Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 20

White Wedding

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 05, 2011 on ABC

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  • Marriage with a difference... [SPOILERS]

    Grey's Anatomy is still throwing surpises, even in its seventh season.

    Who'd have thought Meredith and Derek's wedding would be such a minimal affair, reduced to a post-it for over a year and then twenty minutes at City Hall?

    Who'd have thought after the tense confrontations between Callie and her dad regarding her sexuality, it turns out to be her mother who is behind most of her obstacles?

    Who'd have thought Karev would actually have a serious point regarding law / ethics / impact when discussing Meredith's actions? (Although I sincerely doubt he wouldn't have done something similar back in the day for Izzie...)

    Who'd have thought a speech from Bailey would steal the show? Oh wait... I guess that's not a surprise! Her words to Callie rung so true and are at the heart of what this episode centred on. You make your life what it is, and your faith / beliefs are with YOU, and where you are - not confined to bricks and concrete (e.g. church)or an imposed set of conformities from those you are supposed to be able to look up to and trust (e.g. parents). Besides, Bailey got married, legally, to a guy, in a church - and look how well that turned out!

    All in all, a good episode. Now bring on that season finale... I want some controversy!
  • Wedding bells are ringing..

    This is what makes Grey's Anatomy so special and extremely cool. Even their simplest and not highly-promoted episode can make you smile and have you tearducts all worked-up. They've moved out from what a typical TV series episode would have done to an episode like this. ***[beware for spoilers]***
    If it weren't Grey's Anatomy, they'd probably have a great "oh-i'm-your-mother-I'm-happy-if-you're-happy" moment with Callie and her mom. If this wasn't Grey's Anatomy, they'd probably have Meredith and Derek have to argue and think about the whole adoption thing for about three more episodes. If this wasn't Grey's Anatomy, they'd probably have extreme drama scenes so Callie would decide to continue the wedding. If this wasn't Grey's Anatomy, they'd probably have a heavily emotional moment to make Arizona shed buckets of tears for her brother. But the thing is, this is Grey's Anatomy. They can find ways to make you happy and proud even without having to have extreme sobfest... FYI. how come everybody grows except from Christina. I thought she'd learned her lessons. Her over-the-top Over-Achiever thing was her best quality, now it's just annoying. She's got God complex still. Am not saying they have to rewrite her, but she's starting to annoy me and not in a good way... She's always been annoying, but that use to be a good thing and it adds up great deal to the stories and to the humors. Now, i think they are wasting her character. And beware karev, Kepner has just got herself a personal recommendation from the anti-social attending. Grey's Anatomy is close to perfection
  • weddings

    The story line of Callie and Arizona balances the two sides of same sex marriage. Those that are against because it is not right in the eyes of the church and those that are for it because love is love whatever form it may come. It is a sensitive issue that the show is treading and I hope the show will continue to balance out the two sides equally. The other marriage is Derek's and Mer's. I think the script was well written but the directing needs a bit improvement. I used to not like the character of Keptner but for the past episodes she is becoming to be a favorite too. =)