Grey's Anatomy

Season 10 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2013 on ABC



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    • Jo: I was wrong about your dad. I made a bad call. I should have let you walk away, but I never would have pushed you towards him if I thought that you'd end up hurt. I didn't see it coming. You did, and I am so sorry. But it was one crappy call. That's all.
      Alex (opens the door): Get in before the trick or treaters think that I'm home.

    • Bartender: What are you supposed to be?
      Cristina: Sexy. (picks up a witches' hat) Witch.
      Shane: You didn't have something else to do tonight?
      Cristina (sighs): Ah, I had many other options, sharky... but this seemed the most fun.
      Shane: Can I buy you a drink?
      Cristina: Tequila.

    • Meredith: Are you gonna stay here and hand out candy?
      Alex: No, I'm gonna eat candy in the dark and pretend like I'm not home.
      Meredith: Alex--
      Alex: I'll pass out your freakin' candy. Relax.

    • Meredith (about Callie coming to the party with Arizona there): I don't hear any gunfire.
      Callie: Yeah. Well, I only get about ten of these before she starts wanting to wear slutty costumes and run off with her friends, and I'm not about to cut that number in half. It's the first thing Arizona and I have agreed on in months.

    • Leah: Rapid test negative.
      Stephanie: Good for you.
      Leah: I have to go back in 6 months to get tested again to be sure, but it's looking good. What's wrong? You still blind? (Stephanie nods) Bummer. Mmm! Also, no hepatitis. (Leah claps and walks away)
      Jackson (walks up): What are you doing here?
      Stephanie: Dude, I'm waiting for my boy--
      Jackson: Hi.
      Stephanie: Jackson? Oh, damn it! Ooh, I'm screwed. I'm so screwed. I really might not operate again, and it's my fault. I went and had surgery on my eyes because my glasses were just a little bit annoying, and then I went back to work too soon because I thought I might get a little bit behind, which is so stupid.
      Jackson: Yeah. Pretty stupid.
      Stephanie: What?
      Jackson: You knew that I was gonna take the whole day off with you, right? We could have spent the entire day at home on the couch while I made you chicken soup and you watched movies and slept it off. But, no, you had to come to work. You had to stress yourself out and strain your eyes and make yourself miserable, which I told you was gonna happen.
      Stephanie: Can we do it tomorrow?
      Jackson: We're gonna do it right damn now. Come on.

    • Richard: How'd she do?
      Meredith: Fantastic. Almost as if she had a great teacher.
      Richard: Take me through it. I wanna hear every detail.
      Meredith: Well, in the interest of education, why don't we let Dr. Wilson do that?
      Richard: I like the way you think, Grey.

    • Owen (leaving Emma a voicemail): Emma, Owen. Uh, listen, um... I wasn't ready to talk about Cristina before because things between she and I were always so... complicated. And I can't... I can't do complicated right now. I don't even want to think about complicated. And that is what is so great about you, is that you're, you know, you're so easy. God... that came out wrong. I don't mean you're easy. I mean you're simple. (gasps) Uh... Uh, delete this. (sighs, and his phone rings) Emma?
      Emma: Hi.

    • Bailey: Is it out of the question to get a little consistency in this family?
      Ben: What consistency? I never see you.
      Bailey: You started the program-- No, you upended our lives because it was extremely important to you.
      Ben: It's not working. You are my family and I want to be with you. My life is happening and I'm elsewhere.
      Bailey: You don't love it?
      Ben: You? Of course I--
      Bailey: No, not me. Surgery. You left town a week after we got married to learn surgery, because... you were in love with it.
      Ben: Yeah. But I am in love with you more. (Bailey makes a face) You really gonna tell me that's the wrong answer?
      Bailey: I'm j-just...
      Ben: What? (Bailey turns around) Miranda, what?
      Bailey (inhales): Disappointed... in you.

    • Jo: Can I tell you a thing about Alex? He doesn't want me to tell anyone, but I don't know what to do. He keeps pushing me away. And you know him better than I do.
      Meredith: Can't tell me.
      Jo: I can't?
      Meredith: Telling me is the worst thing you could do. If he told you, he trusted you. So whatever it is, you have to be the one to deal with it. I mean, of course he's gonna push you away because he hates being vulnerable. But that's when he's gonna need you to stick with him the most.
      Jo: I'll keep trying.
      Meredith: Well, you're gonna have to do better than try, because my plate is full. I have too many kids, and too many patients, and I can't handle a broken Alex right now. You can do it.

    • Shane: She's dead. Dr. Brooks died three months ago.
      Old Lady: Well, that can't be true.
      Shane: ... You're not in the charts. She was treating you under the table, right? (Old Lady looks away) She was giving you these... (holds up inhalers) for your asthema?
      Old Lady (voice breaking): I didn't want her to get into trouble.
      Shane (hands her the inhalers): When you run out, you come back. You find me. I'll be your doctor now.
      Old Lady: She-- She was a very good doctor. Are you as good as she was?
      Shane: No. But I will be.

    • Arizona: Hey, have you seen Wilson because I need to get an update on... (notices Leah is crying) What's wrong?
      Leah: Nothing's wrong. I'm fine.
      Arizona: You're crying.
      Leah (voice breaking): It's nothing. I'm fine. (sniffles) I got bit... by a delusional, psychotic drug addict who thinks he's the undead. And I'm waiting for the guy's H.I.V. results.
      Arizona: Wh-Why didn't you tell me?
      Leah: I'm trying to be easy peasy.
      Arizona (sighs and sits down next to Leah): My first needle stick happened on a Tuesday. It was the second month of my third year in my internal medicine rotation. And my patient was suffering from end stage A.I.D.S. We had just switched over to these retractable needles. And when I went to put his into the hazardous waste, I... I didn't retract it right. And it jammed right into my palm. And my whole body went cold. And I had never felt fear like that in my whole life. Right now... It's not the time to be easy peasy.

    • (After Ben decorates the house for Halloween and gets Tuck his costume)
      Ben: I told you. This is my holiday.
      Bailey: You are amazing. He's so happy.
      Ben: We had fun. We should do stuff like this all the time.
      Bailey (chuckles): Yeah, he'd love that. I would, too.
      Ben: Right? I mean, this holidays and weekends crap-- I want to be back here in Seattle with you guys.
      Bailey: Yeah, I know. Well, you can't drop out of residency in the middle. In a few years, we'll--
      Ben: I did. I quit.
      Bailey (steps back): You what?

    • Meredith: Shane... You win-- Webber's pseudocyst. (Shane looks at the old lady) Let's go, Shane. Suit up. Big leagues. (claps hands)
      Shane: I... I have a patient.
      Jo (walks up): Could I talk to you about Alex?
      Meredith: Yes, I know a place we can go where no one will interrupt us. (grabs Jo's arm and they start walking away)

    • Meredith: Fix the wings?
      Derek: Yes! And changed the future of science. I figured out the sensor array. I insert it into a 2-centimeter burr hole.
      Meredith: Great! Well, I have to find a resident to do Webber's pseudocyst, or I'm not even gonna make it to trick or treat.
      Derek: Go, see 'ya at the house.

    • (After she yells at a patient)
      April: See? Someone starts spinning out, you just shut it down. But, you know, you could still tell him he's pretty if you want to.

    • Taryn's Dad (about Taryn): I would have never taken her to Brazil with me if I had known she could get sick.
      Jo: I know.
      Taryn's Dad: And the movie... She loves scary movies. It... It was one bad call. That's all it was, just one bad call. I'm a good dad.
      Jo: Don't let what Dr. Karev said... (sighs) He's just... He's so good with kids but just so crappy with other people. He knows you're a good dad.

    • Cristina: Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?
      Owen: Yeah, and you can make it to your party, if you're going
      Cristina: I am. You know, I'll show up. I'll have a beer. Mer and I will talk, and we'll move past this whole thing.
      Owen: Good.
      Cristina (phone chimes): Oh, it's Meredith. (reading text) 'If you're coming to the party could you bring cupcakes? If not, no problem.' What does that mean? It's no problem if I don't go or no problem if I don't bring cupcakes? And if I don't go, then there's no cupcakes? Or will someone else bring them? And if someone else is bringing them, why is she even asking me?
      Owen: Don't over complicate it. Just go.

    • Shane: I'm looking for a crazy lady with weird eyes.
      Stephanie: Too soon, Shane.
      Shane: No, seriously, she disappeared again. She was Heather's patient, and she won't tell me her name. And there's no record of her anywhere. And every time I go to find her, she's gone.
      Stephanie: Whoa... Well, maybe she's a ghost.
      Shane: Forget it.
      Stephanie: Oh, stop. She's probably a stray. Heather was always taking them in-- The... the homeless, the uninsured.

    • Taryn's Dad: What-- What's goin' on?
      Jo: Taryn's body isn't producing adrenaline.
      Alex: You know what adrenaline does? It keeps your organs from going into shock and shutting down when you get hurt or traumatized or scared.
      Jo: You said that she started to feel sick last night watching the scary movie?
      Taryn's Dad: She wanted to watch it.
      Alex: She's wandering through the hospital on Halloween. Look, if-- If something frightens her, she could go into shock.
      Taryn's Dad: She could get scared... to death?
      Alex (sighs): We gotta go find her.

    • Ben: What is that, a fan?
      Derek: Yeah. Exactly. The array is a fan. Now if I get the fan to go in through a burr hole and open up under the skull, the whole area would be covered with a fraction of the exposure.
      Ben: How has no one ever thought of this yet?
      Derek: How have I never thought of this yet?
      Ben: You don't look like you're regretting stepping back from surgery at all.
      Derek: It's only been a week, but, uh, no.

    • Meredith: I'm sorry. I can't do it.
      Richard: Meredith, I just need you to observe while a--
      Meredith: I understand what you're asking me--
      Richard: Meredith.
      Meredith: Page the general surgeon that's on call. I don't have the time.
      Richard: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for saying that you were the wrong choice to be in charge of my care, for saying that you should have let me die. (sighs) I'm sorry for ever feeling that way. Because I've remembered what there is to live for. I would have never gotten here if it hadn't been for you. So I'm sorry. Meredith, please. Help me teach them.

    • Owen: Damn it. I mean, this was supposed to be fun, you know?
      Cristina: You're over complicating it. Just tell your left hand to do what your right hand usually does. Haven't you practiced operating with both hands?
      Owen: Yeah.
      Cristina: Upside down? Underwater?
      Owen: I-I prac--
      Cristina: In a straight jacket?
      Owen: Yes, I have practiced with both hands but I can't just--
      Cristina: Cut. (Owen cuts) See? Simple.

    • Nurse: It's yours, Dr. Avery... (reads message) From Dr. Edwards. She wants to know if you think she should call the... Lasagna pleasant?
      April: That's like, her 15th misspelled text.
      Jackson: She's scared. (to nurse) Tell her not to call, everything's gonna be fine, and to keep using her eyedrops. You know what? And tell her that she's beautiful. (April gives him a look) What?
      April (scoffs): Who are you? You were never that nice to me when I would spin out.
      Jackson: Well, maybe... I am trying to be a better boyfriend now.
      April: Oh, no, no. It helped that you were an ass. It made me get my act together. I'm getting married, and I'm saving this guy's life and his face.
      Jackson: And that's all because of me. (April scoffs)

    • Stephanie: Did you get your labs back?
      Leah: Nope. The post exposure counselor gave me this cheerful little pamphlet on anti-viral drugs to read while I'm waiting. She said in case I do have H.I.V, it might not be a bad idea to start taking them now.
      Stephanie: You probably don't have H.I.V.
      Leah: I might.
      Stephanie: I might never see again.
      Leah: You probably will. My uncle can.
      Stephanie: You said he's in constant pain.
      Leah: Horrible pain. He had to give up his accounting practice. He can't do math.
      Stephanie: I'm not gonna be able to be a surgeon anymore.
      Leah: The counselor said there are plenty of other health care jobs available apart from surgery.
      Stephanie: Like what?
      Leah: Like post-exposure counseling.
      Stephanie: But I won't know which pamphlets to hand out if I can't read them.
      Leah: We're screwed.
      Stephanie: So screwed.

    • Callie (about Marge's leg): Wow. There is barely any necrotic tissue here. The maggots may have actually saved her leg.
      Meredith: Well, remind me to send them flowers. We may actually make trick-or-treating tonight.
      Callie: Yeah, about that-- I'm, uh, I'm bowing out tonight. Arizona and I can't be in the same room for more than five minutes before everything devolves into gunfire and screaming. Sofia has been so excited about Halloween. I'm not going to let her Mommies' bickering ruin it. So... taking one for the team.
      Meredith: Are you sure? There's going to be a piñata.
      Callie: Shut up.
      Meredith: And pin the head on the skeleton.
      Callie: Damn it. They're so cute when they're blindfolded.
      Meredith: Bobbing for apples.
      Callie: Aw! They're even cuter when they bob.
      Meredith: I'll take pictures.
      Nurse: Dr. Grey, it's Dr. Webber he's asking whether you have room on your schedule for a cystogastrostomy.
      Callie: Maybe Derek can take pictures.

    • Bailey: They're incompetent. It's not their fault, because it's how they were raised. These days, parents think all their kids are geniuses. And everyone gets a trophy just for being on the soccer team. And--
      Richard: They're not the problem. You are. I'm trying to teach them and you won't let them learn. I can barely get out of this bed. I can't operate. Who knows if I ever will? The only thing that gives me some meaning. Hell, some days the only thing that keeps me going... is teaching them. And you're standing in the way of that. So I'm gonna have someone else supervise 'em.
      Bailey (looks hurt): You're not kicking me off this case.
      Richard: Yes, I am. This is why when I fire someone, I like to do it in their office. So I can walk out. Walk out, Bailey. Now. (Bailey who's clearly hurt leaves)

    • (Ben and Derek are sewing Zola's butterfly wings)
      Ben: You know, if you segmented the wings, then she'd flap when she moved.
      Derek: She just has to look like a butterfly. She doesn't actually have to fly. How'd you swing the time off?
      Ben: Uh, you know, I--I just made it happen. Halloween was always my favorite night as a kid, and I just wanted to spend it with my family, you know?
      Derek: You're so domesticated.
      Ben (chuckles): You're suturing a butterfly costume. You know, uh, if you attach this to her wrist with strings it'd sort of fan out.
      Derek: That's a brilliant idea.
      Ben: Right. It's totally worth it.
      Derek: Yeah, keep stitching.

    • Jo: Tayrn's labs show a slightly elevated white count and her electrolytes are off. Um, is she gonna be here overnight? It's just that her dad wants to know if he should change his flight.
      Alex: Yeah. His 8-year-old has a potentially surgical abdomen. She needs a C.T. She's in pain. He should change his flight.
      Jo: Dude, what is your problem? I know that you think he's an ass, but he's not. He's not your dad.
      Alex: Don't even--
      Jo: What? Pretend that you're not angry and hurt and about to explode? I've been doing that. It's not working. Tell me what I can do to make this better.
      Alex: Just get a C.T.

    • (They are operating on the guy with his organs on the opposite side)
      Owen: This is like... driving in England. You know, I had to keep thinking about every move that I make. It's going to take twice as long as it should.
      Cristina (shrugs): Okay.
      Owen: You got plans tonight?
      Cristina (sighs): Meredith semi-invited me to this babyfest tonight. But I can't tell if she really wants me to go or she just felt like she had to ask.
      Owen (about the surgery): It's so complicated.
      Cristina: Right? She and I used to know what the other one was thinking.
      Owen (motions toward the patient): I meant this.

    • Shane: She said she'll only see Heather Brooks. Can I tell her-- About Heather?
      Bailey: You wanna tell a sick old lady her favorite doctor is dead? That seem like a good idea to you?
      Shane: No, it's just, she's pretty insistent on seeing Dr. Brooks.
      Bailey: Then tell her it's not possible and treat her yourself. Uh... Where is she?
      Shane: I don't know. She was right there a second ago.
      Bailey (scoffs): Uh, Murphy's bitten, Edwards is blind, and you're bonkers.
      Shane: No, I--
      Bailey: Another one down.

    • Shane: Uh, ma'am?
      Older Lady: I'm waiting for my doctor.
      Shane: Well, I'm your doctor now, so... What's your doctor's name? Maybe I can find them.
      Older Lady: Dr. Brooks. Heather Brooks.
      Shane: I'm sorry, she's not here.
      Older Lady: Yes, she is. She's always here.

    • Derek: You're looking for what again?
      Ben: You know, one of those little head mirrors that doctors wear.
      Derek: Ben, you are a doctor. Have you ever worn one?
      Ben: No.
      Derek: Because they stopped using them a century ago. (laughs) What are they teaching you down there?
      Ben: Tuck wants to be a mad scientist tonight. He should have one of those little head mirror things.
      Derek: Well, I have a brain in a jar.
      Ben: I want to give him a costume not a nightmare. (Derek is practicing on a brain) What did he do to you?
      Derek: Torres and I are working on though control prosthetics. I'm trying to figure out a way to insert the sensors through a smaller craniotomy.
      Ben (picks up Zola's wings): Oh, you should be ashamed of yourself.
      Derek: I'm sorry? (sees what Ben's holding) Oh, well, that's for Zola tonight. It was ripped. I fixed it.
      Ben (scoffs): Yeah, if you call this fixed. Yeah, I could do a running whipstitch so smooth the butterfly would never even know there'd been a rupture. What are you teaching up here?

    • Stephanie: Maggots.
      Callie: Gross.
      Stephanie: Thriving and pulsing.
      Meredith: We know what maggots are.
      Stephanie: At first, they were a little bit blurry because my eyes-- I just had eye surgery.
      Callie: What?! What? What are you doing here?
      Stephanie: I'm fine.
      Meredith: You shouldn't be seeing patients.
      Stephanie: But I wanna be helpful.
      Meredith: Well, great. Then you can go to the store and buy some Halloween candy. Name brands-- None of those Smartees or candy corns.
      Stephanie: But I'm not supposed to drive.
      Meredith: Luckily, someone invented the bus pass.
      Callie: Come on, Grey. You're not gonna make her take the bus.
      Stephanie: Thank you, Dr. Torres.
      Callie: There's a shop just up the street. You can walk.

    • Cristina: What?
      Owen: Say 'trick or treat'.
      Cristina: No.
      Owen: God, you are no fun sometimes.
      Cristina: Trick or treat. What?
      Owen: A treat for you. (shows Cristina x-rays)
      Cristina: Well, first of all, the x-rays are backwards.
      Owen: No, they're not. The organs are.
      Cristina: No way. He has situs inversus?
      Owen: All his organs are completely backwards, mirrored to the normal position. This guy was shot in the chest twice. He didn't die. Murphy could barely find a heartbeat, but it turns out his heart is on the other side.
      Cristina: I have wanted to see this since med school.
      Owen: I know that. Happy Halloween.

    • (After a patient bites Leah)
      Leah: Ow!
      Jo: Sorry. It's pretty deep.
      Leah: Just patch me up. There's no way I'm missing out on Webber's surgery because of a little neck lac.
      Bailey (walks up): Oh, yes, you are. (Jo, Leah and Stephanie all jump)
      Leah: Where did you come from?
      Bailey: I'm everywhere, and you are not going into an O.R. with an open wound. You need to get yourself tested and run an infectious panel, including rapid H.I.V on him and whoever's blood was in his mouth.
      Stephanie: Hold on. (pulls a piece of something out of Leah's wound)
      Leah: Is that a...
      Stephanie: A tooth.
      Bailey: One down.

    • Ben: Okay, so, you, me, and Tuck-- We should think of costumes that have three parts, like the Three Stooges.
      Bailey: I have a witches' hat. I put it on every year and call it a day. My day is gonna be about which of those three residents is gonna kill the most important patient I've ever had.
      Ben: Halloween was... kind of my family's thing, and I want it to be our family's thing, so go work. I'll figure it out. You just come with me at the end of the day with that face and that body and the... I'll figure out what to put on it. (Ben smiles)
      Bailey: It's a holiday for children, you know.

    • Leah: Are you serious?
      Richard: As the grave.
      Jo: That is amazing.
      Bailey (walks in): What's amazing?
      Stephanie: Dr. Webber wants one of us to do his surgery today.
      Richard: Oh... Not you. N-No offense, but I heard you walked into a wall this morning.
      Bailey: Uh, why not me?
      Richard: Well, you can supervise. They know this procedure inside out. They're-- They're ready.
      Bailey: I beg to differ.
      Richard: How do you do a transgastric approach?
      Shane: Anterior gastronomy for access and cystogastrostomy creation through the posterior wall.
      Richard: What about the posterior approach?
      Jo: That is a single gastrostomy in continuity with the pseudocyst.
      Richard: Very nice, and which is the easiest approach?
      Ben (walks in): It'd have to be the intraluminal approach. Unless you're a fan of intraoperative bleeding, in which case, do what you like.
      Bailey: I thought that I wasn't seeing you until the weekend. (they hug)
      Ben: Ah. I couldn't miss trick-or-treating. Just didn't seem right.
      Richard: Good man.
      Ben: That's a bold move, letting second years try a procedure like this on you. How you gonna pick?
      Richard: Bailey, watch them in the E.R. today. Tell me which one deserves it.
      Bailey: None of 'em do. And I don't need to spend a day in the E.R--
      Richard: Dr. Bailey, that's all. Get out of here. We're gonna review an intraluminal approach.
      Ben: Come on. (pulls her out of the room)

    • Arizona: Hey. I have the costume in my car. What time do you wanna meet?
      Callie: No, I have the costume.
      Arizona: Oh, please don't tell me we have two astronaut costumes.
      Callie: We don't. We have a princess.
      Arizona: What?
      Callie: Yeah.
      Arizona: You-- I thought she-- You want her to strive to be a princess?
      Callie: No, it's what she wants. It's what she asked for.
      Arizona: No, no, no, no. She told me she wanted to be an astronaut, and that's why I spend three hours last night sewing patches on a little, tiny flight suit.
      Callie: Yeah, well, I spent the night gluing daises on a tutu.
      Arizona: Fine. We can hold up the costumes, and she can decide whose work she loves more.
      Callie (scoffs): You know what? Forget it. You take her. I'm not doing this.

    • Callie: Hey, kids. You got Halloween plans?
      April: Yeah, Matthew's having a thing. I'm going as a bunny.
      Callie: Ooh. Playboy?
      April: Uh, velveteen.
      Callie: Needs work. (to Owen) How about you, Lone Ranger? Are you and Emma going out?
      Owen: Uh, Emma and I are no longer a thing.
      Callie: What? Why?
      Owen: Well, it's just too soon. I'm not ready.
      Callie: Yes, you are.
      Owen: Emma doesn't think so, because I never mentioned being married before. She said, 'Call me when you're ready.'
      Callie: You're ready. (to April) Don't you think he's ready?
      April: Well, maybe he's read, but he's not ready to call.
      Callie: What's the difference? He's ready. You should... (turns to see Owen has walked away) Hmm. He's not ready.
      April: Not ready.

    • Stephanie: How's it going with Alex?
      Jo: Radio silence.
      Stephanie: Still?
      Jo (nods): I think it's over.
      Stephanie: Well, I don't believe that. And I have extraordinary vision... Literally and figuritivly. (Jo laughs) Come on. Time to go round on Webber. (turns around and slams her arm against the door frame)
      Jackson: Are you sure that you don't want to go home? (Stephanie shakes her head) Okay.

    • (Stephanie just got Lasik eye surgery)
      Jo (holds up hand): How many fingers?
      Stephanie: Three. Hangnail on the index finger.
      Leah: No side effects? My uncle has Lasik like three years ago. He still has horrible facial pain and he's basically addicted to painkillers.
      Jo: Leah.
      Jackson: Well, you're uncle probably came back to work too early and didn't take the two days off that the doctor recommended.
      Stephanie: I am a second year resident. 16 hours is already more recovery time than I can afford. (Jackson sighs) Go work. Leave me alone.

    • Derek: Morning.
      Meredith: Oh, good. Can you take these? (hands Derek part of Zola's costume, butterfly wings) There's a rip in the bottom left. I just finished an appy. And I was going to do it in the 20 minutes before my lap chole. But I need to get on the phone and order a 3-D printer.
      Derek: Your grant got approved? That's great.
      Meredith: Yeah, it is. Except it's a conflict with a butterfly wing repair.
      Derek: I need to solve my array problem today. If I can figure out how to shrink the craniotomy, I should be able to avoid a lot of the infections that we're getting.
      Meredith: Okay, well, this will only take you four minutes.
      Derek: I know. I'm just telling you about my day.
      Meredith: Oh, well, I did not factor that into the schedule.
      Derek: And is trick-or-treat still on tonight?
      Meredith: Oh, of course, of course. (Derek walks away, Alex is walking by) Alex. Did you get the house ready?
      Alex: Yep.
      Meredith: Okay. Candy?
      Alex: No.
      Meredith: Did you get the pumpkins?
      Alex: No.
      Meredith: Did you put up the spider webs?
      Alex: No.
      Meredith: Then how is the house ready?
      Alex: I got the keg. (walks away)
      Cristina (overhearing): Oh, you're having a party at the house?
      Meredith: Um, yeah, Alex is letting me us use the house to trick-or-treat from because we have no neighbors where we are, so I invited a bunch of families from the day care. He didn't tell you?
      Cristina: No.
      Meredith: Oh. You should come.
      Cristina: It's fine.
      Meredith: Right. Well, you don't wanna be around a bunch of kids hope up on sugar anyway, right?
      Cristina: Right. 'Cause I hate children.
      Meredith: Cristina--
      Cristina: But I love your kids.
      Meredith: I should have invited you. I'm sorry. I just thought-- But you should come for a drink. It's at 7:00. She's gonna be a butterfly. I have to go. I have a lap chole.

    • (Leah is trying to sneak out before Arizona wakes up)
      Arizona (waking up): You don't have to leave.
      Leah: It's okay.
      Arizona: Well... Do you want some breakfast?
      Leah: You don't have to do this. I'm sorry. I-I know I'm not supposed to sleep over. I was just so tired. I thought I was gonna close my eyes for a second.
      Arizona: It's okay.
      Leah: It's not. I totally agree with you. This is casual. It's not about snuggling in the morning. It's easy. That's me. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
      Arizona: Leah, I was gonna order some food, so if you want some--
      Leah: I'm fine. I gotta go find a costume for this thing at Joe's tonight, so...
      Arizona (gasps): That's right. It's Halloween. Happy-- (Leah is already out the door and it shuts)

    • Meredith: (closing voiceover) Halloween is not for the faint of heart. There's a surprise around every corner. Some of the surprises are good. And some of the surprises are bad. What's important is that you can't let the fear of the surprise stop you from getting dressed up... and wandering up to a stranger's house to ask the question. So what'll it be trick or treat?

    • Meredith: (opening voiceover) Every Halloween we make a choice about what kind of costume we're going to wear, something sexy, maybe we'll be someone scary. Or you could be a superhero, which is what I'm trying to be this year.

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