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Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 20

White Wedding

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 05, 2011 on ABC
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Episode Summary

As Callie and Arizona's wedding approaches, the couple quickly realize that the day they've been looking forward to is not turning out the way they'd envisioned. Meanwhile Alex continues to make the other residents jealous as he appears to be the top contender for Chief Resident, Meredith and Derek make a decision that will change their lives forever, and Dr. Perkins presents Teddy with a very tempting proposition.moreless

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  • Marriage with a difference... [SPOILERS]

    Grey's Anatomy is still throwing surpises, even in its seventh season.

    Who'd have thought Meredith and Derek's wedding would be such a minimal affair, reduced to a post-it for over a year and then twenty minutes at City Hall?

    Who'd have thought after the tense confrontations between Callie and her dad regarding her sexuality, it turns out to be her mother who is behind most of her obstacles?

    Who'd have thought Karev would actually have a serious point regarding law / ethics / impact when discussing Meredith's actions? (Although I sincerely doubt he wouldn't have done something similar back in the day for Izzie...)

    Who'd have thought a speech from Bailey would steal the show? Oh wait... I guess that's not a surprise! Her words to Callie rung so true and are at the heart of what this episode centred on. You make your life what it is, and your faith / beliefs are with YOU, and where you are - not confined to bricks and concrete (e.g. church)or an imposed set of conformities from those you are supposed to be able to look up to and trust (e.g. parents). Besides, Bailey got married, legally, to a guy, in a church - and look how well that turned out!

    All in all, a good episode. Now bring on that season finale... I want some controversy!moreless
  • Wedding bells are ringing..

    This is what makes Grey's Anatomy so special and extremely cool. Even their simplest and not highly-promoted episode can make you smile and have you tearducts all worked-up. They've moved out from what a typical TV series episode would have done to an episode like this. ***[beware for spoilers]***

    If it weren't Grey's Anatomy, they'd probably have a great "oh-i'm-your-mother-I'm-happy-if-you're-happy" moment with Callie and her mom. If this wasn't Grey's Anatomy, they'd probably have Meredith and Derek have to argue and think about the whole adoption thing for about three more episodes. If this wasn't Grey's Anatomy, they'd probably have extreme drama scenes so Callie would decide to continue the wedding. If this wasn't Grey's Anatomy, they'd probably have a heavily emotional moment to make Arizona shed buckets of tears for her brother. But the thing is, this is Grey's Anatomy. They can find ways to make you happy and proud even without having to have extreme sobfest... FYI. how come everybody grows except from Christina. I thought she'd learned her lessons. Her over-the-top Over-Achiever thing was her best quality, now it's just annoying. She's got God complex still. Am not saying they have to rewrite her, but she's starting to annoy me and not in a good way... She's always been annoying, but that use to be a good thing and it adds up great deal to the stories and to the humors. Now, i think they are wasting her character. And beware karev, Kepner has just got herself a personal recommendation from the anti-social attending. Grey's Anatomy is close to perfectionmoreless
  • weddings

    The story line of Callie and Arizona balances the two sides of same sex marriage. Those that are against because it is not right in the eyes of the church and those that are for it because love is love whatever form it may come. It is a sensitive issue that the show is treading and I hope the show will continue to balance out the two sides equally. The other marriage is Derek's and Mer's. I think the script was well written but the directing needs a bit improvement. I used to not like the character of Keptner but for the past episodes she is becoming to be a favorite too. =)moreless
Jessica Capshaw

Jessica Capshaw

Dr. Arizona Robbins

Sarah Drew

Sarah Drew

Dr. April Kepner

Jesse Williams (II)

Jesse Williams (II)

Dr. Jackson Avery

Kim Raver

Kim Raver

Dr. Teddy Altman

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

James Tupper

James Tupper

Dr. Andrew Perkins

Guest Star

Denis Arndt

Denis Arndt

Colonel Robbins

Guest Star

Gina Gallego

Gina Gallego

Lucia Torres

Guest Star

Peter MacNicol

Peter MacNicol

Dr. Robert Stark

Recurring Role

Hector Elizondo (I)

Hector Elizondo (I)

Carlos Torres

Recurring Role

Rachel Andersen

Rachel Andersen


Recurring Role

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    • Owen: So, what happened with Teddy? Did you talk to her?
      Alex (walks up): So, my date just called to say she got stuck delivering a baby. Literally, the baby got stuck half way out.
      Jackson: I was wrong to doubt the mice. Karev, watch your back. Mouse J just made me a contender. Thank you, Mouse J.
      Lexie: To Mouse J. (they toast)
      Owen: You're not the only contenders, you know, my sources tell me that Kepner could be a dark horse.
      Cristina: Oh, please. (walks off)
      Alex (taking Owen's drink away from him): No offense, Dr. Hunt. I have you scheduled for a Swenson procedure on a two-year old orphan tomorrow morning. I'm sure you understand, I'm just looking out for the kids, that I brought here, from Africa.

    • Carlos (to Callie): I was driving to the airport with your mother and it hit me. I've been looking forward to dancing with you on your wedding day since I first held you in my arms, so I turned the car around and came back. So, here I am, to have this dance, with my daughter.

    • Arizona (about the father daughter dance): Oh, crap. I forgot to take that off the schedule. I meant to, I'm sorry...
      Callie: No, no, no. It's okay. Of course you should get to dance with your dad, it's okay. I'll just sit this one out. Go ahead. (Arizona goes to dance with her dad, Mark walks up)
      Mark: No, you won't. I'm a father. I can dance. Let's dance.

    • Cristina: You want a real apology?
      Teddy: Can't this wait until work tomorrow? My date's waiting for me.
      Cristina: You know, I'm sorry that I'm such an exceptional surgeon that it threatens you. I'm sorry my surgical repair saved Callie's life and yours didn't. I'm sorry your ego is so fragile that I had to stand on the sidelines of a surgery I should have been performing with you today. Like, I have been standing on the sidelines for the past three months basically ruining my chances for chief resident. You wanted sincerity? I could have not been more sincere.
      Teddy: And yet, you still don't get it.

    • Richard: Any idea when they're cutting the cake? I wanna take a piece home to Adele.
      Cristina: Oh, I have no idea, sir.
      Richard: You know, it's funny how things work out. Karev stepped up, Jackson's starting to shine, there's Kepner, Grey. Well, I always assumed that you'd be the front runner for chief resident, Yang. But that just goes to show, you can't count anyone out. I'm going to check on that cake.

    • Bailey: Who gives this bride to this bride?
      Mark: That'd be me.

    • (The scene cuts back and forth between Derek and Mer getting married to Callie and Arizona getting married)
      Judge: Applicants Grey and Shepherd...
      Derek: That'd be us.
      Judge: I need to see some ID. Okay, this seems to be in order, I'll jump right in. We are here today to participate in a marital union...
      Bailey: ...To celebrate love and happiness and loyalty, and in my opinion, a little bit of magic.
      Judge: In the form and regulations of the state of Washington,
      Bailey: To bring together two exceptional and beautiful human beings...
      Judge: Since it is your intention to enter into marriage, join hands, and repeat after me. I, Derek Shepherd...
      Derek: I, Derek Shepherd...
      Arizona: I take you, Calliope Torres to be my wife.
      Meredith: For better or for worse in good times and in bad...
      Callie: I choose you to be the one whom I spend my life...
      Arizona: I love you.
      Callie: I love you.
      Judge: Okay, you sign there, and you sign there. (they both sign) By these documents and according to the state law of Washington...
      Bailey: Okay, I hereby pronounce you wife and wife. (Callie and Arizona kiss)
      Judge: Congratulations.
      Derek: Why, thank you.

    • Mark (knocks on door): Robbins, babysitter's here. Sofia's asleep. I look great, by the way. Let's go. (walks in the bedroom, and Arizona is crying) Robbins, you okay?
      Arizona: When I came out to my brother, he asked me if that meant that I was gonna marry a chick. And when I said 'yes' he had this big smile and he said 'I'm gonna dance so hard at your wedding'. (starts crying again) My dreams are coming true, dreams I didn't even know that I had. But my brother's not here, he's missing it. And I know that I'm late, I know it, I know it, I know it, but why do you think that my dad schedules every minute of every day? If every minute is accounted for then there's no time to slow down and just... I just need a minute to miss my brother. (Mark hugs her)

    • Bailey: You realize your door is unlocked? I could be anyone. I could be a burglar coming to burglar you. Where's the baby? (Callie shows her the baby on the monitor, she smiles) Oh, I could be a baby-napper trying to baby-nap you.
      Callie: I know why they sent you. It doesn't matter what you say, the wedding's still off. My mom's right, it's a joke. It's not a wedding, and it's not happening. I can't have a priest, I no longer have a minister, (sobs) I'm not being given away by my dad, the wedding isn't legal, what's the point? This isn't a wedding, it's not even in a church, it's nothing. It's a couple of girls playing dress up. It's not real, it's not real.
      Bailey (sighs): Okay, first of all, you do not need the law or a priest or your mother to make your wedding real. And the church can be anywhere you want it to be. In a field, on a mountain, right here in this room, anywhere because where do you think god is? Come on, He's in you. He's in me. Just right here, in the middle of us. Your church just hasn't caught up to God yet. Your mother, she hasn't caught up to God yet. And, by the way, she may not ever catch up, but it's okay. It's okay. If you are willing to stand up in front of your friends, family, and God, and commit yourself to another human being to give yourself in that kind of partnership for better or worse in sickness and in health. Honey, that is a marriage. That is real, and that's all that matters. Besides, I got legally married in a church. Look how well that turned out. (laughs)

    • Derek: Let's adopt this baby.
      Meredith: What? Are you serious?
      Derek: Yeah. You know, I was holding her yesterday, and she was crying and then she stopped. And I've held a lot of babies; I've fixed a lot of babies. But, I looked down at Zola, and I don't know what it was, but I just couldn't imagine her being with any other parent or any other family. We've been trying so hard to start a family, and she needs one. Let's adopt her. I'm serious, let's adopt her.

    • Callie: Oh, good. Can I borrow something? It can be anything really. A handerchief, tissue, cash. I got something old, new, blue, I just need something borrowed.
      Mark: I just got a call from Father Brooks. His wife got into an accident. She's okay, but they're in the ER now, he's not gonna make it to the wedding.
      Callie: You're kidding. Please tell me that you're kidding. Do you know how hard it was to find a minister that was willing to marry us?
      Mark: Well, he left us some numbers, we can call for a replacement.
      Callie (sighs): Ah, you know what, no. Don't make any calls. Don't get anyone. Just... Forget it. I'm not getting married.

    • Meredith: So, you're not talking to me now, is that it?
      Alex: You told me to shut up, so I'm just gonna sit here an read this cereal box and practice keepin' my mouth shut.
      Meredith: I didn't change any data or falsify any results.
      Alex: Or switch the syringe so some sweet, sad, old lady would get the drug and not the placebo. (Mer is silent) That's what I thought.
      Meredith: Nothing I did will change any results. It doesn't change the potential effectivness of the drug, it doesn't change anything.
      Alex: Except the life of the guy who was supposed to get the drug and now won't. Look, the truth will come out and when the FDA investigates they'll invalidate Seattle Grace as a research institution. That blacklists, you, Derek and every freakin' doctor in the hospital. This is bigger than you. It messes with me, it messes with everyone. I mean, I know I'm a lot of things, but I'm not a liar, and I never thought you were either.
      Meredith: So what are you saying? That you're gonna tell?
      Derek (walks in): Morning.
      Alex: I'm gonna be late for work.

    • Carlos: I- I tried to reason with her. She won't listen. She's just sitting downstairs in the car. I- I don't know what to say, sweetheart. I'm so sorry.
      Callie: Daddy, you need to go, okay?
      Carlos: Go? I- I can't. I'm not leaving.
      Callie: You have to go because if you don't I will start crying and then that will make you feel bad, and then I will feel worse, so you have to go. (hugs him)

    • Callle (about her vail): What do you think? I had it made to look like yours.
      Lucia: I- I can see that.
      Callie: I have loved this picture of you since I was a little girl and I just wanted to surprise you. I... do you like it? (Lucia is silent, Callie rolls her eyes) Okay, what mom? What don't you like?
      Lucia: N-nothing. It's... it's lovely.
      Callie: Lovely. That's it?
      Lucia: What else would you like me to say?
      Callie: Oh, I don't know. Something. I mean, I've been bending over backwards since you got here just to make you feel comfortable.
      Lucia: I didn't ask you to do anything for me.
      Callie: I'm getting married in a church for you.
      Lucia: Don't you dare imply that there's anything about a wedding to a woman or a baby out of wedlock that's for me.
      Callie: Okay. Wow. ... So, what bothers you more? My bastard child or my lesbian finacee? Your a lawyer, mom, you're out in the world. You know other gay people, your secretary's gay. (getting teary-eyed) I'm your daughter.
      Lucia: Do you know how devastating it is to raise a child and love a child and know you won't see that child in heaven. And you are not a bride. And I am not the mother of a bride. Now, this-- this isn't your wedding. It isn't right, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be here. I just can't.

    • Teddy: I am impressed. You are remarkably calm for a bride who's getting married tomorrow.
      Arizona: Ah, you should see the schedule my dad put together. I just show up where I belong, when I belong, it's perfect. Everyone should get married like this. (Teddy gets a text, reads it and giggles) Who's that from? Hottie husband or hottie boyfriend? 

      Teddy: It's from Andrew. He's not my boyfriend; he's just my wedding date.
      Arizona: Uh huh. And does your hottie wedding date know about your hottie husband?
      Teddy: Well, there's nothing to know. Andrew will be in town for another week and then he's off to who knows where, so I'm just enjoying what he has to offer, when he has to offer.

    • Arizona: Two more days. We can handle two more days.
      Callie: And then they'll be gone and our lives will go back to normal. No more brunches, no more praying...
      Arizona: No more my dad calling himself The Colonel. (they laugh)Arizona: We just need to focus on the big picture, which is... you and I are getting married.
      Callie: We're getting married.
      Arizona: We're getting married.

    • April: Dr. Stark, can I talk to you for a second?
      Stark: It appears that you already are.

    • Alex: Mer, what's goin' on? Does he know what you did?
      Meredith: What did I do?
      Alex: I saw you with the clinical trial envelope, you were hiding it under your lab coat. Look, if you messed with this trial some how, this could be bad for you. Like really bad.
      Meredith: I don't know what you're talking about.
      Alex: Whatever you did, no matter how minor, it invalidates the entire project.
      Meredith: Alex!
      Alex: You could get into real trouble here, Mer. It's illegal to mess around with a blind trial.
      Meredith: I didn't do anything! So shut up about it!

    • Teddy: Okay, okay. I need twenty good reasons why I shouldn't let Cristina back on my service today because I am ready to buckle. I've got a really complicated case and I could use her skills today. Okay, so twenty reasons, right now, please.
      Owen: I don't have one reason. I think you should put her back on your service.
      Teddy: No, no. That would be the worst thing that I could do. I mean, that won't teach her a thing.
      Owen: She went over your head in the surgery, yes. That was bad form, but don't you think you're being a little bit harsh?
      Teddy: Harsh? Okay, first of all, she went over my head to you and you enabled that behavior which you really shouldn't have done but more importantly Cristina is dangerous right now. She got lucky. Callie survived that procedure but it just as easily could've been disastorous. Cristina got lucky. She doesn't see it that way, she thinks she's right. She always thinks she's right and that is not being a good doctor. That is dangerous.
      Owen: I know that. Instead of shutting her out, tell Cristina that.
      Teddy: There's no telling Cristina Yang anything. She has to learn it. And until then, I'm okay being the bad guy. I can handle her being angry at me. Do you really think she could handle something like killing Callie Torres?

    • Jackson: I mean, you'd think being on the Chief's research project would help in the race for chief resident. Might even think it would make me a contender. Only, I'm not saving little kids or people with Alzheimer's, I'm cleaning up mouse poop.
      Lexie (distracted, practicing a procedure on a plum): Can you hand me that basin?
      Jackson: Wanna hear my conversation with the Chief every morning? (imitates Richard) 'Avery, how are the mice?' ... 'Oh, they're fine, Chief. They're running on their wheels, they're eating their cheese.' I mean, if I worked at a pet store, I'd be employee of the month by now. But I'm a surgeon, baby-sitting a bunch of mice.
      Lexie: Until you get FDA approval, okay? Which I'm sure you're gonna be working on humans any day now. Now grab me another plum.
      Jackson: Why are you peeling these things apart anyway?
      Lexie: I'm practicing. Since my kid's skin has grown directly on to the heart muscle, I'm gonna be helping Teddy remove the adheasions without puncuturing the heart. (Jackson takes a bite of the plum) Hey, don't eat my adheasions!

    • Mark (walks in): Sorry, sorry, surgery ran long. But, I'm here. I made it. Where do you want me? (stands next to Mrs. Robbins)
      Daniel: That is not where you'll be.
      Mark: Oh, this is your spot? ... Sorry. (slides over, Daniel glares at him)
      Carlos: Hey, Mark, why don't you stand over here next to me?
      Mark: At least one of my fathers-in-law doesn't hate me.
      Carlos: You're Sofia's father. I love Sofia so I'm gonna at least going to try to like you. But, if you call me your father-in-law again, I'll knock 'ya out.

    • Callie: So, the table is the altar and the lamp is...
      Arizona: Father Brooks.
      Lucia: Your priest?
      Callie: Minister. No, he's not Catholic, but he practices at a very big church. It's old and drafty, you'll like it. It's very churchy.
      Lucia: I see.

    • Cristina: Dr. Altman, I would like to apologize. I am sorry... for going over your head and putting you in a difficult position during Callie's surgery. I am sorry. I apologize.
      Teddy: Are you saying this because you mean it or you because you want back on my service?
      Cristina: Does it really matter?
      Teddy: Yes, it matters.

    • Cristina: Okay, listen, I need to get back in the race for chief resident. I need in on Teddy's patenllagtrel patient. This isn't funny anymore. She is still shutting me out, can't you talk to her?
      Owen: Wait, I thought you were on Robbins' service today, isn't she on that case, too?
      Cristina: Yeah, but that just puts me like inches away from some other resident doing the most amazing cardio procedure imaginable while I just stand there and... suction. It's torture.
      Owen: You need to apologize.
      Cristina: Apologize for what? Having better judgement than Teddy? For saving Callie's life? There's a wedding tomorrow because of me.
      Patient: Your apology could use some work.
      Owen: You asked me how to get back in with Teddy, I told you how.

    • Cristina: Adorable African children and shameless ego stroking. Karev is a genius.
      Jackson: Yeah, he's single handedly stealing chief resident out from under all of us and we're helping him do it. I mean, we can't exactly refuse to treat sick kids without making ourselves look bad.
      April: Yeah, he's a genius. Or yeye alikuwa ni genius, that's what they say in Swaahili.
      Cristina: Well, he only has a shot because I've been benched. The playing field has been leveled. You're all welcome.
      Meredith: My Alzheimer's trial kicks African orphan ass. It kicks all your asses.

    • Carlos: You ever go by anything else, Colonel, Colonel?
      Daniel: The Colonel.

    • Mark: I'd like to propose a toast.
      Colonel Robbins: Why is the sperm donor here? I thought tonight was a family dinner.
      Arizona: Dad...
      Mark: To two exoridinary women, may your lives be overfilled with love, happiness and joy. To Callie, and Arizona the mothers of my child.
      Colonel Robbins: Oh, for God sakes.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): Germs. Diseases. Toxins. Our bodies encounter dangers all the time. Just beneath the surface hidden. Whether you realize it or not, your body is constantly protecting itself. Every time you blink your eye, you wash away thousands of unwanted microbes. Breathe in too much unwanted pollen, and you sneeze. The body detects the invader. It releases its white blood cells, and it attacks.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): Just when we think we figured things out, the universe throws us a curveball. So, we have to improvise. We find happiness in unexpected places. We find ourselves back to the things that matter the most. The universe is funny that way. Sometimes it just has a way of making sure we wind up exactly where we belong.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Svatba v bílém (Wedding in the White)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 5, 2011 on CTV
      United Kingdom: May 18, 2011 on Sky Living
      Sweden: May 18, 2011 on Kanal 5
      Australia: June 23, 2011 on Channel 7
      Germany: August 3, 2011 on ProSieben
      Norway: November 29, 2011 on TV2
      Czech Republic: April 17, 2012 on Prima LOVE