Grey's Anatomy

Season 10 Episode 8

Two Against One

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2013 on ABC



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    • Derek: Hey! How'd the surgery go?
      Meredith (holding her fork): I could have gotten number 8. Would you believe if I told you that I could have gotten number 8?
      Derek: Of course.
      Meredith: You wouldn't say you could if you couldn't. Now would it cheer you up if I told you I changed the face of of the face of the 3-D printer?
      Meredith: No, because I'll miss his twitch.
      Derek (takes the fork): You know what this is?
      Meredith: Yes, it's a fork.
      Derek: No, it's the future. Go watch your liver model. I'm gonna put the kids down.

    • Ben: I changed our plan on you. And it'll take time for you to figure out our new plan. But, Miranda, I'm glad I'm home, because something's clearly going on. From the checking and rechecking the drawers, and pulling at your fingertips? You need help. What happened today in that O.R., you and I both know that there was no bubble.
      Bailey (pulls a bag out): Uh, there was a smell... look, apple slices. Probably with peanut butter on them at one point. I found 'em in Tuck's soccer bag, and he hasn't been to soccer in weeks. So, you know, god knows how long they've been rotting in there.
      Ben: Miranda, I...
      Bailey: Everything's fine.

    • April: I love you, Matthew.
      Matthew: I love you, too.
      April: I lost myself last year. And I worked really hard to get back to who I was. The fact that I stumbled in my faith... it matters... to me. But it just, it feels so good to be back to who I was and to have found someone who shares that faith. And, Matthew, I love you and I respect you too much for you to let that go. And... it's still gonna be a first time for me, because it's gonna be my first time with you. Oh, it's gonna be amazing. If we have sex tonight, the only thing that will have changed is that you will have broken a promise, and I know how that feels.
      Matthew: So... We're waiting.
      April: We're waiting. You know, we can lean on each other for support. (they kiss) Okay, okay. But, maybe we shouldn't actually lean on each other.

    • Richard: Torres! Come walk with me.
      Callie: Lookin' good, sir.
      Richard: Feelin' good. Did you hear I saved the patient in the room next door to me?
      Callie: I heard there was a code. That was you?
      Richard: Let me tell you all about it.

    • Alex: Sorry about what happened in the O.R. but we made the right decision.
      Meredith: I could have gotten that tumor.
      Alex: Nobody could have gotten that tumor.
      Meredith: I could have.
      Cristina (walks up): Mer, I need to talk to you.
      Meredith: I need a minute.
      Cristina: It's about a patient of mine.
      Meredith: Well, I'm talking about a patient of mine right now, so I need a minute.
      Cristina: I- I need the printer.
      Meredith: It's my printer, Cristina.
      Cristina: No, it's not. It's the hospital's printer, and--
      Meredith: Which I got for them for my research, for my grant.
      Cristina: Which is important research, but at this point, it's research, Meredith. And what I'm talking about could save a life.
      Meredith: I can't stop it in the middle, it'll completely destroy the model. Just because I printed a fork does not mean my research is a joke.
      Cristina: No one said it was a joke. But see, I could print a scaffolding and make a biological conduit for a baby's heart.
      Meredith: They aren't even doing that yet.
      Cristina: They are in Japan. So if I get a compassionate release--
      Meredith: I don't have time to argue-- Submit a proposal to the board if you wanna use the printer.
      Cristina: It's time-sensitive, Meredith.
      Meredith: Well, then you better get to work. (Cristina walks away)
      Alex: So that's what it was about in there? You and Yang? She calls you a lousy doctor, and suddenly you have something to prove?
      Meredith: That is not what this is about.
      Alex: Oh, so yo-- you take it out on my patient.
      Meredith: I did not take it out on your patient.
      Alex: Look, you need to be told you're good? Fine, Mer. You're good. But Yang was right. You're a lousy doctor today.

    • Owen: So Robbins says everybody loves you.
      Emma: I can't work here.
      Owen: What?
      Emma: These people are great. They're incredibly nice and overly kind and a little nosy, but great. But they're your people, and they love you. And they care about you and they'll close ranks around you. They'll... Uh, look, I worked with my husband, and when our marriage fell apart... If something happens to us, if we broke up, they would all choose you. And they'd want my... blood. I would just be the bitch that broke your heart.
      Owen: Are you... Are you planning to break my heart?
      Emma: No, but...
      Owen: So don't do it. Take the job.
      Emma: Owen, I can't. I can't risk it. (voice breaking) Hey, you don't do it either.
      Owen: Do what?
      Emma: Break my heart.

    • Owen: So Robbins says everybody loves you.
      Emma: I can't work here.
      Owen: What?
      Emma: These people are great. They're incredibly nice and overly kind and a little nosy, but great. But they're your people, and they love you. And they care about you and they'll close ranks around you. They'll... Uh, look, I worked with my husband, and when our marriage fell apart... If something happens to us, if we broke up, they would all choose you. And they'd want my... blood. I would just be the bitch that broke your heart.
      Owen: Are you... Are you planning to break my heart?
      Emma: No, but...
      Owen: So don't do it. Take the job.
      Emma: Owen, I can't. I can't risk it. (voice breaking) Hey, you don't do it either.
      Owen: Do what?
      Emma: Break my heart.

    • Alex: Mer, you have to stop now.
      Meredith: I'm about to do the trisegmentectomy--
      Alex: Any further, and you're going to move into segment two and three.
      Meredith: And it will be fine!
      Alex: There won't be enough functioning liver to support this kid.
      Meredith: I think it will and I will stop before I'm too deep.
      Alex: You print one damn fork, and now you think you're Moses or something.
      Meredith: Alex, I am in the middle of diving this kid's liver. And I need this conversation to be over!
      Alex: Oh, you gonna pull rank on me again? Is that how the decision's made?
      Stephanie: You could 2-challenge rule.
      Alex: What?
      Stephanie: Dr. Webber told us about the 2-challenge rule where two surgeons who agree can force a third surgeon to stand down from a course of action.
      Meredith: Okay, fine. So, Dr. Edwards, you and I challenge Dr. Karev to relax and let me finish.
      Alex: No, I'm challenging you, Mer. I'm asking you to stop what you're doing. Edwards?
      Stephanie: Dr. Grey... I think you're amazing. And you made a beautiful fork, and I am so grateful to have been a part of that. But right now I do think you're pushing it. And I have to second Dr. Karev's challenge.
      Meredith: Dr. Karev, you can close. (walks out)

    • Cristina (about Nathan): He's in florid heart failure. His E.F is falling precipitously.
      Shane: It's the hospital's printer. You taught me to take what I need for my patient.
      Cristina: We can't. Not this time.
      Shane: I looked at Dr. Grey's research. She still has months to go before printing a portal vein that will actually go into a human patient. But this? Building a scaffold seated with cells, we can do this. this baby can be saved today.
      Cristina: I know, Shane. You think I don't know this? Now set up for a pericardiocentesis and do a repeat echo in an hour.

    • April: How 'ya holdin' up?
      Richard: I'm exhausted.
      April: You should've let me do the C.P.R.
      Richard: No, no, it's a... good exhausted. I've been stuck in this bed, reminiscing about my old life, trying to feel like my-- myself again. And now I wanna be myself again. Ready to get back to my feet and... be the doctor I used to be. I lost myself for a while there, Kepner. But now I'm ready to get myself back.

    • Meredith: We'll isolate the vessels and take the tumor out under direct vision. I can do it.
      Alex: I don't know if you can, Mer. It might be better just to close him.
      Meredith: Well, if we don't resect it, the cancer will only spread, and it'll eliminate his chances of beating this thing.
      Alex: How do you get it without taking the entire liver?
      Stephanie (walks in): Dr. Grey, I just wanted to show you the latest on the liver model.
      Alex: Not now.
      Meredith: Edwards, scrub in. We're gonna need your help retracting. Alex, he's 15, I think we need to be as aggressive as we can.

    • Arizona: Callie loved you.
      Emma: She's very nice. Very thorough, but very nice. How long have you two been divorced?
      Arizona: Um, well, I don't-- I don't think that we are. W-We're sort of separated, I-I guess. (fiddles with her necklace)
      Emma: Ah, you still have the ring. (Arizona looks at her necklace) But you're seeing other people, obviously.
      Arizona: Um, yeah. We are.
      Emma: I'm so sorry. That was way too personal. I just got out of a job interview that was more intimate than most rectal exams. (laughs) I'm just not used to it. Uh, we don't do things like this at Seattle Pres.
      Arizona: Well, then, come work here. Because we do way too personal on a daily basis.

    • C.J (walking back and forth outside Richard's door): ...Then I pan-sear for a few minutes on both sides until they're brown.
      Richard: And?
      C.J: And that's how I make my famous meatballs.
      Richard: That's not a story. That's a recipe.
      C.J: At least it got you to shut your yap for a hot minute.

    • Shane: Dr. Yang!
      Cristina: P.I.C.U just paged. Nathan is definitely in full blown rejection.
      Shane: I did it.
      Cristina: Did what?
      Shane: I spoke to the F.D.A, filled out the release, I just need you to sign it before they can start reviewing it.
      Cristina: Ross. We're not gonna do it. Call them back.
      Shane: You said you'd consider it if I covered the obstacles.
      Cristina: There are other options. Safer options. We can increase his I.V steroids, start pro--
      Shane: No! None of those are as good as a biological conduit. I have all the information. We have the printer.
      Cristina: Ross. It's not our printer. It's Dr. Grey's printer, and she is using it to print now. So we can't do it. I'm sorry.

    • Leah: Dr. Avery? Traumas asking if we can take a look at a huge facial lac in the I.C.U. Should I do the sutures?
      Jackson: No, definitely not.
      Leah: I can handle it. Seriously.
      Jackson: Seriously, I'll be there in an hour. Thank you. (Leah leaves)
      Derek: Murphy's not bad, you know.
      Jackson: Oh, I know. It's just that I'm better. (to nurse) Can I have a pledget, please? Thank you.
      Derek: Put it to the left, dumbass.
      Jackson: What?
      Derek: Are you a half-wit? I said place it to the left, idiot. Those are the things Mark Sloan used to say when he thought he was better than you.
      Jackson: Are we taking a walk down memory lane now?
      Derek: You know, I convinced him to start teaching you. You're a full wit. Now you have to start teaching the residents, hand them the keys.
      Jackson: And let them take it on a joy ride? I don't think so.
      Derek: Well, pretty soon they're gonna be 18 and have their own cars. Let's teach 'em before they get there.
      Jackson: Alright, securing the patch. Fibering glue.
      Derek: You're gonna need a lot of that, asshat.
      Jackson (laughs): Alright, I get it. Point made.
      Derek: I know. It's just so fun.

    • Shane: In Japan, they're making conduits and seeding them with the patient's cells before implanting them, taking away the risk of rejection.
      Cristina: Uh-huh. Yay, Japan.
      Shane: Why can't we do that? Why can't we use the 3-D printer to create a conduit that Nathan's body would recognize as his own? He wouldn't need surgery after surgery to keep replacing the failed synthetic one.
      Cristina: It's brilliant, but the research alone--
      Shane: I thought you'd say that. (hands her folders) Here are the Japanese studies.
      Cristina (sighs): We would need extensive imaging to see if Nathan's even a candidate.
      Shane: Also covered. I've scheduled a cardiac C.T. and M.R.I.
      Cristina: It's-- It's too experimental. We'd have to file a compassionate release with the F.D.A, get approval. These things take time that Nathan may not have.
      Shane: If I start the ground work with the F.D.A... Then will you consider it?
      Cristina (sighs): Sure.

    • Cristina: Hi.
      Stephanie: Hey.
      Cristina: Are all the materials biocompatible?
      Stephanie: Depends on the cartridge.
      Cristina: What happens if you, like... you know, pause it? Start something else?
      Stephanie: You'd be stuck with a hunk of junk. And then Dr. Grey would have to start over, sending her back a whole day in her research, resulting in her desire to murder me.
      Cristina: Hmm. Great.

    • April: I want our wedding night to be amazing.
      Matthew: So do I.
      April: And I want our first time to be--
      Matthew: And that's the thing. Uh, it will be the first time... for me.
      April: I-I just-- I want it to be right. Before we have sex, I want us to connect to one another in the presence of god and--
      Matthew (pushes her back against the wall): April... I love you. And I'm going to love you the rest of my life. And I think that god knows that. I think he knows how we feel.
      April: Or she.
      Matthew: Or she.
      April: Well... Reverend Drew did say that we should... support... one another. So, if-- if this is really important to you.
      Matthew: It is really, really, important to me.
      April: Really? Okay.

    • Callie: What's a typical Saturday like for you?
      Emma: Oh, well, listen, I know that the newest attendings pull the most call. So I have no problem working weekends.
      Callie: Oh, yeah, no. I'm just-- I'm wondering... What you do for fun. What feeds your soul?
      Emma: I, uh, read. I like to cook. I like movies. I have a German shepherd mix named Lila.
      Callie: But no kids... from your previous marriage?
      Emma: Well, previous marriage? (laughs nervously)
      Callie: No, I'm just, uh-- I'm just sayin', is, uh... Is kids something you see down the line in your future? Do you-- Do you want kids?
      Emma: I'm sorry. I don't think you can ask me this legally in a job interview.
      Callie: Oh, of course not. Of course not. No. You know what? Forget I asked.
      Emma: I haven't given much thought to kids.
      Callie: Please, never mind.
      Emma: But if I do, or when I do, I imagine girls-- two. I know that they'll be hell in junior high, but, uh... I grew up with sisters.
      Callie: Aw. Nice.
      Emma: Yeah.
      Callie: Just, uh, just a few more questions.
      Emma: More?
      Owen (walks in): Hey, uh, how's it... How's it all going?
      Emma: It's great.
      Callie (mouthing words, to Owen): 'Love her.' (now speaking normally) Yeah, we're-- Yeah, we're making progress.

    • Stephanie: It is an anatomically correct liver model with a portal vein.
      Leah: It's a plastic blob. I'm starving. Can it print food or just utensils?
      Shane: When will the model be done?
      Stephanie: 10, maybe 12 hours.
      Shane: That long?
      Stephanie: It's life-saving technology, Shane. If you want it faster, page God.
      Leah: It's a fake organ. How long for functional items?
      Shane: Like an actual vascular graft?
      Leah: Like a pretzel.

    • Alex: I wish we'd gotten to him sooner. He was diagnosed already stage IV. Typical teenager. Ignored his symptoms, didn't wanna ask for help from anyone... and now he's got an abdomen completely covered with tumors.
      Meredith: Well, you're right. He is a typical teenager, which means he can beat this. He's strong, able to fight. And what's better?
      Alex: What?
      Meredith: He's in my O.R.-- In the O.R. of someone standing on the forefront of medicine.
      Alex: You should print a spoon next. That way we'll be able to reach tumor number two.

    • April: I go to his house, we eat dinner, we talk, we watch TV, we talk... We kiss, we... other stuff, and then we stop. I go home, and it's hard, you know, because it's not like I don't know what I'm missing. I know what I'm missing. What do I do?
      Arizona: Hmm? Well, okay, hold on. What exactly are you asking me?
      April: Well... (sighs) How do I resist? (sighs) Remember when you had that flirtation with intern Murphy, and then you decided not to it any further?
      Arizona: Oh. Yeah. Um, I took that further.
      April: You had sex?
      Arizona: Yeah.
      April: Was it--
      Arizona: Awesome.
      April: This is not-- You're not... I have to go away from you now.

    • Harvey (to Jackson and Derek): How do I know that this is gonna work? I mean, I've already tried botox, muscle relaxers, and--
      Derek: Well, you know, you sell more than 3-D printers.
      Harvey: Correct. I also sell ink cartridges.
      Derek: No, no, what I Mean is that you sell inspiration. You are the future face of medicine. Don't you want that face to be twitch-free?
      Richard (overhearing, from his room): The surgery will work.
      Derek: See? You should listen to him.
      Harvey: He's a guy in a bathrobe.
      Richard: I'm Dr. Richard Webber. I basically trained these two. You're in good hands.

    • Will's Mom: Are you still gonna try to remove all of the tumors today? It just seems like it's a lot to do all at once.
      Meredith: Will's cancer is a very aggressive sarcoma. It's an all or nothing approach.
      Alex (pointing to C.T.): We've come up with a plan to remove all of them. Starting with number one. Some will be a snap, but there are a few tricky ones, like tumor number eight. It's deep in the liver but we'll do our best to get it.
      Meredith: We'll get it.
      Alex: We'll try. Um, it's sort of like trying to get past level six. You know, there are some, uh, fighters, but we need to be really precise.
      Meredith: We will eat all those dots and kill all those ghosts.
      Alex: She doesn't play video games.

    • Callie (review Emma's resume): So then after U.W you went to the Cleveland Clinic? That's impressive.
      Emma: Mmhmm. Under Lacy. And the focus there was on congenital heart disorders.
      Callie: Oh, but then you left after only a year?
      Emma: Yeah, there were so many great opportunities out here-- In Seattle.
      Callie: Really?
      Emma: And there were some personal elements at play, too. (Callie gives her a look) I was, uh, going through a divorce. And we both worked at the clinic, and that became untentable. It was affecting my work, so I made a move.
      Callie: Oh. No, right, yeah, no, I-I get that. So then you moved to Seattle Pres?
      Emma: Yes. A year as an attending, and then running the maternal/fetal department for the last year. My research--
      Callie: Was that hard for you-- To give up your job-- Well, your city-- To your ex?
      Emma: Uh... (exhales)

    • Alex: Did you hear Mer just revolutionized the world of cutlery?
      Cristina: No, I... did not.
      Meredith (holding her fork): Working on a liver model. It's-- It's printing up now.
      Cristina: That's great.
      Meredith: It is great. (they are awkwardly silent, the elevator dings, Cristina gets off)
      Alex: What the hell's the matter with you two?
      Meredith: Stay out of it.

    • Richard (holding the fork Mer 3-D printed): Ah, if your mother could see you now.
      Meredith: She'd take issue with my hair.
      Richard: She'd be proud. Did I ever tell you the story about how I chose my first research project?
      Meredith: Many times. You know, it's lookin' a little too comfy in here. Are you getting your laps in? You can get one in now. You can walk me to the elevator. I have a patient to see.
      Richard (hands her fork back): Go change the face of medicine.
      Meredith: You need to be doing your laps. You need to be walking. (walks out)
      C.J (while walking by his room): Another captive runs screaming from your theater of... boredom.
      Richard: Move along, C.J.
      C.J: Oh, you know, you need some new material? I know your entire repetriore by heart.
      April: They're good stories.
      C.J: You see? Even Dr. Kepner's heard them multiple times. You should come take a walk with me, come on. I'll tell you some really good stories.
      Richard: You get a head start, I'll catch up. And close your gown, I can see your underwear.
      C.J: I'm not wearing any.

    • Meredith: Hey. How'd the drop-off at day care go?
      Derek: Tear-free. How's your new toy?
      Meredith: Well, you'll have to wait and see like everybody else.

    • Leah: What, did I miss it?
      Shane: You didn't miss it.
      Jo: Do you think that they made a heart?
      Leah: Mm, Steph won't say, but I think a heart's too complicated.
      Stephanie (walks up): Hey.
      Leah: Bladder?
      Jo: Come on. What'd you guys print?
      Stephanie: I'm not sayin'. But your minds will be freakin' blown.

    • Arizona (to Emma): So when an opening came up for a maternal/fetal surgeon, I thought of you first. So I pitched you to the board. And they just want one of us to sit down with you to interview you. You'll be meeting with Dr. Torres.
      (cuts to Callie and Owen walking down the hall)
      Owen: Her resume really speaks for itself. This is more of a formality.
      Callie: Well, and maybe an opportunity to learn a little more about the woman you're dating.
      Owen: Not necessary, at all.
      (cuts back to Arizona and Emma)
      Emma: So... anything you can tell me about Dr. Torres?
      Arizona: Um... she's great. I mean, she's my ex... (chuckles) so she's not that great.
      (cuts to Callie and Owen)
      Callie: Look, I'm sure she's probably not an ax murderer, but if there's something there, I will give you a heads up.
      Owen: Please don't.

    • Shane (after Cristina gives him her coffee): What's this for?
      Cristina: Well, you stayed up all night keeping my patients awake while I got a good night's rest. So... coffee.
      Shane: Are you headed downstairs? Dr. Grey's presenting the 3-D printer.
      Cristina: Oh, you know what? I'm gonna look at it later.

    • Priest: Hey, guys. So I have the results of your compatibility tests.
      April: I'm sure we did great. If we didn't do great, we'll just take it again. I took my boards twice, so it'll be fine, right?
      Matthew: April, I'm sure we did fine. (to Priest) I- I mean, we did fine, right?
      Priest: If I hadn't known you two already, I would've thought you cheated.
      April (reads the results, and laughs): 90 percent! We crushed it! (high fives Matthew)
      Matthew (to Priest): She likes to win.
      Priest: Yeah, no, that's good! Let me go get your exercises for this week. (walks out)
      Matthew: So... Listen, um... there's one problem we really haven't discussed.
      April: What?
      Matthew: Well, come on, we're compatible but we're certainly not... equal.
      April: Oh, that. Yeah. I- I wasn't sure if that really bothered you.
      Matthew: Of course it really bothers me.
      April: Well, then we should just fix it.
      Matthew: Now... Before we're married?
      April: Yeah. I mean, the solution's simple.
      Matthew (same time): Yeah, we just have sex.
      April (same time): Get a joint checking account.

    • Richard: So there we were, hour four into this messy trauma, when I say, 'That's not an adhesion, that's a ureter.'
      Stephanie (walks in): You guys--
      Richard: Shh! I-I I'm tellin' a story here.
      Leah: You said it to the attending?
      Richard: Yeah, he blew me off. He didn't stop with what he was doing until the chief resident invoked the two challenge rule.
      Stephanie: You guys...
      Richard: It comes from aviation. Say I'm the pilot, and (points to Leah) you're my co-pilot. You disagree with how I'm flying the plane. Okay, you say something, and I fly the plane the same way. Someone else says something, and I don't acknowledge it, I lose. I have to give up control. The 2-challenge rule. I mean, the doctor's adopted it to the O.R. (Stephanie is tapping her foot) Edwards, what?!
      Stephanie: We're 30 minutes away. Finish your rounds. You're gonna wanna be in the front row when your life changes. (they all go to leave, Shane stops)
      Shane: Dr. Webber, you wanna come with us? Dr. Grey says you're supposed to be up and walking.
      Richard: Oh, uh... no, you go on down. Uh, but come back, 'cause you're gonna wanna hear the end of this story.
      C.J (overhearing, from other room): Everyone already knows the end of the story because you've already told it!
      Richard: Maybe you shouldn't be listening in on conversations that take place in other people's rooms, C.J.
      C.J: Not my fault that you work for a hospital with crap-thin walls!
      Richard: Yeah, go take a lap.
      C.J: I will if you do!

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Glioma, fibroma, blastoma. Whatever the tumor, people assume you approach it the same way. You find its hiding place in the body and open the patient up and you cut it the hell out. But you're not just fighting the one tumor, you're actually at war with over a billion cells.

    • Meredith: (closing voiceover) So how do you beat the odds when it's one against a billion? You stand strong, keep pushing yourself past all rational limits, and never let yourself give up. But the truth of the matter is Despite how hard you try, and fight to stay in control, when it's all said and done, sometimes you're just outnumbered.

    • Alex: So that's what it was about in there? You and Yang? She calls you a lousy doctor, and suddenly you have something to prove?
      Meredith: That is not what this is about.
      Alex: Oh, so yo-you take it out on my patient.
      Meredith: I did not take it out on your patient.
      Alex: Look, you need to be told you're good? Fine, Mer. You're good. But Yang was right. You're a lousy doctor today.

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