Season 1 Episode 2

Bears Will Be Bears

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2011 on NBC

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  • Not bad, but again, slow to get going.

    When the episode of a new show where the actors and plots are still unfamiliar to us, launches straight into an action sequence and then falls flat before picking up the pace again, it can take quite a bit to remain interested. Don't get me wrong, I like the show and its premise, but the lead actor is either way overdone in his delivery or not at all convincing. His partner is far, far better and Monroe is excellent, for me, he is the real star of the show so far.

    This episode had too many 'bad guys', some of whom were not properly revealed, and the story itself was dull. They need stronger writing to keep their audience entertained.
  • There was a lot of action but the story fell short


    This just might be my last review of an episode of Grimm. I want so badly for this show to do well but I am disappointed once again. Don't get me wrong, the episode had plenty of exciting moments, but there were some glaring mistakes that I didn't like. For this to be a new show, and the second episode, it has to be great, and I can't honestly say it was.

    I really like the cast and I think they did a great job with the material they were given. But the story was lacking. The young couple that broke into the house must have wanted to be caught because they took no efforts to minimize the amount of evidence they were leaving behind. Did they want to get caught by the cops?

    When Rocky was attacked in the house, you think that something is really happening to him. Evidently they must have just beenroughing himup a bit because later we see he is blindfolded but completely fine. The bears confront him again and there are more sounds of screams of terror, only for the viewers to find out again later onthat he is perfectly safe. It just seemed like a bit much. Why waste time showing what the bears are actually doing to him, when they aren't doing anything other than holding him captive?

    I also didn't like when Nick and Hank were viewing the security tape of the hospital. How convenient that we see the intruder enter Marie's room but they don't show her when she leaves the room, after she'd stabbed Nick with the needle. There must have been something, at least a profile or something, when she left the room. But no, they don't show us anything, so we're to assume that Nick and Hank didn't have a view at all of the woman who tried to attack Marie.

    Another thing that bothered me about the episode was the scene when the woman and the captain were talking, while he sat in his car. The man approached them with a pipe or something, ready to attack. This scene didn't make a bit of sense to me. If the man knew them or didn't know them, why would he think he can attack two people with such a pathetic weapon? If he knew them, he should have known not to mess with them. But if he didn't know them, shouldn't he have a gun or something to attack two people? Didn't make sense to me...I hope they explain more about this in the future.

    I don't quite get why they are so determined to kill Marie. She's dying of cancer anyway. Her time is limited. So why go to all the trouble? What are they trying to stop her from doing? Do they want to stop her from informing Nick about his history and the history of the Grimms? Were they just after revenge? This part of the story has bothered me from the beginning and I hope there is some really good reason that they were so determined to kill Marie. Now that Marie is dead, I guess they will go after Nick.

    Again, as in the pilot,I love the performance of Eddie, the big bad wolf who helps Nick. He saved the episode, in my opinion. He is quirky and likeable and his lines are funny.I loved his fight scene. It was cool when he yanked off one of the arms of his assailants. But overall, I thought that fight scene was well done.

    I also liked the story of The Three Bears, told with a new evil twist. It was good. But I don't understand why Nick could only tell that the son was an evil bear, and not see that the mother and father were.

    The episode was okay but could have been better. Some stuff didn't add up for me. I'm being generous with my rating of the episode because I am really rooting for this show. If it disappoints me too much, I'll just stop watching it and stop reviewing it. I am hoping that the writers get their stories figured out.

  • Goldilocks indeed...


    I'm really enjoying Grimm. I think that there are many questions in the plot and stories, but that they will be answered over time, just like why he could see the teen bear, but not the parents as bears.

    As for this episode, I enjoy seeing the "bad guys" trying to live normal lives, and the others who aren't. It is significant to see that he is trusting of some people, like the father bear in this episode.

    As for a reviewers comment that "they were trying to get caught" well, maybe for them, it was a total rush to do what they were doing, and they weren't necessarily trying to get caught as much as they ween't trying to not get caught.

    I'm patient with this show. Every episode answers a few questions, and brings a few more to light. I think it will be anabsolutely great payoff when we start to learn more with this show.

  • Bears Will Be Bears


    Bears Will Be Bears was a superb episode of Grimm and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the story was well written, and I like the quotes from the Grimm stories in the beginning of each episode. There was a lot of action, great back story full of complexity and depth, and character and plot development. The whole German thing was kinda interesting and made the story more authentic and realistic. I enjoyed the history and artifacts. It was also cool to see the various creatures transform into their true form. It was sad to see Marie die but she went out with a fight first!I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!