Season 3 Episode 22

Blond Ambition

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 16, 2014 on NBC
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As Monroe and Rosalee get married, something happens that could threaten Nick and Juliette's own relationship. Meanwhile, Adalind executes Viktor's plan so that she can be with her baby, and Renard discovers what she's up to.

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  • How do I do something....

    How do I sign in without paying for the damn thing? And with addition to the question... Treble didn't wear sunglasses either to Monroe and Rosalee's wedding. Only Nick... And than Nick lost his sunglasses and didn't drink the potion, than that's when he lost his powers!! :)
  • Nicks lost his Grimm powers

    Nicks lost his Grimm powers and it looks like Juliette is going to dump him too! Renard is shot, Monroe and Rosalie get married and Wu finds Trubels Grimm drawings.
  • grimm

    Very Good
  • Nailed it!

    I caught up on that season just now and I must say, this is by far, the best episode of this show. Nothing more to say, really. Every little detail was carefully thought through. You guys nailed it!
  • powerless

    I hope they now finally see Adalind for what she really is. Everybody seemed to have been blinded by pity for her loosing her baby, but what everybody seemed to have forgotten was, that she actually sold her baby just to get her powers back. Nobody told her when she was crying about the baby: It is really your own fault, you sold her in the first place, get over it and live with the consequences! I was shouting this at the screen a few time in every episode.

    If they had told her the truth about where the baby really was, this also wouldn't have happened. So Renard and co aren't blameless in this either.

    They kind of foreshadowed in this episode that Nick would loose his powers: Him getting asked what he would do if he could choose whether to have his powers, Teresa saying that she wants to leave and not be a burden, Juliette saying that she can't live with Nick having powers anymore. It will all come down to it that now Nick can choose whether to live as a normal person or to try to get his powers back. They will need to keep Teresa as a replacement for Nick to keep the Wesen storylines going. But my guess is that they will let Nick decide for himself that the Grimm is part of him and that without his powers hie is not who he wants to be and wants to get his powers back ( reminds me of a Deep Space Nine episode when Sisko struggled with being the emissary and someone else came on the scene as an alternative, only for Sisko to realize that being the emissary was part of him now). Hopefully Juliette will also see this, as otherwise there will be no future with those two.

    The wedding was really nice and romantic and those two make such a nice couple. A pity that the ending got disturbed for them and ruined their perfect day in the end.

    Let's hope the captain will survive. I guess they need him to tell them what Adalind did to Nick, so they can reverse it. He also is a big part of the resistance storyline and I think they need him for this part of the story, so I think that they will let him survive.

    Great scene where Wu discovered the book about Wesen on Teresa's bed. He really seemed shocked to find out that he didn't imagine it when he saw a Wesen. I hope he will become part of the team and not go off the deep end again. But I can imagine he will be quite angry that the others lied to him.moreless
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Chris Mulkey


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Trivia: Maintaining the secret of Monroe's full name, the judge is cut off by Trubel just before she can introduce the married couple by his full name.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Bart: Well, as you may know, when we first met, Rosalee, we had some issues. And I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to Rosalee and my son, who, I must admit, made us see things in ways I didn't think possible. Which that leads me to extend an apology to Nick, a Grimm, who taught me that this world does move in mysterious ways. And finally, I want to thank my wife, Alice, who refused to leave when I really wanted to and made me face my own bullheadedness. without her courage and love, I would've totally screwed up everything. I just want to wish Rosalee and Monroe a long, happy, and mysterious life together.

    • Juliette: I would just to briefly say on behalf of Hank and myself, the resident Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen, that it has been a wonderful and strange experience getting to know Monroe and Rosalee and all of you.
      Deetta: I'll drink to that.
      Juliette: Not quite finished. So congratulations to Rosalee and Monroe, you absolute belong to together, and here's to a fantastic wedding.

    • Nick: What's she want?
      Juliette: She said that Sean's obsession for me is coming back and she wanted to warn me.
      Nick: Well, are you feeling anything?
      Juliette: Yeah. Pissed off at the whole idea!

    • Nick: Want me to order you takeout for tonight?
      Trubel: Oh, so you mean I won't cook?
      Nick: Is that what you call it? I'm kidding. Sort of.

    • Hank: It's going to be fine.
      Monroe: No, I know. I know it's going to be fine. But, you know, you've been through this like, a million times.
      Hank: It wasn't a million times. It just felt like it.

    • Rosalee: Monroe... when we first met, I didn't know what to make of you. And it wasn't under the best of circumstances. I had just lost my brother and was going through a very difficult time. But once I met you, you just lifted my spirits, and you poured happiness into my life. and it's only gotten better ever since. I love you.

    • Monroe: I wasn't really a believer in love at first sight until I met you. Although, to be honest, it wasn't really love at first sight as much as love at first brick... because if you hadn't hit that guy when you did, I don't think I would be standing here today.

  • NOTES (1)