Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 22

What a Difference a Day Makes

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 07, 2009 on ABC

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  • Excellent.

    It was there, the 100th episode of our beloved show. And I am so happy that Izzie & Alex got married instead of Meredith & Derek. Katherine Heigl gave an amazingly believable performance again. And her scene at the very end was just ... brilliant. Also Karev was great at the ceremony. I did not even mind Denny in this episode. Sara Ramirez as Callie had also a few great scenes here with her partner Arizona. All in all - this show is growing on me. It is better and better. Too bad there are just 2 episodes left and then we are waiting.
  • A nice little episode, not more, no less.

    Let's not get carried away here. This was a satisfactory episode, but nowhere near the dizzying heights of the one where Denny dies and they play Chasing Cars. That was tv perfection.

    I think people give away 10s and 9s far too easily sometimes. You leave yourself nowhere to go when a truly exceptional episode airs.

    I still love Grey's and there was a lovely wedding scene with Izzy and Alex, but I am tiring of the sub plot of Dr Watsername (Callie) who's father has disowned her. She's a doctor for god's sake! She must have a salary coming in so why can she not afford a salad??? Why is shed suddenly destitute. This does not make sense.

    And if she had this huge trust fund coming in then why did she used to live in the hospital? There are many things which don't make sense and I suspect the writers have not thought things through properly.

    I'm glad that Derek and Meredith didn't get married in the fancy big ceremony. Friend dying of cancer or not, there is no way Meredith would allow someone to take over her wedding and turn it into such a pantomime. Meredith is more down to earth than that. I think she and Derek should get married on Derek's property in the area where Meredith laid out their future house.

    Good to see George coming in to his own again. The guy is a rock star all of a sudden.

    Bring on next week!
  • Izzie and Alex get married.

    It seems like weddings and babies are the flavor of the month on television these days and Grey's Anatomy is diving right into the trend. Reading a news website spoiled the surprise turn of events, but I think most could tell that Derek and Meredith were not going to get married with their friend in danger.

    I really do not want Izzie to die, but I think her fate is inevitable now after the way they gave her this one final happy moment to relish in. I hope they can work something out because the rest of the cast has nothing special going for it.

    I mean Lexie and Sloan has already fizzled out of relevance and Callie's lesbian escapades make me sick.
  • A truly out-standing episode of Grey's Anatomy once again.

    This episode was TV perfection, emotional but filled with drama and the odd laughs. Derek and Meredith giving their wedding to Izzie and Alex was so moving, the way Izzie's face lit up when she realised was beautiful. As for the wedding, when Izzie began to slow down and thought she was going to go down, George jumped to her side an walked her down the aisle which was a great way to involve George. I loved the fact that Christina was Izzie's maid of honour - "because you saved my life" - and Meredith being Alex's best man was funny. Alex has never really done/said anything that made me fall in love with him, like the rest of the cast has – until he said his vows, they were the most beautiful, emotional vows ever and I now love each and every character on the show.

    I was disappointed that Denny returned because I thought Izzie wasn't going to say anything but the fact she immediately told Bailey (I think it was Bailey) and that she wanted to fight for her right to live was amazing.

    I'm extremely pleased with this season and I can't wait to watch the season finale next week – I'm from the UK so it's only just airing :)

    Finally Grey's Anatomy is still my #1 favourite show.
  • The right couple walks down the aisle. Alex emerges to more than a disgruntle doc. Bailey is everyone's BFF. Owen, someone you just have to like.

    This was great but predictable episode. I wasn't a big fan of Izzie after she pretty much broke up George's marriage to Callie, then decided her and George wasn't right for each other. But I love the story of her and Alex together. Izzie softens a side of Alex that we enjoy seeing. Justin Chambers gave a very understated but awesome performance, that I hope gets notice. His performance reminded me of the one that Bailey gives every episode. Bailey has turned out to be the rock really for Izzie, I loved that blossoming friendship between her, Izzie and Derek. The character of Owen is great. I'm glad to see a show that will take on the reality of alot of our Soldier coming back from War. When Owen does or says something mean, we all know there is something else underlining that he can't control. His love for Christina is romantic and complicated and they play the angst wonderful. Meredith and Derek relationship has been such a long struggle, not really excited about them one way or the other, plus the Meredith character is selfish most of the time. Blaming the Chief for her bad childhood really. Love the Chief, wish we could see more of Adele. Now to Callie, I wish they would have explored the possibilities of Callie and Sloan. They care so much for each other, friends make the best couple, plus they're funny when their together. Sloan with Lexie is neither fun or romantice, but Lexie with George is.
  • Truly brilliant...

    I have never been a fan of Katherine Heigl. But there are a few episode, where she does pull off an amazing performance. This episode is clearly one of those.

    I loved the way they changed the tone of this installment. What begins as a typical Grey's episode where the docs face a deluge of medical cases, ends with a really touching wedding scene. Some performances were truly brilliant. I am not a fan of the lesbian storyline (again not judging in anyway), but Callie's performance just swept me off my feet. The connection between Hunt and George develops further, as a result of the handful of trauma cases that come that day.

    While Shonda vehemently denies TR or Heigl leaving the cast. I guess it is pretty apparent, what is going to happen. George won't be missed a lot. But Izzy's role will create a void that will be hard to fill.

    Anyway, this was a great episode.
  • You never know the biggest day of your life is gonna be the biggest.the day you realize there is not enough time because you wanna live forever, those are the biggest days .. perfect days of your life:)

    By far this was and will be unforgettable episode for a long time! the way it moved and the way all acted It was more than perfect! I Wish this show never ends.Thanks to the writers and everyone who worked on such amazing art.
    I also see a great scenes between christina and Izzie, that havent been seen since a long time, George's movement at the end was so touching.Bailey !! omg!! this woman deserve the Emmy's of the year!
    I loved every single minute of this episode .. and I cant wait for this season's finale!.. You never know the biggest episode of your life is gonna be the biggest.
  • gut wrenchingly fabulous!

    This was an absolubtely brilliant episode - one that I think I will remember forever. It was both heart wrenching and fabulous at the same time and is definitely the best episode so far this season! I'm loving and hating the Izzy storyline at the same time, terrified to see how it unfolds in the last 2 episodes; I don't know how long I will cry for if she dies! Switching the wedding from Derek and Meredith to Alex and Izzy was such a brilliant idea and she looked so beautiful - having George help her down the isle made it really special too. This season has to be the biggest tear jerker so far and this episode topped all others in that aspect, from the shocking new 'untreatable' tumour, the mass student carnage and deaths, right upto the spectacular wedding and back again to the touching scene between Izzy and Alex when she realises her hair is coming out and shaves it off, that moment of realisation of how serious her condition is is truely saddenning and you really feel for her.

    - 'you put the scarf on - i told you you don't need it you're gorgeous with out it' - such a wonderful line!
  • So good!!!

    This was an amazing episode, definitely the best of the season! First of all the wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was so incredibly sweet how they switched it to Izzie and Alex getting married instead of Derek and Meredith. And Izzie really made a pretty bride in that dress and in my opinion it looked better on her that it did on Meredith. It was great how Izzie choose Christina as her maid of honor because she said she tried to save which made her honorable and it was sweet that George help Izzie down the isle since they are best friends. Even though the wedding was very happy and wonderful the episode was also extremely sad with all the college graduates dying and the fact that there is a good chance Izzie will die which I really hope doesn't happen her being one of my favorite characters on the show. Overall, a very emotional episode!!!
  • As Meredith and Derek prepare for their wedding day, a trauma involving a group of college students takes over the E.R., and Izzie continues to struggle with her cancer. There's more to it than that, but I'll just say: welcome back to top form, Grey's.

    Something really big and unexpected happened this season: I fell in love with the show all over again. I mean, I REALLY fell in love with it. Not since seasons 1 and 2 have I been so invested in these characters and their stories, and the quality of writing and acting this season has been truly exceptional.

    This 100th episode was everything I hoped it would be, and then some. Heigl was terrific as always, and I especially LOVED the little "surprise" she is given at the end of the episode. And Alex Karev has become one of my favorite characters. I dare say Justin Chambers should get an Emmy nomination for his role this season; he's been absolutely superb. I also really like the addition of Arizona; I wasn't sure what to make of her at first, but she's really grown on me. I hope they keep her around.

    I'm extremely thrilled to see the show back at the top of its game. It's been an incredibly emotional season, with more fleshed out characters and interesting stories. One more week to go...
  • I LOVED THIS EPISODE!! I created an account just so I could comment on how much I loved it!! I laughed, cried, was on the edge of my seat and even began talking to myself! WTG Shonda!! Job well done!Can't wait until next week (if I can get through it!)

    Loved the surprise wedding. Cried through the entire thing. Loved everything about the show but please drop the lesbian storyline. Nothing against gays, it's just boring! When it's on is when I take my bathroom break. I really hope Izzy pulls through and that eventually Derek and Meredith get married, they deserve it! This show is the bomb! My hats off to the writers and actors, you all are doing a wonderful job! Can you spell "EMMY" I know George is leaving and TJ will be missed. I was glad they had him walk Izzy down the isle, nice touch!
  • Season 5, Episode 22.

    Meredith and Derek prepare for their wedding as a group of college students arrive at the hospital after getting into a car accident on their way to graduation. Callie and Arizona reach complications in their relationship, and Izzie begins experiencing familiar symptoms.

    I loved this episode! It was the perfect episode! It was an amazing landmark episode! I loved the Izzie wedding. I knew it was going to happen but still. It was perfect. It was foreshadowed with the narration in the beginning. I didn't even notice that she didn't have hair in the beginning. I noticed the scarf and didn't pick up on it. Amazing 100th episode. I hope there's 100 more! :)
  • Fantastic, made me cry.

    As a die hard Meredith & Derek fan I was really looking forward to seeing them get married finally. As it is a landmark episode I expected the writers to pull out all the stops and they didn't disappoint but I felt they fell short as it relates to the hospital trauma part of it. That story wasn't as awesome as other scenarios that we have seen over the last couple of seasons. For those who haven't watched it yet I won't spoil it, it is a must watch episode. I was crying by the end. That's a rare occurence for me. Fabulous 100th episode.
  • Powerful!

    Oh my goodness, I have never cried so much in my life! Izzie getting Married was the best thing that ever could have happened. Meredith and Derek were sweethearts for letting it happen. Also we saw, yet again, another toughing moment between Izzie and Cristina. Callie and Arizona were good. I loved the girls speech and how it showed all of her friends that had died and how it flashed to everyone in the hospital. Cristina tearing down her fan in the end was great, because it signified that her and Owen might get back together =]. Baily is also so caring. And it was also amazing how George ended up walking Izzie down the Isle! This episode was the best everrr =]!!!!!
  • Absolutely amazing

    I've always loved Izzie and was never fully an Alex/Izzie shipper until this episode. They were so emotional and real. The wedding scene made me cry my big brown eyes out. Actually, to be truthfully honest, I cried the whole episode, it was so emotional. The part that got me the most was when Izzie was walking down the isle and stumbled and George was there to for her to lean on. That made the episode in my opinion. Alex showed a lot of emotion in this episode and it was a nice change. When Alex cried, I bawled, because I am so not used to his character breaking down. Overall, an amazing episode.
  • This was an episode about life, and appreciating every single moment for what it is. even if the future looks grim, and the past is full of pain and confusion, it's in our power to make each moment count, and live life as if each day was the last.

    This was an episode about life, and appreciating every single moment for what it is. even if the future looks grim, and the past is full of pain and confusion, it's in our power to make each moment count, and live life as if each day was the last.

    That's what Izzie learns to do through her illness, even though her health is deteriorating, her good looks are being slowly destroyed and her future is very uncertain, she still has some amazing friends, a companion who truly, deeply loves her and the will and strength to keep fighting. Her life is full of people who love her, and that's a victory by itself.

    Meredith and Derek didn't care much about a traditional wedding anyway, especially Meredith. So they decide to do an amazing thing, give away the wedding to Izzie and Alex. Instead of Izzie watching their wedding and trying to live the joy through someone else, she gets to be the protagonist in what turns out, completely unexpectedly, to be the best day of her life. As she says, you never know this is the best day of your life, until you're in the middle of it, living it. The scene at the church is so moving, especially when Izzie has difficulty walking through the isle and George helps her out. Even though he loved her once he sets his feelings aside and is genuinely happy to see her marry the love of her life. And by the end of the episode, when Alex tells her she's hot, you just know he's the one for her

    In the meantime Callie and Arizona learn to work through their problems after Callie being disinherited by her father, Mark seems very sure he loves Lexie after all (I must admit I didn't believe those two would work at first, it seemed a bit too much with the age difference, but they proved me wrong), and Christina understands Owen's problem better. I really hope Owen doesn't decide to leave Seattle Grace and the two of them will end up together. They're a good pair. And Christina is strong enough to help him through his dark times. Very anxious for the finale!!
  • it begins with izzie talking about how a normal day becomes a big day. she knew something was wrong, but those terrible news became wonderful ones when se found out that instead of giving a gift, her friends gave her a bigger one.

    excellent. i don't have enough words to say how much i liked this episode. at the beginning, when derek asks meredith if she wants to make the day even better, i thought they were gonna do a double wedding thing, and i won't lie, i was disappointed when derek and meredith didn't end up getting married, but when alex gave that speech... i was speechless. he took the graduate speech and made it into his beautiful wedding vows. i'm not a big fan of him, but he won me when he did that and when he said that. a man who says that his bald wife is hot, who doesn't think about his wedding night as another night to have sex... he's the one!
    also i have to say that what meredith and derek did for them, is an awesome gift from awesome friends.
  • the milestone 100th episode... it was great, but i expected more?

    The beginning of the episode was fantastic, it was so sad and dramatic, definitely built up tension with the medical cases... but to me it kinda stopped there! i mean don't get me wrong, i loved all the drama with the characters but the medical case was very underwhelming, it started off well but never really impressed me and i kinda expected more out of the 100th episode...

    the wedding was beautiful, izzie looked beyond gorgeous and i would be really heartbroken if she died... i'm hoping they'd kill george instead, he's so useless and boring

    Overall, very good episode that would have been PERFECT if the medical case was better
  • Ladies, get the tissues ready!

    This was probably one of (if not THE) best episode of Grey's I have seen so far! It has the medical drama and relationship drama typical of every episode of Grey's Anatomy, but this one just evokes so many more emotions. I'll admit it, I cried watching! After all the buzz about Meredith and Derek's wedding, they came to the consensus that the wedding really wasn't theirs, and handed it over to Izzie so that she could get married to Alex. It was spontaneous, but it was so touching! The wedding was magical; it was so sweet to see Alex and Izzie so happy and deeply in love despite Izzie's deteriorating condition. Plenty of bittersweet moments. Loved it all though!
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    This episode showed the fans exactly why we watch Grey's Anatomy. It was all very emotional, and surprising... putting us on the edge of our seats.
    The emergency cases, Izzie's lines, Kavev's lines, the girl's speech, Mer's first solo surgery, George feeling for his loses, Cristina destroying the fan, all the deaths... and of course, the wedding. Oh my God - THE WEDDING! I don't think I could expect any more, and I'm sure no other fan could. To me, Grey's started a little "weak" this season, but from its half til now, it's just getting better and better. Can't wait to see what comes next... :)
  • An amazing episode that I'll remember for a very long time.

    I don't usually write reviews but this episode really made me want to write one...It was by all means one of THE BEST episodes ever..I laughed and cried in this episode,from the first minute Izzy started talking i got caught by it, I loved the graduation speech that the girl was going to say but didn't get a chance to do it, when Izzy started seeing Denny again i was really sitting at the edge of my seat ..coz u don't know what will they find again in her brain...the last 10 minutes or so of the show i really couldn't stop crying, it was so touching & sweet & very well done..I loved how Alex kept telling her that she's beautiful even when she became bald.