Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2011 on NBC

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  • The most interesting case yet, and best story so far.


    I was disappointed with Grimm's first two episodes. They were okay but I wasn't very interested and the writing was weak. I think this episode was much better. I was intrigued by the case right away. I'm not familiar with any fairytales that center around bees and this made me want to look them up (I might do that right after I write this). Still, a murder being committed within a flashmob is something unique and interesting, and immediately had my attention.

    I loved the conflict that Nick faced. Protect thehexenbiest or let her die. This is only the third episode and we don't know him very well so it was actually suspenseful to watch him hold the gun on the hexenbiest and the queen bee as they fought. I could care less for either of the women, but I knew Nick would have to face consequences if he killed the hexenbiest, especially since his boss is an ally of hers. I know Nick feels really bothered because he had to save the person who attempted to kill his aunt. But is Nick really grieving? That's something that I haven't felt from him yet.

    I'd actually like to know more about Nick's fiance. So far, it's hard to see any real chemistry between them, maybe because there's so little screen time devoted to them and their relationship so far. She can end up having a great back story. Perhaps that will come later.

    I liked seeing Eddie help Nick again, but it's going to get boring fast, if Nick has to go running to Eddie for help in every episode. I know Grimm is a procedural but they need to change it up once in awhile.

    I'm curious about Nick's police skills and his ability to do his job without his "Grimm power". Before he realized he was a Grimm, was he a good cop who could follow leads without supernatural help? And did he follow normal police protocol? It didn't seem like he had a right to enter that house but he went in anyway. I don't think the show will be able to get away with these shortcuts for too long. Even a suspect who is not human will have the rights of a human because they APPEAR to be human. (He got stuck protecting the hexenbiest girl). They have to have logical reasons for what they have Nick doing, and be able to back his actions up with legitimate excuses.

    This episode was much better than the first two episodes in my opinion. I actually enjoyed this episode from beginning to end. I didn't question various plot holes as much as I did with the first two episodes and I didn't get bored while I was watching. I hope that Grimm continues to get better. With this episode, they've taken a step in the right direction.