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Friday 8:00 PM on NBC
Just to keep us engaged through the Olympic hiatus. :) And hopefully beyond - as new episodes air, our ideas might change.

To me, there are stories that are primarily about the characters and their lives. Like OUAT, for example - it's really just about Emma and Henry and Regina and Snow and all of the other characters and their personal quests.

And then, there are shows like Star Wars. Or Game of Thrones, for that matter. Where you have lots of really good fleshed-out characters, each living their lives... but it's all leading to something bigger. So that, by the end of the story, the entire world will have been changed by these characters. So, while the story is about the characters, it's also about how the world is changed.

I think Grimm falls into the latter category, and have ever since... probably the middle of season 2. I think that, assuming this show is allowed to run to its conclusion (fingers crossed), then by the end, the world will have been changed.

Please vote and comment! Do you agree? Is this story really about the characters, or is there a world-changing arc, in addition to being about the characters? And if it's the latter, HOW do you think the world will be changed, by the end?


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