here with the lights off?
      Heather (into phone): Gotta go, mom. Bye. (hangs up on Mer) Dr. Bailey, here is the work up.
      Bailey (looking at the chart): Ugh. Maybe we really do need to look into that smothering pillow.
      Heather: You know... I actually think I read an article about articial arteries for patients with exhausted vessels.
      Bailey: Really? Tell me more.
      Heather: I don't remember more.
      Bailey: Well, then find me that article.

    • Derek: I thought you were taking us to Julian Crest. Not his, uh, not his daycare center.
      Stan: You don't just walk in and talk to a guy like Julian Crest. There are hoops to jump through. Those junior execs like us, they pass us up to his business development guys. We impress them, then we see the man himself.
      Callie: Oh. Will they do this before or after their naptime?
      Stan: You were golden in there. There's no way you don't make it to the next level. I'm telling you, any second now, this phone is gonna ring. Really, any second now. (they phone doesn't ring)

    • Alana: You're lurking.
      Owen: You blame me?
      Alana: I did it. They're in. The deal closes at 8:00am tomorrow. Seattle Grace Mercy West will officially be a Pegasus Horizons hospital.
      Owen: I can't-- That's-- Really?
      Alana: I told you I was good at this. There are just a few things to iron out, so I'll find you when we're done.
      Owen: Okay, well, I have-- I have a surgery. But I could-- I could come in right--
      Alana: No, go. Go, be a doctor. I'll find you.
      Owen: Okay. Hey, Alana? Thank you.

    • Bailey: I am not the heart of the hospital. I am the chump who didn't quit when she had the chance. Now I'm stuck cleaning up the mess. Brooks, are you gonna answer that phone?
      Heather: Sorry. (looks and sees it's Mer calling and ignores it) Oh, it's my mom. She's going through a rough patch.
      Bailey: Less about your mom.
      Heather: Right. Okay, uh, Melissa Keyser, 28 years old. She's a former patient of Dr. Grey's. She's been on dialysis but has exhausted all viable veins and is now septic.
      Bailey: Which means she's done. Ha. Dr. Grey left me a hopeless patient. Of course she did. May as well have left me a pillow to smother her with.

    • Arizona: Okay, so this time I'll do the PEDS and trauma stuff first.
      Derek: And then I will go into the neuro.
      Callie: Okay, can somebody else do the closing? I-I was awful the last time we practiced.
      Arizona: No, you were fine.
      Callie: We really want to end on my flop sweats?
      Arizona: Derek, you do the closing.
      Secretary: I'm sorry it should just be a fine more minutes. Can I get you any water or coffee? (they all decline)
      Cristina: Coffee. And a bagel or something. (the secretary walks away and they all look at her) I'm starving. This meeting was supposed to start a half an hour ago.
      Callie: Okay, he's a billionaire. One of his minutes is worth 40 of ours.
      Arizona: I can't believe we got this meeting in the first place.
      Derek: Yeah, nice job, Stan.
      Stan: I really believe Julian Crest is our guy. He made all his money in late-stage internet mobile. Medicial tech is the one area he doesn't have a foothold. Your focus on applied research, it's right up his alley.
      Cristina: Yeah, well, someone should buy him a watch. (Mer dials her on her phone) Who are you calling?
      Meredith: Heather Brooks. (Cristina looks confused) Mousy.
      Cristina: Wait. What are you doing? What happened to not talking to anyone?
      Meredith: I left patients behind. She's keeping an eye on them. I haven't said anything to her. I'm giving her advice.

    • Jo: Are you pissed at me?
      Alex: What?
      Jo: I blew you off last night and you're pissed at me.
      Alex: I'm pissed because I have 85 million things to worry about since Robbins walked out. You hangin' out with your boyfriend isn't one of 'em. I shoulda gone to Hopkins when I had the chance.

    • Leah: You can push it a day.
      Jo: It's a tumor surgery on a little kid.
      Leah: Right, but is he 'dying today' sick or 'can't play soccer but still hanging on' sick? (Jo glares at her) I'll see myself out.

    • (Richard & Catherine are walking up to Jackson & Stephanie. Richard is making motions behind Catherine to Jackson)
      Stephanie: I think Dr. Webber's having a stroke.
      Jackson (looks up and sees Catherine): You need to go.
      Stephanie: Where?
      Jackson: I don't care. Just go. Go now. (Stephanie walks away and Jackson walks up to them)
      Catherine: She's pretty.
      Jackson (hugs Catherine): Mom. How was breakfast?
      Catherine: Ah, informative. If what Richard tells me is true, it's time for you to come to Boston.
      Jackson (to Richard): What have you done?
      Richard: Okay, now just wait a second.
      Catherine: I've seen the kind of garbage that goes on in a Pegasus hospital. If your options are either working for them or this hospital shutting down altogether--
      Richard: Catherine, okay, this hospital is not shutting down. In uncertain times, men like Jackson and myself have to stand tall. We can't pack up and flee at the first sign of trouble. A man who does not bend to the winds of change is a man that you can be proud of.
      Catherine: That's poetic.
      Richard: I'm just sayin', let's slow down and see how this all shakes out.
      Catherine: I don't think--
      Jackson: Mom, I agree with Dr. Webber, with-- with Richard.
      Catherine (points between them): I can't say that I like this at all.

    • Leah: Dr. Bailey, you look nice. New suit?
      Bailey: Old suit. Been in the back of my closet since my last job interview, somewhere around Y2K.
      Leah: You're going on interviews?
      Bailey: This place is a sinking ship.
      Owen: This place is not sinking. We're having some trouble, but we're gonna fix this. Cahill's convinced Pegasus to come back to the table. She's having that meeting right now, and she's going to make this sale. Everything's gonna be fine.
      Bailey: Whatever you say, Cap'n.
      Owen: Bailey, please. They're reevaulating their offer based on all of these walkouts. We can't afford to lose another surgeon, most of all you.
      Bailey: Me?
      Owen: You're the heart of this hospital, the spirit. You set the tone that others can aspire to. This place can't function without you. Right, Brooks?
      Heather: What? Yes. Right.
      Bailey: Fine. You better be right. 'Cause if this boat goes under and I don't have a life jacket, I'm coming looking for you, fists swingin'. And I'm short, so my punches land low.

    • Cristina: A packet? We're gonna convince these people to give us $175 million dollars with a packet?
      Meredith: It's a nice packet.
      Cristina: Mer, Owen stopped calling. If this doesn't work, he'll never speak to me again.
      Meredith: Once we buy the hospital, the sneaking around stops. And once Owen finds out what we did, he's gonna be the happiest of all. Derek is completely convin-- (sees Alex walking in)
      Alex: Hey.
      Cristina: Hi.
      Meredith: Good morning.
      Alex: Okay, really? It's been a week. What the hell's going on? You walk out, no warning, and now the hospital's falling apart. Yesterday a bunch of nurses walked. We lost lab techs, support staff.
      Cristina: What?
      Alex: I mean, if you wanted to screw the Pegasus deal, success, high five. But now people are saying that without a buyer, the whole place could go belly-up in a month. What are you trying to do?
      Cristina: We--
      Meredith: Cristina.
      Alex: Fine. Whatever.

    • Meredith: (opening voiceover) There is a procedure to treat epilepsy that involves surgically severing the connection between the left and right brain. The goal is to block signals that cause seizures. The problem is, this also cuts off the brain's ability to communicate with itself. The left side has no idea what the right side is up to. The patient may experience problems with coordination, memory, speech. It's a drastic solution that's only considered when all other options have failed, because once a surgeon makes that cut, there's no going back.

    • Meredith: (closing voiceover) There's a reason surgeons are willing to roll the dice on a risky, go-for-broke, point-of-no-return surgery with potentially devastating consequences. Sometimes, it works.

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      Canada: February 21, 2013 on CTV
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      Norway: April 2, 2013 on TV2

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