Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 1

Time Has Come Today

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 2006 on ABC

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  • Witty, often facetious, remarks, ludicrous sex…err…love triangles, melodrama and a touch of emotion is basically what Grey's Anatomy is all about.If you're looking for that or one of Grey's' emotional and sentimental episodes, then this is the wrong one.

    After having waited more or less 10 months for this episode to air in the UK, this episode does not live up to any expectations I may have had. Whilst it does have some good moments, this episode overall is a disappointment relative to the standard set by previous episodes. Read on to find out why…

    Witty, often facetious, remarks, ludicrous sex…err…love triangles, melodrama and a touch of emotion is, if you've ever seen the show, basically what Grey's Anatomy is all about. If you're looking for that or even if you're looking for one of Grey's' emotional and sentimental episodes, then this is the wrong episode to watch. It starts off with Meredith's voiceover (as always) continuing right from where Season 2 left off. She runs out of the hospital, unable to choose between Derek and Finn, spouting out her usual semi-rants/life philosophies. In this instance, it's about "time" itself; an interesting concept, to say the least. However, a ridiculous love triangle is not why I tuned in to the episode and as Meredith speaks on, I find myself wondering when they'll cut to Izzie Stevens. Finally they do, and I brace myself for what could be a rollercoaster of emotions. Unfortunately, it's not. Whilst Katherine Heigl delivers with an understated yet captivating performance, she's not given nearly enough screen time to make full use of last season's events. Onto the other characters; they don't seem to have any point in this episode other than a few moments of self-realisation and to delve into some flashbacks. Derek and George are quarantined for most of the day in the locker room and talk about their respective love lives. George seeks Derek's advice about what to say to Callie. Whilst helping George, Derek realises he's never told Meredith that he loves her (he's a brain surgeon and he just realises this?). Cristina spends most of the day doing…well, nothing in particular. Aside from a few one-liners, she has a fairly blink-and-you'll-miss-her role. As does Alex and, in some ways, Addison too. Bailey, however, is slightly better than the others in this episode. She apparently seems guilty in not being able to save Denny and this should play out nicely in further episodes (provided the writers go ahead with this idea). The flashbacks are, in some ways, interesting. They provide further background info on the characters; and also some irony considering the events of the present day. For example, an ecstatic Izzie states how cool internship will be whilst Alex bluntly tells her she won't make it through the course. It's moments like these that are perhaps the saving grace of the show. And the relations of these flashbacks to Meredith's voiceovers are a nice way to link each segment of the episode. So, to sum up, a rather below-average episode that doesn't really give the viewer the feel that they are watching Grey's Anatomy. Having said that, though, this episode isn't very bad at all. Katherine Heigl shines in one of greatest performances thus far by a Grey's Anatomy cast member. It's the simplicity of her portrayal of Izzie's fragile state of mind that captures not only the viewers' interest but the viewers' hearts. It's this very performance that makes this episode salvageable and not a complete waste of time.

    Rating: C minus
  • Way too Predictable!

    I tuned into this show for the first time hopeing that it would be really that great and original and different....nope! just another medical drama, and unfortunatly this one is way too predictable! of course those two were going to finally sleep together on the season finale, and of course the guy was going to die beofre the hot girl got to go to her prom! DUH!!!! we could all peg this one from the start. not to mention that the news shows and day time talk shows all gave away the entire show all week! I gotta say I will not be tuning into this show again....boring...
  • Liquid Soap

    When we left tremulous surgical intern Meredith Grey at the end of the second season she was precariously poised at the centre of an impossible love triangle, stranded between hunky neurosurgeon Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd and lovely widowed Finn “McVet” Dandridge. In other story-so-far developments Izzie has precipitated the death of her fiancé the adorable heart patient Denny and Izzie had tearfully quit the surgical programme just before being pushed out the door by chief Richard Webber. The arrogant but gorgeous surgeon Preston Burke has been shot and his hugely ambitious intern lover Christina Yang was not coping with the notion of a possibly impaired, rather than unquestionably brilliant, Burke. Meanwhile sweet intern George had failed to declare his love for voluptuous orthopaedic surgeon Callie Torres. Now we open with the drawing out of the Meredith triangle and the possible outbreak of the Plague in the corridors of Seattle Grace Hospital. Meanwhile Meredith muses about the mysteries of time. There is also the discovery of a pair of panties by one of the show’s best characters, McDreamy’s paediatrician wife Addison, several telling flashbacks and an astute observation by Dr. Torres; “we’re socially retarded” she explains to the confused McVet. Explaining that the long years studying medicine has adversely affected social skills. She says; “We’re all 17-year-olds. This is high school with scalpels.”
  • Omg, so awesome!

    Time Has Come Today was an amazing way to kick off season three. It was really great to see all the flashbacks, showing how the interns all met each other. There were, however, some really cringeworthy moments involved in these flashbacks. For example, when Cristina introduces herself to Bourke, but he's too busy sleazing it up with some other woman to notice her, but she keeps trying to get his attention.

    Some of the flashbacks provided much needed character development. For example, when Meredith and Derek first meet in the bar (btw, I was really impressed to see some continuity with the red shirt thing from the first episode...very cool). The conversation between Alex and Izzy when they first meet explains A LOT about their relationship later on. Pretty much, he is a total jerk right from the beginning and his comments to Izzy about her not being suitable for the surgery program just encourage her to do better. And, apart from that whole thing with Denny, Izzy is a much better surgeon than Alex. Another thing that was good to see, was Bailey's reaction to Denny's body. It was good to see her show an emotion that wasn't anger, and really open up and show her softer side. It was difficult not to shed a tear or two when she was telling Denny's body how sorry she was.

    All in all, Time Has Come Today, was the perfect opener to a brand new season of Grey's Anatomy. it tied up loose ends from last season and began story lines which will no doubt provide yet another compelling and highly entertaining season to come.
  • The season opening that made people cry...

    For the first episode of its return on TV, "Grey's Anatomy" outdid itself. During the holidays I had time to get interested in other shows and forget why I love "Grey's Anatomy" so much. After watching the first episode of season 3, I now remember why "Grey's Anatomy" is one of the best shows on TV. With Denny's death, the episode could have been very dramatic and depressing the whole way, but not for "Grey's Anatomy", they have a way of still making the worse situations funny but at the same time so touching and real. Meredith doesn't want to talk to Izzie because she doesn't know what to tell her and as she explains to Callie that she is an avoider, she does just that and avoids an uncomfortable with Finn and instead goes to see Izzie. "Grey's Anatomy" has such well defined and complex characters that it always keeps you guessing and wanting for more. This is only the first episode of what looks like will be a great season.
  • A great premire. Teary,sweet,funny,and uplifting.No wonder it beat CSI!

    This was the premire of "Grey's Anatomy". I have been excited about it since I found out when it would air--acually I had it marked on my calander! I was definetly not dissapointed! The theme, as you can tell from the title, is all about time-how it moves too fast, too slow, not enough, or too much. The main plot focuses on Izzie, dealing with the death of her fiance/patient, Denny. She is laying in the bathroom with the prom dress still on. George and Christina try to consol her but decide Meridith would be the best at it because she is "dark and twisty". Sub-plots include: a newborn being dumped in a trashcan from a high school, marriage problems with the chief, Bailey helping a man deal with the loss of his wife,and Derek and George getting quaritened because of a case of the Plague. This episode,going along with the theme of time, had periodic flashbacks to each of the main characters. I read some other reviews saying this was a bad choice, but I happen to think differently, I thought it went well with the theme and helped catch up some new viewers (such as my mother and sister). Meridith is left with an important dicicion- Derek or Fin. Well I can't wait until next Thursday!
  • Where did all that good character development go?

    Dead Denny or no Dead Denny, Izzie's character has become painfully boring. I literally fell asleep during her sideways on the floor speech to Meredith. And WHAT was the thing with unzipping the dress? It just felt stilted and weird. The flashbacks felt uncomfortable and fake. Also, didn't like Meredith latching on to the "dark and twisty" thing - it was SO something she would say that saying it over and over was like her overplaying herself. Cristina crying on Burke's chest "Never die." Bleah. She is way too sophisticated for such a simple breakdown. Last year she couldn't intubate him, or tell him about the baby, but this year, she is simpering on his chest? If that is the new Cristina since Burke's shooting, she's become just a generic girl type. Finn is throwing his hat in the ring with no encouragement from Meredith? Bleah. Because it makes a neat love triangle. Miranda became a simp, too. The whole thing with the plague and the door was so painful. Where did "the Nazi" go? Richard's wife leaving him? Boring. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE this show. I love it so much that I don't want it to go another step down this path. This episode felt like it had entirely new writers - and ones who were seeking revenge against intelligent women. George's role was fine. He was great with the not saying I love you. But the one real shining moment was the acting by Patrick Dempsey when he tells Meredith that he loves her. It's not just that he said that so beautifully. It was the smile he gave her before he said Hi to her when he entered the kitchen. It's brilliant. It says I love you more than saying it does, and it's the way you hope the person you love feels about walking into a room and seeing you there. If they could just spin that chemistry back into the other 42 minutes of the show, we'd be back on track.
  • This episode was very unrealistic.

    Reasons that this episode wasn't all that great:

    1) Dr. Sheppard handeled the case with the pregnant teen girls...shes not a neonatologist (in any real hospital thats who would have handeled it)

    2) Doctors don't threaten patients like Dr. Sheppard did

    3) The Cheif could have gotten in legal issus in real life for threatening an arrest

    4) The 14 year old girl would have had many issues after giving birth...they acted like she was fine

    5) Patients would NEVER be taped into a room (like Omar was)...he was ina hospital for crying out loud, they wouldn't contain him and make sure no one could go into help him

    6) George and Dr. S's quarentine was so unrealistic, thats not how its handeled in hospitals
  • O'Malley and Derek are quarantined for a potential disease in the hosptial, Izzie mourns for Denny while Meredith contemplates her feelings for Derek.

    A flashback episode for the most part, I wouldn't even call it an opener because nothing really happened. I was a bit disappointed with it, but I expected things to be slow especially one episode in to the new season.

    Still it was fun to see how the original crew met and so forth, and go through the drama. Derek's wife found Meredith's panties and put up there in the Lost and Found. LMAO. I don't know why she puts up with his stuff but as we saw they've both been unfaithful.

    Tough times for Izzie but she seems ready to move on after the whole ordeal with Denny. Burke is doing better than expected. Overall the episode was ok but I would have liked to see more conflict but it seems that in the next episode things will start rolling again especially with Burke's mom meeting Christina. The clash going on there will be entertaining.
  • I liked the premiere, and I liked the backstories they wove in. Looks like we're gonna be exploring a few more character histories this season. Great show.

    Oooo ... so ... where did she find the panties, again? Since Derek didn't go home ... he must've sent his tux home with her, and she found them in a pocket and then ever so politely threw them in the gentle cycle and gave them a quick press with an iron. How [i]sweet[/i].

    What made me feel like this was episode 0 of season three? It's not like [i]nothing[/i] happened, but so much of it was like the emotional "bwaaaa" we needed more at the end of the season two finale.

    I loved it when Christine cried. Sandra Oh was brilliant in that scene. And she's needed to. It's like Denny died, but Preston was [i]shot[/i]. Doesn't she need a hug, too?

    And I loved George sniping at Derek for his perfect life. We knew as much about what happened between him and Addison because he told Meredith, but watching it made it all so immediate. Derek was so [i]angry[/i] with her. And really, so justifiably angry. McSteamy was no one Addison should've been sleeping with, but then that situation didn't arise in a vacuum, either.

    This is the year we're finally gonna explore how Alex is Dr. Christian Troy, isn't it. I've felt for a long time that this boy's childhood had some abuse in it, and yet two seasons in, we know less about him than most of them (with the [i]possible[/i] exception of Christine, who maybe we [i]think[/i] we know better because she's been on screen more). I felt we were going to go zipping off into a "Get over here and [i]touch it[/i]!" flashback on him.

    Really, his character, the most excitement he's shown about anything almost is when McSteamy mentioned the whole plastic surgery thing to him and he just freeqin' lit up. It's like "Damn, there's Christian Troy 20 years ago." They bonded instantly. I hope as they continue to explore what the hell happened between Addison and McDreamy that McSteamy makes some more appearances cuz I think that's gonna help Alex open up.

    Back to George: "You've got the hot wife, the hot ex-mistress." Y'know, I haven't been a huge Callie fan, but he's got something potentially really important in that woman and I hope he comes to regret all the mistakes he's gonna make in his relationship with her.

    He still didn't say it, but Derek said it. He did kiss her, tho, and Derek had to keep his distance. I like that McVet is gonna fight for Meredith because despite all the screwed up stuff she's done, he's right. She does deserve something good in her life.

    Derek has pursued her all along ...

    And we flash with Meredith to a merry-go-round where her mother's heart broke. And Dr. Webber broke it off with Ellis so many years ago and his wife knew all along. What has brought it to such a head for her now these 30 years later? Why insist on his retirement? Their dying grandniece?

    Wow, when the prom is over it's really over. Balloons everywhere and a glut of flu patients and plague victims. I got the sense that when Bailey was telling Steve Harris that something beautiful awaited people when they die that she was having a tough time believing it herself.

    Izzie. Izzie broken in her prom dress. Meridith helping her out of it.

    Sitting shiva.

    That's what this episode felt like -- a moment to remember and to process our grief.

    The panties will still be on the bulletin board when we come back next week. :D
  • Third Season is here. izzie is not coping with dennys death. Meridith has a choice.

    Grey's is back and back still being great. I hope Izzie gets over denny soon because i think shes a great character. The dereck and george thing was good with them in the locker room. I liked them all trying to gfet izzie tp get up, that was great.
    I am just happy to have the third season of greys here!
  • Another great episode and a great start for season three!

    Izzy lays on the bathroom floor in her prom dress...George and McDreamy get quarentined...Bailey feels guilty...Mer is dark and twisty inside...

    Definetely another great episode.

    The flashbacks were really cool, we got to see the interns at the mixer before their first day at work, Mer and Der meeting in the bar, Cristina and Burke meeting, and even Derek after he found out about Addy and Mark. I can\'t wait to see who Meredith chooses. I think it could go either way. At first I thought, \"she\'ll obviously choose Finn!\" But now I am not so sure. Derek finally said he loved her, but only after Finn said Derek was bad for her. How does she get herself in such a mess!

    I can\'t wait for more, this season is going to great!
  • Questions, questions. It was off to me.

    Apparently they just filmed this or something. How could Christina get over being brushed off by Burke and still work with him the next day? Wouldn't she be humiliated? And I was also upset at the fact everyone claims Derek did nothing but walk out of the house after he saw his wife in the trows of passion with his best friend. Clearly in that flashback, he gathered up her clothes, threw them out into the street and then when she complained-he pushed her out the door too. How was that 'not doing anything'? And where was Mark throughout this whole sequence? Did he already leave out the terrace window or something? Maybe he left before Derek? Addison definitely had time to put a t-shirt on and confront Derek. Also, how did she get Meredith's panties? Did Derek pick them up and they fell out of his pocket? Why did the place she washed the underwear at look WAY bigger than a trailer? There are so many questions this episode raised. Also, we all knew that Derek had Meridith at "I'm in love with you." That first part pretty much negated all that Finn had to say in the beginning.
  • A follow up to the happenings of last season, Izzy mourns for Denny, Meredith deals with the repercussions of her actions, George and Derek get quarantined.

    A fantastic follow up to last season, doing well to keep the viewer continually involved in the lives of the characters. Despite it being 4 months since season 2 ended, I felt as if Denny passed away just last week. The continuity was so well done.

    It was also good to see some emotion come from Cristina, I guess the writers had to give her a little more depth, which I'm very pleased with.

    Definite kudos to the writers and actors for a fantastic job. I'm also very impressed with the acting of Katherine Heigl.

    Looking forward to what this season will bring.
  • Yay it was amazing!

    This was everything i expected and more! When I watched it I loved it how bailey handled Omar when he was distraught. Watching how derek left addison was painful - i want derek to be with meredith but im a big fan of addison too, and to see them both so emotional was really different. especially how derek FORCED addison to go outside and stay out there in the rain with all her clothes. I t was also great to see all the flashbacks as we learn a bit more about the characters lives! burke used to be so arrogant and he brushed cristina's praise off...and now their a couple!
    i love grey's anatomy and i cant wait for next weeks episode!
  • ...They do know the season has started, right?

    Although I am not an avid Grey\'s watcher, I decided to tune into the season three. Throughout the episode, nothing really exciting happened. I did enjoy Miranda\'s scenes, but I felt like Izzie and Meredith didn\'t really have that much to do. I was also not too happy that they postponed the whole Meredith decision. Oh, and Derek had a good part as well. I liked the scene where he threw his wife out. Very powerful. Other than that, I hope the rest of the season improves, but so far things look good. Hopefully Izzie will stay, I think her changing and growing would be a nice addition.
  • After the terrific finale last season, I expected a bit more from this one.

    It was definitely a good show. Terrific dialogue and some stellar performances. Bailey trying to get through to her quarantined patient was heartwrenching. So well written and played. And the scene at the end between Christina and Burke was perfect!

    What disappointed me was the whole Izzy/Shiva thing. Meredith spent much more time worrying about her status as \"dark and twisty,\" and of course which hot guy she should finally choose, than she did worrying about this supposedly close friend lying grief-stricken on the bathroom floor. It just seemed a bit too abstract, I guess.

    But overall it was a great episode - although I feel kind of justified in calling Derek a first-class jerk for the way he\'s strung her along. Oh well - I guess he couldn\'t do it if she didn\'t let him. :)
  • Dr. Grey tries to avoid the vet and Dr. McDreamy. Izzie is morning the loss of Denny. Dr. Bailey shows emotion. The Chief's marriage is falling apart.

    I thought that this episode was not very exciting. I was waiting for something revealing...but that didn't happen. Some of the characters had flashbacks to different moments in their lives. But rather than reveal more information about the characters, it basically recaped what the viewers already knew. It won't keep me from watching because I know this show is great. I think the writers didn't want to start with a bang because then where would they have to go from there? Now I want to see what will happen with Izzie. And what is wrong with Dr. she losing her edge?
  • A great start of a new season. This is probably the best episode up to now.

    Well I never knew that TV could be this good but this show is simply spectacular. The episode is good enough to compete with pretty much any drama that has come out of Hollywood in the last couple of years. As far as the show goes, this episode is both another splendit instalment and a great beginning of what seems to be the best season of the show yet. ( not that I though it could get any better ) The story arround Izzie gets some resolution and it looks like she's back in the game. Derek's marriage is over ( or so it seems ) and Richard has a choise to make carrier or wife ... The play with catchy music as soundtrack continues and the show is deffinitelly set on it's way to the Emmys.
  • It was a slow episode and not much was resolved. However, it did have its moments.

    *Edit* Ok, after I wrote this review, I found out that CTV aired the wrong episode, so this review should really be for the next ep. Sorry*

    After last seasons ending, I was all hyped up about the season opener. Behold my surprise when nothing happened. Meredith doesn't make any decision on which guy she'll date, and it looks like it will be tedious and boring watching her decide. Pick Derek already! You know that's who she will end up picking, but the writers want to drag it out over several episodes (or God forbid, the entire season).

    Derek and Addison do finally end their marriage, but it seemed very anticlimactic, tacked on at the end. We all knew it was over months ago.

    I think Burke's mom was right when she called Cristina selfish, but looks like Cristina will work on being a better girlfriend in the future.

    And for the bright part of the episode, I thought Callie was great (which is odd because last year I didn't really like her character). It was hilarious when she claimed Meredith's panties, and then George was jealous the rest of the day.

    But, after waiting all summer to for a new episode, I felt let down but this one.
  • Third season premiere

    We had all been waiting for this episode since last May. Who was Meredith going to choose McVet or McDreamy. Although we didn't get our answer in this episode, Derek declared his love for Meredith. Something we had been waiting for him to do since the first season.

    Callie said I love you to George last season and George didn't say it back. She said it again in this episode and George gave her a steamy kiss. I am not sure what that means, does he love her or just wants a girlfriend?

    Izzie was still grieving about Denny by laying on the bathroom floor. Finally at the end of the episode after her and Meredith talked she was able to pull herself off of the floor.
  • Forget the EKG.. no heart palpitations here

    As the episode concluded, I already knew what the \'Superb\' reviews were going to rave - character development. All nice and good, but they did more in \'Losing\' than last night. So they can write a good ep, we know that. But besides the discomfort in how extreme Baileys character was pushed, a severe eyebrow raise at \"the lost panties pin-up\", a \"pair\" grown by McDreamy and an \'aww\' or two, my heart beat rose less than a bite into a delicious sandwich. In 2mins of CSI (in ads) my jaw dropped twice. That is what a superb ep requires- what you do not see coming that moves you. Grey\'s was average. Their average is high, yes, but still... average. I should have watched CSI.... I could have predicted Grey\'s.
  • Considering how much I love Grey's, I was a bit disappointed in this premiere. It was a fine episode for a middle of the season type episode, but for a premiere? Disappointing.

    The thing I normally love the most about Grey's is the passion, the fiery attitudes. I love the humor, the relationships (both romantic and friendships), and just the pure drama of it. I feel like this week was a bit of a disappointment. To me, it was incongruent with the final episodes of last season. I just watched them before, and it feels like they forgot how they left things and are leaving a gap. Don't get me wrong, the acting was good; the stories were good; they just weren't great. The best bit was at the very end, when Cristina was talking to Burke. "Don't ever die." "I'll do my best." That was amazingly moving. I was expecting it to be more like that. The parts with Izzie- I was expecting them to be so much more emotional. That was a big let down. I guess a big problem I have with the Addison- Derek-Meredith-Finn double triangles is that Derek is an(don't know if I'm allowed to say this but seeing as if you read this you like Grey's and they say similar things on Grey's) Ass! He is married. He's telling Meredith to make a decision between him and McVet- show her you mean it by leaving your Wife for real. Otherwise, she's going to be deciding, "Do I want the married man who didn't tell me he was married, toyed me around for a while by implying he would leave his wife and then deciding to make it work with her, then calls me a whore because I move on with my life, or the kind, caring, amazingly understanding vet who is crazy hot and really cares for me?" Hard choice right there. Until Derek actually leaves Addison, he needs to shut up about Meredith making a choice.
  • It has been three months since Grey's Anatomy last aired, and I must admit I missed it. This episode picked up right where last season left off, and I am extremely glad that it is back.

    Grey's Anatomy is back, and it is back with a vengeance. Picking up right where last season left off, and this show never missed a beat. It showed how Meredith has to make her decision between McDreamy or the Vet, George's continuously budding relationship with Callie, and how Izzie and Christina both are couping with the tragic events that ended last season. Also, there was a Grey's Anatomy first, in this episode they should pivotal flashbacks. All of the scenes that where talked about in the past episodes but never seen, were finally shown- The party where everyone met, Meredith meeting Derek at Joe's, and Ellis and Dr. Weber's break up while Meredith was on the carousel. This is a great show, that I believe that everyone should be watching. And if you do not want to take my word for it, then watch it yourselfs at its new time Thurs. at 9.
  • The premiere picks up where last season left off. Derek reveals something to Meredith, George still can't tell Calie what she wants to hear, and Addison makes a startling discovery.

    Ultimately a good episode, but it didn't seem like any of the character's were really doing anything except sitting around talking to random people. Very high in characeter development, but I did feel like the flow was a little off. The episode was very hyped up, but left us with more questions than answers. The quarantine scenes with Derek and Geroge were great. I find it highly suitable that George is the one that finally makes Derek realize he has to tell Meredith he loves her. The scene between Mer and Der at the end is very touching where he does FINALLY tell her he loves her and that he made the wrong decision by choosing Addison. Speaking of Addison, how did she find Meredith's underwear? Very evil spawnish of her to put it on the board though. Absolutely LOVED the background scenes. Especially the one with Addison and Derek. Izzie is laying on the floor of the bathroom the entire time. I'm sorry, I don't care how upset you are, I don't know anyone who could lay for that long in that kind of a dress. Talk about uncomfortable. As much as I loved the Mer/ Der scene, Finn's conversation with her was just as warm and heart wrenching. "I didn't say I wasn't pissed, I just said we weren't exclusive." and then his line about being all in with her. It's just so sweet. So yes, the episode left me with more questions than answers, but they ar questions that I want to see through and can't wait for the following episodes. Is it next Thursday yet?
  • This is probably the most emotional hour of Grey's ever.

    So many scenes of the new season of Grey's is pretty dark and sad, it's downright depressing. I don't think I laughed once during this episode, which is good, because the last season's finale got pretty deep, and you shouldn't feel comforted now. Everything that happened last year is just sinking in for the characters and for us - the viewers. It starts right off the day after the tragedy that hit our doctors. Meredith dwellling over where she and McDreamy stands and where she and McVet stands. Addison finding Meredith's panties. George wondering if he loves Callie. Burke recovering after his gunshot wounds. The chief spending the night at the hospital. And Izzy laying on her bathroom floor still in her prom dress, mourning over Denny's death.
    We are in the middle of life and death. That is why this episode works, and it works really well. I fell in love with the show because it was fun. But all shows needs episode that doesn't move at all. Cause it's all in the people, the emotions. I would call this a character development episode. And it works.
  • Time has come for the season premiere of one of the best shows on television and did not disappoint!

    Seriously. What Shonda and the team of writers and producers did was not skip 3 months ahead and try to play catch-up the viewer but took us back to the beginning and showed us how one moment in all their lives changed these interns forever. As Bailey said, "We can't go back..." I think Bailey was the voice of Shonda and the head honchos on the show. They're sorry for Denny's death and they are sorry they can't change how things have gone. I cried and I laughed and I love McVet and Callie! Next week, I'm waiting...
  • A great start...

    Derek confessed his love. Seriously, compare this scene to the Finn scene and which one is much better?! The Derek one, One, he's admitting that the choice he made in 2.06 is the wrong one. Secondly, he says he'll give her time to make a choice, no rush. Thirdly, Derek tells her that he's in love with her. Fourth, Derek doesn't paint Finn off as a bad person... Fifth, he made Meredith cry, there were emotions, smiles, everything! Sixth, Meredith made no attempt to walk away when Derek stepped into the kitchen.. I have the need to rant really right now
    First off... Finn will never ever get in my good graces.. Derek a bad guy and he is a good guy? Come on!! I was pissed when I heard that.

    though I have to love Cristina's you did nasty nasty and the McGuilty conversation at the beginning of the episode. Great scene!

    Derek and George?! They had great scenes, they were serious and others were more funny, talking about food in the lockers and such.

    Flashbacks I loved them, all of them but I liked the Mer/Derek meeting one best.. Simply because they already challenged each other during their first meeting.. It was really cute! And the Addison/Derek flashback was a nice one as well... It was nice to see how Derek responded and just in particular how it went back then. This episode gave us a lot of insight on the past.

    Katherine Heighl did a great job with Izzie and her mourning... It was nice to see everybody being there for her ;)
    I felt bad for Addison, because Kate Walsh did an amazing job on that scene... Her case was also really interesting
  • This was great I am glad this is finally getting somewhere whit meredith and derek

    The only letdown this episode was that Merideth didn\'t jump on Derek right there in the Kitchen. I am anxious for next weeks episode to see how Izzy is going to be and what she will do about the funeral. I was good to see Christina finally show some emotion that was a powerful scene with her and Burke, and Miranda also is letting it become apparent that she has more emotions invested in what happened with Denny. I thik everything is unfolding very nicely. But come on Meredith, you know who you want!
  • Good, but ugh! as well

    Meredith, honey, I think someone's been messing with your brain. Seriously, who wouldn't want to be having sex with Derek every night? Finn is a freaking tool, a major loser (I commend him for being a vet because I love animals but that's it). There's only one choice to be made here. Forget this dating garbage. Tell Finn to take a hike and let's get it on with McDreamy.

    Anyway, I loved the guy who had the brain tumor, very humorous.
    Christina was great and her interaction with Burke's mother was entertaining.
    That guy that walked out of Addison's bathroom (what was his name...Mark?) was incredibly hot, but I'd still take Derek over him any day.
    Izzy and the baking of the muffins was funny yet very sad.

    Overall, good start except that I'd like to lay a beating on Meredith for being a moron.
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