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Grimm S03E07 & S03E08: "Cold Blooded" & "Twelve Days of Krampus"

Okay, so if we're being honest here, the first half of Grimm's super-sweet two-hour mid-season finale was kind of basic and maybe even a little bit boring BUT we learned two very important things:

1. Nick totally has this badass arm-sword thingy that was just laying around the Bookmobile of Crazy because he didn't know what he was supposed to do use it for until he encountered Gelumcaedus.

2. The new prince is a total skeeve. 

Maybe it was the fact that most of the hype for Grimm's two-hour seasonal send-off focused so heavily on Krampus Claus that left me so underwhelmed with the first half of the finale, but whatever, because Krampus Claus delivered, and it's not that "Cold Blooded" was bad, just that it wasn't anything special. 

"Twelve Days of Krampus" gave us the sort of excitement and teasing we expect from a from a long (or in Grimm's case, not really all that long) break. it also featured just a pinch of emotional compromise, which seems to be Grimm's thing this season. Also Zombie Superpowers Nick. And Demented Christmas Elf Monroe. And Dashing Leader of the Resistance Renard. 

It was actually rather nice to see the Vienna storyline serve a higher purpose, for once, than simply reminding us that Adalind is still alive. The new prince, Viktor, played by Alexis Denisof of Angel fame, is all about tracking down those responsible for Eric's death. He's also all about skeeving on preggo Adalind while she admires the probably-mark-of-the-beast-or-something on her tummy. Definitely nothing creepy about this situation at all. 

Meanwhile, Renard got his gang of rebel Wesen together and talked revolution and it was all very romantic the way Les Mis is romantic before everyone gets slaughtered.  SO EXCITED CAN'T WAIT. 

By the end of "Twelve Days of Kramus," Krampus Claus may not have been the Bad Santa we necessarily wanted, but he was the one Grimm needed in order to continue its clash of the Wesen and human worlds that's come to increasingly eat up the narrative in a good way. For the second week in a row, some unwitting person wreaked havoc on weird ol' Portlandia without realizing it, but unlike last week, there was no cure for Krampus's plight. Dude wasn't sick, he was just a Wesen—a very special Wesen that only woges during a few very specific weeks each year, leaving no memory behind for the human half to make sense of later. Arresting Krampus for his festive murders was out of the question. Hank jumped on the "just kill him" bandwagon a little too quickly for my comfort, but eh, he had a point. Luckily for Krampus (or maybe not so luckily, depending on how you look at it), Nick and Hank's bickering took them past midnight, at which point, Krampus turned back into a pumpkin errrr reverted to his human form. Nick's decision to turn the now mostly human and totally mind-wiped Krampus over to the Wesen Council was probably the best call, but it's still by no means a neat and clean solution. Poor Krampus Claus, serving to remind us all that for every awesome Wesen, there's one that it would probably really suck to be. It's kind of like X-Men. For every Cyclops or Storm, there's a dude who mutated into a duck when he hit puberty.

When he wasn't tagging along with Hank and Nick, Monroe was reveling in his traditional Christmas Spectacular... until it hit a sore spot with Rosalie, who isn't such a huge fan of the holiday season due to bad memories of an aunt and uncle dying on Christmas Eve while on their way to Rosalie's house. OMG. The baggage. Monroe took down all the Santa-vomit because he's the best and most thoughtful boyfriend ever. Rosalie put it all back up because she's the best and most thoughtful girlfriend ever. I love them so mu-uh-uch. 

Juliette pretty much wasn't in these episodes. Also, Nick's zombie superpowers are pretty handy. "Cold Blooded" and "Twelve Days of Krampus" were pretty mellow, all things considered, for being finale-fodder, but they were fun. Well, "Twelve Days of Krampus" was fun. "Cold Blooded" was boring as hell. 

Do not fret, though! Grimm returns on January 3, which isn't very far away at all! Here's hoping we get to the bottom of Nick's zombie superpowers, and maybe Adalind and Renard will team up and be BAMFy "leaders of the rebellion" types (I have a lot of hope for Adalind, okay?), and of course, I want Rosalie and Monroe continue to be perfect. That's my Grimm holiday wishlist. What's on yours?


– What's Nick's mom up to these days?

– Monroe's house is just one big firetrap at Christmas, isn't it?

– "Let the council handle it." Cop-out or good call?

– Thoughts on Prince Viktor?

– What did you think of "Cold Blooded" and "Twelve Days of Krampus?"

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