Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 22

Unaccompanied Minor

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 19, 2011 on ABC

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  • Impressive and quiet finale.

    Last year gave us one of the most epic and action-packed finale of the year, and of Grey's itself. This couldn't beat that, but it impressed in a different way.

    Meredith and Derek: I loved this storyline. They're developing, especially Meredith, and the ending was genuinely quite sad. There was no melodrama, Meredith didn't overreact...she almost accepted what she did wrong, and went with it. Showing huge growth in her character. She was she is accepting motherhood is really nice to watch, and the scene where she walking around the house with Zola was very well done. Will they survive Meredith's dishonesty? I hope so. But I liked the way it was handled. I'm predicting a few episodes of fighting, and then a reconcile.

    Alex: He was a jerk to do what he did to Meredith, and may be becoming an alcoholic judging by that last scene. It was quite intense when Meredith told him to 'get us crap out of the house' and he did too. Lucy didn't get much from him, and might never.

    Cristina and Owen: I enjoyed this storyline. An issue of pregnancy and abortion between a couple, done well and realistically. Owen had no right to kick Cristina out, and despite the fact that she should have talked to him more - he's in the wrong. I do wonder whether she'll go through with this abortion though. My guess is maybe she'll put it off...and then change her mind? I hope they break up though, Owen irritates me.

    Teddy: Don't really care. I guess it's good she chose the patient.

    Lexi/April/Bailey: So Lexi chose Avery. I'm glad. April got chief resident - I'm glad cos she's really growing on me. Bailey had little to do, but is going to introduce her boyfriend to Tuck.

    Other: The plane crash storyline was heartwarming and sad. The finale few minutes, and Meredith's voice-over was a great end to the season. I look forward to season eight.
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