Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 19

What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2006 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Izzie: What's going on?
      Alex: The fetus is freaking out.
      Izzie: I can see that. (she tries to grab his arm) Why are you freaking out? (George stops walking, Cristina walks up)
      George: You think that someone is your friend you know. (Meredith looks ashamed and George is angry) You think at the very least she'd respect your privacy!
      Cristina: What's going on? (George starts walking off again)
      Alex: Baby boy is freaking out.
      Izzie: She can see that!
      Cristina (at the same time): I can see that!
      Izzie: Why is freaking out? (they follow George and Meredith who are a few feet ahead)
      Meredith: George, can we at least talk?
      George: I don't wanna talk! Not to you! I wanted to keep my mouth shut! And if you hadn't been running away from me every time you see me you would know that. (George enters the stairwell, and starts running down the stairs. Meredith follows)
      Meredith: Okay, you're right but can we just talk now? (the others are following them)
      George (yells): You wanna talk now because you told everyone that we had sex!
      Meredith (her eyes widen): Shh!
      Izzie: You had sex?!
      Cristina: You had sex with George?!
      George: You didn't tell them?
      Meredith: No.
      George: Damn it! (George moves to walk down the next flight of stairs, but ends up falling down them instead. All the girls yell concerned. Alex laughs, and Izzie hits him)