Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 14

Valentine's Day Massacre

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2010 on ABC

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  • Meredith makes sacrifices for her marriage, Bailey has a possible love interest, and little Sloan takes off and admits she only was only using Mark.

    I was a tad bit disappointed that the writers spent so long building "little sloan's" character only to have her leave so abruptly. I also feel that Meredith is softening up a bit more than I would like. I feel the character we've known to love for a few seasons now is taking a turn to become some mushy "wife" instead of keeping her ground and sticking to her decisions. It is refreshing, but part of this show is all about the struggles she goes through, and now any struggle seems to be overcome by the thought that she's married and is more of an "emotional" person.
  • Valentine's Day turns out to be nothing special: Lexie uses her blond ambitions to draw attention, Meredith adjusts to her new lifestyle with Derek as chief, and Sloan gives Mark an ultimatum that shifts to the opposite of what he truly wanted.

    I guess my expectations were a bit too high. When I read about Callie and Arizona going on a date, a double date with Cristina, Owen, Meredith, and Derek...I just thought that it'd be fun. But no. While the storylines were good, I just didn't like how it was set entirely in the hospital...I thought'd it be more like the holiday episode but not rushed and stuff...but the cases were touching and they were my favorite part of the episode. I really did not like how they (probably) wrapped up the storyline with Sloan. Even though I did not like her I thought it was rushed...and they could've easily done more. Oh well, and next weeks promo is so boring....and I bet you the episode will be good, at least I hope I won't be as disappointed with it as I was with "Valentine's Day Massacre".
  • Powerful episode.

    A very good, and a bit different episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight. Rather than the spotlight being on Meredith and Derek and Yang, like so often the case, we saw Lexie and both Sloans, and even Bailey, get the chance to shine, with the last one even beginning a romantic relationship, something that seemed highly unlikely, even just a few weeks ago.

    I liked this episode and the medical problems in it as they were simple, and yet uplifting at the same time, despite the fact that one of the patients died. They were feel good stories about hope and love and triumph and being special, and were what this show was once about during its prime.

    Let this be the start of a return to prominence, and hopefully not the exception to what has been a mediocre season.