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  • Season 3 Episode 19: My Favorite Mistake

  • Goof: When George is having lunch with Callie and her father and he remembers having sex with Izzie, he is wearing civilian clothing. But when he walks up to Izzie in the hospital right after, he is scrubs. It's unlikely that in the middle of an emotional crisis he took the time to change.

  • When Cristina and Preston were lying on the bed, Preston was reading Dreaming of Bird.

  • Goof: Alex said before that Jane Doe had very distinctive brown eyes, but in the scene where Alex helps her choose her new face, her eyes look blue.

  • Season 3 Episode 18: Scars and Souvenirs

  • Jeff Perry and James Gammon both appear as guest stars in this episodes, they previously worked together on the 90's cop series Nash Bridges.

  • When Izzie walked in we didn't see bring the bottle of lotion she was using while talking to Meredith and when she walked out she didn't carry it either.

  • Goof: When Izzie trips the breaker in the kitchen, the entire house wouldn't lose power as they imply it to be. Only the kitchen would have lost power until the breaker was fixed.

  • Goof: In the scene the interns are having lunch there's a shot showing Cristina's sandwich having two bites followed by a shot in which it has only one.

  • Season 3 Episode 17: Some Kind of Miracle

  • In the scene where Meredith's heart starts beating on its own again, we can see a poster of a doctor on the wall next to the door. But, in the following scene, when Addison enters the room, the poster is gone.

  • Goof: When Derek visits Meredith in her hospital room, she is hooked to two parallel wires, one red and one white. In one shot, the white wire is on the left but, in the next, it is crossed over the red one. In the very last shot of the scene, both wires are gone.

  • Goof: During Meredith's resuscitation, an endotracheal tube is shown extending what appears to be six to eight inches past her lips. This would be incorrect placement in an adult; the end of the tube should be only one to two inches past her lips.

  • Goof: During the scene where Meredith is mostly-dead she encounters several important people from her past, and previous episodes. She is seen with Denny and Dylan, and her dog Doc, as well as Bonnie who dies in episode 206 after a tragic train wreck. Meridith also meets up with Liz Fallon again, the woman who was her mother's scrub nurse for 18 years and the first confidante to know that Ellis Grey had Alzheimer's. When Liz asks Meredith if she remembers her Meredith says yes, and that Liz died of Liver Cancer. This is inconsistent with the information from episode 104- No Man's Land- when Dr. Yang steals Nurse Fallon's chart to try and get in on a good surgery. In that episode Liz dies of Pancreatic Cancer, not Liver Cancer.

  • Goof: Right after the shot from Ellis Grey to Meredith Grey, you can clearly see an artery moving by Meredith (around 25.00 minutes).

  • Season 3 Episode 16: Drowning on Dry Land

  • Goof: In the scene where they bring Meredith to the trauma room, Derek is forced to leave. When he exits, Bailey says "Ok, she has a new 18-gauge in her left A.C. Push 1 of epi through it". And then we see one of the nurses, pushing something (my guess is the epi) through a line in the right side of Meredith's body. Shouldn't it be reversed?

  • Goof: In the scene where interns gather in front of the door (when they all find out what happened to Meredith) watch Cristina's left arm and her watch. In the beginning, she has it, which can be seen when she lifts her arms towards her head. In the scene after Izzie's speech, she doesn't have it. Then, when Izzie comes to hug her, the watch is part of her outfit again. There was no way for her to remove it and then put it back on...

  • Goof: Notice the scene where Alex goes in to see his "Jane Doe" (the pregnant girl), when he tells her that he expects to find her still alive after her surgery. In the close-up shots of Jane Doe, her face is entirely black and blue, but look again at her when the camera zooms out. It could just be a lighting issue, or an angle change that makes it look different, but in any case, her face doesn't look the slightest bit bruised then.

  • Season 3 Episode 15: Walk On Water

  • When we see the helicopter approaching the "Seattle Grace" heli-pad, we can see the KOMO logo and "America's Best Newscast" on the side of the building

  • A stunt person was available on set to take over for the scene where Meredith falls backwards into the water, but actress Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith, was determined to do it herself. It ended up being more difficult than she thought, since she had to fall backwards on a mat in a very specific way, but Pompeo says that she enjoyed the experience.

  • Goof: When Alex is heading to the morgue and meets George on the stairs, Alex is heading upstairs. However morgues are usually in the basements of hospitals, and a short time later Alex says, "You didn't check down here right?"

  • Goof: When the gang are in the ambulance Bailey tells them to put their id-cards in front of their jackets. But just prior to that you could clearly see that at least Izzie already did that before she was told to. When the scene shift and Bailey tells them to do it, NONE of them had done it.

  • The scenes filmed at the ferry terminal were NOT filmed in Seattle. Producers visited the real Coleman Dock late December/early January and took images of the entire area. They then took the background shots and filmed the triage scenes in a Los Angeles parking lot.

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