Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

Burke and Cristina's Apartment - Kitchen/Dining Area - Day - The episode opens with Cristina brushing her teeth and finishing getting dressed while dancing to her iPod. Meredith (voiceover): After careful consideration and many sleepless nights, here's what I've decided: there's no such thing as a grown up. We move on, we move out, we move away from our families and form our own. Burke comes in sweaty from a run and Cristina entices him into a dance. They are laughing and enjoying themselves when Cristina's cell phone rings on the kitchen counter. She does not hear it because she has ear phones on so Burke answers it. On the other end is her landlord calling to say that there was a flood in Cristina's "other" apartment. He tells Cristina the news then Burke gives her a look that shows he is upset that she has lied about really moving in together. Meredith (voiceover): But the basic insecurities, the basic fears and all those old wounds just grow up with us. Roseridge Home For Extended Care - Sitting Room - Day - Meredith is visiting Ellis at the care facility. Meredith makes them both coffee/tea while Ellis is sitting in a comfortable chair. They both agree that they feel exhausted. Meredith (voiceover): And just when we think that life and circumstance have forced us to truly, once and for all, become an adult... Ellis: I was going at it all night in the on-call room, what's your excuse? Meredith (voiceover): ..your mother says something like that. Meredith is uncomfortable with her mom's sex talk such as "that man makes me purr like a kitten" and even worse when Ellis says, "My husband wonders why I'm not interested in him anymore...if he had any balls at all he would leave on his own. No, he plays stupid. He's waiting for me to kick him out." Ellis continues and talks about hickeys on her shoulder that Thatcher ignored. All the while Meredith has an unsettled look on her face. Seattle Grace Hosiptal (SGH) - Intern's Locker Room - Day - Meredith (voiceover): We get bigger, we get taller, we get older but for the most part we're still a bunch of kids running around the playground trying desperately to fit in. George is leaning against a wall putting on his watch. He is looking at Meredith while she is sitting on a bench in the locker room. Cristina comes in and is complaining about Burke's reaction to her keeping her old apartment; that his reaction is as if she is keeping it to hide stolen goods. Meredith tells her that perhaps he is upset because she lied. Cristina senses something is wrong with her. Meredith reveals, "My mommy's a filthy whore." A few lockers over, Izzie and Alex are getting ready for rounds giving each other 'dirty' looks as well as flirtatious banter about their sexual encounters. Izzie says, "It's not going to happen again", when it seems obvious there is nothing more that she would rather do. SGH - Hospital Room - Day - Meredith presents Chuck Eaton, a 54 year old Stage 3B non small cell lung cancer patient, to Burke. He was a smoker and has a history of COPD. Chemo therapy has not helped him. While she is talking, Burke glares at Cristina. This patient only has a 25% chance of surviving the surgery he will soon undergo to remove the tumor. Burke asks whether he will still continue on with the surgery despite the odds. Chuck chooses to go forward with it and 'roll the dice'. SGH - Hallway - Day - George and Izzie are walking down the hallway as Meredith rushes ahead. George asks Izzie whether he looks nice today and Izzie replies, "You could use a little more lip gloss but, yes, you're very pretty." George teases that Izzie is "mean". George continues to be self conscious about how he is looking today. Izzie tells him to just talk to her (Meredith). He tries to act like he doesn't know what she is talking about when they run into Bailey with her son, William. Meredith and Cristina are already at the scene. Izzie speaks baby-talk to William. Bailey asks if the O.R.'s are running again after the Code Black incident. Cristina answers that they are functional except for smoke damage to the corriders. Bailey asks if Meredith was okay from everything she went through with the bomb and Meredith replies, "I'm fine. How's your husband?" Bailey says that they are taking him home tomorrow and includes baby-talk with her son. Izzie then starts speaking baby-talk and Bailey becomes the 'nazi' again saying, "Okay, this is not a tea party. Go! Work! Save some lives! NOW!" They all rush away and Bailey is amused. SGH - Hospital Room - Day - Cristina presents 15 year old Jake Burton to Derek. He has advanced Craniodiaphyseal dysplasia (CDD). It is a rare bone disorder where calcium builds up in the skull and causes facial disfiguration and shorter life expectancy. The parents inform Derek and the interns that Jake has been having nausea and headaches too. Derek goes to examine him and sticks his index finger out in Cristina's direction telling Jake to look at it. Jake continues to look at Cristina and she appears to be very uncomfortable. He tells her that pretending that he is a lion, a circus animal, would help her deal with his disfiguration. Cristina says the immediate concern is that the tumors are growing inward towards his brain. She still looks uncomfortable. SGH - Main Station - Day - Meredith is at the front desk doing paperwork for Chuck when a black-clad man approaches her. He reads off Chuck's status from the computer screen and calls him a goner. Meredith sarcastically comes back with, "Sensitivity, I like that in a stranger." This so-called stranger is visiting Seattle and is already overwhelmed by rain making him "want to stay in bed all day". In a nearby room, Derek sees this interaction through the blinds. The stranger seems to be flirting with Meredith so she says, "We just met and you're already talking about bed." They continue to flirt with one another when Addison sees them. She has a dissatisfied and surprised look on her face. Addison is not close enough for Meredith and the stranger to notice her. The stranger asks whether Meredith goes out with co-workers. Meredith answers: "I, um, make it a rule not to" with a grin on her face. The stranger says that he is very happy he doesn't work at Seattle Grace since she doesn't date co-workers. Meredith asks him outright if he is hitting on her and they continue with their flirting. George, also in a nearby room, sees Meredith with this stranger and his expression seems to be 'do not tell me someone got to Meredith before me'. Meredith goes to introduce herself when suddenly Derek is there and punches the stranger in the face. Addison and George have a shocked expression. Derek's hand hurts because of the punch and he shakes it out. Meredith is confused at what is going on so he tells her that the stranger is Mark. Grey's Anatomy SGH - A Conference Room - Day - Derek is seated and Addison goes to sit down too. Richard is somewhat lecturing Derek about punching someone on the surgical floor. Addison is concerned about Derek's hand. Richard tells Derek to put the ice back on his "two million dollar a year hand". He demands to know what is going on. Derek looks at Addison as if to say, 'Why don't you take this one?'. Addison reluctantly reveals that the man Derek punched is Mark, that Derek and Mark worked together in New York, and they were all close friends until Derek found them in bed together. The chief humorously asks Derek if he put his weight behind the punch. Richard leaves the room. Addison looks extremely stressed at the situation as she puts her hands to her face. Derek asks what Mark is doing in town but Addison doesn't know. Derek looks skeptical that she has no idea why he is there. SGH - Exam/Hospital Room - Day - Meredith is tending to Mark's wounds. He has what looks like a deep cut across his left cheek. Mark says that he and Derek have always had the same taste in women. Mark assumed that Meredith was Derek's lusty intern. Meredith was famous in New York because he heard about her all the way out there. Meredith says that she heard about him, too, all the way in Seattle; that they have a lot in common. Mark says that they are the dirty mistresses and Meredith agrees. Mark talks about an instance with his therapist where it is revealed he is "self destructing and self loathing to an almost pathalogical degree" and Meredith sees this in herself too. Then he goes on to say: "You know, it's funny, Derek walks in on me naked with his wife, actually in the throes, then he just turns around and walks away. But he sees me so much as talking to you and I'm on the ground bleeding. Interesting, don't you think?" Meredith seems to have a satisfied look on her face as she prepares to give Mark stitches. Instead, he asks her to hold a mirror up and begins to stitch himself up. SGH - Hallway/Station outisde of the room Meredith and Mark are in - Day - Alex, George, Izzie, and Cristina are watching the goings-on between Meredith and Mark and the following exchange happens-- George: Why is he suturing his own face? Cristina: To turn me on. Alex: Cause he's Mark Sloan. He's like the go-to plastic surgeon on the east coast. George: That's the guy Addison was sleeping with? Izzie: You can't really blame her. Can you? Cristina: No, not really. George: Yes you can. [Meredith comes and joins their conversation.] Meredith: McSexy wants an X-Ray to check for fractures and I think it's a bad idea if I take him. George: Why? Why? Alex: I'm on it. [Alex leaves] George (with a slight frog in his throat): Why is it a bad idea? Cristina: McSexy?? Meredith: No? Izzie: McYummy? Meredith & Cristina: No. Meredith: McSteamy. Cristina: Ahh there it is. Izzie (giggling): Yep. George: Oh, I'm just choking back some McVomit. Cristina (watching Mark): Ooo. SGH - Emergency Room near the Entrance/Exit - Day - George and Izzie are preparing for incoming ambulances and he says, "I saw her first the night she met Shepherd, we talked and I can't even remember what I said." Izzie talks about how not having sex for awhile makes you forget how it feels so you don't need it as much and acquaints it with a beast. She says her beast is now awake and the food that Alex feeds it is very good. George comments that her taste level needs to change and Izzie comes back with, "You're just jealous because your beast is still asleep". SGH - Chuck Eaton's Hospital Room - Day - Meredith walks in and sees that Chuck is fiddling with a video camera and asks if he needs any help. She goes to set up his tripod for him. Meredith is curious about what he is doing. He says: "I'm dying, dear. One in Four. I, uh, I've never done well with odds like that. Some people are lucky, I just never have been." He's going to make tapes to say goodbye. Meredith offers to hold the camera for him instead. He records the following message: "This, this uh message is for Suzie Solomon, my college sweetheart and the love of my life. (Meredith has a big smile on her face anticipating a very sweet message). Suzie, I loved you with my whole heart and I never would've stopped loving you if you hadn't been the vilest whore (Meredith's facial expression changes to one of confusion) to ever walk the planet earth. You deserve that, that drunken imbecile that you slept with and then married. And when, at the reunion, I met your ugly children I knew you had done me a real favor. I am so deeply happy that I'll never have to see your face again. [pause] Love, Chuck." Meredith looks even more confused as Chuck asks her to put in a new tape. SGH - Room where they go over X-Rays - Day - Alex and Mark are examining his X-rays while Alex talks about some of Mark's famous work. Alex tells him that he is interested in plastics (plastic surgery as his specialty). Mark isn't sure that Seattle would be the best place for a plastic surgeon and suggests he moves to New York or Los Angeles. Alex mentions an advanced case of Craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, Jake, inferring that he could be a successful plastic surgeon in Seattle too. SGH - Emergency Room - Day - Izzie and George are responding to an incoming patient, from an ambulence, who was in a car accident. The wtinesses of the accident say the woman was having seizure activitiy. The woman does not think she needs to be at the hospital. The paramedic continues the story from the scene saying that the witnesses noticed screaming and shuddering. George and Izzie begin questioning the woman to see if she has epilepsy or a history of seizures. As she begins to answer, she starts to have one of her "episodes" . It appears that the woman has spontaneous orgasms. Commercials SGH - Emergency Room - Day - George and Izzie ask Addison about the spontaneous orgasms so she goes to speak with the patient, Pamela Calva. She has been having the spontaneous orgasms seven or eight times a day, every day for a few months. Izzie exclaims "Every day!?" in shock and in awe. Addison says, "Dr. Stevens." as if to say, remain composed. Addison asks the patient if she has gone to a doctor about this matter before. George chimes in, "Well, it's not exactly something you want to cure. Is it?" Addison says, "Dr. O'Malley" in the same manner she did with Izzie. Pamela says she went to a doctor but was then sent to a shrink. A man starts saying her name looking for her, apparently it is her father. Pamela looks displeased that he is there because of the uncomfortable situation. George says that he was called because he is her emergency contact person. Mr. Calva comes to the bed concerned about his daughter's well-being because of the car accident. Apparently, he knows about her "episodes" and she begins to have another orgasm. She covers her face with a pillow to hide her embarassment. Her father tells Izzie, George, and Addison that she is a math major and honor student at the University of Washington. They will run tests to see what is causing the "episodes". SGH - Chuck Eaton's Hospital Room - Day - Meredith is with Chuck continuing to make tapes. They have already finished twelve of his angry goodbye tapes. Meredith seems to be annoyed at all of his angry messages and interrupts him in his latest message. Meredith goes to prepare him for surgery and says she offered to help because she thought Chuck was saying goodbye. He says: "I am saying goodbye. None of these people, not one of them knows how I really feel. My whole life I've kept it all inside. I don't want to carry this with me to my grave." SGH - MRI - Day - Cristina is with Jake who is going to be tested. He tells her that she has nice eyes. They are not hardcore and surly like the rest of her. He likes eyes because that is the only place the tumor is not going. Cristina tells him he has nice eyes. They share a laugh and Cristina seems to be overcoming her discomfort with him. SGH - Hallway/Station - Day - Meredith sees the chief in passing and asks him about her father and why Thatcher left. The chief only offers her "I believe your mother asked him to." Meredith presses him further but he does not give any answers. As Richard leaves he looks guilty and burdened. SGH - Jake Burton's Hospital Room - Derek tells Cristina to book an O.R. as they walk inside. Mark, Alex, Jake and his parents are there. Mark is convincing them to have facial reconstruction surgery so that he will look 'normal'. Jake looks very excited at this idea. Derek looks at Mark with the deepest loathing. SGH - Hallway with a view of the Chief's Office - Day - Alex and Cristina are watching the intense argument Derek and Mark are having in the chief's office. They are trying to read their lips picking up "crack whore". George arrives and asks what is happening. He then tells them about Pamela in the E.R. having spontaneous orgasms. Cristina, Alex, and George run in that direction together. SGH - Chief's Office - Day - Derek is irate and claims all Mark wants is to get published. Mark admits he wants to get published and perhaps Richard would like to get published too. Richard reluctantly allows Mark to pursue this because of the benefit it would have to the hospital. Mark would be able to perform the surgery with the consent of Jake's parents. Commercials SGH - Emergency Room - Day - Cristina, Alex, and George arrive curious about Pamela. Izzie is with her and her father. Cristina tries to get a look at her and Alex has a smug expression. Addison closes the curtain around Pamela and tells them to move along. While leaving Cristina says, "I don't get what McDreamy and McSteamy sees in her." To which Alex says, "Cause she's McHot." George adds, "McYeah she is". SGH - Glass Skybridge/Walkway - Day - Addison is walking and in front of her are Derek and Mark. Derek walks away in the other direction. Addison turns around and Mark chases after her. She tells him to go home and to drop whatever he came to do. He says they all made mistakes but he lost the most - his best friend and Addison, the woman he loved. Mark is upset that Derek doesn't know how they truly feel about each other and that she stayed with him after Derek went to Seattle. He questions if they can really work out their marriage if she can't even be totally honest with him. He tells her he is in Seattle to bring Addison back to New York with him, he misses her. Addison says she loves Derek. Mark tells her that Derek is not in love with her, that he loves Meredith and does not even try to hide it. Addison walks away. SGH - Outdoor Eating Area - Day - Meredith, Cristina, George, Alex, and Izzie are having lunch and talking about Pamela. Meredith is amazed at the thought of the spontaneous orgasms. Alex and Izzie keep giving each other come-hither looks. George tells Meredith that she looks and smells nice but she does not even hear him. Cristina notes how seeing someone have spontaneous orgasms would make a person want to have some of their own. From hearing this, Izzie and Alex start giggling. Izzie leaves the table and mentions her beast, Alex soon follows her. Cristina and Meredith look confused. George tries to explain the beast to them. SGH - MRI Observation Area - Day - George and Izzie are together waiting for Pamela's results. It is difficult, though, she keeps moving while in the machine because of her orgasms. George complains that he has done many things to get Meredith to notice him like growing his hair but she never notices. Izzie presses him to just tell her how he feels. SGH - Jake Burton's Hospital Room - Day - Mark is drawing on Jake's face the places that he will try and fix to give him bone structure as Cristina and Alex look on. Derek and Jake's parents come into the room. The parents tell Jake that the brain surgery Derek will perform is already dangerous and they want to focus on keeping him alive for the time being. Mark's argument is that Jake shouldn't go through a second round of anesthesia for his facial reconstruction. Alex nods his head in agreement. Jake wants to go through with the plastic surgery, he has lived through several instances where he has almost died. He says: "I know that you think I'm perfect just the way I am but that's your job to do that. But for once in my life I'd like to think that someone else thought that. Please. Please?" SGH - Filing Room - Day - Meredith is seated at a desk putting the video tapes that Chuck made into envelopes to be mailed. Derek comes in and teases her that she is going into clerical work instead of being a surgeon. She explains that Chuck is sending hate mail to everyone he has ever met. Derek understands the impulse to do that. Meredith poses the question: "Why do people cheat?" Then adds, "Why do you think she cheated on you? Were you different then? Were you a bad husband?" After a pause, Derek says, "I was, uh, [exhales sharply and goes to sit down] I was just a little absent. Not that that's an excuse for... [trails off]". Meredith asks if having children would have made things different. Derek replies, "Do I think she wouldn't have cheated? I don't know." Mark pokes his head in the door and says, "Jake's ready to roll. I'm sorry, did I interrupt something?" Derek and Meredith get up uncomfortably and leave the room through different doors, Derek choosing the door opposite Mark. Mark looks after both of them confused. SGH - MRI - Pamela is in a wheel chair trying to relax so that she can stay still in the machine. Pamela asks Izzie if her problem is fixable. Izzie asks if it would be so bad if they can't fix it. Pamela says, "You know, I like sex as much as the next girl, like in bed or even in private, but when you can't go to the movies or drive a car or go to Church with your parents.. You know that dream where you show up in high school naked, I would really really like to wake up." Izzie appears to finally sympathize with Pamela's situation and think uncontrollable orgasms may not be all they are cracked up to be. SGH - Burke's Operating Room (OR) - Burke and Meredith are operating on Chuck Eaton. Meredith brings up the hate tapes that she helped Chuck make. Burke asks if Chuck mailed them. Meredith says that Chuck wanted her to mail them but she doesn't think it's a good idea because he made them from being afraid of the surgery. Burke disagrees, he says, "That's not for you to decide, Dr. Grey. He asked you for something. And you told him that you would do it. If you don't that doesn't make you noble, it makes you a liar." Meredith looks at Burke realizing he may be referring to the Cristina situation. He asks her, "Did you know she kept her apartment?" Meredith says, "Yeah, I did. Sorry." SGH - Derek's OR - Derek is operating on Jake Burton. Richard, Bailey, and William (as well as other doctors) are watching from the gallery. Bailey explains to her son what is happening in the OR. Cristina and Alex are in the OR observing. Mark is also inside waiting for Derek to finish. Jake is losing too much blood and his heart is failing. Mark tries the paddles to no avail. Bailey, saddened, leaves the gallery. Jake's heart still does not function. Commercials SGH - Derek's OR - Night - Alex and Cristina are alone together cleaning up Jake who did not make it. Alex says, "It's a shame he never had his face fixed." Cristina looks at him like that would be a good idea. Alex looks back realizing what they should do. SGH - Intern's Locker Room - Night - Mark is changing out of his scrubs when Alex and Cristina come in. Alex says, "Dr. Sloan?". It is implied after this they ask him about performing the plastic surgery on Jake. SGH - Operating Room - Night - Cristina and Alex are standing over Jake's body when Mark comes in. He tells them he got Jake's parents approval. Cristina and Alex start to put on their surgical masks. Mark tells them they won't need them. Mark says, "Scalpel." Alex hands it to him. SGH - Surgery Recovery Room - Night - Chuck Eaton is lying down, weak from the surgery. Burke tells him he is going to be in pain for awhile. He has good news though, they were able to remove the entire tumor. Chuck has a big smile on his face. Chuck asks about his tapes. Meredith holds up the plastic bag full of the envelopes that contain his tapes. She asks if he wants her to throw them away. He replies, "No, I'd like you to mail them. I have said my peace. Sometimes a man has to say his peace." Meredith has a look as if something has just suddenly dawned on her. Burke looks as if he sympathizes with Chuck and sees where he is coming from, especially with what happened with Cristina. SGH - Nurse's Station - Night - Meredith is looking through a phone book. George approaches her and says, "I want to take you out for a drink tonight. Not, maybe not Joe's. Some place where we can talk. There's something I need, want [laughs] to talk to you about." Meredith continues to look at the phone book like she doesn't even notice George is there talking to her. George adds, "It's important." Meredith rips out a page from the phone book and says, "I don't want to make video tapes on my death bed, George." She leaves abruptly. George is leaning on the counter looking disheartened. Unknown House - Night - Meredith rings the doorbell and waits. She rings it again. The front door is made of glass and you can see through it. A man comes to the door realizing who Meredith is, he opens it. Meredith has tears in her eyes. Meredith says, "She had an affair." The mans says, "Yes." Meredith says, "Why didn't you stay and fight for us?". The man, apparently her father Thatcher, comes onto the porch. He replies, "I did. I tried." Meredith asks, "Why didn't you try harder? You just left." Thatcher looks very sad as Meredith brushes a tear away. Thatcher says in a nervous quivering voice, "Meredith, is there anything you need? Anything at all?" Meredith says, "No, I don't need anything from you", turns around and runs down the walkway. Commercials SGH - Elevator - Night - Derek walks into an elevator. Addison rushes to catch up to it and walks inside. Addison says she hadn't seen him all day. Derek says, "I didn't want to see you today." Addison tells him it's not her fault Mark came. Derek says, "I know." A floor or so down, the elevator door opens as Addison goes to touch Derek's shoulder. The door opens to reveal Mark waiting to come on. Mark comes into the elevator and says to Derek, "Don't beat yourself up." Derek can't take it and leaves the elevator to take the stairs. Mark and Addison hold the elevator open, Addison has a sad look on her face. Mark says, "Aw come on. How come you can forgive her and not me?" To which Derek replies, "I didn't forgive her and with you I have no obligation to try." Addison looks even more sad as they watch Derek walk away. They let the elevator close and Addison leans on the elevator wall for support. Mark says, "Your marriage is over Addison. All you have to do is admit it then you can come back home with me. I'm going to the bar across the street. Meet me there." He strokes her cheek and leaves the elevator. Addison looks unsure of what to do. SGH - Hospital Room - Night - Cristina and Alex lead Jake's parents into the room. Their son is lying on a table/gurney. The mother goes to touch his face and stroke his hair. He has bone structure. She says, "He looks peaceful." Her husband agrees. His parents both have tears in their eyes. The parents leave the room. Cristina covers his face with a sheet looking sad and touched at the same time. She and Alex leave the room. Burke and Cristina's Apartment - Bedroom - Night - Cristina is lying in bed, reading a magazine and eating Chinese food. Burke comes in the room. Cristina looks unsure of what to do or say, she starts to say something when Burke holds up his hand to stop her. Pacing back and forth he says: "I am Preston Burke. A widely renowned cardiothoracic surgeon. I am a professional. And more than that I am a good and kind person. I am a person that cleans up behind myself. I am a person that cooks well [gestures towards the kitchen]. And you, YOU are an unbelievable slob. (Cristina looks down at the mess she made on the bed) A slovenly angry intern. I am PRESTON BURKE. And you, you are the most competitive, most guarded, most stubborn, most challenging person I have ever met. And I love you. What the hell is the matter with you that you just won't let me?" Cristina says, "I gave up my apartment 20 minutes ago." Burke, satisfied, says, "Well, alright then." He walks into the bathroom. Meredith (voiceover): I've heard that it's possible to grow up. I've just never met anyone who's actually done it. SGH - Pamela Calva's Hospital Room - Night - Izzie is tending to Pamela. Pamela asks Izzie if she would still be able to have "episodes" after her surgery. Izzie looks down at Mr. Calva sleeping in a chair and answers, "Even better, Pamela, you'll be able to have orgasms." Meredith (voiceover): Without parents to defy, we break the rules we make for ourselves. Izzie walks towards the window and sees Alex at the nurse's station. She smiles at him and he smiles back. SGH - Outside - Night - Meredith (voiceover): We throw tantrums when things don't go our way. Izzie approaches George who is sitting on a bench. He looks downtrodden. George says, "She doesn't hear me." Izzie sits down next to him. He continues, "She doesn't even hear me when I talk." Izzie sighs and says, "She will if you make her." George looks at Izzie skeptical but determined. He then says, "You fed the beast didn't you?" Izzie says, "Twice." Alex is in the background waiting for Izzie. George pushes her in that direction. Izzie laughs and tells George she'll see him later. She runs to Alex and they hook arms and walk away. Roseridge Home For Extended Care - Sitting Room - Night - Meredith (voiceover): We whisper secrets with our best friends in the dark. Richard and Ellis are next to a window looking out at the rain. He tells her that Meredith came to see him today. Ellis says, "Poor baby. Poor thing. Her father left you know." Richard says, "I think she knows about us Ellis. I think she's figured it out." Ellis laughs and says, "She's five years old Richard". Joe's Emerald City Bar - Night - Meredith (voiceover): We look for comfort where we can find it. Meredith is seated having a drink at the counter. Mark walks in the door and asks if he can sit next to her. He sits and orders a double scotch single malt. He notices that Meredith looks sad. She tells him that she just saw her father for the first time in twenty years. Mark asks how it went. Meredith says it could have gone better then asks what Mark is still doing here. He says, "I'm hoping Addison shows up." She asks if he's still in love with her. He answers by telling Meredith that she's still in love with Derek. She says, "She won't show, you know. He's not the kind of guy you leave if you can help it." Mark says, "What if you're wrong? What if just this once life comes down on the side of the dirty mistresses?" Meredith smiles. Meredith (voiceover): And we hope. Against all logic, against all experience... Derek and Addison's Trailer - Night - An inconsolable Derek is lying on the bed in deep contemplation. A few paces away, a glum Addison is on the couch having a cup of coffee and in deep thought too. Meredith's House - Meredith's bedroom - Night - Meredith (voiceover): children we never give up hope. Meredith is standing in the dark at the window looking out at the rain, obviously very sad. Someone knocks on the door. It is George. He goes to her and says, "I know I'm not a world renowned surgeon. I know I'm not a lot of things you have gone for in the past. I know. But I would never leave you. I would never hurt you. And I will never stop loving you." The sound of the rain is even stronger. Meredith looks deep into George's eyes. They move closer to each other. She holds his waist then lifts up his shirt, they let it fall to the ground. Their faces get close then darkness. Grey's Anatomy
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