Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 11

This Magic Moment

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2012 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Bailey: I thought I had Dr. Knox.
      Ben: You know what I love about you? Your warmth.
      Bailey: You were doing the conjoined twins.
      Ben: Yeah, well, now Knox is doing the conjoined twins.
      Bailey: Uh huh. We're not talking about it.
      Ben: Oh, of course we're talking about it.
      Bailey: It's a crazy idea that I'm not talking about because it's a crazy.
      Ben: It's not crazy. We sleep in one bed, we would have breakfast at the same table, we would have one eletric bill instead of two.
      Bailey: Oh, that's why you want me to move in with you, so we can save on eletric?
      Ben: Yeah, it's the responsible thing to do... For the planet.
      Bailey (scoffs): I am not moving in with you. Okay, l-look we've been together, what, two weeks?
      Ben: Two weeks and nine months before the pause. And I want to hit play again, right where we left off. I don't want to start at the beginning.
      Bailey: Because it's good for the planet?
      Ben: And I have a better T.V. Look, come on, now. Admit it. You want to live with me. You love me.
      Bailey: I want... Knox back.

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