Grey's Anatomy

Season 10 Episode 16

We Gotta Get Out of This Place

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2014 on ABC



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    • Owen: So, this morning, I mentioned pulling back on your surgical schedule.
      Richard: You want to do this now-- On my birthday? Look, I'm sorry, Hunt, I'm not retiring, you can force me out, but I'm not--
      Owen: I'd like to appoint you director of the residency program. You'll be in charge of all the decisions regarding the educational arm of this hospital. I can teach. I'm good at it. But you bring something to it that I just can't.
      Richard: Well, what's that?
      Owen: You. Take some time to think about it.

    • April: I know.
      Jackson: Know what?
      April: What religious tradition I want to bring my kids up in. You said you don't-- You don't know, but I do. It's important to me that they're Christian. I thought you knew that.
      Jackson: That my kids would have different beliefs than I do? That's-- That's a little weird, April.
      April: An-And board meetings at 15? I kind of pictured my kids in 4-H.
      Jackson: Like raising pigs?
      April: Or cows. It's important that they're comfortable around livestock.
      Jackson: Is it?
      April (laughs): Jackson.
      Jackson: They'll ride horses at boarding school.
      April: They're going to boarding school?!

    • Alex (kisses Jo's cheek): See? I can get in trouble for that, and I don't want to. (sets the paper down) This isn't a promise of anything. You want a promise? I can promise you this-- You can't count on me, 'cause stuff happens, you know? Houses burn. Cars crash. People get sick. One of us could die tomorrow. I promise you cannot count on anything. But this makes it so... I can kiss you whenever I want to. (Jo smiles) I don't want the stupid running around and hiding. I want to kiss you when I want to kiss you. (Jo signs the paper and then kisses him)

    • Cristina: Women love you. You've had over 20 responses. I narrowed it down to 10. You should look these over. Pick three for coffee dates.
      Owen (takes her phone and looks at the pictures, and swipes through all of them): Okay, I got to go and talk to Webber, and, after that, I think we should get out of here.
      Cristina: Owen.
      Owen: You could just wait here. Or we could meet back at your place.

    • Meredith: Hey, Arizona told me that Jackson put together a committee to look into this thing for you and Callie.
      Derek: Oh, we should--
      Callie (walks up): My god. Whoops. You can tell him to stop.
      Derek: You need a drink?
      Callie (laughs): Yeah.
      Derek: You can have a drink.
      Arizona: Wait, well-- What happened?
      Callie: We overthrew the government today. We're thirsty.

    • Bailey: Happy birthday, sir.
      Richard: You looked right in my eyes and you lied to me, Bailey.
      Bailey: Yeah, but it didn't count because you were being stupid.

    • Catherine: Honestly, I'm really proud of my boy. He had the stones to stand up and ask for true love. I-- That's scary. Of course, I would never tell him that.
      Richard: Mmhmm.
      Catherine: What's the matter with you? You were quiet all the way here. Are you sad because no one celebrated your birthday?
      Richard: Oh, come on. I'm not a child. Hunt's trying to push me into retirement.
      Catherine: What?
      Richard: He started the day by handing me directions to the pasture.
      Catherine: And you told him where to stick it, right? (Richard is silent) Oh, come on. Don't slow down on me now. I'm ready to start the next part of my life. And I thought I was gonna do it with you. If you're not up for it, you'd better step aside. And if you are, you-- (Richard kisses her) Let's go.
      Richard: Alright.
      Catherine: Now smile. And act surprised.
      Richard: What? (Catherine leads him into the restaurant where everyone is waiting for him)

    • (Eric & Stephanie are watching something on the printer)
      Meredith (walks in): Edwards! You had one job.
      Stephanie: Oh. Dr. Grey, we were just uh, looking at Eric's designs, which are actually kind of amazing.
      Eric: I'm fired. I'm totally fired.
      Meredith: Listen, Gary.
      Eric: Uh, Eric.
      Meredith: What-- Whatever. This was my mother's project. I took it over. It's my project. So, it's sort of like my family heirloom.
      Eric: I totally get it. I have this teacup--
      Meredith: It's my baby, and I failed it.
      Eric: No, you didn't.
      Meredith: Stop talking. I failed it, and that's not okay because other people's babies are growing. They're thriving. They're saving lives. They're getting pats on the back from residents. And mine is sitting in a basement, and we need to change that.
      Eric (to Steph): She said 'we'.
      Stephanie: Yeah, it's a good sign.
      Meredith: Have a seat, before you start printing, I want to go over a few things with you.
      Eric: Well, I'm good right here.
      Meredith: I said 'sit.' (Eric sits down)

    • Bailey (about the twin the removed from Greg): Uh, you want me to take that back to path?
      Richard: Oh, are you kidding me? This is my birthday present. Uh, speaking of which, I'll see you, what, in about, uh... half an hour?
      Bailey: Sir? Okay, now you're making me feel bad. W-What-- If I'd have known you wanted a party, I would have-- Look, uh, come to dinner with me and Ben. Oh, oh, please, please, we'd love to-- We'd love--
      Richard: Uh, Bailey, stop. Bailey. (chuckling) I was just joking. Go and have fun.

    • Derek: Look, Lloyd, I'm afraid this whole proprietary thing isn't going to work. Dr. Torres' and my work has to continue with our sensors.
      Lloyd: Derek, uh, before we continue, I should tell you that we are here with some folks from the N.I.H and, uh, the White House. (turns camera so they can see) Gary Neal, director of N.I.B.S, and Sid Garret, our presidential liaison for the bioethics committee, and this is Robin Marks of the European Brain Initiative, (Derek writes 'Bullies' on a post-it and shows it to Callie) and you know, of course, Linda McCrary. And, uh, I'm sorry I forgot your name.
      Derek: Yeah, I'm glad you're all there. Actually, um, this affects all of you. Lloyd, our work to map the brain is like the brain itself. It's dependent upon connections, our innovation and inspiration of scientists like Dr. Torres and millions of others. If we have a policy that thwarts innovation, then we're stopping before we even start. It's a-a fundamentally wrong approach, and I can't support it.
      Lloyd: Okay.
      Derek: We are willing to share our sensors with you but only if our work continues-- (Callie smiles & gives him a thumbs up) If everybody's research continues.
      Lloyd: Dr. Shepherd, your contract is very clear. We have sole right to your sensors, or you are out.
      Derek: Then I am out.
      Lloyd: The president himself--
      Derek: We can tell that to the president. Better yet, get him on the phone. I will tell him myself. Either the policy goes, or I go.
      Lloyd: We will... have to... figure out... a... way to share. (Derek & Callie hug each other and then Callie dances) In the meantime, you can send us the plans for your sensors, and, uh, Dr. Torres, of course, should continue her work.
      Derek: Thank you, Lloyd, for your cooperation. I'll talk to you soon.

    • Jackson: Oh, my god. I'm going to say this to you for the last time, alright? This relationship is not new. This decision was not rash. You only feel that way because you didn't get to weigh in on it.
      Catherine: Because you didn't include me in it, like everything else in your life.
      Jackson: I don't need to include you! You include yourself in everything always!
      April: Stop! Oh, stop it! Stop it, both of you!
      Catherine: April, sweetheart, don't--
      April: No, stop it! (sighs, to Catherine) You're right. There are a lot of things we still haven't figured out, but we will figure them out-- Jackson and I. But if you-- If you think that I am judging you or anyone because of my beliefs, then I'm-- I'm so sorry because I'm not. That is not me. And-- (sighs) I-I would love to talk to you about that sometime, but if-- if it's our children that you are so concerned about, if they disagree with you on some things, if that's not okay with you, then I-I-I don't-- I don't know. Restructure the board? I'm-- I'm making this up. I have no idea how it works.
      Catherine: Clearly.
      April: Look, but the point is there will be a way to figure it out. We did something that wasn't responsible, but we did it because we love each other and we want to spend every day together until we die. I am sorry.
      Jackson: No, you don't have to apologize to her.
      April: I do. I do. We got married. We had a wedding, and all she got was a phone call after it was over. If our kids do that, I will-- I will kill them with my bare hands. We made a huge mess. We hurt Matthew, and we hurt Stephanie. (to Catherine) And we hurt you. And I am so sorry. And I'm gonna spend the next I don't know how many years trying to make it up to you. (to Jackson) Apologize to your mom. (sighs) Come on.
      Jackson (walks over to Catherine): Can you stand up? (Catherine stands up)
      Catherine: What the hell were you thinking?
      Jackson: I love her. (Catherine scoffs) Mom. And I am sorry. But I love her. (smiles) She's the one.
      Catherine: You could have had grandma's cake topper. (voice breaking) It's limoges.
      Jackson (hugs her): I know. I know. I'm sure it's lovely.

    • Leah (about Greg): I still want to know what you said to get him to consent.
      Meredith: He promised him a doggy bag.
      Bailey: You didn't.
      Richard: I did. He's right. It's part of him. He should be able to have it and share it. This is of great medical interest. That's valuable. You don't... hide it inside of... some basement or... let it rot away. You share it. You let people benefit from it because, if you do, you can change the face of medicine.

    • Stephanie: Look, he just wants to try the printer.
      Meredith: Why does he need to?
      Stephanie: Because it's why he's here. And as long as you won't let him do anything, I can't be in here.
      Meredith: Tell him I said no.

    • April: I'm happy to sign the document.
      Catherine: That's wonderful.
      April: I don't have a pen.
      Jackson: No, sweetheart, you don't... actually sign it here. You review it with your lawyer, and he will then confer with our family lawyer.
      April: I-I will consult a lawyer.
      Catherine: Good. Now let's talk about the children.
      April (sighs): Oh, my god.
      Catherine: Will you have children?
      April: Yes.
      Jackson: Yes. (April looks at him) Yes. I said, 'yes'.
      Catherine: In what religious tradition will they be raised?
      Jackson: We don't know. We haven't talked about what religious tradition we will or won't raise our theoretical children yet.
      Catherine: That's a conversation you might want to have. Avery children become Avery Foundation board members. The foundation controls $480 million in charitable funds for the advancement of medicine.
      April (to Jackson): What?
      Jackson: Yeah.
      Catherine: Your children, when they're 15, will start sitting in on board meetings, you know, begin to learn the business, like Jackson did. When they are 18, they will gain a seat on the board. They will be voting members. You are a born-again Christian, who I presume is pro-life.
      April: That's right.
      Catherine: Will your children be taught that people who are pro-choice go to hell or their pro-choice father is going to hell or their grandmother?
      April: Wait. Whoa. I- I don't think anyone is going to hell. I-I-It's so much more complicated than that.
      Catherine: Will they stop supporting medical institutions that perform abortions or provide information about abortions, like, for example, this hospital? Will they vote to stop supporting stem-cell research? We'd all like to think that the problem at the table is the meddling mother-in-law who didn't get to walk her son down the aisle, but I have built a massive institution with my blood and my sweat. (to Jackson) And you will inherit it. And, one day, your children will control it. And I don't get the impression that either of you has given a moment's thought to what that means!

    • Cristina: Uh, did you do the profile?
      Owen: What? The dating thing? No, no. Cristina-- I've spent my morning trying to figure out a way to fix this thing between Torres and Shepherd. I haven't had time.
      Cristina: Sit. I'll do it for you. (starts typing on the computer) Describe yourself.
      Owen: No.
      Cristina: Stubborn.
      Owen: Listen-- I'm not being stubborn. I'm just--
      Cristina (continues typing): Smart, athletic.
      Owen: Listen-- I'm too busy to--
      Cristina: 'A busy professional seeks'-- What?
      Owen: Nothing. I seek nothing.
      Cristina: Ah, 'seeks same, someone who is passionate about her work... someone who's...' Come on, what?
      Owen: Fine. Fine. Um... someone who doesn't care to cook. Or get out of bed when it's not a work day. Someone who sleeps so soundly and peacefully that... I have to check her pulse sometimes. (Cristina stops typing and looks at him) Someone who's suffered... and understands suffering.
      Cristina: I'd keep it more upbeat.
      Owen: To the point I don't have to say a word. She just-- She just looks at me and sees who I am and how I feel... and accepts it. You know, she doesn't try to change it, doesn't want to change it. That person. There's a billion people but I imagine... there's only one of her.

    • Callie: It comes down to this. My research is just as important as yours. You're talking about microscopic neurons, I'm talking about giving a person the ability to walk again. It's just as important! And you wouldn't have come up with the sensors if it wasn't for my work. The sensors were an answer to a question that I asked you.
      Derek: It was my answer!
      Callie: Wh--
      Derek: Don't fight this, Callie. You don't want to.
      Callie: Oh, why, 'cause you have government lawyers now? I'm not gonna be bullied.
      Derek: You don't have a case! My name is on the material, and my name is on the patents. They're mine. You can hear it from me now. Or you can hear it from a judge in court. My suggestion is to save your time and money. (sighs) Listen to me... as your friend. I'm sorry. I feel terrible.
      Callie: There's a reason you feel terrible. It's 'cause it's the wrong thing to do, and you know it. You're not used to answering to people, and now you have the president himself calling you on the phone. And you're afraid to say no... even though you know this is 100% wrong. You're a good person. That's why you feel bad-- 'cause you should.

    • Greg: Do you have my discharge papers?
      Richard: Uh, no. No, no, I don't. I think you need to reconsider. You need to have this thing removed, Greg.
      Greg: Dr. Webber, you said it was incredibly rare. And it's mine. People chuck stuff all the time, no clue of the value of the thing that their throwing away. Finding treasure in their trash is what I do. And I didn't have to dig through anyone's yard-sale crap to find this. It was inside of me all along.
      Jodi: This is a wad of bones and teeth. It's not some crummy box of VHS tapes.
      Greg: We've talked about this. Analog's coming back in a big way.
      Meredith: Just because it's rare doesn't mean it has value. A heart has value. A liver has value.
      Richard: Actually, I'm on Greg's side here.
      Meredith: No, you're not.
      Richard: People do throw things away too easily. They throw out people just like that. (snaps fingers) They're done with you, and then they throw you out with the trash.
      Meredith: Sir.
      Richard: I'm not gonna do that, Greg.
      Jodi: Stop!
      Meredith: Yeah, stop.
      Richard: Okay, Greg, I have a proposition for you. You let me remove this fetus in fetu, and I promise you I won't throw it in the trash. I'll throw it in a jar, and you can take it home.
      Jodi: You aren't serious.
      Richard: It'll look a hell of a lot better on a shelf than in your belly. And you won't have that pain anymore.
      Greg: You can do that?
      Richard: I do it all the time.

    • Shane (about Sheryl): I'm sorry. She just really wanted to have a chance to plead her case.
      Cristina: That was out of line. I already said no.
      Shane: I know it was wrong. I'm sorry.
      Cristina: She doesn't meet the criteria. It's that simple. (sighs) I know it's hard because they're kids and they're dying. And they've got their stories and lives and family--
      Shane: Well, she doesn't! Her parents don't talk to her.
      Cristina: Ross, stop it. You're too emotionally involved, and you've gotten her hopes up. It's gonna be worse on her when you tell her no. Do your job.

    • Callie: I'm not talking to you.
      Derek: Okay, then just listen. If you understood what the brain mapping project can do, you would share your technology.
      Callie: Oh, share? I'm sharing now? You're stealing it.
      Derek: Callie, the brain has more nerve cells than humans on earth. (starts drawing on the white board) We want to understand how all those neurons interact, so we're gonna start with a smaller group like everybody here in the hospital. And we're gonna determine how they interact with each other and talk.
      Callie: Please, stop. Stop patronizing me, alright? You're just saying that your thing is more important than mine.
      Derek: I'm saying my thing feeds your thing. It will revolutionize our understand of what it means to be human.
      Callie: And yet, you would have never had the sensors if it weren't for my thing, you selfish--
      Derek: Selfish?
      Callie: Here! Let me show you a diagram. (takes the marker from him and draws a circle on the white board) This is you. (draws lines around the circle)
      Derek: I'm an asterisk?
      Callie: No. You think you are the white-hot center of the universe. Also, it looks like a butthole. Either way, it works.

    • Alex: What are you doing?
      Jo: Webber's post-ops. Since he got the fetus in fetu, I get this.
      Alex: Well, I'm heading into the fundoplication, and you'd be there, too, if you were in peds. (sets the 'love' document down)
      Jo: No.
      Alex: Okay, look, I thought this was nuts when Mer gave it to me, and I knew you'd hate it, too. But honest to god, it's just a piece of paper that says--
      Jo: It's a legal document, Alex, so it's not just--
      Alex: What is your problem.
      Jo: In my experience, you sign papers, and it's a kiss of death. You sign a marriage license, and the romance goes away. (nods to the patient) She signed a DNR two days ago. Guess what. She's using it.
      Arizona (walks in): Hey, Alex. Our guy's being prepped.
      Alex: For what?
      Arizona: Our fundoplication.
      Alex: Is that the cool transoral thing-- cutting edge, only being done in a few top-level peds-surg programs?
      Arizona: Yeah, that's the one.
      Alex (grabs the paper, and looks at Jo): Okay. Let's do it.

    • Meredith: What did you do?
      Bailey (points to Richard): He talked the man of our surgery. Now he loves his little brother-- Can't bear to part with him.
      Meredith: What?
      Richard: I was explaining the uniqueness of his condition. Apparently, my words... cast a spell.
      Bailey: Ah!
      Meredith: Okay, so, now what do we tell him? How do we get him back?
      Bailey: Tell him it could have adverse effects on his blood pressure. Tell him it could explode.
      Leah: Tell him it's a demon.
      Bailey: Oh, that's good.
      Richard: Okay, stop! I ruined it. I-I'll fix it. I'll talk to him.
      Meredith: What are you gonna say?
      Richard: I don't know! (starts to walk away)
      Meredith: I'm coming with you!
      Richard: This is the worst birthday ever.

    • Meredith: I mean, you're fixing baby hearts, Derek's mapping the brain and I'm--
      Cristina: Have the most amazing surgery ever. (looking at the C.T) I mean, tell me this is pressing--
      Meredith: Nowhere near the heart.
      Cristina (to Alex): Hey, did you see this? (shows Alex C.T)
      Alex: Oh, that the absorbed twin? Technically that's a peds case.
      Meredith: Back off. It's the reason I live.
      Cristina: Aw, she's mopey 'cause she let a lab rat loose in her lab.
      Alex: Boo-hoo. You gonna eat that bacon? (takes bacon from Cristina's plate)
      Meredith: No, it's like leaving your kids with a babysitter. I mean, you say, 'put the kids to bed at 7:00,' but will they? Or will they drink all your tequila, pass out, leave the gas on, the whole house blows up, and everybody dies?
      Cristina (shows Mer a picture of a woman): Okay. What do you think of her? She's hot, right?
      Meredith: Have you given up on men?
      Cristina: No, for Owen. There is this internet-dating site. There are pages of women like this. Owen should be doing this, right?
      Meredith: Yes.
      Alex: Why don't you just keep banging him? At least it's legal for you guys. You know, Jo's not gonna sign that stupid love contract you gave me.
      Meredith: Why not?
      Alex: Oh, I don't know, because it's stupid. I knew I shouldn't have given it to her.
      Meredith: Just tell her it's just a stupid piece of paper.
      Alex: Yeah, if she runs, I'm blaming you. (walks off)
      Cristina: She looks like she's 20.
      Meredith: She's cute.
      Callie (sits down, to Meredith): I hate your husband.
      Arizona: Owen said not to talk about it.
      Callie: I'm not. I'm talking to myself. I hate Derek Shepherd. Really? Why? Oh, 'cause he's an arrogant, stealing bastard. I totally agree.
      Cristina (shows them the woman's photo): Do you ladies think she's hot?
      Arizona: Yeah, very.
      Callie (to Arizona): And now I hate you. (walks away)

    • Richard (about Greg's C.T): Everybody needs to take a look because this, my friends, is the Halley's Comet of your careers, as rare, as wonderous and-- and fleeting-- (sees Owen walk in) Dr. Hunt. Can I help you with something?
      Owen: Yeah, I just came to have a look.
      Richard: You know there's a line.
      Owen (chuckles): You're-- You're serious?
      Richard: I'm deadly serious. These kids wanna learn. Back of the line. (Owen walks out) Now, you notice that the absorbed twin gets its blood supply from the renal artery. First glance-- Nothing special. Take a second look, and the Mona Lisa. We will start by cutting through the adhesions. Once that occurs, we'll move on to the right--
      Greg: We're not taking him out.
      Jodi: What do you mean?
      Greg: You heard the man. My little twin is an incredibly rare find.
      Richard: Uh, yes. Y-Yes, it is, Greg, but, uh it... still has to come out.
      Greg: You wanna destroy the Mona Lisa? No. I won't sign the consent.

    • Stephanie (after Leah shows her Greg's C.T): I hate you.
      Leah: I know, right? (to Eric) Do you want to see?
      Eric: No. I want to work on that printer.
      Stephanie: And it's my job to make sure he doesn't.
      Leah: Seriously? That's what you're doing instead of this. (points to the C.T)
      Stephanie: Oh, come on!
      Eric: Alright, what is that?
      Stephanie: Okay. Have you ever, ever seen anything like this? (shows him the C.T)
      Eric: Oh, holy god! No, I never wanted to! What is that?
      Leah: It's a fetus in a fetus.
      Stephanie: That I am down here not seeing.
      Eric: I can totally read without supervision-- Been doing it for years.
      Stephanie: That's not reading. That's doodling. Read.
      Leah: Well, this has been fun, but I have to take a man out of a man. Want another peak?
      Eric: I'm good, actually. (Leah leaves)
      Stephanie (points to one of Eric's designs): That-- How would it work? Theoretically.

    • April (about the post-nuptial agreement): I'll sign the stupid paper. Really, I don't mind.
      Jackson: You're not signing anything.
      April: Why not? I don't want your money. I want you. A prenup or whatever the hell it is is only for if we get divorced which we're not gonna do, so it doesn't matter.
      Jackson: April, that is not the point, okay? This is a conversation for you and I when we are ready, not for her to come barging in dictating terms.
      April: But it will calm her down. I'm part of her family now. I don't think an olive branch is the worst thing in the world to offer.
      Jackson: Yeah, well, you're a better person than I am.
      April: Well, yes.
      Jackson: And than she is.
      April: I'm better than everyone. (turns to go back into the board room)
      Jackson (grabs her arm) Mm. Not right now. We can let her stew for a while.

    • April: I'm sure it was a shock. I mean, I was shocked. I can't even imagine what you must be feeling. Actually, I can-- I can imagine it because I--
      Jackson: You know what? Babe, don't. She doesn't care. But I know why you're here, Mom, and I could have saved you a trip. I already called Mike Farris.
      Catherine: The time to call Mike would have been before you stood up at that... barn.
      April: Wait, who is Mike Harris?
      Jackson: 'Farris'-- He's our attorney. Avery Foundation.
      Catherine: Protects our financial interests.
      April: Um, are you suggesting that I'm after your money?
      Catherine: I have no idea what you're after, dear.
      Jackson: Alright, that's enough. You're not gonna march in here and start questioning my wife's character.
      Catherine: You want to talk about her character? She left a man at the altar. She broke his heart and humiliated him in front of everyone that he loves. I have no idea what she's capable of, never mind you.
      April: I am not interested in your money.
      Catherine: Wonderful. That's what I said when I married into the Avery family, and you know what I did next? I signed a prenuptial agreement.
      Jackson: I said I'd handle it. This is totally inappropriate.
      Catherine: What's inappropriate is the engagement was 15 minutes at a rest stop on the turnpike. Fortunately post-nupital agreements were created for moments like this. (slides papers across the desk towards them)
      Jackson (slides the papers back): And this meeting is over.

    • Derek: Callie, this is not something that I'm doing to you. I have a signed contract with them.
      Callie: Yeah, that you had no right to sign. You signed away something that's ours.
      Derek: Come on. We spent half the day together yesterday. Why didn't you say something then?
      Callie: We were on a play date. We were with the kids.
      Derek: Oh, we have Sofia's dressy doll. I think Zola though it was hers.
      Callie: Ha.
      Derek: What?
      Callie: Oh, like father, like daughter, I guess.
      Owen: I think we're-- we're drifting here.
      Callie (sighs): Yes, yes. You're right. I'm sorry. That was unprofessional. What I should have said was... 'The sensors are material that you co-developed with me in service of research I started and invited you to participate in. If you attempt to impair my access to these materials, I will have you prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.'
      Paula: Well said.
      Derek: This is insane. You don't have a case.
      Owen: Listen, before anyone resorts to litigation, let me just take this before the other board members. Maybe we can find a solution that's fair to both parties. In the meantime, I want you both to leave this matter alone until you hear from me? Alright?

    • Cristina (answering her phone): Hey. So I was thinking about this whole internet dating thing. It takes five minutes.
      Owen: Wait. That's why you paged me? You said this was urgent.
      Cristina: It is. I'm about to get busy with this trial. And you need someone to snuggle with on rainy Seattle nights. Ooh. Say that in your profile.
      Owen: I-I uh, I gotta-- I gotta go. (hangs up)

    • Cristina: No, she's too old. You need a refresher on when puberty begins, Ross?
      Shane: I know... I just thought we could bend the rules.
      Cristina: And skew the results of the trial.
      Shane: No, but this patient--
      Cristina: I told you. I don't want to know about the patient so I'm not influenced. I only want to see the heart-- A heart that has had a previous surgery to correct the defect, is currently in poor cardiac health, and is in the body of a kid between the ages of 1 and 12. A heart that is still growing-- Is this that heart?

    • Jo: A love contract? (holds up paper) Where did Grey get this, Zola's barbie dream house?
      Alex (sighs): No. It's a real thing. I swear.
      Jo (reading from the paper): 'We confirm that any sexual and/or romantic relationship is completely voluntary.' This is so creepy-- Like we have to vow to the hospital gods?
      Arizona (walks up): Hey, Alex, we have a transoral fundoplication. I sent you the latest labs.
      Jo: What's that?
      Arizona: Oh, it's really, really, cool. First, we go in orally, and then we go in through the belly button to fix a kid's reflux without leaving a scar. It puts the 'fun' in 'fundoplication.'
      Jo: God, that does sound fun.
      Alex: See? You could get on that. Just sign that, and you could be back on peds.
      Jo: Yeah, I'm not signing that.

    • Richard (about the C.T): Why do you need me to look at it?
      Bailey: It's for your birthday.
      Richard: No more talk about my birthday. I mean, there are fine surgeons working well into their 70s, and I an nowhere near 70.
      Meredith: Will you just look at the monitor?
      Richard (puts his glasses on): Okay, let me see... (looking at the C.T) Oh my, word... I-Is that a little leg? And A spinal column.
      Leah: It is.
      Richard: It's a fetus in fetu.
      Meredith: It is.
      Richard: The man absorbed his own twin.
      Bailey (chuckling): He did.
      Richard: You know, in all my years, I've never seen one.
      Bailey & Meredith: Neither have I!
      Richard (laughs): Well... hot diggity!
      Bailey: Happy birthday.

    • (Waiting C.T results on Greg)
      Bailey: Is it? Is it? (gasps) It is!
      Leah: What?
      Bailey: Look at it, Murphy! It's glorious.
      Leah: It's a mass. It's a massive mass, but-- (notices something on the C.T) Oh, my god.
      Bailey (giddy with excitement): Ahh! Okay, so we're going to need a 3-D reconstruction and, um--
      Meredith (walks in): Hey, Dr. Bailey, do you have the labs on--
      Bailey (to Leah): I said 'tell no one'!
      Leah: I didn't.
      Meredith: Tell no one what? (notices the C.T) Is that a--
      Bailey: Yeah! Okay, keep your voice down.
      Meredith: I want in.
      Bailey: No! It's mine.
      Meredith: It's ours.
      Bailey: Page Dr. Webber.
      Meredith: Why him?
      Bailey: It's his birthday.

    • Leah: What'd you see? Was it bad? If it was bad, why do you look so happy?
      Bailey: Just get him to C.T and speak to no one of this-- No one!

    • April: How long does it take to wash one, like ten seconds?
      Jackson: Look, I don't like a filthy kitchen, either. Dirty cereal bowls in the sink aren't gonna exactly tip the scales.
      April (notices Catherine): Oh, my jesus.
      Jackson: Well, not that he's in the conversation, I'll make sure to clean the bowls tonight.
      April (clears throat): Your mother. Your mother.
      Jackson (looks up to see Catherine glaring at them): Oh. Um...
      April: She does not look happy.
      Jackson: Come on. It'll-- It'll be fine.
      April: Okay. You-- You told her, right?
      Jackson: Her? I did.
      April: How'd she take it? (they walk over to Catherine)
      Catherine: So... I understand congratulations are in order.

    • Owen: Hey. You uh, picking research subjects today? How's it going?
      Cristina: Uh, good. Shane's meeting with the candidates. I'm only looking at the hearts-- trying to keep my judgment unsullied. But it's hard finding candidates that meet all the criteria.
      Owen: Yeah.
      Cristina: You need this.
      Owen: What? A... hypoplastic left ventricle?
      Cristina: No, like an algorithm-- Some scientific way of choosing the perfect mate where you input only the criteria you want, and you're presented with only suitable candidates.
      Owen: So, internet dating.
      Cristina: Oh, right. They have that.
      Owen: Listen, I don't need a date. Okay? Oh, uh, keep me posted on the hearts.

    • Eric: Oh, my god! There she is!
      Meredith: Okay, well, she's not a she, she's an it and she's fragile, so don't touch it.
      Eric: Sorry, I'm just, uh, extremely excited.
      Meredith: Well, we're not going to be printing anything just yet.
      Eric: Isn't that the job? I-- You hired me to help re-engineer your-- your portal veins. I beat out 100 bioengineers for the gig. I've, uh, cooked up a couple of designs.
      Stephanie: Oh, that's awesome.
      Meredith: No, actually it's presumptuous. Until you've read every scrap of data on every test we've run, you touch nothing. There are the research binders, you should probably just go ahead and dig in.
      Eric: Great. Can I, uh, touch the chair? (Mer glares at him)
      Meredith (to Stephanie): You keep an eye on him. He touches nothing.
      Stephanie: Do you want me to watch him read?
      Meredith: Yes!

    • Bailey: Oh, happy birthday, sir.
      Richard: Um, thank you.
      Owen: Uh, Richard, happy birthday.
      Richard: Now, you're only saying that because you heard her say that.
      Owen (laughs): Uh... guilty. Actually, can you come find me at the end of your day? I need to talk to you about your surgical schedule.
      Richard: Oh, is that right?
      Owen: Yeah. Yeah it is.
      Richard: Well... Catherine let it slip that she was gonna be here today, so I'm assuming there's some sort of something. Don't worry. Don't worry. I like surprises.
      Owen: I'm sorry, but... It is actually about your surgical schedule.
      Richard (looks at Bailey): Bailey, you can't lie to me.
      Bailey: Wait-- I don't know anything about any party.
      Arizona: Happy birthday, though. (they get off the elevator)
      Owen: Oh, oh. I do have something for you, though.
      Richard: Owen, you shouldn't have.
      Owen: I didn't. It's from the hospital. (hands him an envelope) Make sure you come see me at the end of the day. (Richard opens the envelope and it has a folder in it with papers on retirement)
      Leah & Jo (walking by): Hey, happy birthday.
      Richard: It was. (throws the folder in the trash)

    • Meredith: (closing voiceover) Transition is movement from one part of a life to a whole new one. And it can feel like one long, scary, dark tunnel... But you have to come out the other side because what's been waiting there might be glorious.

    • Derek: Don't fight this, Callie. You don't want to.
      Callie: Oh, why, 'cause you have government lawyers now? I'm not gonna be bullied.
      Derek: You don't have a case! My name is on the material, and my name is on the patents. They're mine. You can hear it from me now. Or you can hear it from a judge in court. My suggestion is to save your time and money. Listen to me... as your friend. I'm sorry. I feel terrible.
      Callie: There's a reason you feel terrible. It's 'cause it's the wrong thing to do, and you know it. You're not used to answering to people, and now you have the president himself calling you on the phone. And you're afraid to say no... even though you know this is 100% wrong. You're a good person. That's why you feel bad... 'cause you should.

    • Meredith: (opening voiceover) There's a stage you go through during childbirth. And it's the toughest part. It's called the transition stage. You've been pushing so hard and so long... You're exhausted, spent. And there's nothing to show for all of your effort. During this transition stage, it feels like you can't go on. But it's only because you're very nearly there.

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