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Grimm's nearing the home stretch of its third season, and while it has transitioned out of a somewhat shaky start into a solid and more focused series, if we're all honest with ourselves the show's titular Grimm, Detective Nick Burkhardt, hasn't exactly made any progress in professionalizing himself. Sure, he's got his reasons, including a full-time job as a Portland police detective, but again if we're honest, because Portland is apparently overrun by criminal wesen, his day job dovetails a lot with his extracurriculars. And sure, he's gotten better at it. Nick's got a good memory for the wesen he's already encountered, and he seems to have retained the fighting skills he miraculously acquires when he really needs them. But Nick's approach to Grimm-ing is basically the same as it was his first month: encounter new wesen, rummage Aunt Marie's trailer for information by leafing through old journals and consulting when needed for translations, rummage Aunt Marie's trailer for weapons you still didn't know she had, and—cross your fingers—rely on your innate combat skills to stay alive.

Really? If this is going to be a lifetime thing for Burkhardt, he needs to make some improvements to his methods. I suggest the following steps.

1. Take an actual inventory of Aunt Marie's trailer

When Nick, Monroe, and Hank prepare for a fight, they raid Marie's weapons closet like they're browsing for a shirt or picking a cupcake flavor. What do I feel like today? I honestly don't believe Nick even knows what's in that trailer. Weapons, potions, artifacts, family photos. Figure it out, man!

2. Develop your combat styles

Nick continues to skate by on his police academy training and his instinctive Grimm skills. And, yeah, he's pretty good. But if you're going to spend most of your adult life fighting supernaturally strong monsters with belligerent tendencies, wouldn't you want to diversify your combat styles and learn how to use the more obscure weapons in your medieval arsenal? Nick should be improving his repertoire Ultimate Fighter style.

3. Improve the research system

A generous collection of hand-written journals may be rife with information, but it's an unacceptably inefficient way of organizing it. Flipping page-by-page looking for sketches that resemble the creature that woged every week has to be tedious. And Juliette is the only character I can recall who actually reads the journals without immediate need. (It's one of the growing list of nagging reasons I sort of suspect Juliette might make a better Grimm than Nick.) Also, there's no way to cross-reference multiple accounts of the same wesen. The information in those books needs to be digitized, preferably in a database. It's a monumental task, but aren't there Grimm interns?

4. For God's sake, learn German and Latin

Monroe's useful, no doubt, but by this point Nick should have taken a little more initiative to learn the languages so many of his books are written in. Sure, his reading familiarity is improving bit by little bit, but with a growing threat from the royals in Austria, Nick just needs to invest in some language-learning CDs for his police car.



5. Take precautionary measures.

So far, Rosalee and her spice shop have been phenomenally useful. On several occasions she's concocted potions to combat several ailments and to undo several curses. While many of these, such as the antidote to the zombie spell, are highly specialized, I can't help but suspect that not ALL her remedies need be made to order, and many of them are probably widely useful. An emergency/first aid kit for Nick would be very wise.

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