Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 22

What a Difference a Day Makes

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 07, 2009 on ABC
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As Meredith, Derek and all of their friends prepare for the big wedding, a group of college students, injured in a car crash as they were heading to their graduation ceremony, is admitted to the ER. Meanwhile, Izzie fears the worst when she begins experiencing familiar symptoms.moreless

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  • Excellent.

    It was there, the 100th episode of our beloved show. And I am so happy that Izzie & Alex got married instead of Meredith & Derek. Katherine Heigl gave an amazingly believable performance again. And her scene at the very end was just ... brilliant. Also Karev was great at the ceremony. I did not even mind Denny in this episode. Sara Ramirez as Callie had also a few great scenes here with her partner Arizona. All in all - this show is growing on me. It is better and better. Too bad there are just 2 episodes left and then we are waiting.moreless
  • A nice little episode, not more, no less.

    Let's not get carried away here. This was a satisfactory episode, but nowhere near the dizzying heights of the one where Denny dies and they play Chasing Cars. That was tv perfection.

    I think people give away 10s and 9s far too easily sometimes. You leave yourself nowhere to go when a truly exceptional episode airs.

    I still love Grey's and there was a lovely wedding scene with Izzy and Alex, but I am tiring of the sub plot of Dr Watsername (Callie) who's father has disowned her. She's a doctor for god's sake! She must have a salary coming in so why can she not afford a salad??? Why is shed suddenly destitute. This does not make sense.

    And if she had this huge trust fund coming in then why did she used to live in the hospital? There are many things which don't make sense and I suspect the writers have not thought things through properly.

    I'm glad that Derek and Meredith didn't get married in the fancy big ceremony. Friend dying of cancer or not, there is no way Meredith would allow someone to take over her wedding and turn it into such a pantomime. Meredith is more down to earth than that. I think she and Derek should get married on Derek's property in the area where Meredith laid out their future house.

    Good to see George coming in to his own again. The guy is a rock star all of a sudden.

    Bring on next week!moreless
  • Izzie and Alex get married.

    It seems like weddings and babies are the flavor of the month on television these days and Grey's Anatomy is diving right into the trend. Reading a news website spoiled the surprise turn of events, but I think most could tell that Derek and Meredith were not going to get married with their friend in danger.

    I really do not want Izzie to die, but I think her fate is inevitable now after the way they gave her this one final happy moment to relish in. I hope they can work something out because the rest of the cast has nothing special going for it.

    I mean Lexie and Sloan has already fizzled out of relevance and Callie's lesbian escapades make me sick.moreless
  • A truly out-standing episode of Grey's Anatomy once again.

    This episode was TV perfection, emotional but filled with drama and the odd laughs. Derek and Meredith giving their wedding to Izzie and Alex was so moving, the way Izzie's face lit up when she realised was beautiful. As for the wedding, when Izzie began to slow down and thought she was going to go down, George jumped to her side an walked her down the aisle which was a great way to involve George. I loved the fact that Christina was Izzie's maid of honour - "because you saved my life" - and Meredith being Alex's best man was funny. Alex has never really done/said anything that made me fall in love with him, like the rest of the cast has – until he said his vows, they were the most beautiful, emotional vows ever and I now love each and every character on the show.

    I was disappointed that Denny returned because I thought Izzie wasn't going to say anything but the fact she immediately told Bailey (I think it was Bailey) and that she wanted to fight for her right to live was amazing.

    I'm extremely pleased with this season and I can't wait to watch the season finale next week – I'm from the UK so it's only just airing :)

    Finally Grey's Anatomy is still my #1 favourite show.moreless
  • The right couple walks down the aisle. Alex emerges to more than a disgruntle doc. Bailey is everyone's BFF. Owen, someone you just have to like.

    This was great but predictable episode. I wasn't a big fan of Izzie after she pretty much broke up George's marriage to Callie, then decided her and George wasn't right for each other. But I love the story of her and Alex together. Izzie softens a side of Alex that we enjoy seeing. Justin Chambers gave a very understated but awesome performance, that I hope gets notice. His performance reminded me of the one that Bailey gives every episode. Bailey has turned out to be the rock really for Izzie, I loved that blossoming friendship between her, Izzie and Derek. The character of Owen is great. I'm glad to see a show that will take on the reality of alot of our Soldier coming back from War. When Owen does or says something mean, we all know there is something else underlining that he can't control. His love for Christina is romantic and complicated and they play the angst wonderful. Meredith and Derek relationship has been such a long struggle, not really excited about them one way or the other, plus the Meredith character is selfish most of the time. Blaming the Chief for her bad childhood really. Love the Chief, wish we could see more of Adele. Now to Callie, I wish they would have explored the possibilities of Callie and Sloan. They care so much for each other, friends make the best couple, plus they're funny when their together. Sloan with Lexie is neither fun or romantice, but Lexie with George is.moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

T.R. Knight

T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

Mac Brandt

Mac Brandt

Paramedic #3

Guest Star

Robin Gwynne

Robin Gwynne

Becca's Mom

Guest Star

Amy Gumenick

Amy Gumenick

Becca Wells

Guest Star

Jessica Capshaw

Jessica Capshaw

Dr. Arizona Robbins

Recurring Role

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Denny Duquette

Recurring Role

Mark Saul

Mark Saul

Intern Steve

Recurring Role

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    • Denny: I bet you ... you made a beautiful bride.
      Izzie: It was a beautiful day.
      Alex: You put the scarf on. I told you, you don't need it. You look gorgeous without it.
      Denny: He's right.
      Izzie: Go away now. Go away, I wanna be alone with my husband.
      Alex (takes off her scarf, revealing her bald and kisses her forehead) My wife is hot.

    • (on the floor after having non-wedding day sex)
      Meredith: Ah, best non wedding day ever!
      Derek: Wanna go again? (they giggle, Mer climbs on top of him and they start making out)

    • Alex: Come on. (takes out her hair piece, and some hair comes with it. Izzie touches and pulls more out) Hey, hey, it's okay. It's just hair, you don't need it.
      Izzie: It's just gonna keep falling out.
      Alex: We'll shave it off. I bet you'd look good bald anyway. Okay? (Izzie starts crying) Hey, stop. You're beautiful. (Alex kisses her)

    • Izzie: Oh, Mer. ... I don't... I don't even know how to... I... Thank you.
      Meredith (tears up): Okay, so whose the maid of honor, me or Cristina?
      Izzie: Cristina. Alex, he needs a best man... and he was asking for you, so... (Mer laughs, trying to hold back the tears)
      Cristina: Oh, so what? I'm leftovers?
      Izzie: You tried to save my life. That makes you honorable.

    • Izzie: My shoes are, uh, in the closet there. Bailey?
      Bailey (distracted, standing at the door, looking out into the hall): Um, shoes, right.
      Izzie: You're supposed to be helping me get ready. I can still go, right? I mean, the tumors not going anywhere, so...
      Bailey: Yeah... you can go.
      Izzie: Okay, well... we don't wanna be late. Bailey!
      Bailey: Ah, Oh, here she comes. (Meredith rushes in with her wedding dress in a bag, and her hair in curlers)
      Izzie: Mer! You're supposed to be at the church.
      Meredith: I'm going. I just came to say this isn't my dress.
      Izzie: Of course it's your dress. It's perfect. ... What are you talking about?
      Meredith: No, this dress is not for me.
      Izzie: I don't... What? Oh, god! I knew you were gonna freak out before the wedding. (Bailey and Mer try to talk) Mer, Derek loves you. Marriage is good. Tell her it's good.
      Bailey: No, she's saying... it's not her wedding dress.
      Alex (walks up in a tux): She's right. The dress, it isn't for Meredith. (Meredith and Bailey smile at her, then Alex, Izzie realizes and smiles)

    • Becca: You're crying.
      Lexie: You're breathing.

    • Meredith: Alex.
      Alex: Bailey says Shepherd found another tumor, in Izzie's brain. Did you hear?
      Meredith: I heard.
      Alex: I just...
      Meredith: Alex.
      Alex: He doesn't think he's gonna get it out this time. I think... (crying) I think she's gonna die on me. I think she's really gonna die. Oh! What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for a wedding?
      Meredith: Well, that's what I came to talk to you about.

    • Owen: Good work today, O'Malley.
      George: Good work? They're dead. All those kids are dead.
      Owen: Not all of them.
      George: No, the one I didn't touch is just fine.
      Owen: Yeah, because I was able to get to her. And the reason I was-- The only reason, was because I had you on my team. You saved that girl as much as I did. ... Trauma's a team sport, O'Malley. You don't have to be the hero. You just... You just have to go where you're needed.

    • Meredith: Hey!
      Derek: Hey.
      Meredith: You! Best wedding present ever! And you know why?
      Derek: No.
      Meredith (kisses him): Because now I have to go home, and put on a corset, and pantyhose, and a petticoat, and look like one of those idiots on top of a wedding cake. And, then I have to walk down the aisle and have everyone staring at me. But, it's okay, because, I got to cut someone open today from start to finish. I saved a life.
      Derek: Um...
      Meredith: What?
      Derek: What do you say we make this day even better?

    • Richard: Meredith.
      Meredith: Yes, sir?
      Richard: I've been reading your mother's journals. I wish she was here today.
      Meredith: Well, I don't know how she would have felt about me getting married.
      Richard (chuckles): No, not for that. For this, your first solo surgery.
      Meredith: Oh, well she probably would have said with all the mistakes I've made I'm lucky the patient's alive. (laughs)
      Richard (laughs): That's right, but, I also know she would have been thrilled. She wouldn't have been able to tell you, but, she would have been.
      Meredith: Thank you, sir.

    • Arizona (walks up to Callie, who is laying down with a towel on her forehead): I just want you to know that I am hurt. I am hurt, and I am angry. Because, I thought that we had something. I thought that we were going somewhere. And, if you're just sleeping around. If you're just making the rounds on girl surgeons, then I think you oughta know that I...
      Callie: We went to a fancy restaurant.
      Arizona: What?
      Callie: We went to a fancy restaurant, the nicest in Seattle. The salad that I ordered, the salad cost $26.95. The wine that you ordered cost $125 a bottle. I didn't even look at the entrees because I knew I wasn't gonna be able to order one. Because, I was already out 75 bucks, and I don't even like salad.
      Arizona: Oh.
      Callie: And, then the bill came and you...
      Arizona: I... I paid.
      Callie: Do you know what I was doing before they brought over the check? I was counting in my head, trying to figure out how I was going to buy food for the rest of the week if my half was 75 bucks, because I don't have 75 bucks, because my father disowned me. And, has cleared out my bank account. I am broke, and I am exhausted Arizona. I'm working in the ER because I need the money. (crying) Six people died on my watch today and I am fried. I wanted to stay in last night. I thought... I thought that last night would be the night for us. You know, our night. But you wanted to go to a fancy restaurant, I can't do that. I can't.
      Arizona: It's okay. It's okay. Hey, so, we'll stay in, and we'll eat sandwiches.
      Callie: You don't even like sandwiches.
      Arizona: But, I like the girl who has the sandwiches. ... Okay?
      Callie: Okay. No, you know what... I don't like sandwiches either. I like pizza.
      Arizona: I like pizza, too.

    • Bailey: So, that's what we missed on the MRI?
      Derek: Yeah. You know that part of the brain that reacted in the hallucination?
      Bailey: Yeah.
      Derek: It was the other temporal lobe.
      Bailey: That- That's the tumor?
      Derek: Yeah, tiny. Too small to pick up on a normal MRI.
      Bailey: -B-But, okay, if it's that small how are you gonna get to it?
      Derek (gives Bailey a telling look): ... I wish there something more I could do for her. I wish I could.... I like Stevens. She's one of the good ones. I wish there was something I could do for her.
      Bailey: I um, I know something you can do.

    • Izzie: Come on, Denny. Come on. Come on, Denny, come on. Of all the times I didn't ask for you, you were here. Now, I'm asking please, please come to me now. Please, help me now. Come on. Come on Denny, you just come to me now. Denny. Denny!
      Derek (sees something on the monitor): There.
      Denny: I'm here for you, Izzie.
      Derek: It's right there.

    • Izzie: So now what? I just, try to have a hallucination?
      Derek: Mhmm.
      Bailey: Yeah.
      Izzie: Okay.
      Bailey: Stevens... Is it always Denny? No one else?
      Izzie: Yeah.
      Bailey: Mm.
      Izzie: What?
      Bailey: Oh, nothing. I mean, it makes sense. He's the man you love.
      Izzie: He's not the man I love.
      Bailey: He's not?
      Izzie: Well, I mean... I love Denny. I will always love Denny. He means a lot to me. But, I think I hallucinate Denny because I associate him death and dying. When I think about my future. Who I am now, who I want to be, how I want to spend the rest of my life, when you get that flutter in your chest-- Alex. Alex is the man I love.
      Bailey: Karev.
      Izzie: I love Alex Karev. So, lets find this tumor and get it out of me, so that we can have our perfect wedding. A wedding not wasted on two people who don't appreciate weddings. (Bailey laughs)
      Derek: I can hear you.
      Izzie: I know you can hear me. I mean for you to hear me. What if I can't make him appear?
      Derek: We'll wait until he appears.
      Izzie: Well, you have to be at the church in two hours. It could take more than 2 hours.
      Derek: I'll be late.
      Izzie: No. No! No being late. I will make him appear. I can do this. Come on, Denny.

    • Meredith I've got some adhesions. I need to dissect down to mobilize the sigmoid.
      Richard: Oh...
      Meredith: Bovey, please.
      Richard: Mnm, Mnnmmm, mmmmm!
      Meredith: Do you have something you'd like to say?
      Richard: No, no, no. You're doing fine.
      Mark (walks in): How's the solo surgery coming along, Grey?
      Meredith: Well, I think it's going okay, but, you should probably ask the Chief here.
      Richard: She's doing great. You chose a cautery, when at one, I probably would have gone with scissors, but, she made it work. We'll be out of here in plenty of time for the wedding.
      Mark: Good. At least you won't have any excuses.
      Meredith: Excuse me?
      Mark: This is the second time I've been Derek's best man. I have to come up with a toast, offer some words of wisdom. It's a lot of work. I don't wanna have to be his best man a 3rd time, if you know what I mean.
      Meredith: So, you came in here to threaten me?
      Mark: I'm his best man. That's my job.
      Richard: Hmmm...
      Meredith (annoyed): What now?
      Richard: Oh, no, it's okay. It's fine. Everything's fine, right? I don't need to say anything.
      Mark: Hmm.

    • Callie (into phone): No! We are closed to trauma! Because we have trauma coming out of our butts! Oh! Well you have a nice day, too! (hangs up, and turns to see Arizona) Oh for the love...
      Arizona: So, the ER's fun but I'm not?
      Callie: Arizona.
      Arizona: Wait, you can get enough of me. I mean, is that what you're saying? Do you just wanna end this? Because-- Because, there are women that are lining up for me. I am hot! And, if you want out then you should just have the guts to say so. I can take it! Maybe this was just a fling that's run it's course. Okay, maybe it's over.
      Callie: Maybe it is.

    • Derek (looking at Izzie's MRI): Look.
      Izzie: I'm looking, But, I don't see anything.
      Derek: Because there's nothing there. The scan's clean.
      Bailey: I told you.
      Izzie: Then why is Denny back? The man's a hallucination, that means there has to be something there.
      Bailey: Izzie, if it's clear then...
      Izzie: I wanna go to this wedding. I wanna watch the bride walk down the aisle. I wanna hear the vows. I wanna catch the bouquet. I planned this wedding down to the very last detail. It's the perfect wedding. This wedding, is perfect. You know how much I wanna be there. So why would I tell you about Denny? Today of all days, why wouldn't I just wait? Denny is back. That means something is there.
      Bailey: It's not like we can just map the brain for hallucinations the way we do with seizures.
      Derek: Wait a minute. What are hallucinations?
      Izzie: Hallucinations are neurons firing in the brain.
      Derek: Exactly.
      Bailey: Why?
      Derek: Well, it's never been done before. But if, if we can somehow induce your hallucination, there's a chance we could pick it up on an EEG. Then, we could pin point the part of the brain that's hallucinating.

    • George: Dr. Hunt.
      Owen: What?
      George: I just lost another one. All my patients are dying, I need you to pull me.
      Owen: That's for me to decide. There's an ambulance coming, go see what you can do.
      George: I'm in over my head.
      Owen: Walk away, O'Malley.

    • Mark: I'm thinking I'll toast to the fact that they found each other. It doesn't bring up the past, it doesn't bring up the future. It doesn't talk about whether they'll make it. It's good, right?
      Callie: Mhmm.
      Arizona (walks up): You said you were tired... exhausted. But, you can't be that exhausted if you're working in the ER on your day off.
      Callie: I... rallied.
      Arizona: You rallied?
      Callie: Yeah.
      Arizona: You're lying.
      Callie: No, I'm not lying, I love the ER. (answers the phone) Can you hold please? Thanks. (puts the phone call on hold)
      Arizona: You love the ER?
      Callie: I can't get enough of it, it's fun. (Arizona walks off)
      Mark: You should tell her.
      Callie: Yeah, suck it, Mark. (to an intern) Hey! We need more blood in trauma 2. Go!

    • Meredith: You're scrubbing in? I thought I was doing this solo.
      Richard: No, you are.
      Meredith: Then why aren't you sitting in a corner reading a magazine?
      Richard: Oh, it's a big day, Meredith. Just taking precautions, that's all.
      Meredith: Afraid I'm gonna kill the patient on my wedding day? It's a routine colectomy. I'm not gonna kill him.
      Richard: I... I know. You're gonna do great. Pretend I'm not even here.
      Meredith: Okay, okay. Boki... Scalpel. (Boki hands her the scalpel)
      Richard: Oh, great. Very nice!
      Meredith: What?
      Richard: The way you asked for the scalpel. You didn't mumble, you took charge right off the bat. Loud and clear, scalpel! It was good. Very impressive.
      Meredith: Great. I'm gonna get started now.
      Richard: Oh, of course. You won't even know I'm here. (Mer makes the incision and Richard peers over her shoulder)

    • Jordan: Dana, is she okay?
      Cristina: The paramedics haven't brought her in yet, but as soon as they do I'll let you know. Do you have any uh, family we can contact?
      Jordan: They're not here. Dana and I were supposed to fly there tomorrow. It's D-Day.
      Cristina: It's what?
      Jordan: It's what Dana calls it. My parents don't have the money to let me stay, i have to go back. We both knew D-Day was coming. I tried to break up with her to make it easier. I switched classes every semester so that we didn't have any together. But, it didn't matter. I couldn't stay away. When you love someone, you know, love is love. It doesn't matter that you're not supposed to be together.
      Owen (walks in): How's he doing? (Cristina looks thoughtfully at Owen, after hearing what Jordan just said)
      Cristina: Uh... He's starting to stabilize.
      Owen: Good. Looks like he's ready for CT.
      Jordan: I think, maybe she got out in time. Maybe she's not hurt that bad. Because, when I turned around she wasn't there. She was not there anymore. (starts crying, Cristina looks thoughtful, thinking about what he's said)

    • Becca: I'm sorry I'm crying more than usual. You said I'm in shock. Is that it?
      Alex: Yeah, it's also the morphine.
      Becca: I should have slept with David. I thought about it, but he was sweet and funny, and I would have fallen in love with him. And, I didn't want a relationship until after school. I don't like to do things half way. I was gonna do school and then I was gonna do life. And now... now David's dead. David's dead. ... I should've had sex with David when I had the chance.

    • Bailey: It could be anything. It could be scar tissue.
      Izzie: It's a tumor.
      Bailey: You don't know that.
      Izzie: Denny Duquette is standing right behind you. It's a tumor. Right, Denny?
      Denny: Yeah. It's good to see you, Dr. Bailey.
      Izzie: You can't see him because you don't have a tumor. But, he says hi.
      Bailey: Tell Denny Duquette I said go home.
      Izzie: It's a tumor.
      Bailey: Wait and see.

    • Callie (on the phone): Yes or no? I need a yes or a no!
      Mark: Hey.
      Callie (into phone): Okay, I'll be here, waiting!
      Mark: You think Shepherd and Grey are gonna last? Like uh, 50 years last?
      Callie: A semi, crashed into a bunch of college kids. On a day that I decided to take an extra shift in the ER. (into the phone) Oh, great! Thank you! (hangs up the phone, slamming it) There's burns, digit amputations, nasty nasty facial lacerations. So, please don't anywhere, okay?
      Mark: Relax.
      Callie: You promise?
      Mark: You're handling this.
      Callie: I am handling... (paramedics wheel a patient in) Hey! You can't put him here! I have doctors that need access!
      Arizona: What went wrong last night?
      Callie: Uh, I'm kinda busy here Arizona.
      Arizona: I have 4 surgeries back to back, and a kid on life support. I'm kinda busy, too. What went wrong?
      Callie (to the paramedics): Hey, that's not any better! Put him in the hall.
      Arizona: We went out. To a 4 star restaurant, best in Seattle. It was supposed to be fun, romantic, but, then you ordered a salad when they make the most delicious french food. Then you picked at it, barely spoke to me, and then bolted. So, what went wrong? I mean, did I do something?
      Callie: I just wasn't feeling it, I was exhausted. Tired, sorry. (to the paramedics) Hey, I said the hall! The hall!

    • Meredith: You wanted to see me Chief?
      Richard: Derek was supposed to do this but he got pulled into something so, I said I'd give it to you.
      Meredith: What?
      Richard: Your wedding present. Not from me, it's from Derek. But, I have to over see it.
      Meredith: I was supposed to get him a present?
      Richard: Meredith...
      Meredith: This is why weddings are so stupid. I mean, our life together should be the present. Not some stupid... Anyway, whatever it is Chief, I don't want it. So, tell Derek to take it back. Well, I'll tell him. I'll tell him to take it back.
      Richard: He got you a colon.
      Meredith: What?
      Richard: A colon. It's nonrefundable, inflamed, it's about to go under anesthesia in OR 2. You really wanna say you don't want it?
      Meredith (smiling): A solo surgery?
      Richard: Happy wedding day, Meredith. (writes her name on the OR board)

    • Derek: You paged me?
      Izzie: Yes. Did you get the check for the caterers, and the cash tips for the waiters?
      Derek: Yes.
      Izzie: Ah, did you write your vows?
      Derek: Not yet, I will.
      Izzie: Derek, you have to write your vows. What you say to Meredith, on this day, it's important. She'll remember it for the rest of her life.
      Derek: Yeah, Izzie, I have patients. So, if you paged me to talk about the wedding I...
      Izzie: That's not why I paged you.
      Derek: I have a craniotomy to get to.
      Izzie: He's back. Denny, he's back.
      Derek: I'll page Dr. Bailey and we'll order an...
      Izzie: An MRI. I know the drill.

    • Cristina: How's it going with your shrink?
      Owen: Ah, I'm doing better. Inch by inch. Progress is... slow. ... It was your ceiling fan, above your bed--- The blades spinning like blades of a chopper, um, my shrink said that was the trigger to me um,... choking you.
      Cristina: Oh.

    • George: How's Izzie?
      Alex: Good.
      George: Is her BP stable? If she's hypotensive she really shouldn't go to the wedding.
      Alex: You let me worry about Izzie.
      George: Alright. (to Callie) Do you have anything for us?
      Alex: Anything good?
      Callie: Nope, it's slow.
      Alex: You don't say it's a slow day in the pit.
      George: You never say it's slow. You just jinxed us.
      Callie: It's a day, and it's slow.
      Alex: Well, when that phone starts ringing with traumas, you're gonna wish you hadn't said that.
      Callie (laughs): The phones not gonna ring, it's a slow day. (phone rings, she answers) Go for Seattle Grace emergency. (Callie's face instantly drops)
      George: I'll get the trauma gowns.
      Callie: Crap, crap, crap! Incoming!

    • Izzie: My hair's starting to fall out.
      Denny: You still look good.
      Izzie: I know what this means. You being here.
      Denny: I'm sorry.
      Izzie: I'm still going to the wedding.

    • Izzie: You should see the bridesmaid dresses. Awh, and the flowers! They're being delivered at 5. I had to pay extra for them to decorate the church, but, Derek gave me his credit card. Told me to do what I had to do. So... It's gonna be perfect.
      Alex: How's her blood pressure?
      Bailey: Within normal limits.
      Alex: And her incision site?
      Bailey: Ah, as expected 2 weeks after surgery.
      Alex: Well, she just got of the IL2 8 hours ago. I mean, she could still have...
      Izzie: Her mets are gone, her blood pressures fine. Her incision doesn't hurt, she's doing well. It's wedding day! And, I'm going to the wedding. I'm a bridesmaid... I'm going! Right Bailey?
      Bailey: I said you could go.
      Izzie: Wedding day! Up top Alex. (puts her hand up for a high five)
      Alex (kisses her on the forehead: I'll check on you later. (walks out)
      Izzie: Come on, don't leave me hangin Bailey. Wedding day!
      Bailey: Wedding day! (high fives Izzie, and rolls her eyes)
      Izzie: You just did that 'cause I have cancer. You didn't mean it.
      Bailey: True. (smiles and walks off)

    • Cristina: You slept here?
      Callie (startles awake): I'm awake. What?
      Cristina: You slept here? I slept here!
      Callie (waking up): Um, how? Wait... who? What?
      Cristina: I slept in the on call room.
      Callie: Oh.
      Cristina (scoffs): I could have been at home in my own bed.
      Callie: Sorry.
      Cristina: Now I have to work all day, and then I have to be happy maid of honor and get Meredith down the aisle. I'm so tired, 'cause I slept here! 'Cause you wanted to get your freak on with roller skate girl.
      Callie: I am sorry. I was gonna, but, we went to dinner and, things didn't... I wasn't in the mood. I had to be here early anyway, to run the ER, so...
      Cristina: Oh, you're picking up extra shifts in the ER? So is ah, is Owen not here today?
      Callie: Ah, he's here. Oh crap! I'm late. (walks by Meredith) Hey.
      Meredith (walking in): Hey.
      Cristina: Big day! Biggest day of your life!
      Meredith: Don't do that! Don't do the peppy maid of honour thing, it's creepy.
      Cristina: Really? Good. Wait... Is this, like, the calm before the storm? Do you need me to drug you? Or shave of your eyebrows to numb you into submission?
      Meredith: No! I'm fine. It's not the biggest day of my life. It's the biggest day of Izzie's life. I'm excited about the marriage, not some wedding. Anyway, she's the one that's gone all bridezilla.
      Cristina: Bridezillaaaaa.

    • Meredith: Just a normal day.
      Derek: Normal day. Going to work.
      Meredith: Just a normal day, that ends in a ceremony in a churchy church.
      Derek: This has nothing to do with us, we're just the bride and groom.
      Meredith: We're getting married tonight.
      Derek: We're getting married tonight. (they smile at each other)

    • Izzie (opening voiceover): You never know the biggest day of your life is going to be the biggest. The days you think are going to be big ones, they are never as big as you make them out to be in your head. It's the regular days, the ones that start out normal. Those are the days that end up being the biggest. And today was the wedding. It was beautiful. Perfect.

    • (Izzie is walking down the aisle, she gets half way down, and needs to stop, and leans on a pew. George gets up and helps her)
      George: Take my hand. (walks her down the aisle to Alex)
      Minister: Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of Alexander Michael Karev and Isobel Katherine Stevens. This is a sacred right. An ancient right. As Isobel and Alex prepare to join their lives, it is important to understand that everyone present has played a part in shaping their lives. And, will continue to play a vital role in their continuing future. And thus, we are here not only to witness their vows to each other, but to bestow upon them our blessing. And, now the couple will read their vows.
      Izzie: Oh, we didn't write anything.
      Alex: No, wait. I have something I wanna say. Today's the day my life begins. All my life I've been just me. Just a smart mouth kid. Today I become a man. Today I become a husband. Today I become accountable to someone other than myself. Today I become accountable to you, to our future, to all the possibilities that a marriage has to offer. Together, no matter what happens, I'll be ready. For anything... For everything. To take on life, to take on love, to take on possibility and responsibility. Today Izzie Stevens, our life together begins. And I, for one, can't wait.
      Izzie: I love you. (kisses him)
      Minister: Ahem, not yet!
      Alex: Hurry up.
      Minister: By the power vested in me, by god and the state of Washington, I now pronounce you husband and wife.
      Izzie: Now?
      Minister: Now. (Izzie and Alex kiss)

    • Becca: How are my friends doing? Just tell me. I can take it. I mean, I can't... but I can. Did someone else die?
      Alex: Why don't you tell me your speech? Your graduation speech.
      Becca: I can take it.
      Alex: Becca, just... just give me your speech. You worked hard on it. So, you should do it, right now. Come on.
      Becca: Today's the day my life begins. Today I become a citizen of the world. Today I become a grown up. Today I become accountable to someone other than myself and my parents.Accountable for more than my grades. Today, I become accountable to the world. To the future. To all the possibilities that life has to offer. Starting today, my job is to show up, wide eyed and willing and ready. For what, I don't know. For anything. For everything. To take on life. To take on love. To take on the responsibility and possibility. Today, my friends, our lives begin. And I, for one, can't wait.

    • Izzie (closing voiceover): You never know the biggest day of your life is the biggest day. Not until it's happening. You don't recognize the biggest day of your life, until you're right in the middle of it. The day you commit to someone or something. The day you get your heart broken. The day you meet your soul mate. The day you realize there's not enough time, because you want to live forever. Those are the biggest days. The perfect days. You know?

  • NOTES (6)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Slovakia: Ako vám môže jeden deň zmeniť život (How One Day Can Change Your Life)
      Czech Republic: Den, kdy puká srdce (Day When Heart Breaks)

    • Every season (except the first) has an episode where the narrator is somebody other than Meredith (this time is Izzie). However, this is the first season with more than one of those episodes (Denny narrated "Stairway To Heaven", and Alex narrated "Elevator Love Letter").

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Italy: June 29, 2009 on Fox Life
      Latin America: June 29, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (a.k.a. Canal Sony)
      Australia: July 9, 2009 on Channel 7
      Germany: August 26, 2009 on ProSieben
      The Netherlands: November 2, 2009 on Net5
      Norway: January 12, 2010 on TV2
      Slovakia: March 8, 2010 on STV1
      Czech Republic: July 15, 2010 on Prima

    • This episode takes place about 2 weeks after the previous one, No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance).

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. First In Line by Matthew Mayfield
      2. Another Likely Story by Au Revoir Simone
      3. Turn to Stone by Ingrid Michaelson

    • Pre-production title of this episode was Beautiful Day.