Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 4

What I Am

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2006 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Shawn Sullivan, a car salesman who just had surgery, wants to get back to his routine so he doesn't lose his renown. Addison works with a pregnant woman named Rebecca who may need a C-section and Addison doubts her medical skills. Rebecca wants to have the baby naturally. Derek and Mark's opinions clash when the try to decide the course of treatment for a burn victim. Izzie gets surprised. Cristina pushes Burke to get better faster.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • OMG!

    I just can't believe it. WHAT!! 8 Million Dollars SERIOUSLY!!!!

    OK now that that's out...

    Addison I love you. Every one of your scenes is delicious. Loved the Addison/Meredith talk. Loved the fact that Mer was doped up half the episode.

    Derek decided to be the better man and he will end up with the gil. He's relating too much to Webber and Ellis when he should know that he's not Webber and Mer is definately not Ellis.

    Loved the scene with all of Mer's boys in her room. Bailey showing up McSteamy. McSteamy and Callie. OK everything about this episode was good.

    The opening bit when the guy lit himself on fire OMG!!! That was even better than the bomb explosion in S2.

    Shonda, you rock!!! I love this show and will totally be there when your next show comes out.moreless
  • Meriderth gets sick and needs appindectoryhow you spell Christina thinks that Merideth is pregnant.Mark get's the nickname McSteamy or he at least finds out about it. Addison is mad when mer wants to talk to her since Mer is high because of the morhine.moreless

    This episode was so exciting. Merideth may be pregnantmshe is constantly vomitting all over the place. And merideth says something like "if your gonna run more tests can i at least have some morphine. They give some to her and she keeps clisking the little button that give's her morphine. So eventually her tone in her voice is super high which the tone in her woics is always low. Sorry this is still a summary but those parts I just talked about were hilarious.Oh and when addison says what do you need grey(because merideth was callling her) merideth said "hi" and addison said "oh yes you are."moreless
  • A really funny episode that puts an end to the awkward Mer-Der-Finn Triangle and brings Mark to the game. Good lessons regarding identity are lectured on this very special episode of Grey's anatomy.moreless

    I really loved this episode. A very good way to get over 03x03"Sometimes a fantasy, which was indeed very boring. I really loved the "ways of knowing who you are" that are shown here, because it's a really interesting issue that this episode spins around. Mark, I just love him, he's a great character and he's gonna bring a lot of problems to the rest, and I want him to be with Addison so bad...! I liked how everybody handles Mer's condition, and it was really funny to see Finn and Derek "coping". I think Meredith made the right decision, and it's what we always have wanted since Addy apeared. Little things that I really didn't like: the way Denny's father talked to Izzie, refering her as not intelligent, not Denny's tipe...and money-starved, it really was mean, and also I didn't like how Callie reacted to George raking care of Izzie situation, she was to understand that friends come first! All in all, it was a really funny and touching episode that deserves a 9.60moreless
  • Grey gets sick and needs surgery. Addison deals with Mark coming back to work at the hosptial. George and Callie break up. Derek tries to make a decision for Mereidth, but she has a decision of her own.moreless

    I thought every scene where Meredith was high on Morphine were absolutely hilarious. I loved when Grey calls Addison in and Addison replies "you bellowed Dr. Grey?", in which Meredith says "Hi." and Addison responds "You certainly are, aren't you?" Ha-Ha. So Meredith had to get her appendix taken out, what a surprise. Everyone got a scare there thinking she was (as Addison hilariously put it)pregnent with "an adulterous love child." I also thought the comment my girl made (Cristina) was funny. "McBaby." Derek makes the decision to walk away and let Fin have Meredith with him out of the way, but Meredith decides she wants Derek anyway. I think Mark is an arrogent jerk, and i really can't much stand him. After Callie makes the decision for George and breaks up with him, we find out she invites Mark back to her hotel room. I think that would be a huge mistake, i really like Callie. Izzie has a meeting with Denny's father who at first thought she was after Denny's money, but when he finds out the truth he gives Izzie an envelope and the number to listen to a message that Denny left for her before he died. He left her almost eight million dollars! How ridiculous is that? I thought the scene where Miranda was talking to the burn victim (Mr. Sullivan) was great. So, Derek chose to be a big man and walk away, because he thinks Fin will be the better man for Meredith. Meredith let's Fin go because she still wants Derek, but sort of wishes she didn't because she too thinks Fin is a great guy. A great episode as usual. Cristina finds out Burke is still having tremors in his hand, so she helps him perform a surgery on a corpse. Still no idea yet where this is going.moreless
  • Who we are outside the hospital?

    Amazing and hilarious episode.

    Mark comes to work to Seattle Grace but Derek can't stand him and Addison refuses to give him another chance. Shawn had a surgery and everything went just fine but then he lit the cigarette and his face completely burned.

    Meanwhile Meredith has a puking problem and she thinks that she is pregnant but she needs actually an appendix removed. George will scrub in and while Meredith is on drugs she says so many things that are absolutely HILARIOUS !

    Addison simply can't function with Mark around and she has a patient she can't control and whose life depends on her. Amazing episode. Season 3 so far is absolutely AMAZING.moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

T.R. Knight

T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

Stephanie Faracy

Stephanie Faracy

Mrs. Sullivan

Guest Star

Alan Blumenfeld

Alan Blumenfeld

Mr. Sullivan

Guest Star

Jeff Rubino

Jeff Rubino

Jeff Bloom

Guest Star

Chris O'Donnell

Chris O'Donnell

Dr. Finn Dandridge

Recurring Role

Steven W. Bailey

Steven W. Bailey


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Cristina is talking to Meredith about 9 minuet's in, Meredith hands move from behind her head to her stomach between shots.

  • QUOTES (33)

    • Finn: Meredith tells me that you fish.
      Derek: She does?
      Finn: She tells me a lot of things. Have you been up to Cornet Bay? It's mostly Chinook, some rockfish.
      Derek: You fish?
      Finn: As much as I can. My wife hated it.
      Derek: You had a wife?
      Finn: I did. She died.
      Derek: I'm sorry. I didn't know.
      Finn: Meredith doesn't tell you a lot of things, only me.
      Derek: Funny.
      Finn: You know when I heard she was sick...people come through appendectomies all the time. She'll be fine right?
      Derek: You really like her, don't you?
      Finn: Yeah.
      Derek: You're a good guy.

    • Burke: I can't hold it still long enough to attach the graft.
      Cristina: You told me that...
      Burke: I can't.
      Cristina: You told me that your hand was fine.
      Burke: But it's not fine! You wanted to believe it was fine. You wanted it to be fine. You wanted...I wanted... damn it! My hands are the only things that I have that are of any value to me. To you.
      Cristina: Not to me.
      Burke: Yes, to you! You want Preston Burke. My hands...these are who I am. If I can't do this...if I can't finish this surgery, than...
      Cristina: What if I held the vessel? What if I hold the vessel? Come on. Burke, if I hold the vessel...
      Burke: I can attach the graft.
      Cristina: So if I put my hand... (she holds the vessel and Burke sews it up seamlessly) No one has to know.

    • Cristina (to Meredith's pained expression and hand on her stomach): Woman troubles?
      Meredith: Men troubles. I think this dating two guys thing is getting to me. The stress of it. Finn, Derek. Derek, Finn. I think I'm getting an ulcer.
      Cristina: McDreamy and the vet making you sick?
      Meredith: I just need to make a choice and get it over with.

    • Addison: Dr. Bailey, can I get... (she sees Mark in other room)... Oh my God!
      Derek: Oh my God...
      Meredith: Oh... my ... God.
      George: Is that...
      Cristina: Dr. McSteamy. (Meredith throws up and George sees Mr. Sullivan in other room trying to light a cigarette)
      George: No, Mr. Sullivan, don't light that! (Mr. Sullivan lights a cigarette causing an explosion)

    • Meredith: You're a good friend.
      Cristina: So high right now.
      Meredith: Actually, you're my best friend in the whole entire world.
      Cristina: I just feel sorry for you.
      Meredith: Why? Because I could die today.
      Cristina: This is why I hate being around stoned people.
      Meredith: And if I did die today, I'd only be remembered as the slutty intern who dated two doctors.
      Cristina: No, one doctor and one vet.
      Meredith: Derek, Finn, Derek, Finn. I'd die as the girl who couldn't make a choice, right?
      Cristina: Probably. But none of that matters, because you'll be dead.

    • Cristina: So, who's the father?
      Meredith: I'm not pregnant.
      Cristina: I didn't know I was pregnant when I was pregnant either. But the abdominal pain, fever and the non-stop vomiting?
      Meredith: I'm not pregnant.
      Cristina: You don't know who the father is, do you?
      Meredith: It would have to be Derek's, there's no way it could be Finn's.
      Cristina: You haven't had sex with the vet yet? You gotta get out of that relationship immediately.
      Meredith: I can't be pregnant, can I?
      Cristina: With a McBaby.
      Meredith: Was I this mean to you when you were pregnant?
      Cristina (mocking): I thought you said you weren't pregnant.

    • Richard (to Mark): What kind of idiot lights a cigarette in the hospital?
      Derek (while looking at Mark): Apparently people do idiotic things all the time. (they all share a look, Richard walks away, Derek follows. Mark walks over to Addison)
      Addison: I thought you were going back to New York.
      Mark: I thought it was time for a change.
      Addison: You can't do this. You can't be here. (Cristina, Meredith, George all are watching, pointing and giggling)
      Mark: Sure, I can. It wasn't easy. I sublet the apartment, sold the practice.
      (cuts to Derek and Richard talking about Mark on the balcony)
      Derek: The man is a liar and a cheat.
      Richard: The man is one of the best plastic surgeons in this country, his department will generate twice the revenue neurosurgery does.
      Derek: Money? Is that why he's here?
      (cuts to Mark and Addison at the bottom of the stairs)
      Mark: Why do you think I'm here?
      Addison: This... This is why I left you.
      Mark: I thought you left me for Derek.
      (cuts to Derek and Richard talking on the balcony)
      Derek: I left New York because of him.
      Richard: He was your best friend, for years.
      Derek: Right up until the point where he had sex with my wife.
      Richard: We all make mistakes. (Meredith throws up again)
      Cristina: Holy crap, are you pregnant?! (everyone hears her)
      Addison: Oh, this is just perfect. (to Derek as he's running down the stairs towards Meredith) An adulterous love child?
      Derek: Goes along with an adulterous sociopath. (Addison walks away, Derek reaches Meredith) Meredith.
      Bailey: Uh-uh. You've done enough already.

    • (Meredith is sitting in her hospital room on morphine and sees Addison walking by)
      Meredith: Addison! Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd!
      Addison: You bellowed, Dr. Grey?
      Meredith: Hi.
      Addison: You certainly are, aren't you? (looks at Meredith's chart) But you're not pregnant.
      Meredith: No. Are you okay?
      Addison: Fine. How are you?
      Meredith: I'm trying to choose between two men.
      Addison: Ok-ay well, good luck with that. (Addison starts to leave the room)
      Meredith: How did you know Derek was the one? (Addison turns around and looks at Meredith)
      Addison: Excuse me?
      Meredith: I know you hate me and you don't owe me anything. Nothing. Noooo-thing. What was I saying?
      Addison: Derek.
      Meredith: Right, I want him to be the one, but I would know if he was the one, right? You knew, right?
      Addison: You don't...I didn't. I didn't know. Just…Derek's the kinda guy-- I just knew wouldn't hurt me. Not on purpose anyway. Not the way I hurt him.
      Meredith: He hurt me, when he chose you.
      Addison: I should have let him go. (sighs) I should have stepped aside, been a better person. I shoulda… a lot of things.
      Meredith: Me too, a lot of things.
      Addison: I don't hate you.
      Meredith: How come we never talked like this before?
      Addison: The only reason we are talking like this now is because I know that you won't remember a single word of this once the drugs wear off.

    • (Sitting at Joe's bar)
      Callie: McSteamy, right?
      Mark: You must be a friend of Meredith's.
      Callie: Not really. Dr. Torres. Callie. (extends her hand to him, he shakes it)
      Mark: I'm Mark Sloan.
      Callie: Bad day?
      Mark: You can say that. You?
      Callie: Oh, yeah.
      Mark: So, what've you heard about me exactly?
      Callie: Mostly things that involve the words "dirty" and "bad".
      Mark: Right. I guess there really is no starting over, is there? (Callie shakes her head, and Mark moves into the bar stool next to her) Can I buy you a drink, Callie? (Callie downs the drink she has, and gets up leaves, but turns back)
      Callie: Only if you have it delivered to my hotel room, because I'm off to bed. (pause) You comin'?

    • Derek: You're burning up.
      Meredith: I'm fine.
      Derek: You don't look fine. You look beautiful, but you don't look fine.
      Cristina: Now I'm gonna throw up.
      Meredith: Go. You have aneurisms to cut and (sees Mark walking by) surgeons to confront.
      Derek: Are you gonna be alright?
      Meredith: Yeah.
      Derek (to Cristina): Will you look after her, please? (leaves to confront Mark)
      Cristina: Do you think I'd miss this?

    • Derek: Were you just talking to Meredith?
      Addison: Yeah.
      Derek: What?
      Addison (pauses): Don't hurt her again.

    • Richard: I know you're mad at me, but Mark Sloan is the best in his field. Any surgical unit in this country would be lucky to have him.
      Derek: You did what you thought was best for this hospital.
      Richard: I did. Are you alright?
      Derek: Can I ask you a personal question? Why did you leave Meredith's mother?
      Richard: I could have left Adele. I could have gone away with Ellis. But I would have had so much baggage, so much guilt. Ellis couldn't see it but I wasn't... I would have never made her happy. Not like she deserved to be happy. I was a better man for walking away. I loved her enough to walk away.

    • Finn: So what time do they let us visitors start visiting in the morning?
      Meredith: You shouldn't do that.
      Finn: I don't mind.
      Meredith: No, really, Finn, you shouldn't do that.
      Finn: So it's Derek?
      Meredith: I'm sorry.
      Finn: Can I ask why?
      Meredith: You are a great guy. You're a wonderful guy. And you may even be the better guy, but--
      Finn: He's the one.
      Meredith: And I wish he wasn't.
      Finn: He's gonna hurt you again. And when he does I won't be here. Take care of yourself, Meredith.

    • Callie (to George): It's always Meredith and Izzie. It's never me. Who am I to you George? Am I your girlfriend? Am I somebody to mess around with? Do you even know? Well, guess what. Now you don't have to bother figuring it out.

    • Addison: Karev! As of now you are officially off my service, but for what it's worth, I think you are going to miss me.

    • Mark: What happened between me and Addison is so unforgivable, but how do you justify you and Meredith?
      Derek: What the hell are you talkin' about?
      Mark: You want me to be the bad guy, fine. But I'm not the only bad guy here, Derek, you and me, we're the same.

    • Derek (examining Burke's arm): I'm not saying he's a bad doctor.
      Burke: Of course not. Um-
      Derek: I'm saying he's like, a bad person. The man has no morality. No ethics.
      Burke: Um, there's no pain, there's no numbness, but um –
      Derek: I mean the question is do we really want our interns learning from somebody like that?
      Burke: Derek. My arm.
      Derek: Yeah. Oh, it's good. It's great. Great range of motion. I can clear you for surgery.

    • Bailey: I was just checking on the Sullivan's and how is he doing?
      Mark: And you are?
      Bailey: Dr. Bailey. We met this morning. I was the resident on Mr. Sullivan's bypass.
      Mark: Well…I don't need a resident on this case so--
      Bailey: Excuse me, I wasn't asking to be your resident. I was asking how my patient.
      Mark: He's not your patient anymore.

    • George: Why would we have dinner at a hotel?
      Callie: Because they bring it right to your room.
      George: You're staying at the Archfield? How--how are you affording that?
      Callie: I still have some secrets, O'Malley, and if you come see me tonight, I just might show you one or two.

    • Alex: Why not just cut me loose and let me in on a surgery where I might actually learn something?
      Addison:: Mark Sloan's burn case.
      Alex: I'm going into plastics anyway.
      Addison: Do you think that Mark Sloan has anything to teach you, he's just like you. He's only looking out for himself.
      Alex: So what? Your patient's looking out for herself, you're looking out for yourself.
      Addison: No, I'm not, actually.
      Alex: Well, maybe you should be.
      Addison: Go. Go find Sloan. Do whatever you want, just get out of my face right, Karev. Go!

    • George: Before you start yelling. You were right. I should have told you how I felt about you moving in. Not that you were moving, it's just that I'm not good….at the whole talking about feelings.
      Callie: I bet you told Meredith how you felt though, didn't you? And Izzie. You don't have any trouble talking to them, George, but me---(Bailey interrupts them for rounds)

    • Burke: Will you time me?
      Cristina: I've been timing you.
      Burke: My last time was off by six seconds.
      Cristina: Well, it's not about speed. It's about accuracy. And your sutures are fine.
      Burke: My sutures are textbook. The edges are perfectly aligned.
      Cristina: Mmhmm. You're ready.
      Burke: I need more chickens.
      Cristina: No more chickens, okay? It's bad enough that Meredith is dating a vet, I am not dating a chicken surgeon.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): At some point during surgical residency, most interns get a sense of who they are as doctors and the kinds of surgeons they want to become. If you ask them, they'll tell you they want to be general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons. Distinctions which do more than describe their area of expertise, they define who they are, because outside the operating room, not only do most surgeons have no idea who they are, they're also afraid to find out.

    • Bailey: You know as well as I do it's not about what you look like, or your job, or how successful you are. It's about having people in your life that you love and who love you... that's all that matters.

    • George: Are you okay?
      Meredith: Yeah, I'm just not feeling like myself today.
      Alex: O'Malley seems to have that effect on women. Just ask Dr. Torres.
      George: What's that supposed to mean?
      Alex: Dude, you threw her out on her ass.
      George: Who told you that?
      Alex: Torres. Don't worry, I get it. She's hot but she's not for you.
      George: Why is that?
      Alex: Cause she's hot.

    • George (walking in): Alright, let's get you prepped-- (sees Finn and Derek) Dr. Shepherd. Dr. Finn--
      Meredith: Now all my boys are here. You're all so handsome and such good kissers.
      George: Oh God!
      Finn: Excuse me?
      George: She's on drugs.
      Meredith (points at George whilst looking at Finn): He's an excellent kisser.
      Finn: You two dated?
      Derek: You didn't know?
      Meredith: It wasn't a date so much as a ... disastrously ... uncomfortable ... sexual experience.
      George: Oh ... I-I-I can't be here.
      Bailey: None of you can be here, this woman is being prepped for surgery which means you all need to leave.
      George: Gladly.
      Bailey: Now! (George starts walking off) Not you, O'Malley!
      Meredith: Dr. Bailey, all my boyfriends are here.
      Bailey: Not for long. Say goodbye, Dr. Grey.
      Derek: I'll be here when you wake up.
      Finn: So will I.
      Bailey: Now!

    • Addison: Clearly, I'm not myself today.
      Bailey: Never would have figured Mark Sloan to be your type.
      Addison: He's not... (Bailey smirks) ...he's not...What is he doing here? He's not supposed to be here. I can't have him here, I can't... he's supposed to be in New York. I can't function with him here. I'm a professional here, people respect me here, but when he's here I'm just...I'm...
      Bailey: The woman who gets the hots for man candy and cheats on her husband?
      Addison: That is rude. And unkind. And completely true. Oh my God, what am I gonna do?
      Bailey: For starters, you can keep your knees closed in his presence.
      Addison: Miranda!
      Bailey: You asked. And also, you can remember, that no man, not Derek, not Mark, defines who you are.

    • Derek: How you feeling?
      Meredith: Mortified.
      Finn: I was just explaining the Meredith on Morphine experience.
      Derek: You don't remember?
      Meredith: Was it memorable?
      Derek: I'll let Finn tell you. I'll come back.
      Finn: Actually I've just been sent on a mission to get the patient some ice chips. Be right back. (leaves)
      Meredith: How badly did I embarrass myself? ... What?
      Derek (sighs and sits on her bed): You deserve to be with somebody who makes you happy. Somebody who's not going to complicate your life. Somebody who won't hurt you. (Meredith loses her smile) He's the better guy. Meredith, Finn's the better guy.
      Meredith (softly): Derek.
      Derek: I'm walking away. (Derek nods slightly and eventually walks out of the room)

    • (Meredith is high off of morphine)
      Bailey: Dr. O'Malley, prep Dr. Grey for surgery, you're scrubbing in.
      George: I am? On Meredith's appendectomy?
      Meredith: Am I the only one who remembers the last time George scrubbed in on an appendectomy? He almost killed the guy. Sorry George.
      George: I don't have to scrub in Dr. Bailey, I could just... (Bailey glares at him) ...uh, unless you want me to... 'cause, uh, you know, not gonna happen again.
      Bailey: That good enough for you Dr. Grey?
      Meredith: You're pretty. (Bailey, leaves. George is right behind her) George! Ice chips!

    • Meredith (on morphine. To George): When I'm on the table, keep me draped. Too many people have seen me naked already. I'd like to keep whatever dignity I have left. (sees Mark) It's McSteamy. McSteamy! Yoo-hoo!
      Mark: McSteamy? That's what your calling me now?
      Meredith: Yeah, but I don't think you are supposed to know.
      Mark: How's my favorite dirty mistress?
      Meredith: Haven't you heard? Now I'm an adulterous whore.

    • Derek: Are you happy that you have a boyfriend who works in a hospital?
      Meredith: You are just one of many men I happen to be dating at the moment.
      Derek: Really? Well, how many of us are there?
      Meredith: Uh, well, there's uh, you, and uh, Finn, and....
      Derek: Well, forgive me for pointing out the obvious but, I don't see many practitioners of veterianary medicine at your bedside.
      Finn: You would if you turned around.
      Derek: Ah, Finn.
      Finn: Derek.
      Meredith: Ah, can I just say how much it helps that I'm on drugs right now?

    • Derek: How's Dr. Grey?
      Cristina: Oh. She's not pregnant, with anyone's baby.

    • (Denny's voiceover from voicemail)
      Denny: Dad, mom, it's me. I'm calling from Seattle Grace Hospital where the beautiful, talented, and incredibly stubborn Doctor Isobel Stevens has just given me a brand new heart and promised to marry me. I know we've had our differences, and I'm sorry we've been out of touch. Believe it or not, I was trying to make everything better. I know you're angry, but I hope you'll forgive me. Turns out sometimes you have to do the wrong thing. Sometimes you have to make a big mistake to figure out how to make things right. Mistakes are painful, but they're the only way to find out who you really are. I know who I am, now. I know what I want. I've got the love of my life, a new heart, and I want you guys to get on the next plane out here and meet my girl. Everything's gonna be different now. I promise. From here on out, nothing's ever gonna be the same. I love you, bye.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: January 29, 2007 on Net 5
      Italy: February 26, 2007 on Foxlife
      Brazil: February 26, 2007 on Sony Entertainment television
      New Zealand: March 1, 2007 on TV2
      Belgium: March 8, 2007 on VijfTV
      Australia: March 11, 2007 on Channel 7
      Sweden: March 28, 2007 on Kanal5
      Switzerland: April 2, 2007 SF 2
      Israel: April 2, 2007 on Yes Stars 1
      Great Britain: June 14, 2007 Livingtv
      Ireland: August 7, 2007 RTE Two
      Finland: September 19, 2007 on Nelonen
      Croatia: October 1, 2007 on NOVA TV
      Norway: September 4, 2007 on TV2
      Romania: February 12, 2008 on TVR1

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. If Looks Could Kill by Camera Obscura plays at the start of the episode
      2. Standing In The Way Of Control by The Gossip plays when everyone is staring at Mark, who has showed up with the Chief
      3. Back In Time by Au Revoire Simone plays when Derek and Mark are fighting over Shawn the salesmen's surgery
      4. So - Lo by Kate Havnevik plays when Meredith asks Addison how she knew Derek was "the one"
      5. Province by TV On The Radio plays when Meredith is going into surgery
      6. Fall For Nothing by Mindy Smith plays when Izzie is listening to the message


    • Episode Title: What I Am

      The title of this episode is a reference to a song that was released by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians in 1989.

    • Meredith says that the last time George scrubbed in the operation he almost killed the guy. This is a reference to the first episode of this show, 1x01 "A Hard Day's Night, when George was known in hospital as 007 when he scrubbed in on the very first surgery, an appendectomy, and screwed up.