Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 12

Where The Wild Things Are

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on ABC

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  • It SUCKED and it was confusing, but somehow it reminded me of the (good ol') general background of season 2.

    The episode started and I couldn't understand anything. They were going to fast and it was all confusing. They kept on taking everything for granted...leaving the audience in a maze.
    Two things worthy of this episode: Lexie stealing everything. I don't condome stealing, but in this case Lexie's situation was tender and funny. Then, the fact that Meredith decided to take on therapy was great, and a sign of wanting a change.

    The rest... ouch.
    I don't condome experiments on humans! Patients in this episode were like lab rats, one being given any test existing on the planet, for what? A couple of points? Is that more important than a patient's welfare? Then you have the other case, in wich Mer says "tumor!" as if she had won the lottery.
    We are all animals, but in this episode they forgot about the humanity. Our interests should not harm the rest; this episode teached us the exact opposite.
  • Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!

    Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!I can´t see Derek and Meredith apart anymore. I´m very tired of that. They supposed to be together by now, she loves him and he loves her, they are perfect to eich other...Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!That´s all i have to say. I really don´t like Rose woman, she´s grrrrr. Anyway, Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!Derek and Meredith should be together at last!!!
  • very good episode. do

    this episode started off really funny. with merideth christina and izzie running around amuck for the cntest they are having. they have been in the hospital non stop for days and will do anyhting to win. they fight over patients to win points. izzie takes this guy who fainted and tries to solve this medical mystery, but ends up putting him through hell for nothing. which may i add was a pretty funny scene. christina gives up winning the contest to help hahn in surgery, which was a bold move. derek and rose are dating, but GASP, they arent having sex. and sloane doesnt like it. and meredith wont even go near derek. and finally lexie does some decorating, with hospital supplies, that whole scenario was so funny. and in the end it looked really good. overall, this was a really good episode.
  • It was a good episode, but it had room for improvement.

    Izzie: She gets a patient who has a sprained ankle, sounds like a sprained ankle right? Well, Izzie sees, medical mystery and it causes this man a whole lot of money on medical tests and worst of all, fear. Competition can do a lot to people can't it? Izzie was entertaining in this episode mainly because she wasn't whining a lot.

    Christina: She continues to make sacrifices so that she can get more involved with Dr. Hahn and cardio. It may have caused her a lot of problems, but she's starting to gain from giving up. Christina is great, I have always loved Christina, but I think this episode failed to portray her very well, it showed her, but it was lacking.

    Meredith: She's still copping over the fact that Derek is seeing Rose, which just sickens me. She's just really boring when she is talking about Derek and all of that, in fact, I wonder if she would even be less boring if she didn't do all those things.

    Derek and Rose: They get closer and closer as the days pass, but someone isn't in approval of them seeing each other (other than Meredith of course, her opinion doesn't matter), it is no other than Mark Sloan. Uhmmm... all of Derek's relationships bore me. More Christina and Bailey please!
  • awesome!!!!! this is why we watch the show!!!

    i think this eppisode was awesome considering it was right after that painful writers strike. it was exiting, but i only rated it a nine because after i saw this eppisode, i saw the preview of next week and think its going to be way better. derek and meredith should be together, everybody knows that but it may take some time (and maybe some jelp from mark) for derek to relize hes got the wrong girl. i also think christina is funny in this one because she is obsessing over the fact that callie and Hohn are friends! this is a really good eppisode.
  • At last, a bunch of self-absorbed surgeons start to see themselves as individuals.

    What drew me in to this episode was watching the characters emerge from bouncing their identities off what happened in relationships, and assert a sense of autonomy. The contest, the animal analogies, and the question of what makes a good relationship when sex isn't in the equation all combined to make the characters stand clearly. The episode showed each character being themselves -- looking at where they came from and asking where do they really want to go from here. It could have been a great beginning of season episode, which it kind of is. Bringing the focus back to the reason these characters interact -- the medicine -- helps reflect on who each person is, and what motivates them to sacrafice present comfort or easier lifestyles for the future they are seeking. I think the character who stole the show was George. He gets an earful from Izzie, does and does not do favors for Mer to support her, and in his new flat with Lexie challenges himself the most to change what he doesn't like. More subtly, Christina shows her weaknesses socially while Meredith reveals the strength she must have always been relying on to get through the hell she goes through on this show. Alex is subdued when he is seen and listened to. Chief is a mentor, Bailey a mother. Unfortunately, I doubt that many more episodes will be like this one, because the forum on this site and many others clamour for the relationships to be the forefront of the show. It has been a wonderful respite to see the characters shine singly, but the nature of this show will not allow this to be the dominant theme. I really enjoy this show and have stuck with it because it has texture; I hope that the writers continue to bring more...of the different.
  • OMG that guy with his guts falling out!!!! Who touches a bear cub!?!?!?!

    I thought that was a good episode..... I loved the contest part.... funny..... and the guy with his guts falling out was awesome!!!! I don't like Rose.... I'm not a fan of Sheppard and Meredith cause I dont like Meredith, I think she's too dramatic but I don't like Rose either..... she's just blah....

    I dont like Christina anymore.... she's sucking up to Hauhn too much and that's getting annoying.....

    I just don't get what's going on with George and Izzie now.... I dont like it.... Is there hope for them, is there not??? What happenned there???? They gotta bring them back..... I thought it was lame how they made that thing about them not being a match sexually..... just lame....
  • 5 Weeks later, we pick up @ the hospital and it seems like all the interns are focused on work, as everyone's relationships have desolved!! Merideth sees a shrink and whines over Derek and Rose! The interns have a surgical contest that is kinda dumb!

    This episode was just like the classification I said it was: a "Filler Episode"!! They basically just wasted an episode to let us know what everyone's status was and where they were going from here!! It sucked after waiting for that long for a new episode, but it looks like next week's will be awesome!!
    There was nothing really eventful going on, except what seems to be (after the "next weeks previews") the beginning of a possible lesbian match-up between Calli and Erica Hahn!!LOL And I'm serious! Merideth and Derek will be back together soon, b/c let's face it, they ARE the bread-n-butter of the show!! Also, it looks like Gizzy are a dead item finally! And I can foresee a possible "Gexie" hookup in the distant future, as it seems the two of them are teaming up with their new "Crapartment!"LOL
    All-In-All, it was nice to have Grey's back, and as I said, it looks like next week's episode just might be a classic!! Addison will be in the house, so that's always nice!! All is right in the TV world!! :)
  • This episode was so ridiculous!

    This episode was so ridiculous! What hospital would ever allow the residents to run around performing unnecessary tests on patients in order to compete for points. Not to mention how they all seem to take great pleasure in the idea of someone needing surgery for their own thrills and advancement. Especially Christina. It is so ludicrous that they compete on this level!

    The 1st 2 seasons of Grey's Anatomy started out so well with Meredith as a strong independent professional woman. Now they have morphed her into some wimpy, whiny character that I don't even like anymore. She doesn't deserve Derek, even though I hate to see him with Rose! I wish they would bring back the old Meredith and make her strong again.

    Also, the idea that George and Lexi would have to live in a roach infested apartment is absurd! George is another whiner. Overall, I think the new episode was HORRIBLE! The best people on the show are the chief and Baily!
  • Fanfreakintastic!!

    This episode was amazing, it in my opinion is the best this season. Final Grey's is back to being the great show it was in season 1 & 2 its back to being the show we all fell in love with and enjoyed so much. Loved jealous Mark "It's supposed to be our time" - too funny for words. An klepto Lexie was quite funny as well, I actually started to like her more. I enjoyed the sister moment her and Meredith had and how quickly Mer jumped back out of it and went back to resident mode. And George killing the roaches was also quite amusing. Bang up epi can't wait for the next.
  • So, Grey's has returned. Everyone's back... including a new face, Meredith's therapist. THANK GOODNESS!

    This episode was awesome. I'm not going to lie. Maybe it's just that it's been 3 months, but it was great. Our favorite residents compete in a contest to see who can get the most points by... well, by doing 'doctor-y' stuff. Cristina looks like a for sure winner, with Alex right behind. Izzie tries to make up ground by performing a whole bunch of tests on a guy who doesn't need anything but for his ankle to be taped up. *sigh* When will she learn. Gizzie has official 'popped', thus leaving George to live with Lexie... and her cockroaches. George can't get over how bad her apartment is, so Lexie decided to get some things to spice it up. So she 'stole' a crap load of stuff from the hospital... Including Rose's flowers. That action right there won me over. I am officially a Lexie fan. And she just kept taking things and I just kept laughing. She's a great addition to the crew. Rose on the other hand... well, she idolizes Derek. It's kind of creepy. It makes me wonder if she still has her old engagement ring strung around her neck. But thank goodness she has 'morals' and doesn't want to have sex yet with Derek. I don't think I could handle that, as I'm a 100% Mer/Der shipper. And Meredith ended up winning the resident contest, because she's just that good. But she didn't seem to thrilled though. Probably just being humble. Oh, Meredith is in therapy. Which is great for her. And she's making a medical breakthrough and she'll need a neurosurgeon on it... aka Derek. This is awesome! I know most of us Grey's fans probably all hated Shonda when she left us at 4.11, but I'm glad to say that after this episode, she's pretty much brilliant. This is gonna be an awesome 5 episode ride!
  • Excitement, emotion, surgery, and fluctuating relationship all made this episode fantastic and remind us about we have been missing for five months.

    The competition only heightened the already tense relationships within the hospital. It was fantastic to watch the Chief relate to both Alex and Izzie and mentor them into being better surgeons. George and Lexie living together should prove to be interesting over the next few weeks. It was hilarious watching Lexie steal things from the hospital. I felt that this show actually brought a new change to the whole Derek/Meredith relationship fiasco. One can only hope that things will finally be decided one way or the other. All around it was another fantastic episode of Grey's with everything that we have come to expect from this show.
  • there is a competition among the residents while two men come in after a bear attack, a man comes in with a broken ankle, and meredith avoids shepherd while yang finally gets to work with her mentor

    i loved this it actually went past drama..most dramas (unlike bones and some others) dont have too many comedic moments..but this one did..the whole thing was funny w/ the running around for points and taking ppl as they could get them..then they were just searching for things that were funny..but then of course as always theres seriousness..the whole bear thing was horrible..i mean how awful is it to be torn up by a bear..and then the brother died..that was sad and the guy had a brain tumor..meredith was avoiding derek as rose falls for him even more and george absolutely hates being an intern..then yang actually chooses hahn over winning (which is unusual for her)..i was at the edge of my seat the whole time