Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 7

Where the Boys Are

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on ABC

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  • a return to form with character driven plotlines that are increasingly involving and hilarious. the boys go camping and trouble ensues.

    i must admit over the past few weeks i felt my devotion to ga starting to slip, particularly with the mer/der thing being stretched out even further. however, last week was back on track and this episode was definately a highlight.

    derek and burke go camping, and are joined by the chief, george, alex, joe and walter (joes boyfriend). out in the woods derek is getting pissed about there being too many people ruining his 'space', webber is creating more than a few awkward moments, george is starting to realise theres something wrong with burke, and alex is creating tension by bringing up the subject of callie and mcsteamy, which ultimately results in fisticuffs and a split head. its nice to see them away from the hospital and in each others company as friends, particularly the friendship between mcdreamy and burke.

    meanwhile, back at the hospital, izzie is running away from her annoying grief councellor (a familiar face), cristina is in bailey's bad books, and meredith spends the day with mcsteamy, who actually seems to have a vaguely decent side and yet is still a complete ass, at the same time.

    by the end of the episode, i was seriously on edge. when meredith almost went off with mcsteamy,it seemed like the end of the known universe. did anyone else notice that the manner in which derek entered the bar was almost identical to the way alex did all the way back in 2.07 (when he came to kiss izzie)? and the kiss left a smile on my face so big its still lasting. an excellent episode, with the right amount of emotion and humour, and thoroughly commendable acting from all sides.