Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2006 on ABC

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  • Brilliant episode. However, I am disturbed on so many levels.

    I thought that the episode was absolutely brilliant, hilarious, and well written… except for the last 2 minutes. Don’t misunderstand me… I LOVE George. He is BY FAR my favorite character. But he and Meredith do not belong together… it is just so… WRONG. Sort of like when Joey and Rachael got together on Friends... WRONG. I mean, I actually felt disturbed watching Meredith take George's shirt off and such - not because I think George is not good looking, I would totally want him as a boyfriend, but because the two of them together is just... weird. And moreover, I really do want George to be happy, but not with Meredith. And now he’s going to get hurt because she was obviously taking advantage of him, and I really don’t want George to get hurt. Also, I want Meredith to be with Derek. But now not only has she made her and George’s relationship beyond complicated… she has made her relationship with everyone else more complicated, and she is screwing up her chances with Derek. WHAT a fool.

    Regarding Burke and Christina… their relationship is fantastic and I’m oh so happy for them.

    Now what can I say about Mcsteamy? I was in love with him when he was on Charmed and now it’s just REALLY hard for me to hate him. In fact, I don’t really have a reason to hate him. Besides the fact that he is just… incredible to look at, he has come to Seattle to take stupid Addison back to NY. Thank God. And then finally Derek and Meredith can be together. Yet now Meredith has gone and screwed this all up with George... literally. If I could, I would slap her.

    Izzy and Alex… very cute. I’m thrilled they are having wild and fun sex. In fact, I’m a little jealous. Also a little jealous of the orgasm girl. That was pretty damn cool.

    On a side note: I really don’t think Addison is that hot and I don’t understand how she was able to get two such gorgeous and sizzlingly amazing hot doctors in her life. WAY unfair.
  • Best episode of the season.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the season. There are about three story lines going all at the same time. First, Mark (Derek's former best friend) shows up at the hospital and flirts with Meredith, which causes Derek to punch him, of course. Addison doesn't want anything to do with Mark supposedly. A young woman causes a car accident, because she has constant orgasms, which one of the surgeons is able to remedy with surgery. Then Derek has to deal with Mark, because Mark agrees to reconstruct the face of one of Derek's patients. Derek's patient has tumors growing inside his head, which gives his face the look of a lion.
  • A steamy hosipital in more than one way

    Things where hot in this weeks episode.

    When a strange man comes into the hospital trying to hit on Meredith, Derek just knocked the guy down. Later on, that guy appears to be Mark Sloan, the man who was Dereks best friend and how had slept with Addison.

    Marks feelings for Addison go much further than a one time thing, he is in love with her. Besides that, he is the first one to say that Derek still loves Meredith out loud.

    I guess this show will be about Meredith and Derek turning around each other for a long time. They still love each other, but they will not admitt it.

    On top of that, Meredith sleeps with George. That, I don't understand. George is in love with her and she needs some support. It's understandable that you need some one, but you do not use a friend like that.
    Poor George, I wonder how things will go when his dream falls apart in the next few episode....

    Glad that Cristina took a new stap with Burke though
  • Great way of mixing up even more the plot o the series

    It is great how the creators can mix up the plots on this series, but, I still love the show, it is very funny and this episode even more........I think Addison should leave Derek alone at last, and a BIG HURRA for George!!!! At leats, he got it! Now, it would be interesting if Meredith do develope some kind of feeling for george beside friendship, so, Derek could be alone and jealous of George......again HURRA for George!!!!
  • I just have a question.

    Can anyone tell me what McDreamy said when he got off the elevator.. my sound on HD went out for a min and don't know what he said???? Please HELP!!!!

    I was glad to see who came between McDreamy and Addison. (finally)

    I like who they picked for McSteamy and wonder if he will be staying around????

    I also like Izzie and Alex together as well..

    as for George they just need to find someone good for him (but not Mer)... maybe hannah????

    As for Burke and Yang glad to see him tell her how he feels and her finally give up her apartment...

  • Another bomb is dropped...

    A very interesting episode with interesting medical cases but also with personal developments... and one doesn't please me...

    Alex and Izzie are sweet! Can't say anything else
    Christina/Burke, love their relationship and it is time for Christina to give up on her own apartment.. she's never there anymore

    Bailey, sweet, that she walked her son around like that... Adorable, good to have her back!

    mark?! I knew him from Charmed but I like him so much better now! He should hook up with Addie IMO, she was in a relationship with him after Derek left, he loves her and I think she loves him too since she's having a hard time hearing him say ILY... Hook up already so Mer/Der can do that too

    And I must say, I love the Mer/Der scenes, they do have chemistry! I love it and even Mark can see it.. and the whole I talk to you and he punches me speech from Mark to Mer... fantastic! An action that shows how much Derek does care about Mer..

    But Meredith and George! NO!! I love their friendship, but IMO big mistake for their friendship! George knows Mer isn't over Derek and the whole Mother/Alzheimer stuff and now the dad stuff... He may have not known about the dad stuff but he did know about the Derek stuff.. He should have known that this can not work out.. the promo of next week also shows it

    And I love that Derek said in the promo to Meredith 'You won't lose me' or something like that!!! Wonderful!

    So good episode, until the last 2 minutes!! Still giving it a 10 for the good laughs like the orgasms and the excellent writing!
  • Alot happening, but where's the usual emotion? DO IT NOW!

    This is one of the shows on television that usually is a guaranteed cry for me. Almost every episode of Grey's Anatomy makes me cry, and yet this episode didn't even make me think about it. I think it was a probably with the speed. Everything was happening too fast. Almost as soon as something was introduced, it was resolved. The only thing that was done well was the ending. And What An Ending! Other than the ending, it was fun to see McDreamy and McSteamy go at it. Christina and Izzie's subplots were FAR to short and weak. The only other part that was actually enjoyable was when Dr. Bailey showed up with the baby, and then the writers&cast seemed to poke fun of themselves in spirit of the MadTV skit they probably saw. Do It Now People, Now!
  • No way!! Loved it!!

    I just wrote my 2.17 review saying: 'Meredith could hook up with George but I know it's not going to happen'!!
    I still can't believe it!! Is George dreaming?? :O
    I know she is only 'feeding her beast' that's bad because she's gonna hurt him a lot!
    McSteamy...loved too!! He is soooo hot, I figured out why Addison cheated on McDreamy!
    I thought he would end up the night with Meredith! And Sheppard seems to truly love her, Mark was just talking to her and the punch" woww
    I'm soo excited, this episode was amazing and the past two were two! It's 2am right now, I have a back pain but I can't sleep because of Grey's!!
    I'm gonna watch 2.19 now, I hope it's as good as the other ones!!
  • Helloooo McSteamy.

    This episode is absolutely fabulous and proves to be a series classic. I thought coming off of the bomb episodes it would be difficult for writers to find something as gripping, but the introduction of McSteamy proved to be just as amazing.

    We've wondered all along: who could possibly lure Addison away from Derek? And then we meet Mark Sloan...and it all comes together. The casting of Eric Dane as McSteamy could not have been more perfect with his chiseled jaw, perfect facial hair, and deep voice, he is the epitome of man candy.

    The regular cast shines again in this episode, especially Sandra Oh as Cristina, working with the plastics patient who is severely disfigured. Ellen Pompeo also is great playing opposite Eric Dane in the "Dirty Mistress Club" scenes and endearingly tragic in her scene with her father at the end. Perhaps the most shocking part of this episode; however, comes at the end when George and Meredith begin to have sex. Poor George has been ignored by Meredith for months and he finally puts his foot down and gets what he's wanted all along. Although, as we find out's not really what he wanted at all.
  • McSteamy comes to Seattle.

    This episode of Grey's Antomy has to be another one of my favorites of season 2, it followed two great episodes. When McSteamy enters the scene tensions faliar, I love how when McSteamy was talking to Meredith, Derek comes up and punches him. That was great, and very unexpected. Plus the women with the spontaniouse orgasims comes in and the interns reactions to them have everyone acting funny, but Addison steps in, and she was funny. I love the scene where Derek and McSteamy were talking to Chief and Cristina, and Alex were trying to interprit what they say. This was a great episode and I can't wait for McSteamy to be in more.
  • Enter McSteamy causing friction between Addison and Derek.Whilst Meredith learns why her father left and Christina handles a patient with a rare disorder.

    A breathe of fresh air in the hottest of forms; Mark McSteamy Sloan says what everyone is thinking.Just has a blunt personality, says what he thinks and doesn't care about the consequences.
    Derek was either annoyed because he slept with Addison or because he hit on Meredith.But either way deep down Derek knows Mark will work things out and maybe he's hoping that will happen so he doesn't have to end his marriage himself.

    Christina took care of a 15 year old with a rare disorder that affected his face.The whole dialogue about both of them having beautiful eyes was heart warming, you rarely see Christina in situations like that but on some level i think it made her realise that she has just got to risk it with Burke and you can't always expect the worst.

    Meredith discovered the reason for her fathers absense , her mother had an affair.I don't understand what she was expecting from her father maybe nothing at all but somehow she went from running off to being in George's arms.Contrasting writing there but hey i'm all for it.
  • There are those just wish that never happened.

    Mark comes to Seattle.
    Mark, Derek's ex best friend and the guy who slept with Addison. He came to take her back and there are more secrets then we knew and Addison had a full time relationship with Mark not a one night stand. The interns already gave him a Mclabeling McSteamy :D
    There is a patient who has only 25 % of surviving and he wants Meredith to tape his last confessions and he says all the most horrible things to people that he loves or hates...he says all that he had kept inside of him for all time.
    The kid with bony tumor that is going over his face to the brain comes to the hospital. Derek is on the case but Mark wants to operate on him ... to give him plastic surgery because kid looks hideuos because of the tumor.
    Pamela comes to the hospital...and she has spontaneous orgasms.
    Amazing episode.
    Usually after those HUGE episodes (Like here after It's the end of the world as we know it) there is a cooldown period with slow and kinda boring episodes. But that is not the case with Grey's. It is even hotter and better :D
  • The character that says what viewers think.

    Every once in a while we have this: a rare episode in a show where writers and viewers agree. Now, don't get me wrong! I think "Grey's Anatomy" has great writers, and, as a regular fan, who follows Meredith and company since the beginning, I'm very pleased and satisfied. However, it's also true that a show lives on and on by keeping the suspense, by making fans desire something, and usually writers make a good work when they can make us watch the show week after week whithout giving us exactly what we want... Now, I would call this episode an exception, or, at least, a special moment. No, this is not the episode where we have a final resolution of the many conflicts we have seen in previous episodes (mostly romantic conflicts, true). Still, we see lots of things being said, and we see many characters finally facing reality as it is... In the end, this is the episode where, in a way, writers say to fans "yeah, yeah, yeah... you were right."

    How is that? Well, I guess all can be summarized in one new character: Mark Sloan. Personally, I wasn't very happy when first watching this episode and realizing that Derek's ex-bestfriend, and Addison's ex-lover was in Seattle Grace. I thought to myself that this was a cheap trick, and probably the consequence of writers running out of ideas. Predictable, I thought, even more when I saw that Mark seemed to be all I imagined him to be: a charming, lady's man, cocky, handsome and seductive bastard. Talk about cliché! But I couldn't be more wrong... In the end, although Mark is essentially all that, he is also the blessed character that comes to be the public's voice. He is the guy that is a newcomer, and he doesn't fall for Derek's and Addison's act of reconciled couple. He sees - and says! - what is obvious for us viewers, like the feelings that are still there between Meredith and Derek, the undeniable end of the Shepherds' marriage, or even Webber's concerns about getting Seattle Grace newspaper's headlines if they succeed in an important surgery. He speaks his mind, and his mind is very much in synchrony with the reality viewers see. And, even better, he is not the classic "beautiful outside, ugly inside"; no, we actually see that, although dry and direct, Mark does escape from the cliché, turning to be someone that, when making mistakes, do them because he chooses to, not because he is inconsequent or stupid. And, unlike the majority of the characters in this show, he is rational, not completely driven by his emotions - although he has a bunch of them.

    Now, look at that... I'm talking about Mark like I love him! Let's be clear: I don't. I still think he does fall too easily in the role of shallow plastic surgeon. However, I was happily surprised to see that, in this episode, "Grey's Anatomy" again proved its valor, using what is an over used idea in a different and charming way. And I enjoyed very much watching a character openly talking about the dramas and relationships in the show, something we almost never see in any sort of show. No, the writers of this show don't just take the easy way; they take the road that leads to good stories, and that's why, after all, "Grey's Anatomy" is a great show.
  • Perfect. With this episode, the writers of Grey's prove why this show is getting better every time.

    Just when you think the show is perfect, something like this happens. This episode just blew me away with clever plotlines, interesting medical cases and a great deal of wonderful new mix-ups among the characters.

    The triangle between Meredith, Derek and Addison becomes a pentagon when Mark Sloane - who by the way more than deserves the nickname "McSteamy" - arrives and George finally takes action to get closer to Meredith. We are still to find out how that turns out, but, George excluded (sorry, he's just more the brother-type in this whole scenario), all combinations seem possible: Derek and Addison, Mark and Meredith, Derek and Meredith, Mark and Addison...? Personally, I can't wait to see how it turns out!

    The thing Izzie and Alex are having is, whatever you want to call it (is it an affair? a growing relationship? friends being a little more than that?) exciting and gives us what we had to expect sometime. Can Izzie tame the lion, or, to use her euphemisms, the beast?

    Last but not least, Burke and Cristina are finally "there". This is maybe the best relationship on Grey's, and hopefully one that is made to last.

    It seems unfair to ignore the medical storylines of this episode, but to be honest, the stories that revolve around the Seattle Grace staff itself are always a little more exciting (with the exception of Meredith's mother's confession, maybe - I've never been very fond of her). Wow. Wow, wow, wow! I would love to give this episode a rating of 20 or more, but I'll limit it to 9.8. As I said, the show just keeps getting better - hence, there has to be room for more.
  • We get a glimpse of Mark "McSteamy" Sloan, the man who broke up the Shepherd's marriage. And more behind what the Chief and Ellis had, and rather what Thatcher didn't have. And George stepped up, but was it the best thing to do?

    This was a very revealing, informative episode. It was filled with marital woes, secrets, lies and uncontrollable orgasms. George was worried he isn't anything to Meredith so he tries to be more noticeable but he finds out she hardly takes notice of what he says. The reason for the Shepherd's separation appears at Seattle Grace trying to chat Meredith up. After Derek punches him, Meredith finds herself tending to him. Meredith is assigned to a patient who is sure that he will die. Because of this, he says goodbye by sending hate mail to everyone who has screwed him over. Burke finds out about Christina's other apartment. Christina works with Derek and eventually with Sloan on a boy who can't fit in with others because of his looks. More is revealed about Thatch, Meredith's father. And Ellis is reminding Richard and Meredith about her trouble with Thatch and her affair with the Chief. Izzie is having a good time with Alex, even though it was only meant to last during the Code Black situation. And Izzie and George get assigned to a woman who has spontaneous orgasms 7-8 times a day.
  • Just what the doctor ordered. A tantilising cocktail of humour and pain. I live in the UK and this episode has only just been aired here

    This was another well delivered episode. The entrance of Dr Sloan & Dereks re-action to him was dramatic & spoke volumes in that single punch. It was good to see Meredith almost perky & a little flirty but some how, more mature. Not wearing her heart on her sleeve any more. The scenes at home between Burke and Christine were magic. They are both so intense when at work it was good to see the contrast at home. Dancing, fooling around..... Burke defining himself to Christina and asking her why she wouldn't let him love her. Sandra Oh, has the most incredible versitility as an actress. She's beautiful. I Love her.

    This is the first time I felt for Addison. The first time I think that she realised the depth of what she had destroyed. Not just her marriage but a life long friendship. And she had obviously underestimated McSteamys feelings for her. Is she affraid of loving a man like Sloan?. The cold hatred Derek directed at Sloan when he refused to ride in the elevator with them......... WOW.

    I liked the patients that were focused on in this episode. Strangely sad in different ways but all coming to some kind of personal truth and self acceptence. Like the interns and the doctors will eventualy have to.
    For Meredith it was the relationship she never had with her father. 'She had an affair',
    'Why didn't you stay and fight for us'?
    It was so sad to see her pain, the wound so open....still She found a kindered spirit in McStreamy when they met at Joe's bar. The same place were she had met Derek & lost him back to Addison. Feel the pain.

    It was equally painful & annoying to watch George, so besotted with Meredith and yet so blind to her pain. She had never shown any romantic interest in him so why go there? Does he even realise how much she's going to hate herself?
    Bad move George, bad, bad, bad move.

    Loved seeing Bailey and the new baby and as always love the humour bubbling just under the surface of this fab show.
  • mark comes to seattle and merideth confronts her dad

    mark comes to seattle and merideth confronts her dad
    What can i say. by far my favorite episode for the sereis. Mark came in and shook things up and probably one of the biggest things in the sereis the moment between merideht and her dad. this episode was absolutly fabulous and i hope we get to see more of thatch in season three. (looking at the episode guide i think we will.) i loved yesterday and it has to be the best episode in all of greys anatomy with into you like a train and the bomb epi's commin right up behind it.
  • the entrance of McSteamy!

    Wow!!!! if anyone actually saw that punch that derek gave straight to the side of Mark's face- that was amazing was it not? Although all he really did in the end is make Mcsteamy even Mcsteamier! all beaten up and stuff, real hot. ANyway he did make a great point though when he was talking to Meredith. WHy is it that Mcdreamy would walk away when he sees them in bed together, but pound him to a pulp when he sees him about to shake Merediths hand? its just so amazing the strength of the love between them two! just give in!
  • We finally meet McSteemy

    Are you not dying that Meredith and George got together?!? Absolutely the last thing I expected to happen. I thought for sure she was just going to hug him, say, "Thanks, George," and walk away, but then she took his shirt off! But you know she's using him out of frustration, and our poor George is just going to get hurt. But hey, at least he'll get a chance to experience his obsession, especially since his "beast never sleeps." Oh, George. But let's talk about the rest of this awesome episode. So glad we finally got to meet Mark. How great for McSteamy to say to Addison exactly what we've been thinking: "He's not in love with you; he's in love with that intern." And speaking of that intern, what a wonderful moment when Meredith went to her father's doorstep after 20 years and asked him why he left. Then there was Cristina and Burke — I loved what led to her getting rid of her apartment. She certainly shut him up at the end. And I never get bored with the patients on this show: the guy who thinks he's dying so he videotapes hate mail to his enemies and, of course, the woman experiencing spontaneous orgasms. Never a dull moment, indeed. OK, back to Meredith and George — shut up!
  • Meredith and George!!

    Wow, I would take McSteamy over McDreamy any day!!!

    The guy leaving video messages for everyone he knew was funny. And the woman who had spontaneous orgasms was hilarious! I loved Izzie’s and George’s reactions and questions.

    It was good to have a generally lighthearted episode after the past two weeks being so unbelievably somber. I love how the show knows exactly how to schedule the show.

    Bailey was so cute with her son! I love her even more now that I’ve seen this side of her.

    And I can not get enough of Cristina and Burke’s relationship!

    I am so excited for Meredith and George! It's about time!
  • A very funny episode.

    This was a classic funny episode of Grey's Anatomy. The introduction of the Mark character shows a brand new level of tension between Derek and Addision. From a purly medical point of view, this was dramatic and in some cases draw dropping episode. This episode showcases a great mix of medical stories and personal stories. The ending sets up the series for the rest of the season and I was extremely pleased with the level of humor that was in this episode. I found this episode to be one that can be watched over and over again without losing its freshness.
  • The shows dynamic has been ruined. Why would she sleep with George. You don't do that to friends when you love someone else.

    I think this is the episode that will ruin the series. The show has had such a great dynamic going between the different characters and I think sleeping with George will ruin that dynamic. I carnt understand the idea behind being in love with someone and sleeping with everyone else.
  • fine example of why i love this show...

    i've been a fan of GRey's since the begining, however, this episode made me physically addicted to the show... the writting was amazing and it is one of the few shows that even after special episodes, like "it's the end of the world" and "as we know it", can still keep you watching.
  • The Most McEngrossing show!

    I love this show! I haven't been caught up in a TV show like this since I was a teenager watching DOOL! I think the preveiw of McDreamy saying ,"You won't lose me" to Meredith is sad. He is till with Addison so she doesn't have him to lose. Does anyone agree with me that even if Derek and Addison split that she will stay around and the relationship between Der and Mer will be strained? Also, I think the fact that she slept with George will play a factor in them being happy together.
  • At Seattle Grace just when you think things can't get worse, it's time to feed the beast...{minor spoilers inside}

    I love this show, even after sitting on my couch, mouth agape, wondering 'What in the heck is Meredith doing?' I still love this show. Why? Because Meredith is no hero, she is whiny and fragile and a bit annoying. She makes bad mistakes, and has enough baggage to open her own luggage line. She's broken, and screwed up, and clueless. But aren't we all? As much as 99% of fans hate Meredith for kissing George at the end of the epsiode, I don't. Okay, not true, I'm disappointed in her, but even so I get why she did it. She wants to make the good decisions, she wants to make the right decisions, she wants to be with a kind man who will never hurt her the way her daddy and McDreamy have, and George just walked in at precisely the wrong moment, and said all the right things, and Meredith filled the emptiness inside her with him (get your mind out of the gutter).

    I've been there, and seriously I often wonder if Shonda Rhimes knows me, cos it's really creepy. I've cried more tears watching this show, and have hadmore epiphany-moments about who I am as a person thanks to it. Which is a pretty tall order for TV, but still, somehow this show gets what's it like to be a really f-ed up nearly-30-something, who doesn't know what she wants. I think I'd like to hang with Shonda, cos she already seems to know me...
  • Oh My word - it just keeps getting better and better...If you haven't experienced GA yet - you should check it out!

    There is always something going on with every one of the characters - never a dull moment. I absolutely love this show and cannot hardly stand waiting for each new episcode! When the ex-best-friend & wife-stealer shows up and starts hitting on Meredith (flirting anyway) this causing McDreamy (Derek) to do some hitting on him - but was it because of Meredith or Addison. And will Addison decide to go back with him to NY or stay and fight to win back Derek's love - man what a show. Derek is wonderful and you can tell he loves Meredith, but he is trying so hard to do what's right...and work things out in his marriage; but can you work something out that takes so much work! If Addison really loved him -why did she stay with her lover while her husband just walked (or should I say drove/flew) away!!! And that is all just a smll portion of what all goes on with Seattle Grace hospital! WOW!!!
  • McSteamy, McDreamy, Addison and Meredith shake things up again. George finally declares his love to Meredith. Burke finally puts his foot down about Christina's commitment issues. Izzie and Alex feed the beast. (SPOILERS)

    A great episode once again.
    I do however wonder when the Mc thing will get annoying instead of being hilarious (which it still is).
    I can't believe Mark shows up in Seattle, although I guess it was inevitable. I love that his nickname is McSteamy. (where do all the hot doctor's come from anyway?) The fact that Addison stayed with Mark in New York after Derek left, makes the plot thicken even more. I do hope Addison leaves with Mark back to New York. I say this not because I want Derek and Meredith back together, but because Addison and Derek's marriage is so over.
    I really, really, really hope Meredith didn't sleep with George. And only because I don't want to see George get hurt. Meredith doesn't deserve him.
    Burke and Christina are still a weird couple in my opinion. I still see no does make for some funny scene's though.
    I also think Izzie and Alex should keep feeding the beast together. Such a cute couple!
  • George is the McHero. (spoilers)

    The episode had plot twists, and revelations, such as George showing his feelings to Grey, and her taking advantage of him. This had better not ruin the relationship of the household, because George and Izzy need to be together always as friends at the very least. George and Izzy are the strongest part of the show when they're together, the McDuo.
  • All I have to say is, Go George!!!

    Great episode, first with Christina and Burke dancing, hilarious. Then McDreamy and McSteamy. Is is just me or are all the doctors in this hospital McHott? Then, best thing EVER! George finnaly tells Meredith how he feels. His little speech was the SWEETEST THING EVER! But we all know she's gonna break his heart. Am I the only one who finds George the McHottest of them all? Then of course the orgasm lady. LOL. And Izzie and Alex feeding the beast. I do not blame her. But great ending. So, how long do you think till Meredith breaks George's heart?
  • Mer/Der/Geo? LOL. Love the mistakes made and the bombs (no pun intended) on this episode!

    I understand Addison so much more in this episode . . the scene where McSteamy and McDreamy walk out of the Cheif's office after fighting, explains a lot . .hubba, hubba. That almost beat out the scene from last week with Derek and Preston getting off the elevator. Addison stayed with Mark after Derek left? Oh, now that's juicy. . .dirty mistresses! LOL. Loved the chemistry and the character development in this one. Feed the beast Izzie, I ain't mad at you! Christina and Burke . . does it get any better! Glad to see a glimpse of the ego Burke used to have come into play with their relationship. Teared up when Meredith saw her dad . .then to be with George . .everyone makes mistakes, mis-uses a friend, and regrets it. Excellent episode . . seriously.
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