Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 11

Wish You Were Here

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2009 on ABC

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  • In a word of your own: SERIOUSLY???? This could have been a lot better!! FIX THIS PLEASE!

    What has happened to our once beloved show? Where everybody would rush home to make sure they were in time to see the show. There were so many unanswered leads. What about the mother's diary? How do you explain Izzie dating both Denny and Alex? Who was Sadie's father? Yes us fans got what we wanted, Meredith and Derek are together finally but my god you've alienated the rest of the cast! Any why of all characters to fight, Meredith and Cristina? What about something more with Thatcher Grey? The first 3 seasons left us on the edge of our seats for more and now, some of us fans are loosing hope because the episodes are beginning to be boring. Even the new heart surgeon was a tiny beat of hope for the show but what of her now? There was maybe a shread of decency in this episode at the end where Sadie talks to Meredith about Amsterdam. And while Derek dancing with Meredith like Cristina would, that was somewhat funny but it was also weird. There is no steam in McSteamy or dream in McDreamy anymore, please fix this. Don't let one of the only great shows out there to die and become extinct.
  • The death row patient added some great tension between Meredith, Cristina and Derek. Funny moments too made for a great episode.

    As I said above the death row patient was really well done, the tension that it brought to the episode was brilliant. How Meredith just treated him like any patient but Cristina and Derek were treating him like a killer. What he did was obviously horrific but I agreed with Mer in this incident...they should have hidden their feelings.

    I liked how Meredith didn't let it get to her...she gave him the morphine, she even made clever comment at best friend Cristina about her needing practice, nasty...I like this 'feud' between them, it makes their friendship more realistic. Derek dancing with Mer at the end was funny.

    Sadie was better here and it was cool to see her try and get Meredith to apologise to Yang. I was also glad that Cristina told Owen about his hot-cold nature, it was getting weird. Callie and Mark trying to fight their attractions to Lexie and Sadie was funny. Now onto Denny...this one was weird because it dropped the intense thing and it was just like she was sleeping with him...and he happened to be a ghost. It just made it even more ridiculous really...I like Alex and Izzie though, shame she's more focused on the deceased. Great episode.
  • A death row prisoner is sent to Seattle Grace.

    It's not that the show is bad. The writing is acceptable, there's some talented actors on the show, so it's not that. It's just that none of the storylines are clicking right now, at all.

    Meredith and Christina resolving their "feud" is the big payoff to end Season 5? You have one of the best actresses on television in Katherine Heigl sleeping with a ghost?

    But the dialogue still has that snappy, quirky feel to it that made the show a sensation in the first season, it's just that things may have gotten a little bit played out at old Seattle Grace.
  • Finally!

    I reluctantly started to watch this episode but I'm glad I did. It was the Grey's Anatomy I used to like, minus the Denny part. Mark and Callie are getting more and more hilarious. They really are the life of the show right now! The idea of a 12-step program to stay away from the interns was so funny. I like the new pedetrician doctore. Let's hope she will not be neglected. Jessica Capshaw is a great actress and she deserves a great part.

    I'm still waiting for more Bailey on time. She's great but has been too absent for quite some time now. The storyline with the prisoner sounds intersting and I can't wait to see where it's gonna go. I also like the figth between Cristina and Meredith. It's good to spice things up between them.

    The bid drawback is the Denny thing. When are the writers getting rid of him? It's ridiculous!
    I also find Alex's reaction really out of character. Izzie and Alex have something good going on this season and the writers are just sabotaging it.
  • Oh, no! Not Denny again!

    I swear I can't take it anymore! Please send the ghost Denny far far away, exorcise him! Unless, Izzie has a brain tumor or something, and I mean a major something, there is no point of him wondering around at Seattle Grace's. I'm sick of it! Yes, it was nice to see Eric Stoltz acting as a death row serial killer, there's one. I like the Christina + Meredith fight and I hope it doesn't end soon. Cool shoes from new Dr. Arizona (seriously? Arizona?) Robbins. But, come on! I can pay attention on nothing else as long as Denny Duquette and his sorry behind are flying on my screen.
  • Welcome back Grey's Anatomy!

    This was a really good episode with only a few Denny-Izzie moments spoiling it for me. I loved the Mark and Callie scenes, good to see Mark's true nature coming out at the end. There were also some lovely scenes with Cristina and Owen Hunt. There was also so great stuff from the Chief, thankfully as he really hasn't had much in the way of storylines this season. I really felt for him when he was saying how hard it is to attract staff to Seattle Grace now. Even George had a bit more to do though he was still absent for most of the time. I really hope that Izzie is sorted now and that Denny can go away once and for all. Other than that I really enjoyed the episode.
  • Season 5, Episode 11.

    A prisoner on Death Row is sent to the hospital and causes anger in Derek and tension between Meredith and Christina. It is Izzie's birthday, and she finally tells Alex that she is seeing Denny.

    I liked this episode. It aired on January 8, but I unfortunately didn't get to see it until April 16. I'm a little slow with some episodes... It was a good episode. Wish I saw it sooner. I liked when Mark said, "What is up with these interns?" and it showed Sadie and Lexie. It's kinda similar to Meredith's class liking their bosses. This was definitely a very enjoyable episode, especially with Katherine Heigl's acting. Awesome episode.