Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 7

Where the Boys Are

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on ABC

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  • he medical cases involve a sexual reassignment surgery, a pregnant woman losing her baby and a child pooping monopoly pieces. Which one of these things is not like the other? If you like my reviews check out

    Review: I haven\'t really liked any of the episodes this season and after seeing the preview for this episode, I didn\'t have high hopes for this one either. The prospect of a cheesy let\'s be men and go out to the wilderness episode isn\'t very appealing. However, I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. For the most part the writing and humor was spot on. The idea that Burke and Derek would go camping together despite the fact that they have never been friends on the show seemed a bit odd to me. Having everyone and their mother come on this trip was a bit of a stretch as well. Burke chides Derek for not having any male friends but other than his puppy dog George, he is pretty isolated as well.

    What is wrong with Dr. Sloan? Is he on ecstasy or something? I have never seen such a rampant case of man whoreidus. I don\'t think he even cares if the woman is attractive; he just needs to have sex to validate himself. He says he wants to be friends with Derek again, yet he seems very self interested to me. Telling Meredith that Derek was damaged goods and she should start over with him was the exact same line he used on Addison. Who doesn\'t like sloppy seconds? Addison, Callie, Meredith, hey Izzie is pretty **** up in the head, maybe you should try to do her? The fact that Meredith was even considering sleeping with Sloan was making me sick. I\'m glad Derek took his much needed space of less than 24 hours, he should be all set to jump into a complicated relationship! Why was Meredith giving him a hard time about needing some space? The last episode she thought that was a good idea. Well continuity really isn\'t that important is it? Not when you could be sleeping with a walking, talking, venereal disease. Better get on that Derek, Meredith isn\'t exactly known for keeping her legs closed or common sense, or intelligence, or self respect… hmm maybe you should really rethink this relationship.

    Parting thought: I\'m not going to miss the penis.
  • Lot's Of little Twists in the storyline. But Very Adventurous with the nail biting drama.

    Cristina finally seeing the consequences with Bailey holding onto Burkes secret. One on One action between Karev and O'Malley Camping. Lizzie Finally lets her feelings out about Deny! Addison finds out a fling thing that Callie had with "Mcsteamy" & yes- Meridith flirts a little with Mcsteamy at Joe's Bar but not in time for the surprise arrival of Mcdreamy to arrive and sweep her away. Oh, It makes you wonder.
  • Very funny!!!

    I (again) loved this episode, it made me laugh out loud and it made me swallow away my tears and it made me hold my breath.
    First the laughter.....
    Those guys on their camping trip, great!!
    I especially love all the facial expressions.
    I laughed out loud when Mark entered the room and both Callie and Addison were there, nothing was said, but again these facial expressions.
    Then the swallowing....
    The baby story, so overwhelming, I lived through it with close friends, brought back painful memories.
    The holding my breath....
    I told myself that when meredith would go for Mark I would quit watching.
    So, holding my breath, I finally saw what I wanted to see, Meredith & Derek!!!
  • a return to form with character driven plotlines that are increasingly involving and hilarious. the boys go camping and trouble ensues.

    i must admit over the past few weeks i felt my devotion to ga starting to slip, particularly with the mer/der thing being stretched out even further. however, last week was back on track and this episode was definately a highlight.

    derek and burke go camping, and are joined by the chief, george, alex, joe and walter (joes boyfriend). out in the woods derek is getting pissed about there being too many people ruining his 'space', webber is creating more than a few awkward moments, george is starting to realise theres something wrong with burke, and alex is creating tension by bringing up the subject of callie and mcsteamy, which ultimately results in fisticuffs and a split head. its nice to see them away from the hospital and in each others company as friends, particularly the friendship between mcdreamy and burke.

    meanwhile, back at the hospital, izzie is running away from her annoying grief councellor (a familiar face), cristina is in bailey's bad books, and meredith spends the day with mcsteamy, who actually seems to have a vaguely decent side and yet is still a complete ass, at the same time.

    by the end of the episode, i was seriously on edge. when meredith almost went off with mcsteamy,it seemed like the end of the known universe. did anyone else notice that the manner in which derek entered the bar was almost identical to the way alex did all the way back in 2.07 (when he came to kiss izzie)? and the kiss left a smile on my face so big its still lasting. an excellent episode, with the right amount of emotion and humour, and thoroughly commendable acting from all sides.
  • Another great episode and it has finally happened.

    In this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, the boys decide to go on a camping trip, while the women have to stay back at the hospital with Dr. Sloan. Things are all complicated both at the hospital and camping when Dr. Yang isn't allowed to do any surgeries because she crossed off Dr. Bailey's name while Izzie has to go with another doctor around. Dr. Grey gets stuck working with Dr. Sloan and seems like she's getting attracted to him. While the boys are camping, things also go wrong with arguments between Preston and Derek and fighting between George and Alex because George found out that Callie slept with Sloan. The doctors in the end all find reasons to solve problems. Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey are now together, and I am guessing it'll be for a while and when George is about to talk to Callie about their relationship, he finds out that his father is in the hospital. This episode was really great with a lot of twists and I just can't wait for next week's episode.
  • Slap fights and touching medical drama are the recipe for perfection!

    When I heard the boys were going off on a camping trip, I figured we were in for a “get away from the hospital” episode, but boy was I wrong! The balance between the camping trip scenes and the medical drama was absolutely wonderful. I laughed, I cried…it was perfection.

    The slap fight that the chief set up between Alex & George was hysterical. I’m glad that Alex told George what he saw, and George wouldn’t be George if he hadn’t stood up for his love, even if she didn’t deserve it. I’m looking forward to the new story that he’s about to go through.

    Donna/Daniel going through with the sex-change operation even though it could kill him/her was very touching but the mate standing by them was so impressive and exhibited an awe-inspiring love making you wonder if people in your life love you and would stand by you so diligently.

    The bonding between Callie and Addison over the couple who had lost their baby but were unaware was a special treat. I found myself enjoying their interaction and finally seeing some guilt and compassion in Callie’s eyes. Or maybe just honest emotion, period.

    I loved that Bailey confronted Cristina. Then I loved it even more when she did it again. No comment, indeed. I have plenty of comments!
  • Where the boys are...

    "We met at this bar, remember? We met and we, um, you said I'm just a girl, and I said I'm just a guy, and we started this thing. We started this thing. You didn't know anything about me. The good, the bad, the wife. You didn't even know my name. You didn't know me. I want you to know me. I want to start over from the beginning. So, hi, I'm Derek Shepherd."

    ◦ Mer/Der.. They'll always be my favorite couple of the show.. They kissed, can I say finally? It took 7 episodes but we got some lovin'! WHEE!!! :D

    ◦ Addison/Callie, never thought I could see those two as a combination, but they fit, as friends of course. I like these two together and how they bonded throughout the episode. Very nice.. I liked both of them this episode.. XD

    ◦ Mark.. Seriously, he's such a hypocrit.. Saying he wants to fix things with Derek, but then he flirts with Meredith and all that... Agggh... that made me mad. It was nice to see him on a case with Meredith though, interesting case too.

    ◦ George and Alex.. George is growing so much on me these past episodes.. and I've always loved Alex. Alex was really sincere, despite the fact that what he said could have been a bit more subtle, but he was honest to George, which is an improvement since he never really cared much for George. And that fight was hilarious, LOL. But poor George, finding out that his dad is in the hospital, luck is definitely not on his side today.

    ◦ Cristina and Burke.. How long can they keep this up? I mean George is really suspecting something and I think Derek is starting to as well, since he was really cautious when Burke was doing the stitches. and Bailey wants to know, and again somebody suspecting something, I'm glad Bailey punished Cristina for removing her from the white board.

    ◦ Love the chief!! He was so funny but also sincere, and to Alex of all people, saying that he missed Adele.. Slowly this storyline is moving..

    ◦ Izzie!! I love Izzie!! But she's back, that (I'm so bad with names today) cheerful woman.. LOL.. so funny to see her back! But glad that there was at least a link to her and Izzie in the end and that we finally heard Izzie talk about Denny again, that she missed him and all.. I love Katie's acting this season, she's doing a fantastic job!

    ◦ Derek is absolutely one of my favorite characters. I loved seeing him in the woods, despite that he was annoyed, but then again he didn't know that his co-workers would be joining him and Burke on the trip, so understandable. It was nice seeing Derek out of the hospital and YAY for him going to Meredith!! XD

    ◦ Love Joe and Walter! They're cute and nice seeing them together on screen again :) I liked the Joe/Chief scene btw!! The Chief can be very oblivious btw LOL.. so funny!

    PRESTON: "How are you and uh, Dr. Torres doing these days?"
    GEORGE: "Good. She doesn't know it yet, but we are."

    I love this line!

    Grey's Anatomy PROMO
    I've seen both the CTV promo and the ABC promo and they're both great!! Lovin' the ABC one a bit better though, I'm a fan of angsty promo's!

    ◦ Bathtub!! WHEE!! Derek and Meredith in a tub, being hot together and steamy! What's not to love?

    ◦ Seriously poor George.. I sympathize for him. And he wants Burke on the surgery when he's suspecting something, that something is not right with him. Talk about faith. Doesn't seem like Cristina is a big fan of that though in the promo. I fear for George's daddy, who I really like btw.. Glad we see him again, despite the circumstances!

    ◦ I squeed when I saw Izzie and Alex!! LOVE!! They're my second main ship on the show and I love them.. and Izzie finding out about his feelings? I want to see that!!

    Is it next week yet?
  • I just knew they were going to get together tonight!

    Wow, the last couple of minutes I was terrified of what might happen (Meredith sleeping with Sloan) and when I saw Derrick I was so happy. I am glad they are together, just anxious to see what is in store for this twosome, since the whole series basically pivots around their tumultous relationship. I read in People that Shonda says there is going to be a wedding this season, any guesses to who it will be?
  • The guys all go on a camping trip. George finds out about Callie and Mark. Bailey confronts Cristina. Addison and Callie have a bonding experience working on a woman who loses her baby. Mark tries to get Grey to forget about Derek.

    First off i want to say i thought all the guys camping together was going to be hilarious. Cristina's remark was funny. "a guy named Preston is gonna get his a** kicked by a squirrel." Bailey knows it was Cristina who erased her name from the board on Burke's surgery. Bailey puts Cristina on crap duty when a boy swallows a bunch of Monopoly pieces. Izzie gets a peer counsoler who turns out to be the flakey Sydney. Izzie winds up opening up to her a little about Denny. A man identifying as a woman comes to Mark for sexual reassignment surgery. I have to say this episode was very moving, and very gay oriented, which i think is great. I couldn't believe the woman/man wound up getting breast cancer. I guess i never really thought that could happen, so this was a very interesting and enlightening episode. I thought Cristina's comment "i should be turning a penis into a vagina that should be MY penis was hilarious. I also thought the scene on the camping trip with the chief was funny, when he found out Joe was gay "Man love, beautiful. My cousin's gay so i'm hip. Brokeback mountain and all that." I almost died when he said that. I don't know why Addison reacted about the baby situation the way she did, unless she's just reading into it as when she and Derek were happy and now everything is just gone. I thought Callie's remark to Addison was funny. "Don't make me climb over this stall. I'll do it but i'll be really p*ssed because i don't know you that well." I think those two had a little bonding experience in this episode. Callie is starting to grow on me more and more. So Alex of course had to go tell George about Callie and Mark. I thought the idea of those two having a slap match was hilarious until Joe's boyfriend hit his head. I thought for sure there was going to be a brain surgery out of that one. Luckily there wasn't. George also figured out something was wrong with Burke's hand. I think it sucks that Cristina is getting crap work because she has to keep Burke's secret. He should step up. Although her comment to Izzie was funny. "this is my crap, this is my crap, they assigned me this crap." I was surprised that Grey went out with Mark. I was also surprised to see Derek walk in and basically ask Grey for another chance. I can't believe she was at the bark with Mark, but apparently we know where her heart still is. I can't believe George's father is sick. That will put a hold on the future of Callie and George for a little while. Another great episode.
  • A very special episode that tries to make us think about each other, about prejudgements that are not right.

    I think it's a great episode. The message is clear, homosexuals are people just like us, we do not get to prejdudge, and that's what made it a good episode, please read the quote between the chief and Joe, and get to the conclusion that they're the same and in the same situation. Also it was great to see all men going out off the hospital
    and trying to enjoy outdoors. Other things that I liked: the episode had loads and loads of great music, and me get so see a friendship, a strong friendship between Callie and Addison. Also, Izzie trying to avoid Syd and what she said to her, it was just awesome. Cristina,oh dear, things seem complicated for her. It's really interesting how the pressure and tension is starting growing and acumulating.
    I didn't like Mark trying to hit on Mer, and she made the right choice. A great epi with a great message. It deserves a 9.60!
  • Mountainmen in the wild.

    All of the men go to the woods in the mountain except for Mark who has surgery planned for today. He has Donna and Vicky and he is planning to remove her husbands penis who turns out to be Donna f.k.a. as Danielle. Later through massive complications is is discovered that he has breast cancer and he needs to stop taking hormones but he will not do that and he will fight it like a woman.
    Eric swallowed 21 monopoly pieces and first Cristina dug through the poo and later he needed to go to the surgery but Bailey found out that she erased her name from the board so she couldn't scrub in. Jamie, a pregnant lady, fell in the bathroom and hurt her ankle but in fact her baby died because of the impact. Addison needs to tell them that but she can't bring herself to do that. Addison and Cellie form a very special friendship.
    Very special episode.
  • The boys are going camping while the girls run the hospital.

    The thing that's great about Grey's Anatomy is that when we first meet a patient it always seems like a funny and awkward situation, like the man that wanted to be a woman, so in the beginning of an episode we always think... okay, that's weird. But after a while we see the story after the patient, like in this episode that the wife couldn't leave her husband because she was her best friend, and then it all doesn't seem so weird anymore.

    I think it's good that Callie and Addison became friends because if you think about it Addison only had Bailey to talk to. Also the story with pregnant woman who lost her baby was very sad.

    I am glad that Meredith and Derek are finally together. There not really my favourite couple in the world but y'know all the tension between them was getting a little annoying, I was thinking all right people, just make out already!!!
  • nice to see an episode when they are not in the hospital!

    I liked it that the men decided to go on a camping trip. it was just suppose to be Derek but he has to invite someone then he invites someone and the chain goes on and on. Kinda funny. By the end all the guys from Seattle Grace are out camping! I like the fight between Karev and George. The Chief said no close fist, so they were pretty much slapping each other. Back at the hospital, Sloan has the chance to flirt with Meredith, and he doesn't waste any time! Lucky guy! The funniest part of this episode is when one of the guys (Karev,George) accidentaly hits the bar owners boyfriend! Ahhh, what a classic!
  • Funny camping trip

    I loved the guys heading out to the forest to go camping and how more and more of them joined the club. It was hilarious, especially since all their characters are so different! Also, the fight between Alex and George was also really funny!

    And in the end I was so afraid Meredith was gonna be stupid enough to hook up with McSteamy, but fortunately Derek arrived in time and that whole stupid camping trip finally made up his mind. In the end, they were finally together again. It seems to be I've been waiting for this like forever, but finally it happened...
  • Grey's Anatomy - Where the boys are

    I didn't like the episode... it hadn't nothing about 'grey's anatomy... the humour was flat and there was no story there, the camping was just a place to get rid of the boys coz nothing revealing really happend,just richard finding out that joe is gay.
    Mark strikes again and missed badly...Meredith is not addison or callie....she's stronger than both together.
    And Burk is really upseting me...he's so pride that he's putting lives in danger.
    Addison and Callie were no good... just sealed their friendship.
    Derek was just right with the temptive to start everything from the beggining and meredith did what she had to do.

    I really expect more ...and I know I'll not be disapointed coz' it's Grey's Anatomy.
  • "O'Malley's a scrapper!" ;)

    This was a great episode. I could also choose "Character Development" as a classification, definately. Men were in the woods, well, except Sloan and women were in the hospital dealing with their own problems.

    It was interesting, Addison and Callie know each other better now, Meredith has an interesting patient and Cristina is having problems with Bailey after erasing her name from the board, while Izzie is trying to hide her feelings. I must say, I liked men scenes more, ha ha ha, I couldn't stop laughing when Webber said that Karev and George will have to do Open-Hand combat. Episode was great, that's for sure.
  • Going out of the hospital settings and into the wilderness for the boys...

    I weird episode that mixed classic Greys moments and a few "what were they thinking?" pieces.
    The woods scences were compounding and unnessesary a boys night out would have given us more interest.The whole hitting his head scene was an obvious conclusion, very unsubtle. I think christina needs more punishing, Bailey could work alot harder on her. Why oh Why does she not discuss it with meredith?? very confusing..
    What is up with the ex mrs Shepard i really thought she was be a hard core and now we see a soft side of her. Greys is in desperate need of a hard core women originally you had Christina, Bailey and then came ex mrs Shepard now they have all gone soft. the last scene with Derek and Meredith is promising but i think if nothing changes this will be a will they won't tey repeat. Still very watchable for classic Tv moments from Grey's.
  • This episode was perfectly balanced...

    The writers did a fantastic job with this episode. It really was necessary for the characters to develop further relationships with each other, because for them to work that closely with each other and not know anything about each other was getting really silly. Also, I liked how they brought Burke's problem close to the edge of being revealed. It gave us a little clue to how things are going to go down later on, and how sensitive Burke is about it. His lines to George were so revealing and touching, but not in a sappy way. The ending was perfect because it bookended the series upto now with Derek and Meredith's words to each other in the bar. I think that it was a good idea on the whole not to have Meredith hook-up with Sloane. All in all, a perfectly balanced episode.
  • What an ending.!!!!

    I must say this was one of my favorites...seriously
    I loved the idea of the camping cos that\'s made the boys knowing each other i mean they work together everyday for 17 hours a day and they don\'t know anything about each other and in a combination of funny and sad in the same time.
    Addison was so great handling the pregnant lady beside this situation showed Callie\'s sensitivity i mean we always saw Callie a strong and tough woman.
    Mark Slaon what can i say he is a cancer but you love him anyways..
    Ok the ending was great the way Derek came in and intruduce himself and the way he look at her he really love her even if he don\'t say it..
    All i can say I\'m looking forward for the next episode...
  • We are Manly Men…

    So I liked the idea of the men bonding, even though we know that it was Derek’s ideas and he just wanted space. It was funny how the simple trip of one maybe two turned into this big outing with all these secrets exposed and fights that went on and it lasted less than a day. Best laid plans. Poor Izzy, I would have rather dug through crap then spend the day with little miss sunshine. That woman needs some tranquilizers. You can tell that Bailey is really hurt and she has all right to be. Christina needs to get her act together and her priorities straight – she may have Burke in her corner but pissing off Bailey is going to hurt her in the long run. Finally, finally, finally McDreamy and Meredith kiss and make-up and realize that they really love each other.
  • George, Alex, Preston, Webber & McDreamy all go out for a night in the woods. Leaving the Girls alone in the hospital with McSteamy. Yang gets confronted on why she took Baily's name off the or bord.

    This was a good episode seeing the men out of the Hospital was awesome.. We are finally starting to see the remifications of Burke & Yang and for once there might me some consequnces. Will Alex and George ever get along and what is up with the ending of Georges Dad? All in All each show gets better then ever. This is a great show to follow UGLY BETTY.

    ABC Rules
  • Fun and Dramatic

    So in this episode Derek hope sto go camping with Burke. But Burke invites the chief and also O'Malley. O'Malley invite sthe bar guy and his boyfriend. And they kinda invite Alex. So Derek is bumbed because he didn't wnat many people. When they are there they decide to go fishing. Alex and George get into a fight when Alex tells George Cali slepped with Mark. The chief then tells them to fix the problem in an open fist fight. But then Alex pushes George and George hits Walter. Walter land shis head on a rock. They have to stitch Walter up and Burke doe sit and O'Malley know sabout Burke's secret. Bailey know sthat Cristina took her name off the Humpty Dumpty so she does not allow Cristina to do any surgeries. Cristina is just digging through some kids maneur because the kid swallowed 21 monopoly peices. Izzy has to spend the day with a shrink and she really gets annoyed by the shrink. She asks the shrink if the shrink knew what it felt like to lose a husband and stuff like that. The shrink said no and Izzie left her. The shrink told Izzie a story about her first day tehre and she killed a kid and she just went back with a smiling face so everyone would think she is ok when she really isn't. Addison and Cali work on a patient together. The patient slipped in the shower and is also pregnant. Addison gives the patient and ultrasound while Cali puts a cast on the ladies arm becaus ethe lady is injured. Addison tells them the baby is sleeping and she leaves. cali follows her and Addison tells Cali that the baby is dead. At the end the couple finds out and they conceive the baby. In my opinion very sad moment. Anyway this episode was very nice... oh I forgot to mention. George's dad is on a hospital bed at the end of an episode when they come back from the camping trip. Derek and Meriedth decide to start over. Mark Salone has a patient who is a guy and wants to have his Penis removed an dhave a Vagina. Mark tells the patient that there are complications because the patient has breast cancer and she has to stop taking the harmone sbecaus ethe hormones are just feeding the cancer. Dana thinks about it and she still wants to take the surgery. Her wife leaves and is quite angered, but then she come sback because at the end of the day for her, Dana is her best friend and husband. Great episode can't wait for more.
  • Man the more I watch, the more I love this show. Rarely have I ever saw a show go 3 seasons and get better. Lost completely "lost" me as a viewer, and now that's my only show left.

    What an amazing serie, every week, I expect it to suck or bore me. But it keeps getting better and I just can't stop watching. The stories are always so well made, and the dialogues are absolutely perfect. This is amazing writing that hopefully will last for 2 - 3 more years. I think this show and heroes are the 2 most promising tv show on tv. The writing are just unbelievable. I think merideth was a little strange in that episode though. Suddenly going for mcsteamy and then telling the guy who told her time off, that it's too late. That was a little weird, but worked out pretty well. I was glad medicine and the end of merideth and mcdreamy is finally over. Now they can focus on other stuff.
  • Finally, Derek and Meredith.

    I was about ready to hurl something at my tv if Meredith chose McSleazy over Derek. I mean, seriously, Sloan is like a man-whore; he seems to want to sleep with everyone. Ew. Thankfully for my sanity though Meredith picked the right guy. Now I'm happy.

    I wonder how long Christina will be in Bailey's doghouse since she's clearly going to keep hiding what's going on with Burke.

    The camping trip was a little wierd. I mean how long were the guys there for - a couple of hours? And all they did was come up empty fishing and watch Alex and George slap each other. Great.

    Anyway, I loved the episode because my favorite couple finally got back on the right track.
  • I love Addison

    She is just becoming one of my faves on the show. They have done such a good job humanizing her since her first appearance and Kate Walsh is so awesome in this role. Addison has to be my top 3 characters of this show.
    Loved the Callie and Addison bonding thru the patient and the way they were both kinda like eh Sloan yeah very dirty.
    Bailey is going to wreak havoc on Cristina and I am glad.
    When did Meredith have this turnaround from the end of last episode where she was all sure Derek have some space to the end of this it's too late. Huh, It wasn't too late a few days ago. It's that pesky McSteamy he needs to keep him McPants on for a while. He should get some syphillis.
  • Male bonding at camp away from the hospital

    The men go out for a camping trip as the
    Women are left to fend for themselves after her actions
    As a recent surgery has consquences, Cristina is confrtoned by Miranda about those actions.
    A 25-year old pregnant woman who slipped in the shower is brought in and doesn't want medicine in order to hurt the baby.
    Daniel's wife Donna at first doesn't want to be by his side after the sex change but later on, she changes her mind.
  • i stopped breathing that last 2 minutes...seriously...

    Wow! in the beginning the episode didnt look as promising as the past ones have been, but boy did things pick up fast and turned out soooooo great! George is really one of my favorite guys and the whole slap fight between him and alex was just hilarious to watch. But its about time he found out about Mcsteamy and Callie. I'm also glad that Bailey confronted Cristina. about time for that too. Yangs whole power trip really needed to end. but i dont like the awkwardness between them now. Onto the most important part, the last two minutes. i swear if meredith had done anything with Mcsteamy i would have been so mad, there was subtle flirtation and that pissed me off enough. Then Derek comes in to make everything all better, and she actually considered turning him down! is she nuts? after everything just to end it now? and she looked at freakin Sloane! No freakin way! But in the end, the handshake and kissed solved it all. Right now i'm looking forward to that bath scene next week, heck ya!
  • Deep, exciting, comedic and revealing. It's Greys alright!

    Dr. Addison Montgomery and Dr. Torres team up wo work on a pregnant patient. The boys are out and about camping! Meredith teams up with McSteamy and Christina locks horns with Dr. Bailey whilst Issie is stuck with Sydney(thats right the happy resident in season 2) !! This will definitely put a smile on everyones face (especially the end).