Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2011 on NBC



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    • Lt. Hank:: Harper's bee man just buzzed me. Yeah, I went there.

    • Nick: We were following two guys who turned out to be Mellifers, and then they met a woman.
      Monroe: ...Yeah, and? What, you think I know everything about every creature out there?

    • Hank: Dying on a streetcar while dancing to YMCA. What do you think?
      Nick: Sounds like a crappy way to go.

    • Hank: Harper's bee man just buzzed me. Yeah, I went there.

    • Spinella: Besides, I was at the Howard Johnson in Eugene last night for this year's Oregon Beekeeper's Con.
      Hank: Pretty crowded convention?
      Spinella: Well, there's twelve of us, actually.

    • Monroe: Man, don't you have a partner for this stuff?
      Nick: Yeah, sure, because if I told him my two main suspects turned into bees, he'd completely understand.
      Monroe: Lucky me.

    • Nick: I don't need you for what you know, I need your nose.
      Monroe: Oh, I get it. So little Timmy's stuck in a well, you need Lassie to come find him. You really know how to butter a guy up for a favor.
      Nick: I've got a '77 Bordeaux in my truck.
      Monroe: I can maybe catch a scent.

    • Monroe: Oh yeah, I'm definitely getting a female scene here. Undeniable.
      Nick: You that sure?
      Monroe: No, her perfume. It's called "Undeniable."
      Nick: Hey, wait up.
      Monroe: Don't you dare say heel.

    • Nick: Name's Melissa Wincroft.
      Monroe: Whoa. Did you just, like, Grimm that? Some kind of telepathic way?
      Nick: No, I read it off an envelope. Melissa Wincroft, owner and CEO. Must have been her office.
      Monroe: That's cheating. I sniffed her out.
      Nick: Good boy.

    • Juliette: Hank said you did the right thing.
      Nick: Sometimes it's not that simple.
      Juliette: If it were simple, they wouldn't need you.

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  • Allusions

    • Eddy: Easy there, 5-O.
      Referencing the popular TV series Hawaii Five-O (1968-1980). It was on CBS and had 282 total episodes. Created by Leonard Freeman, Hawaii Five-O was an elite investigative unit that reported to the Governor of Hawaii. The show was remade in 2010. In modern-day slang, a cop is referred to as a "Five-O."

    • Eddy: So little Timmy, stuck in a well, you need Lassie to come find him.
      Lassie was a Emmy-winning TV show based on a boy (Timmy), the profound connection between him and his collie (Lassie) and his ability to come to the aid of those in trouble. Lassie often ended up rescuing Timmy from a fate worse than death.