Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 7

Where the Boys Are

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on ABC

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    Review: I haven\'t really liked any of the episodes this season and after seeing the preview for this episode, I didn\'t have high hopes for this one either. The prospect of a cheesy let\'s be men and go out to the wilderness episode isn\'t very appealing. However, I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. For the most part the writing and humor was spot on. The idea that Burke and Derek would go camping together despite the fact that they have never been friends on the show seemed a bit odd to me. Having everyone and their mother come on this trip was a bit of a stretch as well. Burke chides Derek for not having any male friends but other than his puppy dog George, he is pretty isolated as well.

    What is wrong with Dr. Sloan? Is he on ecstasy or something? I have never seen such a rampant case of man whoreidus. I don\'t think he even cares if the woman is attractive; he just needs to have sex to validate himself. He says he wants to be friends with Derek again, yet he seems very self interested to me. Telling Meredith that Derek was damaged goods and she should start over with him was the exact same line he used on Addison. Who doesn\'t like sloppy seconds? Addison, Callie, Meredith, hey Izzie is pretty **** up in the head, maybe you should try to do her? The fact that Meredith was even considering sleeping with Sloan was making me sick. I\'m glad Derek took his much needed space of less than 24 hours, he should be all set to jump into a complicated relationship! Why was Meredith giving him a hard time about needing some space? The last episode she thought that was a good idea. Well continuity really isn\'t that important is it? Not when you could be sleeping with a walking, talking, venereal disease. Better get on that Derek, Meredith isn\'t exactly known for keeping her legs closed or common sense, or intelligence, or self respect… hmm maybe you should really rethink this relationship.

    Parting thought: I\'m not going to miss the penis.
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