Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 4

What Is It About Men

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2011 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Mark (walks up): Derek! You're trying to steal my guy. He's my guy. Avery go get in the car.
      Jackson: What? No.
      Derek: Mark.
      Mark: You've been moving in on him all week. You weren't even interested in him until you saw how much he meant to me. I don't take the time to teach anyone if I can help it.
      Derek: Mark.
      Mark: But I'm takin' the time with Avery because he's a quick learner and he can do a c-plasty better than I could at his level.
      Jackson: I can? (Mark turns to walk away)
      Derek: Hey, hey. Don't do that. Don't just yell at me then walk away.
      Mark: I'm not. It's just that Sofia likes it if I'm moving.
      Owen: You guys talk. I'll take the baby.
      Mark: Okay, careful. We had a scare this week. (hands Sofia to Owen) Thank you. Now, Avery go get in the car. Friends don't steal from each other.
      Derek: It's not stealing if he asks to scrub in on my surgeries.
      Mark: Oh, don't be a jackass.
      Jackson: Okay, look. I apperciate this, I do. But if I have to choose, I choose plastics. I mean, I really apperciate being able to take the lead on your neuro surgeries but I feel like--
      Mark (to Jackson): You usin' my boy here? To get more surgery? Nobody uses my boy. (Derek smiles, Jackson looks confused)