Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 4

What Is It About Men

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2011 on ABC

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  • 8.04 "What Is It About Men"

    I remember watching this episode last October and thinking - is this even Grey's Anatomy, dude? I only convinced me more that I love the gals in this show and they are the ones that make it work like a clock. But I loved the "Mayfield Room 22" joke of an excuse :) Webber rocks sometimes. Hunt was just being .... Hunt, he is such a weird character. Hm. And Jackson is my favorite guy on the show right now along with Mark Sloan of course. It was not bad, but I am not crazy for special episodes. 6,5/10
  • Boys Episode


    True, for a change, we don't see the women of Grey's (not much, anyway). I think the episode started well but in the middle it became a bit boring. I like most is the storyline of Sloan and Avery. It is good that finally, Sloan showed his approval of Avery. I don't like the storyline of Hunt that much, in fact, I don't think he should have been the chief in the first place.

  • Best episode EVER!It was so nice to laugh instead of cry!


    Men. Can't live with 'em . . . This episode hit the nail on the head (pun intended). Men don't like to talk about their 'feelings' to the woman in their life, but at least they can talk to each other. Men are just big babies. Pudding. Fluff. I LOVE them!

  • Male Bonding at its Best


    Greys Anatomy is usually about the girls - especially the "twisted sisters" who somehow manage to make everything so complicated.
    This episode focussed solely on the boys - aside from brief appearances by Kepner and Bailey none of the girls were in it. It gave us a chance to see what made the boys tick. Men don't like discussing feelings but banging nails into wood gives them an outlet for their frustrations.
    I loved the Mayfield Room 22 excuse - Brilliant!!! We need more comedy like that

    Superb episode