Grill It! With Bobby Flay

Season 1 Episode 11

Flank Steak

Aired Sunday 10:30 AM Sep 14, 2008 on Food Network



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    • Bobby: When I saw flank steak, I knew you were gonna make tacos. To me it was like the perfect Stephanie meal. You know, tacos, margaritas. What could be better?
      Stephanie: You have to guess what other people are going to make?
      Bobby: I don't guess, but I just know where your heart is. It's in Texas... with a tortilla wrapped around it.

    • (preparing to make her special margaritas)
      Stephanie: (smiling) This is incredibly specific. It's really important that you get these measurements right. You need one bottle of tequila. So I can only start by pouring away. (she begins to pour) You wanna use a silver tequila. It's the best.
      Bobby: (laughing) I just figured out why there's never any tequila left at our house.

  • Notes

    • Stephanie March makes her case regarding the mispronunciation of the word guacamole by "all the Yankees in the world." There is no "G" sound at the beginning of the word.

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