Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 15

Walk On Water

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on ABC
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The staff is trying to deal with antsy patients while dealing with a major disaster when a cargo ship strikes a Ferryboat in Seattle. The Chief must choose a team to go out on location and save what is left of the few lives spared.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • OMFG!!!!!!OMFG!!!!!!!

    meredith freaking fell off the dock!!!!!!OMFG!!!!!!!.....i seriously didnt sleep at all after i saw that cause i was soooooo freaking shocked!!!!!....that is the best episode of greys for the simple reason that exacly 1 day after i saw it, IM SILL SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....and not the kind of shocked when ur like wow that was pretty goood....the kind of shocked that u feel rate when that moment happens and ur like OMFSCICBTHG!!!!!!!!!!!........

    well ok u no that guy that was freaking out and pushed her off the dock?....i dont like him cause rate after she fell he was relaxed and ok....i mean wtf it up with that?moreless
  • Worth the waiting! It was all I expected. It was hard to watch, but excelent anyway.

    I'm gonna start with few things that made bad this epi and then move on to the best.

    Something that may make this show worse is Meredith losing her thoughness, her willingness to fight and also her fortitude.

    When she tried to commit suicide (or whatever) by drowning in the tub, that was awful, and really stupid of her. Then, the highlights of the chief? I really hated it, he seemed like a puppy sitting aside of the road. One thing of Cristina that I didn't like was her attitude of "it's a mess, how bad, whatever, I wanna scrub in!" The time goes by and she seems to be less and less human. And how to forget SIDNEY! How annoying can she be?!

    Good things: the whole plot and tension. The first shot of the ferry on fire was absolute surprising (I knew it was a ferry, owing to the spoilers¬¬). I liked to see the human side of the doctors there, except Cristina. Cristina scenes when she tries to tell Mer about her engagement, really funny. Music was great, and the drama scenes were amazing.

    The first part was as great as the other two parts.moreless
  • The staff of Seattle Grace race to save the lives of people involved in a tragical disaster when a cargo ship strikes a ferry boat. The chief sends a team of interns out with a couple doctors to help where they can.moreless

    I was a bit confused in the beginning of this episode because i couldn't figure out if Grey was actually trying to drown herself in the bathtub or if she was simply trying to disappear for a few minutes to escape the world. Also apparently Izzie is either having a relapse of her bad depression since she's eating everything in the refridgerator including a tub of butter, or perhaps she never got over it and has just been pretending to do better. I thought the scene where Callie was telling Bailey about her sex life with George, in which Bailey responded "stop, right there. I don't need to know this!" was funny. I like Callie more and more every episode. I also thought it was funny when she told the flakey doctor "I bite." Burke puts pressure on Yang to tell all her friends about their engagement before he does it, but he seems to beat her to the punch anyway when he tells Derek, and then the news travels on down the grape vine as usual. On a more serious note the plot of this episode is absolutely horrible. I can't believe all those poor people. A very clever episode though. Since when do you ever hear of an accident involving ferry boats? I do remember asking myself when do they ever send a surgical team consisting of residents and interns to a multiple trauma disaster outside of the hospital? Isn't that what search and rescue, and EMT's are for? Alex finds a pregnent woman who he thinks is dead at first, and pulls her out of the water after pulling a concrete pillon off her. Her face is completely crushed to the point you can barely recognize her as a person. I have never seen a face look so horrible. It reminded me of the movie Mask that Cher played in. He seems to have become attached to her and really wants her to make it through surgery. So far it's not looking too good for her to be able to carry the baby to full term though. Meanwhile, George finds a woman who needs immediate surgery but won't have it until he finds her seven year old son, who George promised to find. He tries to ask Callie for help but she response by telling him she can't be his wife right now because she has to work on patients that need surgery. Izzie is confronted with a man that has multiple injuries and needs immediate attention and must get to the hospital, but he is pinned between two cars. Search and rescue was supposed to come help but they are busy with everything else going on, and it doesn't seem like they are going to get to the man in time. He starts to have a seizure and Izzie is faced with the fact that she's probably going to have to find a way to save this man without the help of search and rescue. Grey is faced with trying to do her job, and has to keep an eye on a little girl who got separated from her mother in the accident. She sends the girl with someone to bring her back to a triage tent, but he looses track of her when he tries to help someone. The girl finds her way back to Grey who has pulled a man out of the water that has been swimming and has a serious leg injury, where he is bleeding significantly and she must stop the bleeding to help him, while being preoccupied with the little girl. Grey sews his leg up to stop the bleeding and the man freaks out, kicking Grey over the ledge into the water. Oh my got i couldn't believe it. I can't wait to see the next episode.moreless
  • What will happen next?

    The name of the show is Grey's anatomy so I guess Meredith will survive. But, oh, what an ending. Splash into the water. It just happened so fast and I didn't expect it at all. I wonder if the little lost girl will go and find McDreamy since she saw him and Meredith talk together before it happened. She was a good assistant so maybe she will get her saved in a way. I sure hope so. If not I don't know what I will do. This is seriously one of the most dramatic endings ever on Grey's anatomy. Can't see what happens next!moreless
  • cliffhanger ending!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good episode- lots of reli gud humour, and lots of development in all the romantic relationships in the show. I dont no if i lik the direction meres and mcdreamys relationship is goin tho, he seems genuinely hurt that she wont talk to him. izzys case was unreal and alex's too- i was on the edge of my seat for both!!! And wat a cliffhanger of an ending- i was screaming at the tv wen it ended- but 1 thing reli bugged me, can meredith not swim, and y was that little girl so calm??? ok 2 things....cant wait to see the next episode..........................moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

T.R. Knight

T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

Kelly Wolf

Kelly Wolf

Carly Height

Guest Star

Paul Perri

Paul Perri

Rick\'s Friend

Guest Star

Jeffrey Markle

Jeffrey Markle


Guest Star

Kali Rocha

Kali Rocha

Dr. Sydney Heron

Recurring Role

Elizabeth Reaser

Elizabeth Reaser

Jane Doe

Recurring Role

Kate Burton

Kate Burton

Ellis Grey

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When we see the helicopter approaching the "Seattle Grace" heli-pad, we can see the KOMO logo and "America's Best Newscast" on the side of the building

    • A stunt person was available on set to take over for the scene where Meredith falls backwards into the water, but actress Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith, was determined to do it herself. It ended up being more difficult than she thought, since she had to fall backwards on a mat in a very specific way, but Pompeo says that she enjoyed the experience.

    • Goof: When Alex is heading to the morgue and meets George on the stairs, Alex is heading upstairs. However morgues are usually in the basements of hospitals, and a short time later Alex says, "You didn't check down here right?"

    • Goof: When the gang are in the ambulance Bailey tells them to put their id-cards in front of their jackets. But just prior to that you could clearly see that at least Izzie already did that before she was told to. When the scene shift and Bailey tells them to do it, NONE of them had done it.

    • The scenes filmed at the ferry terminal were NOT filmed in Seattle. Producers visited the real Coleman Dock late December/early January and took images of the entire area. They then took the background shots and filmed the triage scenes in a Los Angeles parking lot.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Alex (to Jane Doe): Hey. I'm not going to be able to make it to your surgery today. (she reaches for his hand and grabs it) Here's the thing. You were crushed by a pylon. Dozens of people on that ferry boat died, but you're alive, so when I come back to check on you later, you better still be alive. Do you hear me?

    • Cristina (excited): Hey, what was the site like? Was it gory? Was it trauma bonanza? (changes her tone to sound sad) I mean, obviously it was terrible.
      Alex: I don't talk to thieves.
      Cristina: What?
      Alex: You just stole my Jane Doe right out from under me.
      Cristina: I am not a thief. Man, you balked. You're a balker.
      Alex: I was thinking.
      Cristina: Well, again, it's my problem that thinking is such a time consuminng process for you.
      Alex: I rescued her. I climbed down, I pulled a massive pylon off of her. I got her here alive.
      Cristina (excited): Pylons, there are pylons on people?
      Alex: Whatever. Now I get stuck babysitting the patient's families while you get to scrub in.
      Cristina: Oh, I'm not scrubbing in. I'm stitching up patients in the pit.
      Alex: Who'd you piss off to get that?
      Cristina: I happen to be pulling gaping pieces of flesh back together.
      Alex: Mm. You're stitching, you're just one step closer to knitting your Grandma's sweater.
      Cristina: Well, at least mine's medical.
      Alex: You're knitting, I'm pulling pylons off of people.

    • Cristina: I specifically told you that I needed to tell Meredith first.
      Burke: I was talking to Shepherd and it ... just came out. It's no big deal.
      Cristina: It is a big deal. Because she's not even gonna care about the fact that I'm getting married, all she's gonna care about is the fact that I didn't tell her myself.
      Burke: And why didn't you?
      Cristina: There was a major disaster.
      Burke: That was 45 minutes after we discussed it. You were with your friends for 45 minutes running triage drills and you weren't compelled to mention it?

    • Addison (to Richard): I dyed my hair blonde... the day after Derek moved out. Change is good. Your marriage is over, you're starting over. So am I.

    • Derek: Do you wanna get married? And I haven't asked. And now we have a problem.
      Meredith: What? No, I don't wanna get married. You wanna get married?
      Derek: No. Good, so that's not it, what is it?
      Meredith: It isn't anything.

    • Izzie: Dr. Bailey, where do you need us?
      Meredith: Where should we start first?
      Izzie: Dr. Bailey--
      Bailey: I don't have time to hold your hands. You all know the protocol, go do it.
      Alex: Do what?
      Bailey: Go help people.

    • Cristina: Do not tell any people.
      Burke: I haven't told anyone.
      Cristina: I know, I know. Just don't.
      Burke: I'm not going to ... yet.
      Cristina: Well, I just wanna tell my friend's here first.
      Burke: I have friends here. (Cristina gives him a look) Shepherd.
      Cristina: Oh, no. You can't tell Shepherd. You can't tell Shepherd until I've told Meredith. It will be a thing.
      Burke: You act like this is a disaster. The world won't implode if people know.
      Cristina: I will tell them, today. Just, wait.

    • Derek (enters the elevator): Morning. (looks at Richard) What's different?
      Richard: Nothing.
      Addison: Leave him be.
      Derek: What happened to your hair?
      Richard: Nothing.
      Derek: Mmhmm. (Addison glares at him. Mark and Burke enter the elevator. Derek moves over next to Addison)
      Derek (whispers to Addison): This is gonna be good. Watch.
      Burke: What happened to your hair?
      Addison (clears throat): Leave him be.
      Mark: He dyed it.
      Derek: But why?
      Addison (whispering as she whacks Derek with her newspaper): Leave him be!
      Derek: Ow! (whispers) What're you doing? What?
      Burke: Okay, but why?
      Richard: Men who have gray hair get noticed less than men who don't.
      Derek: By who?
      Burke: By the ladies. (Mark laughs, then coughs to cover it up)
      Derek: Looks good, chief.
      Burke: Very natural.
      Mark: The ladies will love it.
      Addison (pulls them all to the back of the elevator and whispers): He is alone! All alone! Do any of you even know what that's like? (motions to Burke) Lives with Cristina, (looks Derek up and down) dates the perfect twelve year old, (looks at Mark) Manwhore! His wife left him! After twenty-five years of marriage! So if the man wants to dye his hair for the ladies, let him dye his hair for the ladies! (Derek mouths 'Alright!') Leave him be.

    • Cristina: Meredith, I have a thing... News.
      Meredith: You're not pregnant again, are you? Cause I can't handle the extra months of bitchiness.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Disappearances happen in science: Disease can suddenly fade away, tumors go missing, we open someone up to discover the cancer is gone. It's unexplained, it's rare, but it happens. We call it misdiagnosis, say we never saw it in the first place; any explanation but the truth: That life is full of vanishing acts. If something that we didn't know we had disappears, do we miss it?

    • Alex: Where we going?
      Bailey: We'll know when we get there.
      Izzie: What kind of situation? Fire? Flood? Volcano? Cause I'm not really dressed for a volcano.
      Bailey: Stevens!
      Izzie: Sorry, that was inappropriate. Sorry.

    • Meredith: I was taking a bath.
      Derek: That's not a bath. I know what a bath looks like.
      Meredith: Drop it.
      Derek: Look your mother --
      Meredith: Drop it.
      Derek: Your mother... Look your mother was lucid and she said things and now she's --
      Meredith: Gone. Everything's back to normal, it's not a big deal.
      Derek: Yeah, except she's having heart surgery today. Hey, do you want me to talk to the chief? I know you have that triage thing today but he'll give you the day off...
      Meredith: Stop. I do not need rescuing.
      Derek: You would've drowned in the bathtub had I not been there.
      Meredith: I'm a surgeon. I do the rescuing. You are not my knight in shining, whatever.
      Derek: So we're going to fight because I pulled you out of the tub?
      Meredith: You have a place, you could sleep at it. Then you don't have to pull me out of the bathtub. You're everywhere, all the time, saying things.
      Derek: This is the happy ever after part, and in the happily ever after part, the guy is there, all the time, saying things, and the girls love it.
      Meredith: Go to work. I'll see you there.
      Derek: Just for the record, I am your knight, in shining, whatever. (leaves)
      Meredith (talking to Izzie): I did not try to drown myself in the bathtub.
      Izzie: Hey, I ate everything out of the fridge last night, everything -- including a tub of butter. There's no judgement here.
      Meredith: You ever feel like you were disappearing?
      Izzie: All the time.
      Meredith: Why can't I just be that happily ever after person? Why can't I believe in that?
      Izzie: I don't know what I believe in anymore.

    • Richard: What's the news?
      Mark: Shepherd and Grey are on the rocks. Burke and Yang got engaged. You need highlights in your hair. That's why it looks so odd. I'm gonna go save lives.

    • Derek: It just doesn't make sense. Ferry boats don't get in accidents. They're safe, they're reliable. The moment you take one for granted along comes a container ship and boom. I have a thing for ferry boats.

    • Derek: I mean, this whole day has just been, uh -- there's something wrong with Meredith. I asked her what's wrong, she says nothing. Then she tries to drown herself in the tub. Not actually drown, I don't think, but something was going on. She will not talk about. We were fine and now it's like I'm living with a ghost.
      Burke: You're confiding in me.
      Derek: Yes.
      Burke: Cristina and I are engaged.
      Derek: Congratulations.
      Burke: I mean, she doesn't want to tell anyone, at least not until she tells Meredith first.
      Derek: Yeah, they're different than other women.
      Burke: Yes, these women. Yes, they are.
      Derek: You know, maybe we'll never know them. I mean, really know them. (Mark walks up) And now you and Cristina are engaged, you've got a lot of work to do.
      Burke: Right.
      Mark: You and Yang are gettin' hitched?

    • Sydney: Chief resident. Yeah, for next year. The one fifth-year resident that rules all other residents. Oh she-- okay, she's cute. She's acting like she didn't know about it. Cute.
      Bailey: I'm not cute.
      Sydney: I'm on to you. Okay, I'm a competitor. Grr.
      Bailey: I bite.

    • Callie: It's weird. Weird. It's weird, right?
      Bailey: I need more triage tear tags.
      Callie: Living with somebody I'm married to is weird. I mean, I'm his boss and his wife. At work, I'm giving him orders. In bed, he's giving me--
      Bailey: Stop right there. I don't need to know this. I'm tired. I'm busy. While I will concede you and O'Malley have some challenges to overcome I'm asking you to remember that this day is a marathon and my mind can only hold what it needs to know. Your sex life cannot be held in my mind today. Ever. It cannot be held in my mind ever, never.
      Callie: Whatever.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Titles:
      Czech Republic: Kráčet po vodě (Walk on Water)
      Germany: Katastrophenalarm (Red Alert)

    • This episode does not have a closing voiceover.

    • Awards and Nominations:
      This episode was nominated for a VES Award for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: April 16, 2007 on Net 5
      Italy: May 14, 2007 on Foxlife
      Latin America: May 14, 2007 on Sony Entertainment Television (aka Canal Sony)
      New Zealand: May 17, 2007 on TV2
      Australia: June 10, 2007 on Channel 7
      Switzerland: June 18, 2007 on SF 2
      Israel: June 18, 2007 on Yes Stars 1
      Great Britain: August 23, 2007 on livingtv
      Ireland: September 18, 2007 on RTE Two
      Germany: September 19, 2007 on Pro 7
      South Africa: September 24, 2007 on MNet
      Norway: November 20, 2007 on TV2
      Croatia: December 17, 2007 on NOVA TV
      Finland: December 12, 2007 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: February 24, 2008 on PRIMA
      Romania: April 29, 2008 on TVR1

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. A Bitter Song by Butterfly Boucher
      2. Make This Go On Forever by Snow Patrol
      3. Liar by 8mm
      4. The Hop by Radio Citizen Feat. Bajka
      5. Opposite Direction by Union of Knives


    • Episode Title: Walk on Water

      This is the title of a song by Aerosmith. It is also the title of a song by Ozzy Osbourne and Milk Inc.