A Grimm Community
Friday 8:00 PM on NBC (Returning October 30, 2015)
In the Realm of Grimm there are several types of couples; there's the antagonistic couple represented by Captain Renard & Adalind, the power couple represented by Adalind & his brother, the collaborative couple between Monroe & Rosalee, the main couple of Nick & Juliette and the impossible one (Juliette & the Captain).

They may not be the focus of the plot, but they do balance the story, their weaknesses and strenghts are the motivation behind the characters and, for the most part, what makes wesen actually look like human.

So, which one is your favorite couple? Which one do you think should break up? Which ones do you feel may actually have a future? And, has there ever been anything more adorable than Rosalee & Monroe?


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