Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 22

Unaccompanied Minor

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 19, 2011 on ABC

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  • Season finale? Really?

    Don't get me wrong, I used to love this show. I still did during the first 11 episodes of this season. But then they started focusing on Callie's pregnancy and that dumb triangle between her, Arizona and Mark. Then Chief's wife comes in with Alzheimer. Then Callie gets into an accident and they all sing during operation, yes they do have lovely singing voices, but they should have let just Sara Ramirez sing along - that would be way better musical episode.

    And when it returned after a month of hiatus with episode 19, I kept waiting for something big to happen. You now like every May. The lesbian wedding came and went. Still not much to talk about. Maybe if it were 10 years ago. Finale was nice, although a little boring. It was different in a way that it did not offer any action like that flawless last year's. The only thing that grabbed my interest enough was the crisis of stable couples like Meredith/Derek and Christina/Owen. And uh-oh Kepner is the cheif of surgery? Huh, I hope the next season will be its last.
  • Another finale

    Always throwing in confusion. It was expected. It was not unexpected at all for the viewers to know that chaos would rule a story lines.

    -- Alex -- Yet another finale in which Alex is thrown under the boat. He finally gets someone but within 2 episodes that relationship abruptly cuts off to which Alex does something rash. Textbook from season 1. This development was made for 2 reasons.

    1) set up for some Meredith implosion (described below)

    2) to get rid of the ob attending, who was unconvincing as a doctor at every level. Better suited for a cheesy role. I saw that after couple episodes and so did the show's casting crew.

    -- Meredith -- Her life was already complicated and merely settling down. Once again her life gets screwed and everything goes back to square 1. Boring. The extra work and family fiasco was excessive. Teddy falls for the to-be-dead-soon guy? I can't even remember that guys name. The character they attempt to creat never existed. A borderline attempt at creating someone and an even further attempt at manufacturing a last minute relationship from thoughts of pity for no reason at all. She was set for Germany and pulled a 180.

    -- No wedding -- Instead another mass casualty. There was absolutely no point to yet another mass fatality situation. This was introduced because the whole Torres situation resolved in a disappointing, sped up wedding in which everything she used to stand for was thrown aside for a backyard celebration. The religion issue played out. Understandable, but the crash and wedding flew by. Remember when Izzie had half a season for a wedding dress? Thought so. They could have done a lot more this season and brought in the parents as well.

    -- Yang -- Though its true Christina never wanted a kid, the way it was presented was good. The development covered for the resolved Owen PTSD season. Good start to her story.

    -- Chief Resident -- The only piece that made sense in the episode was April become C.R. she's always been the levelheaded resident and the only one who delegated and does any job beyond the incessant desire to cut.
  • Impressive and quiet finale.

    Last year gave us one of the most epic and action-packed finale of the year, and of Grey's itself. This couldn't beat that, but it impressed in a different way.

    Meredith and Derek: I loved this storyline. They're developing, especially Meredith, and the ending was genuinely quite sad. There was no melodrama, Meredith didn't overreact...she almost accepted what she did wrong, and went with it. Showing huge growth in her character. She was she is accepting motherhood is really nice to watch, and the scene where she walking around the house with Zola was very well done. Will they survive Meredith's dishonesty? I hope so. But I liked the way it was handled. I'm predicting a few episodes of fighting, and then a reconcile.

    Alex: He was a jerk to do what he did to Meredith, and may be becoming an alcoholic judging by that last scene. It was quite intense when Meredith told him to 'get us crap out of the house' and he did too. Lucy didn't get much from him, and might never.

    Cristina and Owen: I enjoyed this storyline. An issue of pregnancy and abortion between a couple, done well and realistically. Owen had no right to kick Cristina out, and despite the fact that she should have talked to him more - he's in the wrong. I do wonder whether she'll go through with this abortion though. My guess is maybe she'll put it off...and then change her mind? I hope they break up though, Owen irritates me.

    Teddy: Don't really care. I guess it's good she chose the patient.

    Lexi/April/Bailey: So Lexi chose Avery. I'm glad. April got chief resident - I'm glad cos she's really growing on me. Bailey had little to do, but is going to introduce her boyfriend to Tuck.

    Other: The plane crash storyline was heartwarming and sad. The finale few minutes, and Meredith's voice-over was a great end to the season. I look forward to season eight.
  • La interminable saga de los cirujanos en Seattle continúa dando buenas historias gracias a la construcción de personajes complejos y apreciables por la audiencia.

    Es verdad. Amo Grey's Anatomy. Este jueves terminó la séptima temporada y los guionistas no necesitaron una masacre (bueno de hecho sí, pero eso pasó a un segundo plano) para hacer un final de temporada contundente.

    Me encantó cómo este episodio le dio la oportunidad a cada personaje de mostrar su verdadero caracter, nos damos cuenta de que a pesar de todo lo que ha pasado en la serie, cada personaje (muy bien construido desde el principio) tiene una historia para contar, muchas más por venir.

    Meredith, excelente, por fin retomó el protagonismo de la serie. Derek, como le dijo su mamá hace un par de temporadas, ve la vida en blanco y negro, mientras su esposa ve una variada escala de grises.

    Cristina, de nuevo embarazada, mantiene su terrible obsesión por controlar el curso de su vida, a pesar de estar casada con un hombre que aún muestra señales de estrés pos-traumático.

    Alex sigue siendo ese adolescente golpeado por la vida incapaz de madurar, a pesar de sus notables progresos emocionales. MIranda y Sloan están evolucionando dando espacio a nuevos personajes principales, como la dra Altman y su esposo de "mentiras", Lexie y Avery (la nueva hot couple) y la dra Kepner que ahora será Chief Resident. Cómo da vueltas la vida.

    Por su parte, Richard Webber, atormentado por la enfermedad de su esposa, encontrará la forma de arreglar el lío del clinical trial.

    Una vez más, excelente trabajo del equipo de guionistas y de los actores. Cómo extraño a George y a Izzie… en fin. Que se venga la temporada 8… la cual bien podría tratarse de la maternidad de Meredith, Cristina, Callie y Arizona… a lo Amas de casa desesperadas… jajajaja!
  • Made me cry. Not in a "I drop a few tears because it's all so emotional" way but in a gut wrenching "I just wanna sob and sob, okay?" way. It could be described as quiet, but in the best possible way.

    Don't know what it was that made this episode as impressive as it was: there wasn't that much happening, still everything happened. It felt like Grey's Anatomy returned to its roots: it was all about the emotion not that much about the action.

    And we had had it coming it has been happy day for far too long for the twisted sisters: Meredith and Christina both experience heart break and hard desicions. Though expected it was still in a way a surpise because it was all so sudden. Exepcted was also the oh-so-waited kiss between Teddy and the insurance-husband. Made me cheer, still. It was a long plotted trap I think, but by the time the little girl's mom arrived to the hospital I was gone: weeping on the sofa, hugging what ever reminded me of a safety blanket, think it was a pillow at the time. But it's okay, I like a good cry every now and then. So it was traditional Grey's but still it wasn't. I tried to grasp what made this one different: the script, the way it was shot, the acting but could'nt really find it. The way to describe it that it felt more REAL than anything else before.
  • Season Finale...

    Grey's Anatomy is as Grey's Anatomy was. This episode is touching and very personal. For a typical Grey's Anatomy episode, this is fair and touching story. The Ending montage, you can't help but agree. It is as we all expect Grey's Anatomy to be. But for a season finale, and we're talking Grey's Anatomy finale here. the show that shocked us with the arrival of Derek's very fancy, very attractive and extremely intelligent wife. The show that made us wow with the Prom. The show that gave us Christina Yang left in the altar. The show that have Meredith standing inside her candle-made house in the mountains. The show that brought us questions of who dies and who lives with the two of the five original interns. The show that made our heart stop for two hours with a guy randomly shooting people in Seattle Grace seeking for revenge. Those are what made Grey's Anatomy's season finales to die for. This is not their best season ender, but it is as good as the rest of the episodes from this season. Maybe last season's finale pulled a lot of nerve in the brains of this shows writers that it's hard to follow an ending that huge. It was the best season finales from all of tv creations...
  • The thing I love most about Grey's Anatomy is the never ending mix of romantic views, unexpected twists and emotional pain.

    This finale touched upon several subjects that were true to the show's story and characters. One being the many shades of Grey.
    Meredith Grey is a great main character for multiple reasons, one being is that she's not without faults. Far from it. So even when she does something that shakes up everything she has been working for, there's still sympathy left for her. Like her, there are many characters on the show but none more than Alex Karev. Forget Shephard or Cristina, I always preferred the friendship of Alex and Meredith above everything else. Because amidst the wildest mistakes they always found common ground. All the more devastating is the fall out from Alex telling Owen that Meredith messed with the trial.
    This story goes combined with a air plane crash that saw only one survivor and Cristina's discovery she's pregnant (again). These make up for moving and strong character stories. The entire development of Cristina and Owen's relationship is one I've personally been waiting for since they got married. It feels realistic and true to both characters. On the background of it all Sloan finally lets Lexie go, Teddy gets her husband back and Kepner gets chief residency. Something tells me she isn't going to carry the job full term but that's for next year.
    Meanwhile the perfect couple of Meredith and Derek is facing a complicated separation. His black and white views and her shades of grey collide right at the time they get Zola. The scene where Meredith walks through her empty house is one that serves the show well. I won't ever get over how great Grey's Anatomy is with finales. They are poignant, moving and view changing. This one not being an exception. Strong episode.
  • Teary-eyed episode

    Three things that made me teary eyed in this episode. First is the news that no one survived the plane crash and when one of the surviving families whose son died on the crash decided to stay in the hospital to give support to one unaccompanied minor. The scene was so well played. The second is Henry's declaration of his love for Teddy. I liked the transition of this smiling Henry to someone who is hurting emotionally and finally came out clean of what he is really feeling towards Teddy. Finally, Teddy has a nice love story line. The last is Christina's decision to abort her baby.
  • Best episode I've watched

    I was wondering how they'd top last year's finale. Of course, to each its own: last year's rampage had a lot of shock value, character development, big decisions, etc. This one wasn't better or worse, but it was different, and hit the nail on the head with human emotions, even bigger decisions, etc. Short review, character-wise:

    * Lexie: So, again she's torn between two blokes. That part I didn't like to much. What's it gonna be on the eight series' finale? Thorn between Mark and Stark? Between Mark and the Chief? Between Mark and April? Between Mark and Izzie Stevens? Between Mark and Montgomery?

    * Mer & Derek, Owen & Cristina: I can see both sides' points, and I can't say I'd react differently, were I on each of their shoes. Very complicated real-life-like situations where some details *are* b/w, others aren't even shades of grey (no pun intended), but colours ... and just because you can't see the infra-red or ultra-violet, it doesn't mean they don't exist. Wonderful plot.

    * Alex: What a troubled but good-hearted chap ... he's very human, which is why I can relate. Some noble things he does, some selfish reckless decisions, sometimes even too childish, but that's what we all (or most) are: beautiful AND horrible. Again, not just black, white or (sorry again) grey.

    * The main tear-jerker of the episode: Realistic, very well written, some excellent guest actors, and wonderful choice of music and photography to get you involved. I really felt for those in pain, and it really touched me.

    * As for the rest of characters and their individual development (or lack thereof), well, nice to see them making big choices, etc. I'd have liked to see more of Miranda (she was phenomenal on last year's finale), but OK... I did not like, though, the way Teddy's overused in those soapy love triangles. She's got the potential to be involved in more stuff and make her character do something more besides that. Last year, she was the only one not to have any direct contact with the killer or be in mortal danger at any point (well, Sloan too, though he was close to the fire before finding Karev), and now she's the only one who's not having a different sort of crisis other than teen drama. I love the actress and I love the character and I think she could/should do more than a 90210 / Gossip Girl plot.

    But all in all, I loved the episode. Even with all the subtle (or not so subtle) things I criticised, because, then again, that's life. And Meredith's narration at the end - wow! Very true, sad ... but true.