Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 22

Under Pressure

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on ABC

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  • I hate recaps!!

    Recap shows are pointless to me. If you watch all the eps who needs a recap. However with the networks having so many hiatises these days I suppose they deem it necessary. Also why does a review have to have 100 words, there isn\\\'t that much to say about a recap show. I guess that is my point entirely, why bother with recaps? I might as well recap everything I have writen here just to fill the 100 word min. Recap shows are boring, pointless and a total waste of time, just like reading this review would be to you!!!!
  • Great summary of events starting from the beginning and leading up to that particular point in the season.

    I thought this was a fantastic recap episode. To be honest, this was the first episode I\'d ever seen of \"Grey\'s Anatomy\". Furthermore, it was THIS episode that sparked my interest in the show. In fact, the next day I went out and bought the first season on DVD. Anyhow, I feel they did a fine job covering the major plot points of the first two seasons, albeit brief. But then, there\'s only so much you can cram into an hour-long episode. Had it not been for this episode, I probably wouldn\'t love this show today. Some say clip shows are a waste of time. In my case, it made me love a show I may have otherwise never given a chance.
  • recaps good or a waste of time ? waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am sorry but how dumb to they thing grey's faves are 2 recap shows in the span of nothing time. i mean i know it's "we better not put anything worth watch time cos it's not getting rated " time, but really how many times do they have to go over the characters story lines we get it!!!! that why we like the show right? it is good for late comers to the show, but as someone who watches every week to me its a waste of time and i find it really really boring and annoying no more !!
  • Flashback episode, recap episode, call it whatever you want, this episode gave a rundown of the entire first and second series up until the last episode.

    Okay let me start by saying although I\'m not a huge fan of recap episodes, I generally find them to be a waste of time, especially if you have watched every episode from the beginning, I am however a HUGE fan of Grey\'s Anatomy and I would watch the opening and closing credits of that\'s all that was available. And seeing as Grey\'s has had an extended hiatus, a recap episode will do just fine.

    What surprised me was that the episode recapped the entire show from it\'s inception, I was expecting it to only recap the second season, or even from the point of the last recap episode. Although at times I was screaming at the screen that I had already seen all of the first season clips way too many times to count, hell I knew most of the scenes off by heart (okay I\'m addicted I admit it)I did enjoy getting to see Meredith and McDreamy together again, by recapping the entire 2 seasons up until the last episode to screen with Finn appearing, we got to see everything, and it reminded me why I love this series so much. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry and it makes me scream at the screen, cursing when the 43 minutes are up.

  • A second recap after not even 40 episodes - definitely too much. It felt like a 45 min long show preview for the rest of this season

    Although I had been quite annoyed that they had put on another recap episode on such a new show, I have to admit, I somehow enjoyed it.
    They had to cover quite a long time and a lot of events, but they managed to show the evolving of the characters and the relationships. Still, for a completely new watcher, it might have been a bit too much at once. And the line of events was not always clear.
    Yet, we got the main crossing points together and it became a bit clearer why people acted like this or like that, what caused their actions and some strings were taken up again to show that they are not finished yet. As for example Mark, who, IMO, will definitely coming back after they showed him telling Addison he loves her and that Derek is actually in love with Meredith. Their being friends was disproved as being only the eschar on a wound which was not properly put together and needs to be cut open again. The bad parts need to be taken out, what's left to be tightly sealed and then left time to heal... .
    The Izzie/Denny/Alex triangle was shown to be in need for a big crash, too. Although Alex was presented surprisingly 'nice'. He tells people what they are doing wrong when everybody just tries to be patient and nice and considerate, but actually do not really help by that. Like Izzie telling George all the time to 'go for it' and ask Meredith out - until the final desaster when they go to bed and Meredith breaks out in tears. THAT wound of George is not being treated by Callie, the 'bonebreaker' girl who knows what she wants and right now, it's George whom she wants.
    All in all, I think what made me not to dislike the episode too much is that I DO like the show and so it was a flashback of some nice scenes. BUT: I could have done that by re-watching my taped episodes either - and I wanted to see what would happen NEXT.
    So, please give us more action, not only recollection.
  • Not another flashback episode!

    Flashback episodes are just filler in my book. This episode is no exception.

    These episodes are just filler, in my book. They serve little purpose except to give actors, writers, and directors a break.

    While giving editors a jumbo editing assignment. As usual, they managed to pull it off and somehow make a whirlwind tour through the last season somehow watchable.

    But, just barely. Because those who have already seen this season's shows did not see anything we had not seen before, or learn anything that we had not learned before.

    Personally, I kind of despise the whole notion of flashback shows and wish the TV industry would just stop it.
  • I have issues with these recap episodes

    Here is the thing. These Recap shows annoy me. For those of us that watch the show every week, we don't need a recap, we need a new episode. It is not fair for those of us that watch the show on a regular basis, to have to sit through an entire hour(without TIVO) watching things that we have already seen and already know about. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the show and as far as recaps, they did a much better job presenting the show. I just think we deserve better as true Viewers. Those that just now decided to watch the show, should just wait for the DVD.
  • This may have been a very boring recap to people like me who have been watching since the beginning. How fun is it to see something that familiar? It was better than a regular rerun because it wouldn\'t have offered a little sneak peek at where the show i

    The episode itself shouldn\'t even count as an episode on this site but then again I saw some very interesting hints at what might happen. They focused a lot the relationships and that allowed many fans to see what may be \"tested\" during the last episodes of the season. Burke and Cristina are in for a ride, and you got that by how they looked all tough yet perfect in a corny way. Addison and Derek\'s reconciling on their marriage was emphasized but so was his faux friendship with Meredith. There also was Finn, who is also going to be in the show for a while. Callie and George are gonna get serious from the looks of the recap but they also reintroduced his love for Mer (that may be one thing that can break them up if he falls for her again).\\

    I cannot say this is a REAL 10/10 but it was a clip show and it couldnt have been any better.
  • Glad they had this type of episode, I had missed a few episodes and I needed a lil recap of what had happened.

    I was so glad that this episode showed every thing that has happened already. It let me remember things that have happened before that were REALLY funny lol and it also let me see what had happened in some previous episodes, since i missed a few of them. But I can not wait till next weeks episode. This show just keeps me coming back for more every time I watch it. But this episode lets us see how much the characters have changed and how the scenarois(sp) have changed dramatically in these last few episodes. With George moving out, and Izzie and Denny getting closer, and Izzie and Alex breaking up, and Geoge and Merideth (need I say more? lol) and Burke and Cristina dealing with George and George moving on and getting a new girlfriend. All in all, a great episode to get everybody caught up.
  • Really enjoyed the recap episode.

    I really enjoyed this episode because for a couple months I was missing a lot of the episodes as I was always working so it was nice to have this filler episode. I liked that it went a little detailed with some parts and not so much with others, kind of out lining the storylines that are a little more important. The only thing I didn\'t liek about the episode was the way it went to commercial, it just left and didn\'t really finish before going to commercial. Well can\'t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store.
  • You know catch up summaries like this are useful during a stretch without airing a new episode (ahem 3 weeks?). Though it sucks when prior to this it was intermitent with new episodes, when they aired the oscars and bumped Grey\'s.


    The catch up episodes only catch up on the drama of the show and part of the show\'s excellence is the comedy that goes with it. The merged some of the comedy by showing George ask Meredith out awkwardly in the beginning \"If you drink Alocohal.. we could .. uhm .. drink .. all of us.. you know because of the bad day..\"

    It would be great to see a catch up episode that shows the humor - not just the pivotal drama. (i.e. when Meredith stuck her hand in the cavity with the bomb) They all hit the deck, done that scene - why not cut to the comedy/irony when Christina and Dylan tell her how stupid that was, Meredith says \"You when isn\'t a good time to make fun of someone? When you\'ve got your hand on a bomb and a stranger is putting a vest over your boobs.\"

    Ack, well they did manage to include Bailey telling George the famously funny \"O\'Malley - STOP looking at my Va-Jay-Jay!\" So maybe they did add more of the humor.

    Anyone know if they included Christina and Burke\'s boogie with the IPOD dance fest in their apartment? Or Christina shoving hot-dogs in her face during the hot-dog contest \"You wann beat me but you can\'t beat me\"
  • 3 months and 10 episodes later - another recap episode.

    Is there honestly some worry that I can\'t go 3 months without needing a reminder of every little thing that happened the season. I understand re-cap episodes for those that are new fans, even though they recap the important things at the beginning of every episode. But is it really necessary to do two episodes of this in one season? Topping it off, it wasn't even a great recap episode.
  • A catch-up episode

    Although it was just a clip show this episode was necessary for those who've missed a few. Nothign really exciting to tell. But we could ahve had a new episode, it's been quite a while. Desperate Housewives did a clip show too that night so there was almost no new programming on ABC. Good going ABC!

    But in all seriousness I'm sure this would helpful for new viewers and would serve as a way to get everyone all excited for sweeps. On things I wonder though, is why didn't they mention anything about Meredith discovering she ahd sisters? That was pretty pivotal.
  • Boring, recap show!

    ALright, so needless to say when I found out that Greys was a recap show I was mad! I don't know how long it has actually been since we have seen a new episode but it feels like forever!!!! There was only about 5 to 10 mins of the recap show that I was interested in. I had missed an episode (long story short set the VCR for the wronge time cuz im an idiot) so it was good that I gotta to see some important parts that I had missed. So thank ABC and Grey's for that but please no more recap shows, cuz I will not be missing anymore shows.
  • Let\\\'s bring everybody up to speed, shall we?

    I like Grey\\\'s Anatomy. I was turned on to it by my sister, who\\\'s an ER Nurse in real life. She said all the nurses are watching it. I guess you could say that\\\'s a pretty strong endorsement.As far as medical dramas go, when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it, it\\\'s not that much different than ER or even St. Elswhere, for that matter. But the characters are easy to get involved with and you want to see what happens..desperately. Nice casting.
    I am constantly amazed at how many movie people want in on the Grey\\\'s magic. Everytime I watch the show, I keep turning to my roommate and saying, \\\"Hey, wasn\\\'t that so-and-so?\\\" Then we gotta rewind the DVR and figure out if it was or wasn\\\'t. (More often than not, it was.)
    I\\\'m thankful for the occasional clip show because sometime you don\\\'t want any new information, just a little review will do nicely, thankyouverymuch.
    (However, I\\\'m still a little fuzzy as to why the bartender/narrator was having surgery...maybe I missed something.)
    Anyway, a good episode to bring everybody up to speed before we move on. Still a great show.