Grey's Anatomy

Season 1 Episode 9

Who's Zoomin' Who?

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 22, 2005 on ABC

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  • OMG!

    OMG! This episode was a really good season finale! I can't believe the events that happened in this episode. First of all I think that Derek and Meredith are super cute together and I just love them. I can't believe George got Syphilis and that it was because of Alex he can be such an ahole. I felt bad for Webber that he was having problems but it was good that everything turn out ok. I felt so bad for Burke's friend Bill that his wife was cheating on him. What Izzy and Cristina did was a nice thing, for a moment I thought they had killed the patient. But what most surprised me is the ending. I'm glad Meredith told Derek about her mother. And I can't believe Derek has a wife!! I am in shock!
  • Just as it was starting to look good...

    Many hospital staff get siphiles(not sure how it's written) and George isn't excluded. Chief Webber calls a meeting with the staff member about sexual protection while at the same time he had an MRI because of a problem he had with his eyes. An old man who was an alcoholic, gets into the hospital because he had a breathing problem. He dies suddenly and Christina and Izzy, go against the laws and the family's will and run an autopsis on the dead body. They discover that the man died of a disease in his blood which is genetic, saving in this way the dead man's daughter's life.
    A friend of Burke's gets into the hospital and after some tests the doctors discover that he has an ovary and he can't reproduce, while at the same time his wife is pregnant.
    Meredith and Shpherd bump onto a woman that gets to be Shepherd's wife. Can't wait for the next season!!!
  • A great episode with an exciting end!!!

    I loved almost all parts of this episode, but the last minutes were the best, when we and Meredith discover that Derek is (or was) married, especially because of what Addison says, it was really, really funny!
    But, in my opinion, the most important point in this episode is the curiosity that everybody felt when it ended. Everybody wanted to know what would happen now that Derek is married, could he explain that?
    Oh, but we can not forget about that thing that happened with chief Webber, anybody knew if he would be able to operate again!!!
    I really liked this episode, but of course it is not my favorite one! There are a lot of great episodes in this amazing serie!!!
  • Poor meredith!

    Aww i feel so sorry for meredith, her and derek are just getting to be so close and loving and then Addison has to come! i admit when she first came into it i hated her but i think they wrote her in as a nicer person now! i love greys the writing is incredible and so is the acting i cry every episode lol! its a great show and has such an emotional touch of real life its amazing! cant wait for season 2 to come out on DVD in the UK woo i hope meredith and derek stay together now!
  • Secrets... are revealed.

    * * * This may contain spoilers * * *

    This was a great episode with a great plot. I can't believe George got a syphilis. And Bailey was so funny... she and her voice, ha ha ha ha!

    The funniest thing... to me is when she attacks Izzie and Cristina and they show her the heart and she responds like: "Haaa, it's huge!" , but then never mind she attacks them again.

    And now, just when Meredith thinks it couldn't be better for her, Addison breaks her imaginations.
  • I love Grey\'s

    I felt so bad for Meredith! It was like the story of my life. Also, as a genetic counseling, I found it highly amusing when Cristina said \"Hemotomochrosis\" instead of hemochromatosis. I feel like they need a Dr. or someone to check that kinda stuff on a doctor show....\\
    Other than that I feel that it was a great episode. It revealed a lot about the characters and set up well for a second season. It was a great season finale that left you wanting more but it wasn\'t so over dramatic that you were frustrated watching it. I love this show. I want to be meredith grey.
  • Typhoid Mary!

    What an excellent episode. I just watched it as a summer rerun and I thought it was fantastic. It had a perfect balance between drama (Webber\'s tumor), humor (safe sex talk about \"putting the condom on the banana\") and shock (Mrs. McDreamy?!)

    Favorite parts:
    -George having to flash Alex in order to get a diagnosis
    -Everyone walking in on George receiving his shot
    -"Syph Boy"
    -Izzie and Christina going all Fight Club and STEALING their patient's body to perform an autopsy
    -Meredith and McDreamy deciding to define their relationship
    -The final scene with the OTHER Dr. Shepherd walking in

    Even though I know what\'s going to happen in the next season, this episode left me achin\' to see the next one.
  • fantastic closer!!

    the first season finale and it was the right dosage!! an absolutely awesome episode of grey's anatomy and did not fail to disappoint its viewers (well, maybe with the last scene) and never dragged the story line. so far so great!! george gets syphillis from a very unlikely source. meredith and derek take their relationship to yet another level.izzy and christina kidnap a patient to perform an illegal autopsy to satisfy their own curiosity which proves valuable. burke is in a dilemma over some shocking news to his patient who is also his oldest friend. a "fightclub" surgery takes place at night proving shepherd's mettle as a surgeon.

    favourite scene:
    #1 when george attacks alex in the changing room
    #2 when derek comforts meredith outside the O.R.
    #3 when everyone walks in on george taking his penecillin shot
    #4 the rest of the episode

    favourite quote:
    #1 alex: "syph-boy." it's got a nice ring to it; kind of like Super-boy, only diseased.
    #2 the rest of the episode

    loved loved loved loved the episode!!!!

    can't hardly wait for season 2!!!!
  • They never lost the humor, sarcastic lines and friendship.

    What a great episode.
    Fisrt, George. Finally he gets a girl and she gave him Syphilis (a sexually transmited disease). Classic about hospital there are no secrets and gossiping is the number one hobbie, or even task. His peer friends gave him a very hard time, and George had the best line in the episode. When he confronts Alex and tells him "You gave me Syphilis".
    On the other hand Izzie and Cristina performe and ilegal authopsy.
    Meredith and McDreamy trying to get serious in their relationship, and trying to share their feelings and life. Even at the hard time (when Derek saw Addison coming to them) she cared about Meredith. I know he should tell her the truth before, but when earlier he said to her that they need to talk, i want to believe he wanted to tell her the truth.
    I can't review every little detail about this show because i will spend a lot of hours here, but this series never got boring, the cases were interesting, and the relationships with all their up an downs were the real star.
  • Syfilis is in the house!!!

    What a revealing episode, I mean: George and syfilis..who would've thought?

    To just immediatly start with it: I don't know what to think about the ending of this episode. I absolutely adore Meredith and Derek, and I don't want them to seperate. But this is just a shock. A WIFE! Pff, how dare he! And an ugly one too ;) I did read that this really wasn't supposed to be the last episode of season 1. That and the fact that I just see how Derek looks at Meredith, I think he'll have an explanation. But what a shock it must be for Meredith. She's starting to trust him more, and more, and then she gets this. I'm not so sure if this is going to be alright for her. Explanation or not.

    The syfilis outbreak was funny :):) Hihi, it just put a smile on my face. From George's reaction, Alex examening him, The chief's reaction to this all, the cute thing with Burke and Christina, and (this one was the best) all 4 girls examening George :P:P:P Just great :D Plus is was funny that apparently the whole hospital is sleeping with each other.

    I don't really get why Izzie and Christina wanted to do that biopsie that much! What I get even less is that they actually did it without permission. And then the biggest mystery to me is that they didn't get fired. I love these two, but what they did is not really..uuhm..illegal. It's good that they found things to help the family but you can't just cut in peoples body's without permission. I loved "the Nazi"'s reaction (;)) but it can't be that she was ok with what they did. Well perhaps we'll see. For now I'm just happy things worked out.

    As for the chief: it's sad he has cancer. He seems so nice, and he really seems to care about the people that come to his hospital. The fact that he was a patient himself must've hurt. Although it seems he's gonna be all better (PARTY!!;)) I hope he isn't going to bug Meredith and Derek though. Oohh, the problems are piling up for those two :S

    God do I want to see what happens next!!!
  • And another door opens....

    The first season finale and a great one at that... It appears that a sexually transmitted disease breaks out by none other then George himself... it appears that he got it from his nurse/girlfriend, who in turn got it from Alex, and in the end it turned into a fist fight :) I loved that :D

    All the cases were very interesting but the most intriguing part of the episode was how Meredith told Derek about her mother who suffers from Alzheimer, I loved how he comforted her after she told him. :)
    But then at the end, his wife returns and I was really like, WTF? His wife!? It does explain the phone calls he kept receiving the entire episode but I don't like it... Derek and Meredith belogn together and this doesn't make things better... I just hope the two of them can work any problem ahead out! They have to :D
  • Stellar episode!

    Man, was I happy with this one I will tell you that much! See, I have hated Merideth and Derek dating from the get-go. See, I am like totally in love wit George. I think he is so sweet and would make a great boyfriend. He always liked Merideth and was so crushed when she chose Derek over him...well now, guess who shows up? Mrs. Derek Loser-man!!! Yeeeee-ayyy was all I could say. Now, with his wife in the picture, Derek will hopefully be out of the pic too. And, if he's out maybe George will make a move? Huh? Huh? Well...I sure hope so!! George I love you man!
  • Many secrets are revieled.

    The season finale of Grey's Anatomy was terrific in all aspects, including the music. The cheif loses his ability to perform surgery, Meredith discovers Derek's secret, but Derek also discovers Meredith's, and the chief learns about the happy couple. Everyone is outed in this episode, which makes it so compelling to watch.
  • How long can ER possibly last now?

    How long can E.R. possibly last now? NBC should kick off its rebound with a new Thursday 10pm show. They should make this E.R.'s last season and play it up all season long. Of course it still performs admirably but NBC needs a major overhaul. The acting and writing on Grey's Anatomy have done to ER what Battlestar Galactica did to Enterprise: it's made it obsolete. The season finale of Grey's Anatomy was terrifically sharp and funny. They didn't film it technically as the finale but it works.
  • Great one

    Great episode. I most say I am really not very much to the style this serie on and after finishing watching season.. But I most say I liked this one - it had enough emotions, personal problems, some really great thoughts about the secrets..

    And ofcourse the shock in the end - it was really going so well between those two and then, just the minutes before they could continue it.. Shepard's wife appears..

    And the whole thing with everyone in hospital.. being sick.. and then the truth when George founds out who was behind it.. and attacks Alex.. it was a moment that proved George can stand for himself..

    And then Izzie and Cristina and their patient.. oh.. that was fascinating story too.

    Firsly,i thought that this episode was more showing the funny side of the interns but after I watched it for a second time I realized that this first season finale is one of the greatest episode I have seen in my entire life,with so many emotions taht can keep you on the edge of your seat and with a great clifthanger that can keep you interested till the beggining of the second season.
    A lot of people from Seattle Grace are diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases and one of them is George who thinks that the nurse Olivia contracted him with it.After struggling to find the answers,George realizes that Alex has contracted Olivia with it.A great fight between George and Alex happen at the end of the epiosde taht can make you laugh and cry at the same time.
    The Chief is concerned about his eye conditions which leads him to think about some possible answers for his career.
    Izzie and Cristina are amazingly being put together attempting a risky surgery on their own without the knowing of Dr Bailey.
    At the end of the season,veryone is surprised to see Derek's wife Addison Shepherd coming to Seattle Grace.
  • Aha, George was too cute

    This is sort of a love/hate episode for me. George and his syph was too cute, how he tried to hide it from everybody. That was definitly the highlight of this episode for me.
    The thing I hated about this episode was that, for a season finale, it seemed incredibly average. I figured they would have done something a little more drastic than a man who died and had an autopsy and the Chief having a secret surgery. It seemed like an average Grey's episode, except with Derek's wife showing up at the end. And even that wasn't a huge impact, the very next episode everybody was back to normal and Addie was acting like a doctor at SGH.
  • You can hide all secrets forever.

    This is the best episode of Season one and one of the best episodes ever only because of one reason. ADDISON. She walks into hospital all leggy and fabulous and presents herself to Meredith. This is one of the most memoriable scenes in Grey's Anatomy. Chief is having a tumor surgery and he has a secret team of surgeons because rumors spread too fast in this hospital. Izzie and Cristina preforms an illegal biopsy and when Nazi finds out about it she is monstruos and furious. The best episode of Season one 100 % ! Oh and syphilis is spread all around the hospital ... Hilarious shocking and FABULOUS !
  • Syphilis, secret wives, secret surgeries.. another day on Greys' Anatomy.

    Great episode. Lots of humor and wit from all casts. We learn the poor George has gotten syphilis from the first girl we seem him date on the show... and later we learn that she was dating Alex and broke up with him for George! Did NOT see that one coming. Dr. Webber has a tumor near his optical nerves and has Dr. Shepherd and a secret team operate on him without anyone else's knowledge, making us think that Dr. Webber totally respects and trusts Sheperd over Burke. But alas, at the end, with Meredith and Derek happy, its revealed that Derek is married.. Leaving us wondering... if he's married, where's she been? What is Meredith going to do? What's she doing back? Good finale, but not as cliffhanging as I hoped.