Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 11

Wish You Were Here

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2009 on ABC
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Bailey teams with Seattle Grace's new pediatric surgeon, Dr. Arizona Robbins, to save the life of a young patient near and dear to her heart, as the admittance of a death row inmate at the hospital stirs anger in Derek and further erodes Meredith and Cristina's friendship. Meanwhile, Callie and Sloan work as a team to fight their respective attractions to Sadie and Lexie, and Izzie tells Alex that she's seeing Denny.moreless

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  • In a word of your own: SERIOUSLY???? This could have been a lot better!! FIX THIS PLEASE!

    What has happened to our once beloved show? Where everybody would rush home to make sure they were in time to see the show. There were so many unanswered leads. What about the mother's diary? How do you explain Izzie dating both Denny and Alex? Who was Sadie's father? Yes us fans got what we wanted, Meredith and Derek are together finally but my god you've alienated the rest of the cast! Any why of all characters to fight, Meredith and Cristina? What about something more with Thatcher Grey? The first 3 seasons left us on the edge of our seats for more and now, some of us fans are loosing hope because the episodes are beginning to be boring. Even the new heart surgeon was a tiny beat of hope for the show but what of her now? There was maybe a shread of decency in this episode at the end where Sadie talks to Meredith about Amsterdam. And while Derek dancing with Meredith like Cristina would, that was somewhat funny but it was also weird. There is no steam in McSteamy or dream in McDreamy anymore, please fix this. Don't let one of the only great shows out there to die and become extinct.moreless
  • The death row patient added some great tension between Meredith, Cristina and Derek. Funny moments too made for a great episode.

    As I said above the death row patient was really well done, the tension that it brought to the episode was brilliant. How Meredith just treated him like any patient but Cristina and Derek were treating him like a killer. What he did was obviously horrific but I agreed with Mer in this incident...they should have hidden their feelings.

    I liked how Meredith didn't let it get to her...she gave him the morphine, she even made clever comment at best friend Cristina about her needing practice, nasty...I like this 'feud' between them, it makes their friendship more realistic. Derek dancing with Mer at the end was funny.

    Sadie was better here and it was cool to see her try and get Meredith to apologise to Yang. I was also glad that Cristina told Owen about his hot-cold nature, it was getting weird. Callie and Mark trying to fight their attractions to Lexie and Sadie was funny. Now onto Denny...this one was weird because it dropped the intense thing and it was just like she was sleeping with him...and he happened to be a ghost. It just made it even more ridiculous really...I like Alex and Izzie though, shame she's more focused on the deceased. Great episode.moreless
  • A death row prisoner is sent to Seattle Grace.

    It's not that the show is bad. The writing is acceptable, there's some talented actors on the show, so it's not that. It's just that none of the storylines are clicking right now, at all.

    Meredith and Christina resolving their "feud" is the big payoff to end Season 5? You have one of the best actresses on television in Katherine Heigl sleeping with a ghost?

    But the dialogue still has that snappy, quirky feel to it that made the show a sensation in the first season, it's just that things may have gotten a little bit played out at old Seattle Grace.moreless
  • Finally!

    I reluctantly started to watch this episode but I'm glad I did. It was the Grey's Anatomy I used to like, minus the Denny part. Mark and Callie are getting more and more hilarious. They really are the life of the show right now! The idea of a 12-step program to stay away from the interns was so funny. I like the new pedetrician doctore. Let's hope she will not be neglected. Jessica Capshaw is a great actress and she deserves a great part.

    I'm still waiting for more Bailey on time. She's great but has been too absent for quite some time now. The storyline with the prisoner sounds intersting and I can't wait to see where it's gonna go. I also like the figth between Cristina and Meredith. It's good to spice things up between them.

    The bid drawback is the Denny thing. When are the writers getting rid of him? It's ridiculous!

    I also find Alex's reaction really out of character. Izzie and Alex have something good going on this season and the writers are just sabotaging it.moreless
  • Oh, no! Not Denny again!

    I swear I can't take it anymore! Please send the ghost Denny far far away, exorcise him! Unless, Izzie has a brain tumor or something, and I mean a major something, there is no point of him wondering around at Seattle Grace's. I'm sick of it! Yes, it was nice to see Eric Stoltz acting as a death row serial killer, there's one. I like the Christina + Meredith fight and I hope it doesn't end soon. Cool shoes from new Dr. Arizona (seriously? Arizona?) Robbins. But, come on! I can pay attention on nothing else as long as Denny Duquette and his sorry behind are flying on my screen.moreless
Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Dr. Cristina Yang

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

T.R. Knight

T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

Eric Stoltz

Eric Stoltz

William Dunn

Guest Star

Samantha Mathis

Samantha Mathis

Melinda Prescott

Guest Star

Perrey Reeves

Perrey Reeves


Guest Star

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Denny Duquette

Recurring Role

Kevin McKidd

Kevin McKidd

Dr. Owen Hunt

Recurring Role

Jessica Capshaw

Jessica Capshaw

Dr. Arizona Robbins

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    • Izzie: Um... There's something that I need to talk to you about. And it's gonna sound weird, and I want you to know that I know that it sounds weird. So... just don't freak out.
      Alex: Are you breakin' up with me?
      Izzie: No. Not at all. ... I see Denny a lot lately, around here. And... at the house.
      Alex: Are you okay? Because that sounds kinda whacked.
      Izzie: Come on. You never saw your grandmother after she died?
      Alex: Yeah. I mean, she showed up in a dream and told me not to play with the parts. But...
      Izzie: Well, uh... it's kinda like that.
      Alex: Okay. Whatever.
      Izzie: So that's it?
      Alex: I dunno... Tell 'em I said hi.

    • Derek: Two guys shot my dad for his watch. My mom saved up for it. Two guys came into a store and they shot him because he wouldn't give it up. That's how my dad died. ... We are supposed to treat everybody the same, ... but they're not all the same.
      Meredith: I'm sorry. It was just a bad day all around I guess.
      Derek: I wish that I could make things better with you and Cristina.
      Meredith: I wish that you could too.
      Derek: I'm tryin' to think about what she would do in a situation like this, but... I don't know.
      Meredith: Well, she would turn the music up pretty loud and she would dance it out with me, but I don't think that you wanna go there.
      Derek (smiles): Well... (stands up and turns on the music and starts dancing) Come on. Get up. (Meredith laughs) Get your ass over here. I'm not doin' this by myself.

    • Sadie: You wanna get a drink?
      Meredith: I'm not in the mood.
      Sadie: You know, you and I had a fight like this once.
      Meredith: What?
      Sadie: Amsterdam. ... We used to be as close as you and Cristina and then Amsterdam happened and you shut me down and we never got pasted it. I mean, we still hung out. But not like before, I mean we'd go dancing, or some place loud where we didn't have to talk and... That's okay, I'm a rolling stone, I bounce. But you're about to the same thing to Cristina and that girl mates for life. If you don't make it right, she'll never talk to you again.
      Meredith: I apologized, to Cristina.
      Sadie: Like you meant it? Like you could imagine that she had a point? ... I miss you. As my friend... I miss you.

    • Izzie: Um, I don't think was clear earlier. It is not like a dream. I see Denny when I'm awake. We... hang out.
      Alex: This is because I said that I loved you. You're freaked out.
      Izzie: I'm not. ... Um... we still do stuff. Together... sex stuff. I see him and we have sex.
      Alex: Well, there's nothing wrong with a good fantasy. I mean, I'd rather you fantasized about me, or chicks but... Whatever.
      Izzie: You really don't care?
      Alex: You're just tryin' to work somethin' out. I mean, people die and the other people... y'know get messed up about it.
      Izzie: Yeah, but...
      Alex: Izz, I've been competing with that tool for a long time. But I'd say that he's kinda got the handicapped now.

    • Cristina: I think what she's trying to ask you is... What did you do to get on death row?
      Meredith: You don't have to answer that. That was not what I was asking.
      William: Oh, I don't mind. It's an obvious question. ... One Monday I slit this woman's throat. I've been thinking about it for a while, dreaming about it... And on Monday I just had to do it. ... I just... really wanted to draw a knife across her neck. And- And I thought it would be terrifying or... or sad or something. But it wasn't. It was just... kind of fun. So I did two more on Tuesday and another two on Wednesday. I was gonna go for three on Thursday because I liked the illeration, but I got caught, so I didn't.

    • George: Hey, Cristina, did I mention that it's Izzie's birthday today? Because someone should do somethin' about it.
      Cristina: I myself am planning a party with balloons, streamers and a bouncey house.
      George: Well, that's a good idea. But you know, Alex should do somethin' about it.
      Alex: I know, hosebag, I got it under control.
      Cristina: Oh, a bouncey house? (Alex glares)

    • Mark: But she's exquisite. And it's not just the sex. I mean, we talked for hours and laughed.
      Callie: It's just the sex.
      Mark: Yeah, you gonna tell me that you're not thinkin' about Sadie?
      Callie (laughs): Nope. Nope. I cannot have another stupid romantic disaster in this hospital... (they both start laughing) It's embarrassing.
      Mark: You do have quite a track record.
      Callie: Alright, alright. We need to find something else to think about.
      Mark: It's worth a try. (they kiss)
      Callie: Nope. Not workin'.
      Mark: Okay.
      Callie: Okay. ... Oh! Okay. We're like addicts, right? We need a 12 step program!
      Mark: I'm not going to a meeting to discuss my obsession with my best friend's girlfriend's half sister.
      Callie: No, no, no. It'll just be us. We'll be each other's sponsers. Make sure that we stay on the program.
      Mark: What are the steps?
      Callie: Don't get naked with an intern. ... It's more of a one step program.
      Mark: Maybe I should write this down.

    • Meredith: Mr. Dunn is in a great deal of pain. Can I give him some more morphine or will that cause problems with his neuro exams?
      Derek: Mr. Dunn has had enough morphine.
      Meredith: Right. But, he's got a foriegn body lodged in his spine. It's inhumane.
      Derek: No, killing people is inhumane. Denying him pain killers is a judgement call.
      Meredith: Derek... What's wrong with you?
      Derek: I watch people die all the time. I go to families and I tell them that their world has been ripped apart all the time. And I fight like a dog just to make sure that I don't have to deliever that message, and I lose that fight all the time. And then someone like Dunn comes along and just simply throws it away. Life. ... Then he's got the nerve to tell me that he and I are two sides of the same coin.
      Meredith: You're not.
      Derek: He doesn't need morphine.

    • Derek: We'll do everything by the book. I don't want some lawyer keeping him alive on the basis that we didn't give him the standard of care.
      Owen: You're pro death penalty?
      Derek: I'm pro punishment.
      Meredith: Good people do bad things. People screw up. He's still a person. We don't know what crime he committed.
      Cristina: Oh, well, maybe he killed a cop. Let's feel all warm for the cop killer.
      Meredith: We don't know what he did. We can't judge.
      Cristina: No, but a jury can. Death row.
      Derek: I can't believe we're wasting time debating this. Do a repeat crit and let me know if he needs blood. (Meredith and Cristina leave)
      Owen: I thought that they were friends?
      Derek: They were.
      Owen: And now?
      Derek: And now you and I are in for a very, very long day.

    • Lexie: Hi there.
      Mark: What are you doing?
      Lexie: I'm saying hello.
      Mark: Listen, my best friend made one simple request that I not get any where near you, and I slept with you. It was fantasic. You're fantastic... But it's not gonna happen again. Ever.
      Lexie (smirks): Okay.

    • (the alarm goes off Meredith groans)
      Meredith: I don't wanna go to work. It's warm in here, it's a cocoon. No Cristina with the mean face.
      Derek: Mmm. No lives to save.
      Meredith: A quickie. A quickie will make me feel better.
      Derek: Mm. You definatly need a quickie.

    • Lexie: From the lab, Dr. Sloan. (pauses) Did you need something else?
      Mark (whispers to Callie): This is torture.
      Callie: Focus!

    • Lexie: Did I just hear tumor removal? My- My resident abandoned me. Do you need any help?
      Callie: Sure.
      Mark: No! Or... Fine. But you'll watch, and you're not touching anything. Get it? No touching.
      Callie: Uh.... She's up in ultrasound, call and see if they took her yet. (Lexie walks away and Callie gives Mark a look) You slept with her?
      Mark: Absolutely not. (Callie looks at him suspiciously) Only once. She came to my hotel room, took off all her clothes and said "teach me". (Callie laughs) It was like I had no control. She violated me with her nakedness. Derek's gonna kill me.
      Callie: Well, you shouldn't have been alone with her.
      Mark: Never gonna happen again, mind-blowingly fantastic as it was.
      Callie: Hey, you... are a professional, all right? (Sadie walks over them)
      Sadie: Hey. (she touches Callie's hair) Oh. Hold on. Hold tight. Just a bit of lint. Um, ultrasound's backed up, but they said they'll have results in half an hour.
      Callie: All right. Uh, well, tell, uh, tell Grey. Uh, and, uh, let, uh, let, uh George--Dr. George -- Dr. O'Malley know when, uh, let him know... let him know when you know, okay? (Sadie walks away)
      Mark: You were saying something about professionalism?
      Callie: Did- Did you see that? That was not in my head, right?
      Mark: I'm telling you, these interns are out of control.
      Callie: Stalkers.
      Mark: Sexed-up stalkers.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): We don't wish for the easy stuff. We wish for big things. Things that are ambitious, out of reach. We wish because we need help and we're scared and we know we may be asking too much. We still wish, though, because sometimes they come true.

    • Mark: We did good work today.
      Callie: If we stay strong...
      Mark: And don't get drunk...
      Callie: Keep staring at Joe, we'll be fine.
      Joe: ... Hi? ... Can I get 'ya anything? (they keep staring at him) Okay, you're weirdin' me out.
      Mark: You only live once. You can't waste it. (looks over at Lexie)
      Callie: No, Mark. No. Look at Joe. Look, look at me.
      Mark: Sorry, Cal. But I'm goin' to Denver.
      Callie: Mark, Mark, get back here. Mark? No! (Mark leaves with Lexie) Damn it. No! No!
      Joe: You want another drink?
      Callie: Yes!

    • Owen: You okay? Want to get a drink or something?
      Cristina: Oh. Oh now we're on again 'cause the mood suits you? Because I'm the sad little girl with no friends and I tripped your savior complex into action? Usually I can deal with the hot and cold thing, but not today. ... Just leave me the hell alone.

    • Mark (talking about Lexie and Sadie): We're going to need a strategy. Their hot little eyes tracking our every move.
      Callie: Okay. No casual glances over the shoulder. No "this is interesting come and have a see".
      Mark: As soon as Margret's tumor is out. We'll have them take it pathology to have it analyzed.
      Callie: Go team.
      Mark: Break. (they knock elbows)

    • Richard: Read the sign.
      Derek: I was told to ignore the sign.
      Richard: Well, don't.
      Derek: Bailey told me.
      Richard (sighs): I'm gonna kill that woman.
      Derek: ... Look, I uh, I didn't know Kenley all that well, but... It's gotta be tough losing a co-worker you worked with for all that time.
      Richard: Jordan Kenley was a son of a bitch. Great with kids. Great with a scalpel. But horrible to his colleagues. He was competitive, insecure, aggressive, I won't miss him for a minute.
      Derek: So is this about your mortality?
      Richard (laughs): I'm not worried about me dyin' or Jordan Kenley dyin'. ... I'm worried about my hospital dying. I made some calls to replace Kenley. No one wants to come here. I can't keep a cardiac surgeon on staff. Burke quit. Hahn quit. Dixon's autistic. My OR roof collapsed, the whole place flooded. The interns are literally chopping each other into little pieces. No wonder we're number twelve. Twelve! ... I failed at the one thing I spent my whole life doin'. Failed. So, I'm gonna stay right here on this table until I find a way to walk the halls without cringing. ... Aren't you supposed to give me that rousing 'get back on the horse', lecture?
      Derek: I have got to stitch a serial killer back together today. I don't have a rousing lecture left in me.

    • Izzie: What did he do to get on death row? Did he like mow down a bunch of people with a machine gun?
      Cristina: He probably found his wife in bed with a hooker and a handyman.
      Izzie: They don't give you a death penalty for crimes of passion. People understand that.
      Meredith: All crimes are crimes of passion. There's always a reason. People don't do stuff like that because they forget it's illegal. (Cristina gets up and leaves)
      Izzie: When you kill her is it going to be a crime of passion? (Meredith laughs)
      Sadie: It still hasn't blown over?
      Meredith: No. It's not a big deal. We had a big fight, she took it too far. That's all.
      Sadie: You wanna know what I think?
      Meredith: Not really.

    • Owen: Seems like you're short of a friend today, so I thought I'd fill in.
      Cristina: Whatever. Colleagues aren't friends, they're competitors.

    • Bailey: What are you doin'?
      Richard: I'm not seeing anyone today, Bailey.
      Bailey: Well, I know that but this is important.
      Richard: Every conversation that I have is important.
      Bailey: Kenley has been replaced with an infant on roller skates named Arizona. Who didn't have sense enough to change her name to something other than Arizona, which shows poor judgement. As does her diagnois of a patient, that I've been working with for three years! She's completely changed Kenley's treatment protocol based on like half an hour of experience with the child. We just took out most his bowel instead of trying to salvage what he has left, she just wants to throw up her hands and pray for a transplant. The- the child hasn't eaten solid food in months. He- He hasn't grown in years, his liver is shot. It is a serious case. Now we need someone who can handle it.
      Richard: ... Dr. Bailey, you thought Shepherd was just a hair cut. You didn't like Hahn. And you think Dr. Sloan is a hussie. Can you name any attending that you thought was good?
      Bailey: I've always been a fan of your work.
      Richard: Arizona Robbins was top of her class, like you. And she was chief resident, like you. And she's the best that anyone's seen in a long time, just like you. She is who we have. We don't have anyone else, deal with it.

    • Derek (after he takes the knife out of William's back): Wow. Sharp. No wonder he was complaining so much.
      Cristina: He wasn't complaining so much after he got the extra 10 of morphine.
      Derek: He had an extra 10 of morphine?
      Meredith: Yes and it made him much more comfortable.
      Derek: It doesn't bother you that this guy probably hacked up a family of four to death with a machette?
      Cristina: A knife... and women not a family. Five women. It's what he likes.
      Derek: You shouldn't even be on this case, neither of you.
      Meredith: What's he gonna do? Jump off the table and get us? You're the one holding the knife.
      Owen: ... We'll be doing a refrectory. Have either of you ever mobilized the renial higlim?
      Meredith: Uh, I've never done one, but I'd love to try.
      Cristina: I practiced on cadavar's probably 100s of times. It wouldn't be my first try.
      Meredith: Oh. ... Well, to some of us surgery comes naturally, others, have to practice.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): We all get at least one good wish a year. Over the candles on our birthday. Some of us throw in more. On eyelashes, fountains, lucky stars, and every now and then, one of those wishes comes true. So what then? Is it is as good as we'd hoped? Do we bask in the warm glow of our happiness? Or, do we just notice we've got a long list of other wishes waiting to be wished?

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Slovakia: Kiež by si bol tu (If Only You Were Here)
      Czech Republic: Nechť přání mé se splní (May the Wish of Mine Come True)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Italy: April 6, 2009 on Fox Life
      Latin America: April 13, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (aka Canal Sony)
      Australia: April 23, 2009 on Channel 7
      Germany: June 17, 2009 on ProSieben
      Norway: October 27, 2009 on TV2
      Slovakia: November 30, 2009 on STV1
      Czech Republic: April 29, 2010 on Prima

    • Music Featured in This Episode:
      1. Am I Still the One by Daniel Powter with Linda Perry
      2. You Don't Know Me by Ben Folds featuring Regina Spektor
      3. Ah, Ah, Ah by The Coral Sea
      4. The Day Before the Day by Dido
      5. Lights Out by Santogold
      6. Home by Tandy


    • Episode Title: Wish You Were Here

      Wish You Were Here is a song and album by Pink Floyd from 1975. It is also a song by the band Incubus.