Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 19

What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2006 on ABC

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  • In this episode, George and Meredith definately experience a lot of tension and she and Derek decide to be just friends. What can come of this?

    This episode was great, but not my favorite. Right now, I'm kind of hating Meredith- she hurt George so much!! But that thing that George said about tempting karma, I definately agree. By being "just friends", Derek and Meredith are definately risking getting back together. They are both in love with each other, but it wouldn't be right if they got back together because he is still married to his b***** wife, Addison. That scene when Meredith was crying when she and George were in bed together was so sad. I knew that she was only sleeping with George because she was sad about Derek, but couldn't she have waited to break down until he was out of her bed? And I think it was so sad that George left Meredith's, but he definately has a thing for that other doctor(I can't remember her name). When he was walking out of Meredith's room, it was so sad when he said "I don't love you anymore." You know that he does, it's just that he can't forgive her for crying over having sex with him.
    Addison's situation was so funny, and it gave her and her husband a chance to have a joking moment after the tension in their relationship when Mark came back. I love that Bailey dealt with Addison's problem even though she is on maternity leave. Overall, this was a great episode but I just hope Meredith gets nicer soon.