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A supernatural crime drama involving a police detective (played by David Giuntoli) who can see the dual nature of creatures among us hiding in human form. As the descendant of the Grimms, he can see their inner natures. He also has the responsibility of being judge, jury, and sometimes executioner for crimes among these "others" for which there are no human laws that apply.

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  • Juliette....

    I have read fan reviews on different sites calling for Juliette to return and how great she is... I finished binge re-watching Grimm a week ago and to be honest I don't see the relevance of that character unless it was to get the other characters to this point of where they are at Season 5. I mean i haven't watched an episode of Grimm where i have said "i can't wait for Juliette to come on". Wu? absuloutely. Monroe? with out a doubt. but never Juliette. Nothing against Bitsie Tulloch, but the character was just meh. Having said that i understand that the character has fans and wanting her back in the show is understandable. But what i don't get is why they want her back as Nick's girlfriend! After all the thing she has done! I know her being a "hexinbeist" is being presented as an excuse but that excuse only goes a certain way. She slept with 2 men out of spit, that can be forgiven, she burned the trailer (which is horrible and unforgivable in my book) but okay that can be excused as well. But she almost made Nick kill his best friend! she almost killed MONROE! If Hank wasn't there he could have died. How do you forgive that? And here is another one, she set Nick's mom up to get killed. it doesn't matter whether she knew or didn't know Kenneth would do that. The end result of her betrayal was Nick's mom's head in a box. so how do you forgive that? How do you move on from that and get back into a relationship? how would that work really "Remember honey that time you went crazy and got my mom's head chopped off and left it in a box? Good times" i mean really?! That doesn't happen in fairly tale or on Disney channel. love this show! Its captivating and fun and I really hope the writer's don't ruin it for me.moreless
  • Juliette

    I didn't like Julieltte's character from the beginning. I thought her character was very bland and not very likable. It felt like she was there just to be there. Her personality was very stuck up and I felt that she didn't really bring anything to Nick's character. I personally want Adalind and Nick to get together because I feel like she brings out more spark in him that Juliette never really gave.moreless
  • juliet

    I am glad she died... too much drama over there.... but maybe she will appear... i have this feeling
  • Julia

    I think she isn't dead. There is a twist here somewhere.
  • Baby Diana

    Ok have been a fan since day one but are you people serious about baby Diana missing her mother. Her mother is Adalind who they stole from her and gave her to a woman who abandon her own son. I'm so happy she got killed off and think of how pissed she's going to be when she finds out the truth that she was stolen from her real mother. 24 -episodes come-on I'm totally bored with this show. Juliette was a bad ass and get's killed off just when her character becomes entertaining, Can you please shorten the episodes it's just to many and it's well getting boring.moreless

    Grimm: Let's Go On a "Maiden Quest"!

    A wealthy mobster offered his daughter's hand as the first prize in a scavenger hunt for lowlifes. Really? Really.

  • OH. SNAP.

    Grimm "Lost Boys" Review: The System

    Nick and Adalind played house while Rosalie played mommy to a quartet of angry little Wesen babies who didn't know their own strength, but that's okay, their new family would show them.

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