Grill It! With Bobby Flay - Season 1

Sunday 10:30 AM on Food Network Premiered Jul 06, 2008 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Sirloin Tip
    Sirloin Tip
    Episode 13
    Michael Sinsigalli, the assistant fire chief of the West Hartford Fire Department, brings sirloin tip steaks. He prepares teriyaki steak from a Hawaiian recipe and grilled cedar plank salmon. Chef Flay grills Yukon gold potato salad with red-pepper smoked paprika mayonnaise and Argentinean skewers.
  • Duck
    Episode 12
    Kevin Volk from Great Barrington, Massachusetts, brings with him duck breasts and a can-do attitude. Kevin stuffs champagne-glazed duck breasts with macerated cherries, bûcheron cheese and toasted walnuts, and he grills root vegetables as a side dish. Bobby first scores the fatty skin on the meat, and then grills spice-rubbed duck breast, a grilled peach and goat cheese salad topped with blackberries, and a grilled salad made with potatoes, onions and peppers.moreless
  • Flank Steak
    Flank Steak
    Episode 11
    Bobby's special guest chef is his wife, Stephanie March, who surprises him and prepares flank steak tacos with guacamole. She also stirs up a pitcher of her signature margaritas made with silver tequila, orange-flavored liqueur, fresh lime juice, and seltzer. Bobby grills flank steak crostini with chimichurri and vidalia relish.
  • Chicken Breast Statler Style Cut
    Berkshire mountain forager and farmer Jeremy Stanton brings with him his recipes for grilled chicken breast flavored with sumac and foraged vegetables, such as ramps, Japanese knotwood and morel mushrooms, stinging nettle pesto, and grilled Lightning Tea Farm flat bread. Bobby then prepares Buffalo-style grilled chicken breasts with Cabrales bleu cheese dressing and a salad made with jicama and watermelon. A bottle of Jeremy's own cabernet sauvignon is served with the meal.moreless
  • Red Snapper
    Red Snapper
    Episode 9
    Chef Kevin Nurse joins Chef Flay, and shares his recipes for jerk red snapper marinated with Caribbean island spices, grilled zucchini, and a delicious cocktail made with sorrel, ginger, dried hibiscus flowers and rum. Bobby grills his red snapper in corn husks, then he grills corn on the cob, grilled tomatoes and limes, and jalapeno pesto sauce.moreless
  • Whole Chicken
    Whole Chicken
    Episode 8
    Guest chef Robin Koury from Newburgh, New York, prepares her Spice of Life beer-can chicken and grilled macaroni & cheese. Bobby then visits the Greek Isles with a butterflied chicken Greek-style and a rose sangria with a touch of brandy.
  • Ground Beef
    Ground Beef
    Episode 7
    Former Marine Ruben Belliard from Queens, New York, shares his Dominican family recipes for chimichurri burgers with chipotle-glazed grilled yellow plantains. Bobby grills up a green chile burger and crunchy avocado salad to accompany the meal, then blends up a batch of margaritas made with cactus pear syrup for a refreshing accompaniment.moreless
  • Pork Chops
    Pork Chops
    Episode 6
    Guest chef Rusty Irons from Austin, Texas, shares her recipes for pork steaks with her own homemade barbecue sauce, Texas-style Yukon gold potato frites, grilled chayote, and stuffed Roma tomatoes. For dessert, she prepares stuffed Bartlett pear crisps with cinnamon tortilla chips and vanilla ice cream. Chef Bobby prepares Cuban-style pork loins with an oregano vinaigrette marinade, grilled whole corn on the cob, and then blends up his special frozen mojitos.moreless
  • Shrimp
    Episode 5
    Chef Bobby Flay creates one Asian marinade that can be used two ways. From the Latin music industry, special guest chef Alejandro Ramirez demonstrates how to prepare his authentic Mexican shrimp enchiladas with mole and platanos asados (grilled bananas).
  • Leg of Lamb
    Leg of Lamb
    Episode 4
    Bobby's guest from the West Coast, Ali Kahn, toasts up spices and grills lamb tandoori hoagies with raita. Bobby adds curried lamb skewers with mint-grilled nectarine chutney and his special mango-yogurt-white rum smoothie to the menu.
  • Chicken Breast
    Chicken Breast
    Episode 3
    Chef Flay's special guest chefs, Gordon Carbone and Gary Sunbury, bring their recipes for pesto chicken quesadillas and surf & turf flank steak and prawns with a grilled romaine salad. Bobby rounds out the meal with spice-rubbed chicken breast tacos with grilled poblanos, barbecued onions and coleslaw, then blends up white peach-silver tequila cocktails.moreless
  • Rib Eye Steaks
    Rib Eye Steaks
    Episode 2
    Special guest star Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo from Sesame Street, shares his ribeye steak recipe with Chef Bobby Flay, who then grills ribeye with bleu cheese and potato salad. Bobby then shows Kevin how to make a spice rub.
  • Short Ribs
    Short Ribs
    Episode 1
    Pastry chef Judiaann Woo grills up her mother's Korean recipe for beef short ribs and blackberry hand pies. Chef Flay then creates a beef short rib salad with mint, scallions and watercress, prepares grilled short ribs with pineapple-habanero sauce, and blends up a batch of pineapple milkshakes.