Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 19

What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2006 on ABC

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  • I felt this was a very good episode, and enjoyed it even though I dreaded it for a week.

    Personally, I feel just horrible for George, Meredith fell of the pedestal that he had her on, and Meredith should be considered a bitca for what she did to George. However, I do believe George is a fighter and he will get back on his feet, and find someone else maybe Cally or Olivia. I think George will eventually get over and forgive Meredith, and down the road they will become friends. I don't think George will ever see Meredith in the same way again as he did before the incident. He may forgive her before the others, because he is such a nice and empathetic person. I too loved the fact he did the narration, because I think it was appropriate, and brings a different perspective to the viewers. I think that George thinks that what happened to him with Meredith is karmic retribution for what he did to Olivia earlier. (If that's the case, I hope that I don't fall down the stairs because I kind of chuckled when he fell, but that was typical George. )

    I also feel bad for Meredith, and maybe this is the wake-up call she needs to get off the downward path that she is on. I do think sleeping with George will be rock bottom for her, meaning being with George was horrible, but how she acted during sleeping with George was rock bottom. I hope this incident makes her realize that her life is going downhill, and she can't treat the people around her like that. I do believe she will redeemed because she is a good person somewhere. I don't know how she will be redeemed, but she will.

    Maybe George should never have sex again, because the last two times he had sex, he got syphilis and then what happened with Meredith, he should be celibate from now on.

    I also felt bad for Alex for Izzie blowing him off for Denny, who is a great guy, but Alex is a great match for Izzie and does care for him.

    I really enjoyed the episode even though I was dreading it because I did not want to see George hurt, and I knew it was going to happen.
  • Pivotal as well, this episode nearly killed me.

    Wow, this was an amazing episode. As all viewers know from the last episode, George said all the right things at the right time to a depressed Meredith, and Congradulations George, you got her in bed. But from there everything went down hill. Talk about a tearjerker episode. When Christina got upset at Meredith for hurting George, Christina was so right! Meredith will have to work hard to become a good person in the eye of the viewers after this episode. One problem with the writers on this show is that they like to "clean up" situations too fast (ie. the doctor that apparently has a thing for George), but if they are smart they will let this linger until the end of the season. Good drama will come from this brutal attack from Meredith. I am still recovering from the final scene! This was a well-done episode, and if you haven't seen it yet, watch it now! No, wait, watch "Yesterday" first and then watch this! Grab a box of kleenx.
  • Great episode! The interns start to take sides after they find out what ahppened between Meredith and Geroge.

    This episode was one of the best. We found out what really happened between Mer and George and we see the aftermath. The interns start taking side - mainly Izzy tells Mer flat out that she was wrong in doing what she did.

    George finally grows a spine and stands up for himself. Because he is finally over Meredith and she has fallen off the pedistal that she was put on, George can finally start getting on with his life. He even meets a new hot Dr. Torres, who gives him her number. That will definately be interesting.

    There was some great intereactions going on with Addison this episode. Hilareous scence between Addison and Bailey after it comes out that karma has lead her to get poison oak on her private bits. This also leads to a great moment between Addison and McDreamy, where they actually act like they are friends, and may have once been in love.

    Izzy dismisses Alex as a sex-buddy, as she forgets all about him in order to go on a date with Denny, a patient who needs a heart. Who knows where this will go, but I personally like seeing her ignore Alex for once. And this is all happening while Alex thinks that things are finally going good for him, and that they are seeing each other.

    It also surprised me that George anded up on Burke and Cristinas couch. Should make for some great comic relief in the coming episodes if he stays there!
  • In this episode, George and Meredith definately experience a lot of tension and she and Derek decide to be just friends. What can come of this?

    This episode was great, but not my favorite. Right now, I'm kind of hating Meredith- she hurt George so much!! But that thing that George said about tempting karma, I definately agree. By being "just friends", Derek and Meredith are definately risking getting back together. They are both in love with each other, but it wouldn't be right if they got back together because he is still married to his b***** wife, Addison. That scene when Meredith was crying when she and George were in bed together was so sad. I knew that she was only sleeping with George because she was sad about Derek, but couldn't she have waited to break down until he was out of her bed? And I think it was so sad that George left Meredith's, but he definately has a thing for that other doctor(I can't remember her name). When he was walking out of Meredith's room, it was so sad when he said "I don't love you anymore." You know that he does, it's just that he can't forgive her for crying over having sex with him.
    Addison's situation was so funny, and it gave her and her husband a chance to have a joking moment after the tension in their relationship when Mark came back. I love that Bailey dealt with Addison's problem even though she is on maternity leave. Overall, this was a great episode but I just hope Meredith gets nicer soon.
  • Explosion, psh, what explosion?

    Overall, I love the show. I have been watching it from the beginning, but there have been some things that just don't make sense. After the explosion of the bomb everyone just went back to normal immediately. Is it just me or does that seem kinda weird? I know if a bomb exploded in the hall right near me and my head bounced off the ground like Meredith\'s did, you would be able to tell that there was a serious incident prior. Also I don\'t expect that a new mother who almost lost her husband would be back trying to help others so quickly. I guess an explosion means nothing, huh?
  • Just Friends...Yeah Right!

    I'm not a big fan of Meredith and McDreamy, and this episode is why. I mean these two are just asking for trouble and they both know it. I'm just getting really tired of watching these longing glances. If you love each other then get back together, if not, stay away from each other! I actually like I think if they gave thier marriage a real chance, they could make it work.

    As for George, I'm a bit dissapointed in him. I'm not sure why, but I think he could have handled things alot better. It's almost as if he doesn't notice a girl unless she's treating him like crap. I love George, but sometimes he can act like a whiny, litte girl, with a mental disorder.

    Christina and Burke, I can see making it long term. I just love thier relationship.

    I also like the Izzie/Alex relationship, I can see this relationship as a learning experiance for Alex. This time being cute and charming isn't going to work. He's really going to have to step up his game if he wants a real relationship with Izzie.

    All in all, another great always.
  • i think i just fell a little in love with george :)

    this episode was fantastic! i have wanted to see what would happen when george FINALLY told meredith how he felt, but i didn't expect her to act the way she did. i can't believe that she wanted it to go back to the way it was before; didn't she know how much she had hurt george?

    i'm liking the relationship between denny and izzie. she seems to be the kind of person that needs someone in her life to take care of, and to love, and i think she has found him.

    i really hope christina and burke don't break up an time soon; i love their relationship. that scene at the start of this episode was funny and silly; exactly how we need to see christina sometimes. i knew she had in her!!

    overall, a fantastic episode. this show is a keeper!!
  • They just can't make a bad episode!

    The gay parents were really funny in the episode. I love how cool the kid was with the whole thing. It would have been awful if they had made it a big deal. But it was just something that added to his character, rather than the focus of the plot.

    Addison having a breakdown was funny, but sad. I feel bad for her, even though she cheated. I mean, what’s the point of Derek staying with her if he’s just going to make her feel constantly guilty?! And then the poison oak thing...priceless! But I hate that Meredith and Derek have decided to be friends.

    I felt so bad for George and Alex in this episode! They kept getting shunned by the women they love!
  • George will never be the same again!!

    What happened between Grey and George was expected....when she started sleeping with everyone she met i thought " well thats George's chance" the thing is... if they slept that time the viewers would have too much to pay attention to in the following weeks... Shonda sometimes has to make "punch in the stomach" episodes so the show gets a bit of it's drama back... About Izzie and Alex... i don't see a hapy end for those two.. the episode with Olivia was a stone Izzie won't be able to get over any time soon... Their relation is, so far, based only on sex... no love "YET".

    For the next episodes and next season I'm betting Meredith will get closer to her dad despite their problems.. but hey thats just me!
  • I have to say i really hate Meredith fpr doing this to George...and i hate Christina for not wanting George to stay at their place. I like Burke caring for George and feel pity for Alex. i like like like like like like like like like like E

    I have to say i really hate Meredith fpr doing this to George...and i hate Christina for not wanting George to stay at their place. I like Burke caring for George and feel pity for Alex. I like Addison being so funny! i'm confused. all the person i liked are doing such bad things and all the persons i didn't like so much before are now getting nicer. so now i like everyone because i can relate to my favourites characters, because everyone does wrong things.

    Everythings Changing now?
  • I have a feeling they're running out of ideas. The plot gets on one hand complicated, but the complications are stupid.

    Bailey ROCKS. That's for sure. Her lines "I'm not here" and "I'm on mothernity leave" were just the cream of the episode. Tucker and little Bailey just added some human spark to her. Great!

    I don't know what is happening with the main character. I mean, Meredith used to be screwed, okay, but not to this extent. I mean, sleeping with George? Why? I lost my respect for this charater after I saw her bonding again with McDreamy. For what, another stupid steps and consequentions in her life? This plotline is getting more and more boring, unfortunately, as she's suppose to be the main character.

    The obvious plot with Izzy. She finally ditched Alex. I know that not for real, because they were not a couple officialy, but I keep my fingers crossed for her and Denny. He is a good guy. And he's cute!

    Addison was fun, I must admit. I feel sorry for her, because I like the character very much. Even despite her wearing this wavy har I hate so much! A big plus for the trailor scene and her cool hat!

    Oh, and Burke is starting to act like a normal person. He even remarked George after his karma speech! The last scene was great, and making Cristina into a normal, compassionate human being? Great :)

    And, to sum up, I really like the new doctor in town :D I hope she stayes for a long time and catches George. She's very nice, and she had a nice scenes with George.

    So, I really wish the show to change the Meredith line, add more Addison and Callie Torres and... keep Danny, please, and do not change Burke too much. He was cute the way he was before.
  • Meredith should have known better, George was naive for thinking she really wanted him, and Bailey is awesome.

    All in all I thought this was a good episode, maybe not the best, but enjoyable anyway.
    I know a lot of people are calling Meredith a b!tch but I think that we forget it takes two to tango. George should have known just by living in the same house as her that Meredith sleeps around to get her mind off of McDreamy and that since she had shown no interest in him before then, she was basically using him for the same reason. It was naive of him to think that she would get over Dereck so quickly Now, that doesn't mean that she is completely absolved because she probably should have realized that this was not just a one night stand for George and that she could, and did, do some serious damage to their friendship. I hope they make up eventually because I like them together as friends and I don't want to see Izzy and George pitted against Mer for the rest of the season.
    Speaking of Izzy, it's cute that she's into Denny but she should be a bit more considerate to Alex. And was it just me or did Alex look just a little bit too pleased when he was shocking Denny? I don't know, he just looked a bit sadistic to me.
    In conclusion I just want to say that all the scenes with Bailey were absolutely amazing. She is easily my favorite character and continues to impress.
  • I didn't really enjoy it as much as the other episodes

    I don't know exactly what it is, but it wasn't as interesting as normal episodes. I mean, Addison's whole 'Poison Oak' sub-plot was interesting, but other than that......

    Plus, Meredith was a little too whiny. Stop whining! I understand that she was feeling the repercussions of sleeping with George, but she was a little too mopey.

    And the ending was awful! Why were Derek and Meredith in the woods? Where was Addison? Why are they going to be 'just friends'?!?!?!
  • I am am one of those people that like my character but.... don't get overly attacthed

    I for one hate meredith grey, what she did to george was beyond forgiveable. I so hope when Karma comes for her it comes in the worst way. And i am happy to see that he has some true friends. I hope he will go after that nice Doctor when he recovers.
  • Am I the only person in the world who dosnt feel the least bit sorry for George?

    Okay so like i said in my summary, i think George had all this pain and hurt coming to him. Now like everyone else George is one of my favorite characters but come on George, [shouting]Meredith does not at this present time like you and probally never will! get it through your head she will always and forever be in love with McDreamy!and i mean who can blame her?....patrick dempsey is soo gorgeous and dreamy and his hair....ughh okay thats a different topic as you can see i am very biased towards patrick b/c i have a deep sense of love for him...but seriously george had it coming to him. christina said it perfect when she said "If you want crappy things to stop happening to you then stop accepting crap and demand something more." George has set himself up for Meredith to crush him from the instant she met him, and yes i mean he had a crush on her, yes he liked her like any normal person but seriously he should of seen her actions[sleeping with him etc.] as spur of the moment 'i-need-love-right-this-second-and-will-take-it-from-any-one-who-will-give-it-to-me'. As for the rest of the episode, i really enjoyed it and thought it was very well written and as always had a great music backtrack. call me mean but i was quite happy Addison got poision oak b/c i really hate her character and wish she would just leave so Meredith and McDreamy can just get together already. So yeah that's all for this episode, i appreciate hearing feedback on my review:


    p.s. was i the ONLY person who went out and bought lavander conditioner after McDreamy said he liked it at the end of 'As We Know It[Part II]'???
  • Karma baby...

    this was a great episode because Addison recieved a form of payback from cheating on Derek. THe poisen oak thing was hilarious, because she definetly deserved it. The Meredith/ George thing was weird because at first i thought George was just being a baby. However, at the end i realized what a jerk mereidth was being, and i didn't blame him. well- written episode, and watch out cuz karma sucks
  • Poor George

    I had the feeling it would end like that, but I had no idea how it would have arrived to that. Wow, very painful for George.

    I loved this episode because it has changed the routine. No more George at the house, no more happy George. It was sad to watch since his character is so loveable and innocent.

    The whole karma theme in the show was great. I loved the idea and it was well scripted.

    A great episode which was quite funny and quite sad.
  • OH MY GOD, i felt sooooooooooo bad for George! :( what Meredith did to him was JUST WRONG. SHe had to have known he liked her and yet she still took advantage of him.

    It is like they are making Meredith into a whore with all the men she sleeps with and so she just added one more to her belt with George and he didnt deserve that at all. I thought it was nice when Dr. Burke and Cristina took him in to live with them.
  • Not George....

    I found that the writers took a wrong turn on this episode where they had Meredith get together with George. They seemed to have ruined a great friendship that Meredith and George had. Goerge is to innocent of a man to understand why Meredith did what she did and why in her mind it was okay at the time. Both embarrased at what happens they find themselfs avoiding each other throughout the whole show. We see a side of George that isn't exposed before and that is anger. Moving out is his only option at this time. The sub plots on this eposde were great. Addison deserved what she got and was so funny in it's exicution. Bailey was great in her cover up of what was really going on. It was great to see her finally take her husband and baby home. Derek needs to make up his mind as to what he wants to do. It is not fair to either Addison nor Meredith to live in this triangular struggle. Another great episode in what is turning out to be a top show.
  • The aftermath of George and Meredith as Addison has her own feminine problems..

    I found the George/Meredith scene very awkward to see but Meredith crying... I could see why George was hurt but I sympathised for both of them, and honestly a bit more for Mer, I'm a bigger fan of her But it was nice that the writers did let Meredith explain it to George why she cried...

    And the whole we can't be friends scene was nice and I loved it even more when they met each other in the park... Yeah right 'Just Friends' who believes that after you see what kind of look they share right before the screen fades to black

    Izzie/Alex, I love Alex but not liked Izzie that much.. the way she treated Alex after that guy came in... not so nice

    I love Christina/Burke
    Addison had a funny case and it was good to see Bailey back, and I love PD's laugh :)
  • I believe the writers goof on this one.

    As I said in the summary, the writers really goofed on this one at so many levels.

    First of all, they destroyed the Merideth / George tension that was a part of every single episode of the series. Even if it wasn't a part of the current episodes plot line, it was used as filler to string the episodes together at some level.

    Then there is Merideth. Her character is now so repulsive that I can see people stop watching the show. Screw George over and then have a secret rendezvous. What a cold selfish Bi@$!.
    Someone please put in a REAL feeding tube! There was a perfect opportunity to do it after the explosion happened. I know hollywood loves it's skinny blondes, but every time I see her laying there, colar bones poping out, it gives me the creeps. What were her signature half-open "dreamy" eyes now seem sickly.

    George oh George... you finally grew a pair, albeit small ones. A girl treats you like that and all you say. in the old George quiet mumble, is "were done". Hopefully Dr. Torres will get you in shape, just find a place of your own soon.

    The rest of the show seemed like filler to me.

    My 2¢ worth. Hmmm... Think I had too much coffee.
  • Karma

    So this one was all about the Karma, but I felt confused watching most of the episode until I knew what happened between Mer and George. For the record there "scene" together I found distrubing, they just don't work together.
    Anyways back to the karma, eventhough I should have felt bad for Alex I did, I think it is because I just really like his character and there is so much about him we haven't found out yet. But Mer was right when she told him that Izzie will never feel the same way about him as she did before he cheated.
    It was nice to see Christina have a heart at the end of the show, first her convo with Mer about and then letting George stay over.
    I really didn't see the poison oak thing coming, haha Addison you deserved that and more.
    Lastly Mer and McDreamy friends? Ya right! but I see this as the beginning of them getting back together. However I really think Grey needs to re-evaulate her life and not be with anyone for a while... and when I say anyone I mean anyone.
  • Disappointing

    I was disappointed at this episode after the brilliant writing that went into creating the two part episode earlier in the month. Even last week\'s episode was more moving and interesting. For the first time I found Ellen Pompeo\'s acting to be inferior--her scene in bed with the character George was so embarrassing and the episode focussed so sparsely on Meredith that it did little to bring us any understanding of what is going on with her day to day. Meredith just came off listless, dispirited and dull and I could find little sympathy for her. Addison\'s poison oak seemed a strange and off-putting plot development. I think if the writers want to continue to call this show Grey\'s Anatomy they have to keep Meredith central and show how all other characters pivot around her perception of their lives in relation to hers.
  • Why is that the attractive male dirty mistress disappears but the female whore gets to have things not bite her in the @#$% nearly hard enough? George is great in this episode and the other supportings do their jobs but Meredith turns repulsive.

    So, I understand that depressed women do crazy things -- particularly starving, depressed women (been there, done that, have the tiny t-shirts). Creepy collar-bones Meredith is so repulsive in bed with George that you either think she is going to break in half or have him strap her down and take her somewhere to be force fed. Hollywood beauty demands skinny women blah blah blah . . . nope, next plot line should be Meredith getting help for an eating disorder. Interesting how on the other hand George's next love interest could stand to lose a few pounds. . .

    Yes, Meredith, we all do evil things but that doesn't mean we get to go on fake friendship outings with married men to make ourselves feel better. She enjoys the role of the dirty mistress too much to deserve it to all work out in the end. No one would blame Addison for wanting to be with luscious Mark after all the crap Derek is doing. However, the ability to laugh at eachother in this episode helped show that there might be still something there. McDreamy is pretty and all but they need to stop the dirty mistress stuff -- or at least bring back Mark because he was high entertainment.

    Everyone else in this episode was about average. George did very well with standing up for himself but didn't really expect him to stay and hear Meredith whine about how awlful it is to be a bad person. One thing I did catch, Alex is evil. Yes, he wants his new relationship to work but he was truly sadistic when treating Denny. He got pleasure from causing that pain -- I see a troublsome storyline of violent jealousy ahead.

    In Summary, feed Meredith so that while she's busy eating she can't go screw up other people's lives.
  • Not my fave episode!

    I guess this episode was necessary for the "day after" Meredith and George slept together, but all in all, I was bored. I really felt sorry for George, but like I said last episode, he should have talked before acting on her moves! Meredith should feel bad for taking advantage of him, he has done nothing but be there for her when she needed a friend's shoulder!
    Now, Izzie is just flat-out crazy!! Of course, Denny is cute, but he is dying! Yes, Alex screwed up, but he really does care about her! I guess Denny is just the safe route to go.
    There is no way possible that Meredith and Derek can be "just friends"!!! Something will happen between them, but they do belong together. I just hope that he leaves that insane unfaithful wife of his before him and Meredith get back in the sack!
  • Meredith's getting poisonous...

    So Meredith Grey feels bad she slept with George. "I did a terrible thing," she repeats, as if that's an excuse. But makes no effort to undo the damage. And then proceeds to set up a clandestine "friendly" date with Derek Shepherd.

    Fairly selfish, dishonorable behavior, huh?

    I wonder if giving George the v.o. this Sunday (and a much more down-to-earth one than Meredith usually gets), and making no effort to clean up Meredith's toxicity, means they're moving away from Meredith as central character. (Tough when you've called the thing "Grey's Anatomy".) Because she is certainly the least attractive of all the characters, and has the least interesting problems.

    Probably not. The writers at Grey Matter, the promotional GA writer's blog, seem to like her just fine. And I'm probably older than the show's demographic. And women probably forgive Meredith for her behavior the way guys forgive Bruce Willis's characters for theirs.

    But I can imagine a showrunner trying to wean her audience off a main character she's no longer in love with, or whom she made into a main character only because she knew network expected the main character to be a gorgeous, romantic white chick. 'Cause now that the show's a hit, and everyone is digging Burke and Christina and Bailey and Addison and the others... you can start to sideline the skinny white chick. Not like network's going to take the show away from Shonda, know what I'm saying?
  • Meredith and George are having an akward time after their night together. Izzie blows off Alex for Denny the heart patient. Derek and Meredith decide they can be friends and Dr. Bailey returns the favor and helps Addison with her feminine problem

    Frankly George should have known better. Him and Meredith weren't even very good friends to begin with. What did he think that if he has sex with her they would magically be in a relationship the next day. They should have discussed what the outcome would be before they did the deed. And isn't this exactly what George did to the nurse he was dating? What goes around comes around. Would you really want to stay with a man who doesn't love you anymore? Addison should just go back to McSteamy . Der and Mer just friends? Yeah right!!!
  • Shonda Rimes gets it right.

    My view is not the popular one, I think. Meredith feels awful. George feels awful. Clearly they made a mistake. I don't feel that the blame should land solely on Meredith's shoulders. He slept with her with no discussion and no true relationship beyond a friendship that was light rather than deep. What did he expect? As they said in the show, if he wants more from life he needs to demand it.

    I think George is written in such a way that he will learn from this. Didn't he hurt the nurse in the same way? Sleeping with her when he had a thing for Mer?

    And maybe Mer and McDreamy will become closer. Maybe Addison will finally be the strong woman she is and go find a man who loves her as such. Cristina has already begun to admit that she and Preston are a couple.

    Uh oh ... where'd the conflict go?

    Storywriting's complicated, ain't it?
  • Well, someone has to stand up for Meredith!

    Sure, she did a bad bad thing. But she's human, like the rest of us, and doesnt it just drive you nuts that George is such a baby that he can't forgive her and be her friend! Come on! He knew she was damaged, sad, and not thinking straight. He knew, to quote Alex, that "Getting drunk and sleeping with inappropriate men" is Meridth's thing.

    But he did it anyway. He walked in, was all sweet and puppy-dog like and she gave in and now she's the one with an even bigger empty space inside and he's feeling sorry for himself because someone he "loves" doesnt want him.

    If he really does care about her, if he really would have always loved her, then he needs to forgive her. And be there for her. And move on.
  • one of the best episodes

    Grey's Anatomy hit the jackpot tonight with a combination of drama and absolute hilarity.

    Also rather groundbreaking about family values as it covers a story about two gay fathers with a sick boy.

    But the most hilarious moment of the show that overshadowed much of the subject matter is a lactating Dr. Baily helping out Addison with a little feminine problem she contracted while walking her dog.

    Definitely one of the most hilarious moments of TV that even rivals most sitcoms out there.

    A real gem of an episode.

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