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AIRS ON 5/13/2016

Season 5 : Episode 20

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A supernatural crime drama involving a police detective (played by David Giuntoli) who can see the dual nature of creatures among us hiding in human form. As the descendant of the Grimms, he can see their inner natures. He also has the responsibility of being judge, jury, and sometimes executioner for crimes among these "others" for which there are no human laws that apply.


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    Grimm "Good to the Bone" Review: Bird Is the Word

    WereWu struggled with his condition and yet another Wesen was murdering Portlandians, but all anyone really cared was Nick and Adalind sexing.

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    Grimm: NBC Shortens Season 6 Because It Thinks It Has a Plenty of Dramas

    The steady Friday show gets sacrificed to make room for other shows on the schedule.

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    Fan Reviews (217)

    • Nadalind

      I juste love their relationship. I hope their little family will be okay at the end.
    • Season 5 missed the mark

      While there were some great scenes in some of the episodes this season, on the whole, season 5 turned out to be a bit of dud. Due mainly to the Nick and Adalind "relationship?" that the writers shoehorned into this season thereby creating a truly boring domestic debacle. Season 5 was also missing a clear and present bad guy, Black Claw while seemingly dangerous for some episodes turned out to be mainly "declawed" for much of the season, only now in episode 19 becoming a real threat with the introduction of the character Conrad Bonaparte. Also Hadrian's Wall, the good guys? not so effective, as the only member of that group we have seen to any degree is Eve and with the exception of that one scene in the restaurant we haven't really seen her unleash her super hexenbeist powers in any big way since. Hopefully the last three episodes of this season pull out all the stops and redeem the snooze fest that was season 5.moreless

      make grimm a 22episode or more and keep at that stop mess with what works
    • All About Eve

      SPOILER ALERT! I have figured out where the "Eve" personality came from. The writers have played fair with us and provided clues. Read no further if you like clever plot twists. Juliette was mortally wounded. How could she have survived? The same way Sean Renard survived his wounds of course. When the captain was brought back by a spell he didn't come back alone. Eve is a spirit who returned from the afterlife to possess Juliette's body. The identity of this spirit is obvious if you examine her personality traits. She has an extremely intense dedication to the job at hand and a complete lack of social skills. Remind you of anyone? The clincher came when she threatened Adalind's life if she hurt Nick. What spirit would have been haunting the place where Juliette was shot? Kelly Burkhardt has returned. Of course she hasn't told Nick. She has all of Juliette's memories. How do you tell your son that you remember having sex with him. Talk about awkward.moreless
    • I love Grimm

      I simply love Grimm in good times and not so good times, but this show is beyond likes and dislikes and take you to the source of life. I think it is much better to be aware ot this. Every single series even those with best possible ratings (which also Grimm had , I think at least 2 seasons got 100% on rotten have their ups and downs, but Grimm have something more, even when there is period of down, there is some divine beauty or you might call it transcendent aura, there to comfort you and because this show is blessed with divine grace it is beyond good and bad ! Those who hav eyes (of wisdom) will see ! So lets rather bless this show to deliver us at least 5 seasons more, cause I consider this show at middle age, there is tremendous energy there, just need to be chanelled properly so let us all who sincerely Love this show bless entire cast and tim to produce another magic 5 seasons. As said show is not dead, far from that, they just have their period of being in cocoon before being born again into something unimaginably beautiful ! We are truly lucky and blessed to live in this era of peace, at least on most of the earth and era of movies production have prospered so far, that tv show are getting even more popular than movies, and myself am extremely grateful for every day I am able to watch those supreme series for free and have such uplifitng entertainment, that I dont miss to get drunk and party at all thanks god ! So as mature audience let us be grateful and bless the show instead of immature rant (thats really soo immature) and send Blessings to this show, and you will see Grimm will give as back much more than we give it to Grimm, isnt that sign of Divine Grace ? Amen :-)moreless

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