Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 1

With You I'm Born Again

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2010 on ABC

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  • Very original. A nice development of season six leftovers, and a significant amount of material for just one hour. (Slight spoiler alert)

    This PTSD storyline suits every character just fine, and leaves us a lot to digest for at least 11 episodes; showing us how this event can effect everyone in very different ways. A very strong performance, considering that this season opened lasted only one hour. I celebrate Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams to have been promoted to regular cast. What I liked and what I didn't in this episode.

    What I liked:

    A) PTSD storyline: I liked how it deeply changed all characters. This gives us another side of all characters.

    B) Cristina: that wedding was a shocker to me, since the early-seasons Cristina wouldn't have done this by herself. This proves how she grew up regarding love and commitment.

    C) Meredith: I liked how she handled her pregnancy and how she tried to protest against the fact that she tried to fight the denieal regarding being cleared for surgery. This Mer-fighter is the result of seasons of growth, and now it is so natural for her to stand up like this.

    D) Lexie-Alex break up: We figured that this nonsensical relationship was going nowhere in 6x24, and Alex's attitude didn't really help. This fake "badass"-for-no-reason attitude from early seasons appeared again (briefly, fortunately) and Lexie's reaction was an adequate responde to this -specially when you remember all Alex's scenes from 6x24-. Good one for the writers to made this decision!

    E) Lexie dealing with PTSD: I loved all scenes of her. That groupal therapy scene was excellent, mixing her feelings, anxiety and random Lexopedia's gift.

    What I didn't like:

    A) Derek's attitude (except for that healing pain speech): I get that PTSD triggers unexpected issues on us, but I couldn't understand this daredevil storyline for him. Still, it was a good move to step away from being Chief of Surgery.

    B) Abrupt ending of love triangle: Suddenly, Teddy-Owen-Cristina love triangle ended. This was very importand for Teddy, I think writers should have shown us Teddy leaving this triangle at a slower pace, instead of showing us a brief love (still, a big back up for season finale), and considering how important this was for season 6 (e.g. 6x18; 6x11;6x10)

    Almost everything was good in this episode, almost flawless. I can say that this season is really strong, with really simple storylines that are yet powerful.

  • Strange Episode. SPOILERS.

    I have enjoyed Grey's Anatomy, but I have to say that this episode was not one my favorites. It was most definantly the strangest episode to me, by far. First, it was obvious from last season's finale that Derrick was going to quit Chief job; it's kinda sad that he keeps getting arrested though. Of course Merrideth isn't going to tell him about the miscarriage; she's Merrideth. I was really hoping that Lexie & Mark would be back together. Maybe they will in the future; I'm crossing my fingers. I think the marriage is a joke. If Yang thinks that it will make everything all better then she is in for a rude awakening. I would really like to see Yang & Avery get together.
  • Season Premiere. Following the Mass Murder at Seattle Grace we find out what happened to Derek and others.....or do we?

    i really thought it was the most anti-clmactic episode i've ever seen.... The finale from the previous season was so awesome, seriously, i was on the edge of my seat. So when i sat down to watch the season premiere i was excited and then very quickly disappointed. Seriously! Flash Backs? So lame. i want to see it from where it left off in one continual scene, not here and there. I think i need to re-evaluate watching it. if they are only going to show little snippets every episode then its also going to be dragged out. Come on. Crazy.
  • A quiet but enjoyable premier which should've lasted longer.

    I enjoyed this 7th season premier. It was obviously much less action-packed than the finale but it dealt with the aftermath of the shooting very well. I liked how it used flashbacks to show how people dealt with the more immediate aftermath.

    I would've liked if Lexie was in the episode more because her parts were quite intense. I wonder who'll she get back together with - Sloan or Alex? The latter is being a jerk again, no surprises there. The Arizona and Callie scenes were alright but nothing really stood out.

    I can't say I'm best pleased at Cristina marrying Owen, he's been a really annoying character lately so hopefully that changes. I did understood it symbolised a change in Cristina though. Meredith and Derek was interesting because they didn't really argue...just seemed in different places. I look forward to see how she breaks the news of the miscarriage to him.

    So a quiet but enjoyable premier which definitely could've done with another hour.
  • perfection in one episode.

    After the fatal shooting, the long awaited season sevedn premere is finally here and i must say it exceeded my expectations.

    I loved the blend of past and present events. It allowed us to see where our favourate doctors were emotionally days after the shooting to where they are now a month later. Their suffering suffering still evident making itself known in small individual ways.

    The episode was constructed beatuifully and i believe it did the afermath the justice it deserved. This was something they could not skip over but at the same time nobody wants to watch a show where the characters cry twenty-four seven.

    I am so happy derek retired as the cheif as i never really thought the job belonged to him anyway. Chief weber will always be the real chief and noe derek is back where he belongs in surgery.(and what a classic surgery it was!} I loved Many aspects of the episode especially for example Lexies meltdown. Abosulutly brillent and so sad at the same time. What i like to think is that while lexie had the more survere open reaction to the aftermath she is now better off.

    For example alex had not publically showed his pain yet he has built a wall around himself to portect himself. This, breaking up with lexie and refusing to remove the vullet are all signs of his supressed turmoil waiting to be reveled.

    Meridiths miascarriage was devastating in the last episode and that was reinforced today when she was unable to tell dereck. (tear!)

    I was so happy when christina got married i do hope it works out with her and owen.
    Loved the therapist, he was good and i found his refusal to clear meridith for surgery entertaining.
    Christina's lack of interest in surgery is unsettling but definaltely a good storyline.
    Finally i loved derecks new way of dealing with his guilt, his near death experience, chasing adreniline to the point of arrest.

    Classic episode can't wait for more!
    (i do wish it had been a double episode though)
  • 701

    Grey's Anatomy, it might be time for the show to die on the table. This was the worst season premiere the show has ever done and I do not even think there was a single scene that I particularly enjoyed. The show just felt like a filler episode of a soap opera, a Wednesday episode, where people talk about things, but nothing major really ever happens.

    Grey's Anatomy drove Katherine Heigl out of the show, they don't really give Chyler Leigh any meaningful time, but they parade Sandra Oh's claymation face on screen as often as possible. To say this show does everything wrong with its female actresses would be an understatement.

    Not a good start to the season, and especially disappointing given the great season finale last May.
  • Very emotional beginning of a new season. SPOILERS.

    I really loved this episode. It should have been two-hours. We could see how everyone is coping with the tragedy from the last season finale. The biggest suprise is in my opinion the change of Cristina's character. Reading a magazine during a big surgery? Wedding magazine? It' unlike her. "Simple Cristina" doesn't exist. I'm curious what will happen with her next. I just hope that she will not get divorced before this season ends. Derek has serious problems to deal with, it's easy to see. I'm suprised he was cleared for surgery. He obviously isn't fine. Meredith is hiding truth about her miscarriage from Derek but I've got a feeling that she will break and tell him soon. I can't wait till next episode!
  • The long summer holiday caused this to consist of much re-capping and bringing the viewers up to date. I must admit I had forgotten who got shot and who died.

    But it soon came back to me [as it did to the characters] in a series of flash-backs that made me smile as I remembered they were mostly bit part actors from 'Mercy West' [so that was what those daft weeks of merger were all about - it was just an excuse to get them on an 'away mission' as cannon fodder as the trekies would say] Overall though a good start to the season but producers please note these cliff hangers need to have an exciting second half too if they are to work well. In this cliff hanger everyone is all ready 'rescued' by the start of the finale. Still, the regular fans won't mind that too much. Here's hoping for some better episodes in coming weeks.
  • on the whole: awesome episode; cant wait for next week!!!

    I was really pleased with this episode. And honestly im happy they didn't make it two hours, because though one hour was a little tight, grey's 2 H premieres have had a tendancy to be consisted of too little jam spread over too much bread. Good jam, with great scenes, but a very thin layer letting the bland bread come through.
    this episode was so not that.
    what can i say? just awesome!!! great closure to season six, while opening the season arc, emotion, drama, polemic issues and an awesome case
    my highlights for this episode are:

    - all of bailey's scenes; so powerful, true poignant....

    -the chris/mer scenes of utmost loyalty/protection and support(and from what I heard next weeks gonna keep it going)

    -and most of all mer der:
    let me just say that I love how screwed up derek is; and yet hes still derek, he wants a kid and hes asking on the spurr of the moment to make one, because just like quitting his job, he didnt have the guts to ask mer to start trying(little does he know.....)
    -I also love how mer absolutely does not take the crap from derek in this episode; presenting the patient with the full details; leaving him in jail(as she should) to let him ponder.....

    -and the kiss/ "sex" scene(which ive already talked a bit about)LOVE the kiss, sooooo passionate but also my heart broke when der asks to start making a baby. Mer's face when he sais it, and after when he's gone broke my heart........
    - plus also liked lexie (badass lecture to alex)

    -and might i say that i do not hate april
    everyone's dissing her, and true she is annoying, but you need her kind of dynamic on the show
    im just annoyed that she's still following der like a lost puppy
  • Awesome return...

    A well-structured season opener that addresses the majority of the incidents from the season six finale. I like how they moved the story forward instantly but revealed through flashbacks what has occurred in the month since the shootings.

    Miranda Bailey had me in tears again (damn she's good!) and I'm intrigued as to how the other plotlines will develop (Mer/Der and the baby/miscarriage, Owen/Christina and their wedded bliss (?!) Callie/Arizona and the re-building of their relationship, Lexie/Mark (she must be grown up enough for him now, surely?*) and Alex - will he be a smart-a55 loner all his life, or will we get some REAL Izzie closure? Will the Mercy Westers get more interesting...?)

    * Personal highlight of the ep was Lexie cutting through Alex's crap machismo with "I'm the reason you lived - and while you were dying? You cried for the wife who left you. Sorta the opposite of bad-ass". Loved it. Here's to a potentially great season.
  • amazing

    LOVED it. thought it was totally amazing.
    overall, the flashbacks were wonderful, there were so many great moments that reminded me of "classic grey's," lots of great music, and then the beautiful wedding to top it all off.
    christina's i wanna be simple dialogue, bailey-ben break-up, lexi's breakdown, lexi telling alex off, and some other meredith scenes were the highlights. though you can tell they have a ton of characters, they did well by focusing on lexie, meredith, bailey, alex, christina, and the chief above all.
    awesome start and next week looks great to. pumped for this season and seeing where this re-birth theme goes.
  • The aftermath of the shooting at the hospital provides extreme circumstances for the doctors at Seattle Grace-Mercy West.

    Alot of people are probably going to say they didn't like this episode, but I thought it was very good. This episode, however, should have been two-hours. Some premieres have absolutely no reason to be two-hours, but when it comes to situations like these, they're only one-hour long. Blah. I think the flashbacks could've been dealt with just a little bit better. As much as I loved them, and the episode, it felt like a mess. And it was somewhat confusing to tell what was what in the beginning. I love this new Lexie, I can tell her storyline will be interesting. It appears that they're getting the balance down, since Meredith is finally getting screentime. I have no problem with Jackson's character, and I find myself warming up to April's character. The aftermath of the shooting provides for some very good storytelling, I hope Shonda Rhimes doesn't screw it all up because Season 7 has remarkable potential to turn out amazing. And I don't know about you, but to me, so far it has.
  • So-so episode, not what I expected for a season premiere...

    Is it me or it was just boring?

    Compare to what we're use to see on the show I think this ep just failed to entertained... it was more 'informative' than creative... Most of it felt like we were just 'catching up' with the story...

    They're obviously gonna be traumatized with the whole shooting thing, but it seems to me that no one should've got the clearance for surgery, they're all messed up!

    So Derek is an adrenaline junkie now? are we back on dark and twisty Derek? we've already seen that... trailer drunk retired surgeon anyone?

    The good thing (I think) was Cristina's wedding... is she finally getting her happy ending? I hope so! but I honestly don't think that's gonna happen... since when is she so excited abut weddings? 'simple Cristina' just don't exists its just a post-traumatic state of mind... the question is would she want to be married when she comes out of it? Drama is on the way...
  • Wow. So emotional. I really liked it. I'm glad it wasn't mopey, and still had some humor, but at the same time it got it's point across. Should have been 2 hours!!!!

    This episode truly should have been two hours long! I liked it a lot! The Bailey scenes were my favorite this episode. But I hate that she broke up with Ben. Damn. The scene with Perkins and Christina was so sad. "simple Christina" doesn't exist, so it was interesting that she was trying so hard to be simple staring into a wedding magazine for most of the episode. I wish the wedding scenes were longer! I would have liked to heard vows, but whatever. Mer is really in some deep stuff right now, and I hear that she'll tell Derek about the miscarriage next episode. Lexie's freak out scene was amazing, and Alex is being a total ass, and the last scene between Lexie and Alex....pitch-perfect. I think if they continue a little more with this Lexie, I will really like her a lot this season. Derek and jail and speeding, I like the metaphors and adrenaline themes going on here. Bailey telling Perkins about her worst days was sad as well. The flashbacks into the shooting events was great as well. It's a very special episode, that deserves much attention. I know many people will not flock to the greatness of this episode, which could have been better if it was a two hour premiere, but it is really great. As for next week, Christina is really dealing with some extreme PTSD in the OR...I would too in her situation. Next week's episode looks great!